Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier Information

We provide a wide selection of cargo carriers to haul large items via your trailer hitch. In comparison with roof mounted cargo carriers, hitch mounted cargo carriers are more aerodynamic because they operate behind the vehicle. With less wind resistance, hitch mounted cargo carriers allow for better gas mileage, thus saving you money. They also offer the advantage of easy access to your cargo load, as opposed to having to reach up to the roof to grab it. There are several types of hitch mounted cargo carriers for different applications.

What Do I Need?

To use a hitch mounted cargo carrier properly, you will need a trailer hitch. All hitch mounted cargo carriers fit one of two trailer hitch sizes: 1-1/4" (Class I and II) and 2" (Class III and larger). Trailer hitches with a 2" x 2" opening support more weight than 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" trailer hitches, but both offer many features to help transport your belongings safely and securely. Hitch mounted cargo carriers slide easily into the square receiver opening of a trailer hitch and are held in place with a pin and clip or a trailer hitch lock. You may also want to visit our Help page to determine your hitch size - or click here to find a custom fit hitch for your vehicle.

Hitch Mounted Cargo Carriers Types

Platform Cargo Carrier

Platform Cargo Carriers:

Enclosed Cargo Carrier

Enclosed Cargo Carriers:

Wheel Chair Cargo Carrier

Wheelchair Cargo Carriers:

Platform Cargo Carrier

Motorcycle Carriers:

Platform Cargo Carrier

Hitch Load Extenders:

Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier Features


Non-Folding or Folding:

Mesh PlatformSolid Platform

Solid Platforms or Mesh Platforms:

Lipped PlatformRailed Platform

Railed Platforms or Lipped Platforms:

Polypropylene CarrierAluminum CarrierSteel Carrier

Steel, Aluminum, or Polypropylene:

Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier Accessories

Tie Downs


Trailer Hitch Locks

Trailer Hitch Locks:

Anti-Rattle Devices

Anti-Rattle Devices:

Hitch Adapters

Hitch Adapters:

Hitch Extenders

Hitch Extenders:

Cargo Bags

Cargo Bags:

Lighting Kits

Lighting Kits:

Questions and Comments about this Article


Hey I just made a cargo carrrier.59inches x28 inches 1/4 Chanel and 1/4 trailer hitch pipe all the way through.is there a size restriction on a cargo carrier. 97712

Reply from Jon G.

Ideally you want to keep your cargo carrier from sticking out past the sides of your vehicle. Aside from that I'm not aware of any other restrictions. 72949

Nathan P.

I bought a new 2021 Tiffin Wayfarer 25 RW and need some guidance on the proper cargo/bike hitch rack please. One person suggested the Saris Superclamp 2 Bike/Cargo but welcome advice as to others to buy. Thank you! 95453

Reply from Chris R.

Are you looking for something that can secure both your bikes and some additional cargo? If so, the perfect solution is with the Hollywood Racks HR1450Z-85. This setup gives you the best of both words and both the cargo carrier and 2-bike rack can also be separated and used independently as well. 70335


I see tail light adapted but what about license plates. Cargo boxes often block my license plate and required light. Has anyone experienced being stopped for obstruction of their plate and if so any recommended solutions? 95132

Reply from Chris R.

I don't think it's overly common, but we HAVE heard of people getting pulled over because the carrier blocked their plate. You can add something like the Optronics # LPL55CB (which also has a light) to relocate the plate to the carrier to prevent this. 70334



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