FITS 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500
DeeZee Customizable Truck Bed Ladder Rack with Tie-Downs - Side Mount - 200 lbs

DeeZee Customizable Truck Bed Ladder Rack with Tie-Downs - Side Mount - 200 lbs

Item # DZ95053

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2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

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DZ95053 - Fixed Rack DeeZee Ladder Racks
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  • DeeZee
  • Truck Bed Ladder Rack
  • Fixed Rack
  • Side Mount
  • Steel
  • Drilling Required
  • 2 Bar
  • Fixed Height
  • Light Duty
DeeZee ladder racks for your 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 are available from Installation instructions and reviews for your Chevrolet ladder racks. Expert service, and cheapest ladder racks price guarantee. carries a complete line of DeeZee products. Order your DeeZee Customizable Truck Bed Ladder Rack with Tie-Downs - Side Mount - 200 lbs part number DZ95053 online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

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2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 - DeeZee Customizable Truck Bed Ladder Rack with Tie-Downs - Side Mount - 200 lbs

Safely transport long loads with a DeeZee customizable half ladder rack. The economical side-mounted rack leaves your truck bed open for cargo. It also includes a ladder stop and 2 Velcro tie-downs - everything you need to carry a load.


  • Use the 2 side-mounted bars and create a ladder rack to transport your pipes, ladders, lumber or any long loads
    • Designed with a built-in ladder stop
    • Includes 2 hook and loop tie-down straps for securing cargo
  • Install the rack on either the driver's or passenger's side of your truck bed
    • Bolts to brackets mounted in the front and rear corner of your truck bed
  • Constructed of 1/8" steel tubing that's finished with black powder coat to resist rust


  • Application: full-size truck beds
  • Dimensions: 23" wide x 52-1/2" tall
  • Weight capacity: 200 lbs
  • 3-Year warranty

This economical side-mount ladder rack offers a complete system for carrying long loads - no accessory purchases necessary. A ladder stop is built into the rack, and two Velcro tie-downs are included to help lash down cargo. The support bars bolt into the front corner and rear corner of your truck bed and can be mounted on either the passenger's or driver's side of the bed. Each pair of bars is finished with a black powder coat to help prevent rust. The DeeZee half-rack has everything you need to transport long cargo while leaving your bed free for other freight.

DZ95053 Dee Zee Truck Bed Half Ladder Rack - Universal

California residents: click here

Video of DeeZee Customizable Truck Bed Ladder Rack with Tie-Downs - Side Mount - 200 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for DeeZee Customizable Truck Bed Ladder Rack Review

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Deezee side mount customizable truck bed ladder rack with tie downs. Part number DZ95053. This customizable, half ladder rack you and see is very compact. It doesn't take up very much room in the back of your vehicle so you can have plenty of space in the back of your truck for any other equipment you may want to haul. It's gonna be constructed of 1/8 inch steel. It has a black tire-coat finish to resist rust, 200 pound weight capacity, and can be mounted on your driver or passenger side of your vehicle.It's gonna come with two hook and loop straps to secure your load to your rack.

It's also gonna come with a ladder stop, which is gonna prevent your ladder from sliding up over top your cab.We'll just undo our straps, once you have your load off you can either remove your straps or simply leave them on. Now with our extension fully in, it's gonna give us about 19 inches of usable space, however we can extend that and that's gonna give us about 28 and a half inches of usable space. Now, with this being the 28 inches of usable space, this is gonna leave about half of this extension inside the tube. By leaving half of the extension inside the tube, it's gonna help maintain the stability.Now to move your uprights, due to the tight fit inside of the tube, you're just simply gonna take a rubber mallet and tap on the bottom of the post here so they come loose. The nice thing about these is that they're nice and compact.

They can be stored away. Hang them in your garage, or store them in the back of your truck.Now we'll show you how to get this installed. Keep in mind we're gonna be doing this on a 2013 F-150. This is a universal kit, so it will work on multiple different beds of different trucks, you just may have to adjust where your mounting holes are gonna be. First thing we're gonna do is you can see this has a cover on it.

We're gonna have to cut that part of the cover out so that when we mount this hole here, we're flush up against the rail.The first thing I'm gonna do is I've got this tight on my rail so I know how high I need to go. I'm just gonna take a paint marker and mark what I need to cut out. Now I'm gonna have to take a rotary tool with a cutting blade on it and I'm gonna cut this out here. Once we have that cut out, I'm gonna go ahead and check to see if we need to make any adjustments.Next thing we're gonna do is we're gonna mark our holes where we're gonna be drilling. Next we're gonna take a hole punch and we're just gonna tap the center of our mark here.

That'll give us mark for our drill. We're gonna use a 1/2 inch drill bit per the instructions. We're gonna take a rivet and our included tool, which is gonna be a long black bolt, our spacer. One thing I am gonna recommend is they say to put a drop of oil on it. I'm gonna use Loctite Anti-Seize. This bolt when doing each one of these will get hot, and you don't want it to break, so I'm gonna put anti-seize on it to make sure that my bolt doesn't break or get stuck.I'm gonna put my spacer, make sure these teeth are facing out, and if you look on the head of the rivet, it's got teeth on it. Those teeth are gonna fit when you bolt this on. They're gonna fit inside of the teeth inside this spacer. Go ahead and put it into place. You want to take a wrench and hold this in place while you turn the bolt. You don't want this to turn or your rivet to turn. You want that to stay still.I'm gonna be using a 1/2 inch socket on my bolt. What you don't want is you don't want your rivet to be moving around. What I'm doing is I'm trying to get it tight to where I can move this, and my rivet doesn't spin in there. Then we're gonna repeat the same process for our remaining hole. A little tip to help kind of keep this from rusting because you just drilled a hole into it and now it's gonna be bare metal is you can use clear coat spray paint, or same color spray paint if you have it as your vehicle.I have a black paint marker, so I'm gonna use that, and then I'll probably put a little bit of clear coat over it just to help it. Just a tip on your holes that you drill, you may want to do that to keep it from rusting up.Now that we have our rivets in place for our bracket at the top, I'm just gonna loosely install my hardware. I'm gonna be using a longer bolt, and I'm just gonna put a flat washer on 'cause I'm gonna be taking them back out. What I'm doing here is I'm gonna take my shorter one of the hex bolt, you want to make sure when you put this bracket on you put the leg in first or else you won't be able to get it in. I'm gonna take the shorter one, I'm gonna put it in the bracket and then we're gonna do the same process down here at the bottom that we did at the top.As you can see this foot, this bed mount bolt is interfering with the foot, so what I'm gonna do is we're only gonna use one bolt, so I'm just gonna cut it off right about here that way it sits flat on the floor. Next what I'm gonna do is now that I have my hole drilled, I have my foot cut, and I also spray painted it to cover up any of the bare metal to help with corrosion. I'm gonna go ahead and put this in place.Now I'm gonna take my longer hex bolt, the included lock washer, followed by a flat washer. We're gonna put that combination on all of our mounting points. We're gonna be using the same combination on our set screw, which is gonna be the hex bolt, it's just gonna be a short one, lock washer, and flat washer. I'm gonna go ahead and tighten these down. I'm gonna be using a 9/16th socket.We're gonna be basically doing the same thing here. We're gonna mark our holes, drill them out. Same hardware, however if you look, we have holes where this is gonna mount. What we want to do is we're gonna try to stay towards the top of this bracket, or this leg here. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna center that hole on my bracket, we're gonna add two on the backside here, and we're just gonna repeat our process that we did on the front of the bed.We can put in our uprights. What you want to do is if you have a rubber mallet, tap on it. When you get to the back one back here, if it seems high, that means you stick it in there, you just tap on the top here it'll go all the way down to the bottom. Once you hit the bottom you're gonna be level.Next we're gonna take our adjustable arms, we're gonna put them into place. We're gonna have a inaudible 00:09:40 screw that's gonna go in the back side here. Next we can install our ladder stop. We're gonna take our bracket, and you want to face this angle that way towards the back of the truck. We'll slide it on like that. We'll take our carriage bolt, we're gonna slide it through the top here 'til it drops into place. We'll take a washer and a lock nut and we'll tighten that down. Gonna use a 1/2 inch socket.Next we're gonna install our tie down straps. We're gonna take our hook side, and you want to make sure that it's facing down. We're gonna feed it through our loop, bring it back through our ring, and hook it onto the loop. That'll do it for the Deezee side mount customizable truck bed ladder rack with tie downs. Part number DZ95053. Speaker 2: Okay guys, now that we've seen the video, what do you guys think of this ladder rack Speaker 3: I like that you can load stuff in one half still 'cause it doesn't go all the way across, but I don't really care much for installation how you have to go through a drilling process. Some people got really expensive trucks and I wouldn't want to be drilling into my own if I spent a lot of money on my truck. Speaker 4: If I was using this, I would put it on an older truck that maybe I didn't- Speaker 5: Like a work truck. Speaker 4: Like it was my brand new truck though I'm probably not drilling into it. I'd go custom at that point. Speaker 5: It seemed like it would be hard work for somebody that's not used to doing it. But again, if it's on a ladder rack maybe they're familiar with how tools work, so- Speaker 2: Yeah definitely on the plus nuts, or riv nuts or whatever you want to call them, that's definitely a learning process and the fact that he used the anti-seize is the way to do that without having a problem. If you don't use anti-seize or keep that bolt really well oiled before each riv nut installation, it'll definitely gall up and you'll be looking for parts. Speaker 5: Yeah. Speaker 4: The inaudible 00:12:10 screw kind of bothered me too keeping the arm in position- Speaker 5: The adjustable arm Speaker 4: Yeah. It seems like okay, what's it gonna take to, how much force is it going to apply to push it completely out even with a set screw Speaker 2: I think the set screw's there just to keep it from rattling. You've got your two square for lack of a better term receivers that the bar goes down into, and it just keeps it from moving around while you're traveling. It's gonna stay in there the weight of the rack itself plus if it's got a ladder on it that weight too is gonna hold it down into the bed of the truck. It just keeps it from being noisy I believe.How does this compare to other ladder racks Speaker 4: There's a few other half ladder racks out there, and really this is on par with them I would say. Speaker 2: They're all about the same and- Speaker 5: Some are universal so you don't have to drill. The nice thing is some are universal and you can decide to permanently mount if you choose to, which is kind of nice so later if you feel that the universal fit is not as snug as you want it then you can do the drilling then. Speaker 2: Yeah I think if you we're gonna choose a ladder rack, the guy who's only gonna haul one ladder all the time, he's not pulling into a garage because this obviously sticks up above the cab of the truck, and- Speaker 5: Well you can take off the towers which is nice. I didn't even think about that until he said so you don't have to take out the bolts or anything and just- Speaker 2: Yeah. Very easy instead of removing screws. Yeah. Good. Yeah, so if you're gonna be carrying more stuff you're probably gonna be looking at a full on rack, ladder rack. Maybe even with the extension over the cab. Anything else All right then. Thanks guys.

Customer Reviews

DeeZee Customizable Truck Bed Ladder Rack with Tie-Downs - Side Mount - 200 lbs - DZ95053

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (4 Customer Reviews)

Safely transport long loads with a DeeZee customizable half ladder rack. The economical side-mounted rack leaves your truck bed open for cargo. It also includes a ladder stop and 2 Velcro tie-downs - everything you need to carry a load.

- DZ95053
2016 Ford F-250 Super Duty

Easy to order, good product. Had an issue with UPS but otherwise all went smooth. 642669

- DZ95053
2013 Ford F-150

Very pleased with this ladder rack everything was as advertised easy installation very good product!!!! 588935

- DZ95053
2013 Toyota Tundra

I operate a roofing company in Texas and have owned this ladder rack for 1 year now. I am very happy with the product and have recommended to multiple of my co-workers as well. 320414

- DZ95053
2016 Ford F-150

The product arrived about 24 hours after being ordered which was great. The product installed easily. The racks can be removed easily for the weekend and taking the truck through the car wash. 236282


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  • I have a great solution for you, but nothing we offer attaches directly to the utili track of your 2016 Nissan Frontier to allow it to carry a canoe. Instead we have the Ladder Rack part # DZ95053 which is a confirmed fit for your truck and would do an excellent job to carry a single canoe. Then for a strap setup the part # 297-15RSBB would work really well.
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  • Ladder Rack for a 2006 Toyota Tacoma with Factory Bed Liner
  • We have several ladder racks that will fit your 2006 Toyota Tacoma with factory liner. I have included a link to the options for you. The T-Rac, # TH37004XT, is one of the options that you can use. The TracONE, # TH27000XT-TAEX is one more economical option. It is also available in black # TH27000XTB-TA. The lowest cost option is # DZ95053 but it only installs on one side of the truck bed. I have included some instruction links as well.
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  • Fit of DeeZee Customizable Truck Bed Ladder Rack # DZ95053 on 2004 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab
  • I spoke with my DeeZee representative who tells me that in order to install the ladder rack, you will need slightly more than 1-1/2 inches of clearance between the front of the truck bed and the wheel well, as shown in the provided diagram. If you have the proper clearance, the ladder rack will work great for you. If the wheel well goes all the way to the front of the box, then the DZ95053 would not be a good choice for you. A full rack that mounts to the top of the bed rails like the...
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