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Roadmaster InvisiBrake Flat Tow Brake System - Preset

Roadmaster InvisiBrake Flat Tow Brake System - Preset

Item # RM-8700
Our Price: $1,076.88
Flat Tow Brake System

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Plug-and-play: this permanent system gets you automatic braking with a one-and-done installation. Actuator box installs out of your way under the front seat. Adjustable pressure setting for comfortable braking. Charges car battery while towing. 1-800-940-8924 to order Roadmaster flat tow brake system part number RM-8700 or order online at Free expert support on all Roadmaster products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for Roadmaster InvisiBrake Flat Tow Brake System - Preset. Flat Tow Brake System reviews from real customers.
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Roadmaster Flat Tow Brake System - RM-8700

  • Air Brakes
  • Hydraulic Brakes
  • Brake Systems
  • Pre-Set System
  • Roadmaster
  • Fixed System
  • One Time Set-Up
  • Power Assist Brake Compatible

Plug-and-play: this permanent system gets you automatic braking with a one-and-done installation. Actuator box installs out of your way under the front seat. Adjustable pressure setting for comfortable braking. Charges car battery while towing.


  • Get automatic braking in your towed vehicle when you press the brakes in your RV
    • Cable pulls towed car's brake pedal smoothly down when the system activates
    • System activates only when RV brake lights come on: no false braking
  • Adjust braking pressure to suit the weight/size of your vehicle and avoid damage
    • Ranges from 5 psi to 80 psi
  • Plug-and-play
    • System automatically turns on when connected to motorhome
    • Components install permanently and discreetly
  • Charge your car battery as you flat tow
    • Trickle-charges constantly
  • Monitor your towed car's braking with LED that installs in RV's dashboard
    • Lights up when brakes are activated
    • Sounds alarm if the brakes stay on too long (approx. 20 seconds)
  • Made in the USA


  • Compatible with hybrids and other cars with continuous-power-assist brakes
    • NOT compatible with vehicles with non-electric hydroboost braking systems
  • Actuator box dimensions: 8-3/4" long x 8-3/4" wide x 2-3/4" tall
  • Power draw: 6 mA - 10.8 amps
  • Maximum braking pressure: 80 psi
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Do I Need a Braking System for Flat Towing?

A braking system is a must when towing a vehicle behind your motorhome. Without it, the weight of the towed car can create a safety hazard, strain your RV's brakes, and affect its the warranty of both your car and motorhome. Most states legally require a supplemental braking system, so if you don't use one and you end up in an accident (which is more likely since your RV takes longer to come to a full stop), your insurance and liability headache just doubled. You also won't have any breakaway system; if there's an accidental disconnect, there's nothing to bring your car to a stop.

Pros of a Permanent System

The InvisiBrake is a permanent braking system, which means that it's a one-and-done. Once it's installed, there's no more setup that you have to do. When you plug in the power cord at the front of your vehicle, the system automatically turns on. Just like that, you're ready to flat tow.

While the components are installed permanently in your RV and toad, they remain concealed and inconspicuous. None of them will interfere with normal driving, and most of the time they are invisible.

How Does the Roadmaster InvisiBrake Work?

This system will apply the brakes in your toad (towed vehicle) every time you hit the brakes in your RV. It will detect the brake light signal from your motorhome and trigger the system to the settings you pre-programmed.

Adjustable Pressure Settings

Road Master Invisabrake - how to adjust the braking pressure

The braking pressure of the InvisiBrake can be adjusted from 5 psi to 80 psi depending on the weight/size of your toad and your preferences. A higher pressure will brake your car with more force - a good fit for a heavy vehicle - and a lower setting is good for a small vehicle. 60 psi is the recommended default setting, but you can tweak it to suit your individual setup.

The adjustable pressure setting is also an important safety feature for a car with active or continuous-power-assist brakes, such as hybrids. A car with active/continuous-power-assist brakes has pressure in the brake lines even when the ignition is off, so a braking system could apply excessive pressure and potentially cause damage. By lowering the setting (20 psi is recommended), you can use the InvisiBrake with active brakes.

The pressure setting needs to be adjusted only once, during the initial installation, at which point you can test the system at different settings to determine which feels best. Once you have it set, it does not have to be readjusted, so your system is always ready to go.

Permanent, Out-of-the-Way Installation

Road Master Invisabrake installatiion

Most often, the InvisiBrake actuator box installs beneath the driver seat of your toad, neatly tucked out of your way. You can, however, install it anywhere in your car that's convenient for you, such as in the trunk, as long as you can still access the adjustment knob.

Road Master Invisabrake attaches to the pedal

A bracket and cable pulley will install on the arm of your vehicle's brake pedal. This will not interfere with normal braking function and does not have to be adjusted or removed. There will be lots of wiring to do as well, with connections made to the battery, breakaway switch, and tail lights. But once it's done, your braking system is always ready to go.

This is a tough installation, with several points that need careful precision to get right. Depending on the vehicle, it can be challenging to find a place to fit the actuator box, and you have to be sure the cable pulley will meet the brake pedal at the right angle to function properly. There's a good chance you'll be pulling up carpeting and removing panels to get the wiring and cable run. Check out one of our installation videos to see if this install is in your comfort zone! Otherwise you can take it to a professional to get it installed.

8700 Road Master Invisi-Brake Supplemental Braking System

Installation Details RM-8700 Installation instructions

This Product Fits The Following Vehicles

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Customer Reviews

Roadmaster InvisiBrake Flat Tow Brake System - Preset - RM-8700

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (235 Customer Reviews)

Plug-and-play: this permanent system gets you automatic braking with a one-and-done installation. Actuator box installs out of your way under the front seat. Adjustable pressure setting for comfortable braking. Charges car battery while towing.


The InvisiBrake system vacuum pump was too weak and slow to respond .
I installed an external vacuum pump from Summit Racing which maintains 22"of
vacuum on the brake chamber at all times ,the same as when the Ram engine is
running . I installed an isolation valve on the Ram manifold vacuum line and a
momentary test switch in the Ram to simulate the coach brake lights being on .
That way I can take the Ram for a drive and set up the brakes as they should be.


Read the instructions and only use the trailer video/s as a guid!! Install was tough but doable. Take your time if you want a clean install. Lastly, the kit comes with updated check valves. The video will tell you that the "red side" faces the engine. That's not true if you are using the "black side" check valve. The black side faces the engine while the red is opposite. I wasted several hours troubleshooting a stiff break pedal when in reality, I had the check valve installed just as the trailer video explains it.

My bust for trusting the video and not reading the install instructions fully.


I had this professionally installed and it works great. One thing though, I discovered that if I kept the inline fuse installed when the vesicle sits for a week or so, the car battery would drain to where I couldn’t start the car. Now I remove the fuse when not towing the car and have had no battery issues.


The braking system and the lights are working, one year after I bought them. However, I am towing a 2016 Keep Patriot, and about 2_500 miles after install, the system started making an annoying clicking noise when I enter the Patriot, which stops after about 10 seconds and then starts up again, usually a minute or so later, for another 10 or 15 seconds. etrailer first said that they had never heard of.such a thing, then said that there are otherwise comments for Keep Patriot owners on forums. Still have no.fix.

Also, at first I did not know that to store the tow bar, it must be pulled up so that the post fitting can moe to the position where it fits into the the smaii yellow bracket, which works well when used correctly. And store the coiled.wide in your tower prevent corrosion which will interfere with its function.


Invisibrake on a 2014 Honda CRV
been a carpenter all my life and recently finished building a custom car. After Watching the etrailer video (multiple times) it appeared to be a fairly simple installation, not so much, as getting up under the dash is very tight, mounting locations and access points are different and not much working room under dash.

1. It appears the length of the cable and air cylinder are shorter than when the video was made, so an alternate location for the cable clamp is needed. The cable direction needed to be at a 90’ angle to the pedal. . Removing all the carpet and insulation was a PIA to get a direct connection to metal. The cylinder mounted a few inches closer than the video showed and I used two clamps to attach it. The mounting point on the cable clamp ending up being behind the wheel well, so I used a couple of stainless steel bolts for attachment.
2. The hole location into the firewall was very difficult to get to. I was only able to drill a 5/8” hole. I couldn’t get my step bit in there and the brake lines are on the outside and didn’t want to risk damaging them. I just ran the power wires and vacuum line through this hole. I drilled another 3/4” hole in the floor at the back of the cylinder. I ran the plug for brake away and the lighting wires under the body and followed the lighting wires from the back to front. Covering all wires in a plastic loom
3. The plastic molding pieces required some trimming to fit the new wires and cylinder.
4. The video shows the box mounting directly though the removable carpet mat. (Not a good thing) I removed the mat prior to install and will have to modify it to reinstall.
5. All the wiring in the engine compartment and the plug was fairly straight forward and simple.
It all appear to work as it should. Testing seemed to work good.
I recommend making a new installation video.
When I ordered it, the Amazon price was lower and etrailer couldn’t match the pricing. Two weeks later the pricing dropped to match the amazon price ( lower by $150). Sad face..

2014 CRV Baseplate -Roadmaster 521567-5
The installation was fairly simple and the video explained it well. The bumper and grille were fairly difficult to remove and expect to break some of the clips. ( new yellow ones can be purchased on Amazon) . I would wait to replace the grille until all the plug wiring is complete. Just hind site.

2014 Honda CRV Brake switch relay. -Roadmaster 88400
Relay switch are really simple to install, but the location of the brake switch and the small wires made it really difficult.
But it works as it should

2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Good quality materials.
Fast delivery
Complicated install. 16 hours labor for me to install toad portion, including bulb kit. 8 hours to install indicator light/warning beeper in RV. Worth the one time effort for me to not have to set and remove floor mounted brake system each time I want to drive the toad.

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee with electric drivers seat. Controller would not fit under drivers seat, installed in cargo area behind rear seat. Good instructions for install.

Kit included everything I needed. Due to controller placement, the controller power leads were not long enough. Air line to air cylinder connection was difficult to get right. Was not as "sure" as air line to controller. Took 3 attempts to get it to not leak.

Overall a good product, I expect it will last a long time and be very reliable.


This product was supposed to fit under the seat of my 2022 Chevrolet Colorado. It doesn't even come close. The power seat motors do not allow any room between the seat and the floorboard of the cab. I am returning it "Unused, Uninstalled and in the original packaging. I am being charged return shipping fees. I could understand if I just changed my mind but the product DOES NOT FIT!!! I ordered a replacement air brake unit that will fit. Why am I being charged return shipping for etrailer's mistake in compatability??

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


You are welcome to return this InvisiBrake system however I wanted to let you know that while most of the time the InvisiBrake actuator box installs beneath the front seat of the towed car it does not have to be installed there. It can be installed anywhere in the towed car that is convenient as on as you can still access the adjustment knob.


A little more difficult than others to install but definitely worth the money. The only thing I noticed is every couple of hookup’s you need to pump the brakes once to activate the system



Works great however if there’s a short anywhere in the primary vehicles light wiring. It will randomly apply the brakes.


Intermittent brake application sticking on. 3 different times in 4000 miles but always seems to fix itself.



Still occasional compressor sticking on. Times out eventually after annoying buzzer alarm.

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


@Dennis I reached out to Roadmaster and it could be a feedback issue from possible water and or corrosion especially if this is only happening when the RV and flat-towed vehicle are connected with the power cord. The best way would be to reach out to Roadmaster so that they can confirm the situation and components that are in play to better know what way they can help. I will email you the contact details.


I've always have a Invisibrake system installed on my tow vehicle as they work excellently and are not in the way.


I love the InvisiBrake system! It's permanent installation and flawless operation really simplifies the process of connecting and disconnecting the towed vehicle. I would definitely buy it again and recommend it without hesitation.


The installation went as planned. All parts fit and worked the first time.


My Invisibrake system works excellent. I t was easy to install for anyone with a little mecanical ability. Love it


Etrailer was Awesome from start to finish. Vert efficient and made sure that i had everything I needed.

2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

The product arrived within a reasonable amount of time. Instruction for installation was pretty good between both what came with the kit and the video etrailer web site. For the most part the installation went well but there are a few things I would like to comment on, and they are:
1) The self tapping screws to install the control unit to the floor of my towed vehicle were too short to get through the carpeting and into the sheet metal with enough bite to hold. Instead I used longer 1/4 - 20 bolts.
2) The vacuum check valve came apart while I was pushing it into the brake vacuum line. I was able to not lose the rubber membrane inside and used super glue to put it back together. I tested it and is working fine but I did order another check valve to the tune of [a few extra] more dollars.
3) It would have been nice to have the etrailer video show something on where to hook up the "Monitor System" from the towed vehicle. It took some doing but I was able to locate the brake switch and tap into the cold side for the signal.

Although I haven't put any miles on this system yet my test of it went well.

Etrailer Expert

Rachael H.


Thanks for the feedback and review Ken. I wanted to let you know that I have included a link to one of our installation videos and at about the 15 minute mark there are some details about installing the monitoring system in the RV.

Ken K.


A year later and Im still in love with the Roadmaster tow bar & base plate and InvisiBrake braking system. We just got back from a road trip that started around Seattle down to Bryce canyon and back. The tow bar and brake system worked flawlessly, I could not be more pleased. Also, recently I traded in the first Jeep that I installed this system on for a newer Jeep. Knowing that I would be towing the new Jeep as well, I wanted to uninstall the base plate and brake system from my old Jeep and reinstall them on the new. The process went very well, actually faster than the first time I installed it. So, bottom line is that Im very pleased with this set up and would recommend it highly.


Not using it anymore because the Ford Maverick we got it for, was upgraded to a Ford Ranger. It did not supply enough power to charge the battery. The charging option was one of the main reasons we bought this one. I think it is different for other cars. It was a little challenging to adjust the brake power. We switched to a portable solution for the Ranger.

2018 Jeep Wrangler

Realitively easy to install except for the brake indicator in the RV. The problem was in the 2018 Wrangler, getting the wire I needed ti splice int for the in-use indicator.

2014 Honda CR-V

Installed in a 2014 CRV. Worst part was getting all the wiring and under the door sill trim panel and routed up through the firewall into the engine compartment, and getting the cable and pulley installed up to the brake pedal. Pretty crowded under the dash in a CRV (my ribs are still sore)! had to use a different clamp on the vacuum cylinder because I had to move it forward of where the video showed in order for the cable to reach the mounting location under the dash. Had to clamp it around the larger end of the cylinder and the supplied clamp would not fit around the larger diameter end. Maybe Roadmaster has shortened the cable? Haven't tested yet but have high hopes! I used the videos extensively, and couldn't have done it myself without them! Not bad for a 72 year old!



Excellent! Have used it towing my CRV on two 2,ooo mile trips since installation. Works very well


Nice product and simple to install should be easy to use. I installed under the seat of my 99 jeep wrangler


This review is more for eTrailer than the product RM-8700, which is a great product as well. I will be submitting further reviews as I install the device.
If you want to work with a knowledgeable staff, one that actually listens to your needs and not a company that simply sells a product just to get numbers. Deal with eTrailer.
If your RV has any need these guys know or will find out (as long as its in their area of expertise) and get back to you. They carry great products, they ship as promised and they stand behind what they sell. I highly recommend eTrailer.

Guy V.


Most excellent products and customer service. I had purchased a few different items from eTrailer and found that there were a couple of missing items. Without question or hesitation, they were in shipping and satisfying my problem. After I got into the project, I found the missing items and notified eTrailer of my error. I cannot say enough good things which describes the excellent customer service, product knowledge and assistance they offer their customers and potential customers.


delivered early and packaged as stated



No issues and everything works fine.


Purchased this braking system and installed on 2005 Jeep Wrangler and towed for over 3000 miles with no issue. Uninstalled and reinstalled on a 2016 Jeep Wrangler this fall. By far, the best supplemental braking system we’ve ever used.

2023 Ford Maverick

works perfect


2021 Ford Ranger. The installation is not really technically challenging, but there are a lot of steps and you need to twist yourself under the dash for quite a bit of it. The main installation comment I would have is assume you are going to drill a hole in the firewall for the wires/air hose. Using the existing grommets is more work/risk than it is worth. There were several videos, but none specifically for my vehicle and I would have liked the specific detail on the air connection. We have about 800 miles towing with it so far and it definitely it helps with stopping, plus the break-away safety is good peace of mind.


Works great after I finally got it installed (see review on wiring harness)

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    The Blue Ox Tow Bar Wiring Kit BLU86XR you mentioned is actually designed to fit 2014-2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee's with a tow package, as well as a 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee without a tow package. With that being said, this kit is not going to be the correct kit for your 2021 Jeep Wrangler, unfortunately. Instead, what you're going to need instead is the Curt Custom Tail Light Wiring Kit for Towed Vehicles # C96JR. This is going to be the same wiring harness as the Blue Ox Tow Bar Wiring...
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    While there isn't a all encompassing kit available for your 2022 Ford Maverick, we do carry all the parts you'd need and I'd be happy to get them for you. First you're going to need a base plate # RM97RR, to be able to connect your 2022 Ford Maverick to your 2022 Four Winds Class C MH. Next, you're going to need a set of tow bars # RM-676 to connect to your base plate on your Maverick. Continuing, you're going to need a braking system # RM-8700 with a brake-lite relay # RM-88400. A braking...
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    For your 2022 Jeep Wrangler, I recommend using the Curt Custom Tail Light Wiring Kit for Towed Vehicles # C96JR which will not require you to splice any of your wiring and plug directly into factory wiring. As far as braking system goes, I recommend the Roadmaster InvisiBrake # RM-8700. This is a one time setup, supplemental braking system, that will get wired directly to the battery and the electrical harness. You are also going to need a stop light kit # RM-751490, which will ensure...
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  • Can A Roadmaster Baseplate Be Installed On A 2023 Chevy Equinox RS With Lower Active Air Shutters
    You can still get the Roadmaster Direct-Connect Base Plate Kit # RM-523193-5 to fit, but you'll have to trim or even remove some of the air shutters in order for it to fit. Since that's quite a bit of modification Roadmaster just lists the fit as incompatible and therefore most shops will want to avoid installing the baseplate to avoid any liability. If you haven't picked out the rest of your flat towing components then I have the following recommendations: Tow Bar: etrailer SD Non-Binding...
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  • Do I Need The Roadmaster Stop Light Switch To Install The InvisiBrake On A 2021 Wrangler Unlimited
    The Roadmaster Stop Light Switch Kit # RM-751490 is indeed required when installing the Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System # RM-8700 on your 2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. This is due to the brake light switch shutting off after 10 minutes of inactivity and while being flat towed. The # RM-751490 will keep this from happening and will get the # RM-8700 working properly.
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    The best supplemental braking system for your 2022 Ford Bronco is going to be the Demco SBS Stay-IN-Play item # SM99251. This system offers automatic, real-time braking in your Bronco that is proportional to your RV's braking force. The actuator box installs permanently so that you never have to remove, adjust, or reactivate. The system connects to your RV and engages your Bronco's brakes when the RV brake lights illuminate. The removal of the two fuses will not effect the function of this...
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  • Parts Needed To Flat Tow 2022 Ford F-150
    For a complete flat towing setup you need 5 primary items, a base plate kit, tow bar, safety cables, vehicle wiring to link your towed vehicles indicator lights with your motorhome, and a supplemental braking system. Sometimes additional items may be necessary for braking and/or charging system and possibly a high-low adapter. This is used to adjust the tow-bar angle to ensure it sets in that desired +/- 3" of level range. For your 2022 Ford F-150, I recommend the Blue Ox Alpha 2 Non-Binding...
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  • 2022 Jeep Wrangler Wiring and Brake System For Flat Towing
    For your application I recommend installing the Universal Wiring Kit for Towed Vehicles - 7-Way to 6-Wire Hybrid Cord # RM-152-1676-7 on your 2022 Jeep Wrangler because of the excellent diodes that help to protect your vehicle wiring. Then for a braking system I recommend the Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System # RM-8700 because it installs permanently and is easy to setup after the initial installation. You also need the Stop Light Switch Kit # RM-751490 so the brake lights...
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  • Roadmaster Base Plate Kit that Fits 2006 Chrysler PT GT
    Hey Michael, we do have a Roadmaster base plate kit that fits your 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser GT turbo with the part # 278-1. If you are looking for just the removable arms you'd need the part # RM-ARMS instead.
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  • Recommended Flat Towing Parts for a 2016 Jeep Patriot
    If your 2016 Jeep Patriot has a manual transmission then you can flat tow it and you will need a wiring harness in addition to the parts you mentioned. The only way to tow your Patriot if it has an automatic transmission is to use a dolly like item # DM9713093. For a compatible base plate kit, I recommend the Roadmaster Crossbar-Style Base Plate Kit item # 521441-1. This has removable arms and will work great with the etrailer SD Non-Binding Tow Bar item # e44ZR. This tow bar has a 6,000...
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  • Does Installing Roadmaster Invisibrake on 2022 Jeep Wrangler Require Stoplight Switch
    The reason you have to use a Roadmaster Stoplight switch part # RM-751490 when installing the Roadmaster InvisiBrake # RM-8700 on your 2022 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is because your vehicle's stoplight circuit is not active when the vehicle is off so this is there to provide that signal. I did my best to find pictures online of where the brake master cylinder is on your 2022 Wrangler and it appears to be in the standard location up on the firewall above where the steering wheel would go through....
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  • Installation Of The Second Vehicle Kit for Roadmaster InvisiBrake Braking System
    The Invisibrake # RM-8700 activates through your motorhomes tail lights via the diode wiring installed on your Jeep so you won't be splicing the Second Vehicle Kit for Roadmaster InvisiBrake Braking System # RM-98700 into the brake lite relay kit # RM-88400. You'll need to follow the wiring diagram I've posted below instead to install the # RM-98700. Other braking systems may have you splice into the brake light switch wire to send and output signal that the vehicle is braking but the...
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  • Recommended Flat Towing Components For A 2015 Ford Expedition
    Roadmaster is a great choice when it comes to flat towing any vehicle; here are some of my recommendations to get you out on the road: Baseplate: Roadmaster Direct-Connect Base Plate Kit # 4410-3. Tow Bar: etrailer XHD Non-Binding Tow Bar for Roadmaster Direct-Connect Base Plate # e84ZR This tow bar comes with safety cables bracketed to the arms so that you won't have to purchase any separately or worry about them dragging on the ground. The head and shank have a bit of adjustability...
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  • Recommended Baseplate For A 2023 Ford Bronco With Modular Bumper And Demco Dominator Tow Bar
    Demco unfortunately doesn't currently offer a compatible baseplate for the Ford Performance Heavy Duty Modular Bumper so you would have to choose a different baseplate like the Blue Ox Base Plate Kit # BLU23XR and then use the Demco Dominator Non-Binding Tow Bar # DM9511008-BX, which is designed to connect to Blue Ox baseplates. If you haven't picked out the rest of your flat towing components then I have the following recommendations for you: Tow Bar Wiring Kit: Roadmaster Diode 7-Wire...
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  • Recommended Flat Towing Components For A 2023 Ford Ranger Tremor
    For your 2023 Ford Ranger Tremor you'll need the following components: Baseplate: Roadmaster Direct-Connect Base Plate Kit # RM-524459-5 Tow Bar: etrailer SD Non-Binding Tow Bar # e74ZR. This tow bar comes with safety cables included and has an adjustable head and shank to help keep the tow bar level between the motorhome and Ranger. Tow Bar Wiring Kit: Roadmaster Diode 7-Wire to 6-Wire Flexo-Coil Wiring Kit # RM-15267. Braking System: For the braking system you'll want the Demco...
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  • Replacement 3/8" Vacuum Check Valve for Roadmaster InvisiBrake Flat Tow Brake System
    Yes, the Replacement 3/8" Vacuum Check Valve # RM-452141 is the correct replacement for your Roadmaster InvisiBrake Flat Tow Brake System # RM-8700.
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  • Does Roadmaster Invisibrake Fit 2023 Jeep Wrangler 4xe
    We have not had the chance to install the Roadmaster Invisibrake part # RM-8700 on a 4xe model Jeep Wrangler like your 2023 but Roadmaster has confirmed for us that it is a fit so we do know it would work and would require the Stoplight Switch Kit # RM23MR. I am sure this will change in the future but this is as of February 2023.
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  • Recommended Flat Towing Equipment For A 2022 Jeep Wrangler Sahara
    There currently isn't a compatible Blue Ox base plate for your 2022 Jeep Wrangler Sahara. There is however the Roadmaster Direct-Connect Base Plate Kit # RM-521453-5 which is a compatible fit (standard factory bumpers). These base plates have a direct-connect connection point for quick and easy hookup as well as removable arms to preserve the factory look of your Jeep when not in use. For the tow bar I recommend the etrailer SD Non-Binding Tow Bar for Roadmaster Direct-Connect Base Plates...
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  • Parts Needed For Flat Towing a 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon
    Here is the Roadmaster Direct-Connect Base Plate Kit # 1444-3 which Roadmaster said to use for your 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. This comes with the arms for a Roadmaster Tow Bar # RM-676. If you are using a Blue Ox Tow Bar # BX4370 you will need the Adapter Arms # RM62ZR. You will need the Hopkins Custom Tail Light Wiring Kit # HM56200 for your tail lights on your Jeep to operate off your motorhome. This will tie into a 7-Wire to 6-Wire, Coiled Electrical Cord # BX88206 for...
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  • Is Anything Else Needed to Install Roadmaster InvisiBrake on 2021 Ford Bronco
    Thank you for your purchase from etrailer of the Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System # RM-8700. There is one other thing you may need for your 2021 Ford Bronco to use this system. If your '21 Bronco has the Signature LED taillights you will also need to add the Roadmaster Stop Light Switch Kit # RM68MR. As for the video, we do not have one for a Bronco.
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  • Blue Ox Baseplate And Tow Bar Wiring Compatibility With A 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Willys
    If your 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Willys edition has a factory plastic or steel bumper then the Blue Ox Base Plate Kit # BX1139 would be a compatible fit for your vehicle. The Blue Ox Tow Bar Wiring Kit # BLU79FR you referenced would also be a fit for your Jeep but I recommend cutting off the 4-pole connector and wiring this kit into a 6-pole socket and 7-way cable kit like part # RM-146-7. This would allow you to also run a charge line cable like part # RM-156-25 so that you Jeep's...
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