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Best Hitch Cargo Carriers

Best Hitch Cargo Carriers

You've just found the ultimate place to gear up for your next adventure. Here at, we're the experts on everything related to hitches and towing, and that includes hitch-mounted cargo carriers—also known as the luggage-toting, generator-hauling, scooter-transporting, bike-carrying, space-saving products that upgrade your adventure comfort level.Wherever you're going and whatever you're taking with you, there's a cargo carrier that will help you get there, whether that's a weatherproof molded box, a lightweight mesh basket, or a heavy-duty steel carrier. Take a look at our top picks below to find the best hitch-mounted cargo carrier for you.

Top Hitch-Mounted Cargo Carriers

etrailer Cargo Carrier BasketGearDeck Enclosed Cargo Carrieretrailer Folding Cargo CarrierHollywood Racks Sport Rider SE2 Platform Bike Rack w/ Cargo CarrierMaxxTow Wheelchair Carrier w/ RampCurt Cargo Carrier - Aluminum

etrailer Cargo Carrier Basket

# e98874WHAT WE LIKE: Perfect for Most SituationsThis Is For You If:If you need a cargo carrier, there's a really good chance this etrailer carrier will work for you. That's because it's ideal for just about everybody—it's well-priced, solidly built, and capable of handling loads up to 500 lbs. This etrailer carrier features powder-coated steel construction, an easy installation, and a mesh floor for easy cleaning. It even tilts and folds, so you can tilt it away from your vehicle when you need to access your cargo area, then fold it against the vehicle when the carrier isn't in use. You can carry everything from muddy clothes to a lawn mower to a cooler full of today's fresh catches. Whatever it is, if you don't want it in your car, load it in your etrailer cargo carrier and hit the road.This Is NOT For You If:If you want something a little more specialized, this might not be for you. For instance, if you need a cargo carrier with a ramp, an integrated bike rack, or a rustproof exterior, you may want to consider one of the other carriers on this list. If you prefer a carrier with lower walls and a more compact design, consider the similar e98872.
etrailer Cargo Carrier

GearSpace Enclosed Cargo Carrier

# HGK819WHAT WE LIKE: Big Space, Big Security This Is For You If:If you want a weatherproof, high-security cargo box; need a lot of space; and don't mind paying more for the best, this one is for you. Maybe you're a contractor who needs some extra tool space, or you're involved in a sports team and have to haul a lot of gear around. If you have gear you want kept safe from the elements, or if you intend to leave your vehicle unattended with your cargo carrier packed, the GearSpace Enclosed Cargo Carrier by LetsGoAero is an excellent investment for you. Two locks are included to secure the lid and keep prying eyes away from your gear. Unlike the locks included with many similar enclosed cargo carriers, the GearSpace locks provide tough, legitimate security.If you're more worried about nasty weather than would-be thieves, this enclosed cargo box with clamshell-style lid provides weatherproof storage space and weatherstripping around the lid to keep your gear safe and dry.Still not convinced? The GearDeck's other perks include easy access to your gear and the rear of your vehicle, thanks to the unique lid that folds to the side and the slide-out base that lets you extend the carrier 21". LED tail lights, illuminated license plate bracket, and reflectors are included for enhanced visibility and safety on the road. You can even purchase specialized landing gear separately to support your cargo box and minimize required lifting. With 34 cu ft carrying capacity available, this thing is HUGE. You could even fit a couple of standard-sized bikes inside. Oh, and did we mention it's made in the USA?This Is NOT For You If:If you want a budget-friendly cargo carrier to haul your cooler to the campsite a few times a year, this isn't it. The GearSpace is a lot of things, but light on the wallet isn't one of them. Also, although the GearSpace is ideal if you need a lot of storage space, it's less ideal if you need a heavy weight capacity, since it can only support up to 300 lbs.The GearSpace carrier provides more space than most people will ever need. If you're in the market for an enclosed cargo carrier but don't need one that's "fits-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink"-sized, the much more affordable Thule Transporter provides 13 cubic feet of space, a 150-lb capacity, and a lifetime warranty.
GearDeck Enclosed Cargo Carrier

etrailer Folding Cargo Carrier

# e98872WHAT WE LIKE: Collapsible for Compact StorageThis Is For You If:If you want a cargo carrier that's there when you need it, and out of your way when you don't, this carrier is perfect for you. Just remove it, fold up the collapsible platform and shank, and store it in your trunk, garage, or shed for next time.This carrier is ideal if you won't be hauling gear frequently, or if you simply don't love the look of a bulky carrier at the back of your vehicle. One reviewer described this carrier as "great for a family that needs just a little more room to go on their vacation." We agree—the versatility of this cargo carrier makes it perfect for occasional travelers who just need a bit more space. This carrier also folds up to the rear of your vehicle, so if you don't feel like removing it each time, you can still save space by tilting the carrier vertically against the vehicle.This cargo carrier comes fully assembled and includes an anti-rattle bolt to reduce movement and noise in your hitch.This Is NOT For You If:If you need a cargo carrier with a ramp, an integrated bike rack, or a rustproof exterior, you may want to consider one of the other carriers on this list. The easy-storage capability of this carrier is a huge benefit, but if you don't care about storing your carrier and just plan on riding around with it attached most of the time, this may not matter to you.
etrailer Cargo Carrier

Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE2 Platform Bike Rack w/ Cargo Carrier

# HR1450Z-85WHAT WE LIKE: Carries Bikes AND GearThis Is For You If:If you need to carry a bike rack AND a cargo carrier—at the same time. The Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE2 is the easiest way to carry bikes and cargo without having to leave gear behind for the sake of space. This bike rack/cargo carrier hybrid lets you carry up to 2 bikes AND 100 lbs of cargo, or 220 lbs of cargo without the bikes.And what if you want to haul the bike rack without the carrier, or vice versa? No problem. Just detach the bike rack from the cargo carrier and use either independently. Whether it's riding gear, coolers, firewood, or whatever else you need to complete your adventure, just load it up in the steel basket and hit the road.This Is NOT For You If:If you need a lot of space or big-time weight capacity. The bike rack leaves a limited amount of space for the cargo carrier (which is just shy of 16" wide), so your space and 220-lb max weight capacity are minimal compared to other options on our list.If you don't need to carry bikes, you're better off purchasing a full-on cargo carrier like our go-to # e98874 to maximize your capacity.
Hollywood Racks Sport Rider SE2 Platform Bike Rack

MaxxHaul Wheelchair Carrier w/ Ramp

# MT70106 WHAT WE LIKE: Easy, Affordable Way to Carry Anything on WheelsThis Is For You If:You need to carry any large, unwieldy object on wheels and it won't fit in your car. Technically this carrier is called a wheelchair carrier, but the built-in 48" long ramp also makes it easy to load heavy gear like generators, barbecue pits, lawn mowers, mobility scooters, snow blowers, luggage, and pretty much anything else. With a 500-lb capacity, this folding steel cargo carrier is perfect for large, wheeled equipment you can't transport inside your vehicle.Due to the space-saving design, you also don't have to worry about carrying a clunky carrier on the rear of your vehicle. The ramp folds and lays down on the platform, and the entire carrier folds toward the vehicle. This is great if you want something both sturdy and compact. Note that you'll probably want to purchase a tarp if you don't have one to protect your gear, since this cargo carrier is not enclosed, and you probably want to keep rain and road grime off your wheelchair, scooter, or other gear.This Is NOT For You If:If you're planning on loading lightweight gear, you probably don't need a carrier with a built-in ramp and can save some space going with one of our other options. If you plan on loading particularly large gear, you might consider the similar Aluminum MaxxHaul Carrier with Ramp, which provides an open-floor design and is almost 30 lbs lighter.
MaxxTow Wheelchair Carrier with Ramp

Curt Cargo Carrier - Aluminum

# C18100WHAT WE LIKE: Lightweight, Rustproof Aluminum BasketThis Is For You If:If you want a lightweight folding cargo carrier you can easily load onto your hitch. This 29-lb carrier is made of aluminum rather than steel, so it's lighter than most cargo carriers as well as rustproof. This is perfect if you plan on taking your cargo carrier near the water, or if you plan on driving on salt-prepped roads in the winter. Even better, in spite of the carrier's light weight, it still has a 500-lb capacity to handle all your gear. The folding design allows the carrier to be tilted at the rear of your car when you're not using it.This Is NOT For You If:If you prefer to keep your gear safe in an enclosed carrier, this open-basket style won't be much use to you. If you are after a niche carrier like the Hollywood Racks Sport Rider, which lets you carry bikes and cargo, or a heavy-duty carrier like the 600-lb capacity Rola 59502, you will probably want to consider a different option.
Curt Cargo Carrier - Aluminum
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Don K.


can you tell me if you have a hitch carrier strong enough to carry a 2012 Honda Shadow behind a 2016 Coachmen Leprechaun 31ds

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


None of our carriers will be able to handle the weight of your motorcycle. Our carriers can hold up to a 500 lb bike and from what I could find it looks like yours if 549 lbs, plus the bulk of your weight will be off-centered on the carrier which would cause too much torque on the shank. Your best bet is to get a small trailer and then use a mount in your trailer. One of the most popular options we carry is the B&W Biker Bar. There aren't any specific fits for a Honda but you can check out the attached link to help you determine fitment.



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