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2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent for 3" Diameter Hole - Black

Item # HMAV2-AVT2

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Product Images

redline enclosed trailer parts  no fan 2-piece polypropylene vent for 3 inch diameter hole - black
redline enclosed trailer parts no fan hmav2-avt2
redline enclosed trailer parts vents no fan
redline enclosed trailer parts vents 2-piece polypropylene vent for 3 inch diameter hole - black
redline enclosed trailer parts wall vent hmav2-avt2
redline enclosed trailer parts wall vent no fan hmav2-avt2
redline enclosed trailer parts vents no fan 2-piece polypropylene vent for 3 inch diameter hole - black
redline enclosed trailer parts wall vent

Customer Photos

redline enclosed trailer parts vents hmav2-avt2
redline enclosed trailer parts vents 2-piece polypropylene vent for 3 inch diameter hole - black
redline enclosed trailer parts wall vent hmav2-avt2
redline enclosed trailer parts wall vent
redline enclosed trailer parts vents hmav2-avt2
redline enclosed trailer parts vents 2-piece polypropylene vent for 3 inch diameter hole - black
redline enclosed trailer parts wall vent
redline enclosed trailer parts vents no fan
redline enclosed trailer parts vents hmav2-avt2
redline enclosed trailer parts vents hmav2-avt2
redline enclosed trailer parts vents 2-piece polypropylene vent for 3 inch diameter hole - black
redline enclosed trailer parts wall vent hmav2-avt2
redline enclosed trailer parts vents hmav2-avt2
redline enclosed trailer parts vents 2-piece polypropylene vent for 3 inch diameter hole - black
redline enclosed trailer parts wall vent hmav2-avt2
redline enclosed trailer parts wall vent


  • Vents
  • Wall Vent
  • No Fan
  • Redline
  • 6W x 8L Inch
  • Black
This 2-piece vent provides an inexpensive yet attractive way to ventilate your enclosed trailer. Round interior vent and half-moon-shape exterior piece are both constructed of black, UV-resistant polypropylene plastic that holds up to sun exposure. Call 800-298-8924 to order Redline enclosed trailer parts part number HMAV2-AVT2 or order online at Free expert support on all Redline products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent for 3" Diameter Hole - Black. Enclosed Trailer Parts reviews from real customers.

Redline Enclosed Trailer Parts - HMAV2-AVT2

This 2-piece vent provides an inexpensive yet attractive way to ventilate your enclosed trailer. Round interior vent and half-moon-shape exterior piece are both constructed of black, UV-resistant polypropylene plastic that holds up to sun exposure.


  • Affordable trailer vent provides continuous ventilation for your enclosed trailer
    • To increase ventilation, you can install more than 1 vent
  • 2-Piece design creates a low-profile vent that's attractive both inside and outside your trailer
  • Half-moon piece with flat, slotted side attaches to trailer's exterior
    • Slots are on one side only, allowing you to position the vent for best airflow and to help prevent water from getting in
    • Drain holes at the corners let out any water that does get in
  • Round, slotted interior piece installs inside your trailer
    • You can easily trim vent tube to fit thin walls
  • UV-resistant, polypropylene plastic construction stands up to the elements
  • Black color
  • 9 Screws and sealant (sold separately) required for installation


  • Fits 3" diameter hole in enclosed trailer
  • Exterior half-moon piece
    • Overall dimensions: 8" long x 6" wide x 1-1/4" tall
    • Flange width: 1/2"
  • Interior circular piece
    • Diameter at flange: 4-1/8"
    • Vent tube outside diameter: 2-15/16"
    • Tube depth: 1-1/2"
    • Flange width: 5/8"

HMAV2-AVT2 Alliance 2-Piece Enclosed Trailer Vent - UV Resistant Polypropylene Plastic - Black

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Video of 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent for 3" Diameter Hole - Black

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Redline Enclosed Trailer Parts HMAV2-AVT2 Review

Today, we're going to be taking a look at part number HMAV2-AVT2. This is the 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent. The trailer vent is going to provide continuous ventilation for your enclosed trailer. To increase your ventilation, you can install more than 1 vent, but with this part number, you're going to get these 2 pieces. The 2-piece design is going to create a low-profile vent that's very attractive both inside and outside your trailer. The half-moon piece with the flat slotted side is going to attach to the trailer's exterior.

It's going to need to attach 6 areas, so you got 6 mounting holes. Hardware is sold separately. Slots are going to be located on 1 side only allowing you to position the vent for best air flow and to help prevent water from getting in. It is going to feature a small drain hole located on each side here at the corner, so that's going to let out any water that does get in. As long as you use some sealant and you have the slotted holes facing down, you really shouldn't have to worry about moisture or water getting inside the unit. Again, your hardware is sold separately as well as your sealant.

We sell both of those products here on our website, so you can pick up some of those while you're here. This is your exterior piece. The round piece, this is going to be your interior piece. It is slotted, so that's going to allow really good air flow. You can easily trim the vent tube; that's this portion right here, to fit thinner walls if needed and to allow for better air flow. Interior piece, exterior piece, with the wall in between the two pieces.

You just want part of this sitting in this cradle right here to allow better air flow. Again, that can be trimmed to fit thinner walls as well as to provide better air flow or better air circulation. From inside of the trailer, this is all you're going to see, and then from the exterior, you're just going to see this half-moon piece, so it does add a really nice finished look. It's black in color. It's made from a UV resistant polypropylene plastic construction so it's going to stand up well to the elements. Just want to go over some measurements real quick.

This unit's designed to fit a 3-inch diameter hole in your enclosed trailer. The half-moon piece is going to give us a measurement from edge to edge going this direction of 8 inches, edge to edge going this direction top to bottom of 6 inches. It's going to give us a depth; this is how far it's going to stick out from the mounting surface of an 1-1/4 inch. Again, the half-moon piece is going to contain 6 mounting holes. The circular piece is going to give us an overall diameter 4-1/8 of an inch. The vent tube outside edge to outside edge is going to measure 2-15/16 of an inch. The tube depth is going to measure 1-1/2 inch. Mounting flange on the circular piece is going to measure 5/8 of an inch. That's going to have 3 mounting locations. The mounting flange on the half-moon piece, that's going to measure 1/2 inch. Again, your mounting hardware and the sealant are going to be sold separately. That's going to do it for today's review of part number HMAV2-AVT2. This is the 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent. .

Customer Reviews

2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent for 3" Diameter Hole - Black - HMAV2-AVT2

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (94 Customer Reviews)

This 2-piece vent provides an inexpensive yet attractive way to ventilate your enclosed trailer. Round interior vent and half-moon-shape exterior piece are both constructed of black, UV-resistant polypropylene plastic that holds up to sun exposure.


by: Andy W03/08/2016

Another review (above) recommended using a plywood jig. I took their advice and was glad I did. They did not include images, so I am. It made the install SUPER easy. 1) Use a scrap piece of 1/2 or 3/4" plywood slightly larger than the exterior vent. Find center of plywood and use 3" hole saw to make opening. Insert the round interior vent (loosely) from one side, and then loosely attach semi-circular exterior piece. Pinch all three pieces together and set on a flat surface. Trace the outline of the semi-circular vent onto the plywood. Make marks at the 6 screw hole openings. 2) Drill through plywood at the 6 screw openings. 3) locate vent position on exterior of trailer (note: make sure the shape of the vent corresponds to the flow of air!!!). 4) place plywood jig at desired loaction (press against exterior of trailer) and drive at least 4 self-tapping screws through plywood and into trailer wall (make sure to use screws long enough to penetrate thickness of plywood). 5) now that plywood is attached to exterior of trailer, use a hole saw to cut through metal and plywood interior wall. The jig will keep your saw in perfect path. 6) Apply silicon to inner rim of 3" round interior vent cover. Press into opening. 7) My interior vent was the perfect depth - It was flush with exterior of trailer wall. If yours is too long, cut to proper depth. Apply silicon at seam where metal opening meets end of interior vent (added protection against rain). 8) Add silicon bead on underside of exterior vent flange. Align with screw holes (from jig attachment) and drive 6 self-tapping screws. Good luck! 240227


by: RussB08/01/2014

I needed a rainproof vent for an outdoor electrical equipment box (WiFi). This item fit the bill perfectly. It's mounted on outside of box and an exhaust fan is mounted over the 3" hole on inside. Only used the interior vent as a guide to line up exterior part with 3" hole. Glad I ran across this item while searching for a vent and eTrailer gave quick shipment. 144058


I am looking to ventilate a fiberglass camper shell, especially to reduce interior condensation from breath while sleeping in cold andor rainy weather.Rather than a roof vent, I want a vent like this, or the louvered vent, and a small 12 volt fan attached. I imagine it mounted on a vertical wall of the camper shell, not the roof.Can you please describe in greater detail the exhaust fan you mounted over the 3 hole inside? Even if not a 12 volt fan, I would like to see the fan, as I may be able to find a 12 volt version.

-- comment by: Joel N - 05/02/2015


I used a small Box Fan 3. Google Box Fan 3IN and youll get lots of hits. They come in various voltage ratings. I used 110vac, 12vdc, and 5vdc fans depending on what was available. Be advised these small fans do not move a lot of air for a camper.One thing to consider for camper installation is dust. There is no shutoff on these vents. Ive found travelling on dirt roads sucks in dust through any open holes.I had a camper problem just like yours. My solution was to spray the interior walls with a simulated fabric spray. Dont recall brand or where I got it. However it stopped getting rained on when sleeping inside. Some sort of vent is also desirable. It must be rain proof and close off for dust protection.

-- comment by: RussB - 05/14/2015


Vent is holding up well after 1 year in AZ sun.

RussB - 08/01/2015



by: James W.10/02/2013

Excellent product and easy to work with. Great service. I was concerned however about insects entering through the vents so came up with a filtration system. Used a PVC coupling and some filter material. Cut the coupling to 1/2 inch rings and remove just enough material to allow an inside press fit. Cut round filter and insert first then hold in place with the ring. On the outside vent cut a long narrow piece as shown. When installed as shown, adds very good double filter and allows air to move freely. Just finished a 6000 mile trip clear across the country and back and filter performed perfectly. Eliminating the heat build up AND keeping the bugs out. JIM : ] 102260


I really like this idea and thanks for taking the time to document and post this info. What is the blue filter material, where did you find that and how is it secured to the external vent piece?Best regards.

-- comment by: Herb L - 08/02/2014



by: Charles D.10/10/2016

I installed a pair of the vents at the top rear of an insulated 24ft car hauler. Simple to installed using a highly recommended hole saw. The purpose was to create some natural convective updraft keeping it dry, cooler, and ventilated when using it for long term storage. The provided screws were replaced with Stainless to avoid future rust bleed. There is no gasket provided for the exterior and although it may not be necessary to avoid rain finding its way into the interior, one was improvised using some strip seals (like sticky gum) around all but the bottom so any water could drain. They seemed a bit restrictive for free air flow where the cylindrical shell interfaces the rain guard inside the outer cover. This is necessary to the design for universal left or right installation, but knowing where they be installed allowed the guard to be trimmed up to just below horizontal with out effecting the rain protection. They worked out good, although I would have like to see the available in 4" and 6" sizes. 305161


by: Troy B.08/01/2017

Just finished installing my new vents, very easy to install and look pretty good as well, hopefully they serve they're purpose. Any ventilation is better than none. 413321


by: ken I.01/16/2012

Just what the pic shows. Bought to ventilate snowmobile trailer. Not installed yet, but will definitely help . Trailer only came with one vent that was pretty much useless. Good price also. 29791


Just would like to know how these vents worked out on your snowmobile trailer.I have a snowmobile trailer also with two 3 top side vents, after a day off riding and putting the sleds back in the trailer, you see a lot of ice on the roof the next day.

-- comment by: Jeff - 01/19/2016


Mine would condense all the time. Other than only one from the factory, that was barely cut out, there was no circulation in the trailer. made a big difference for me. Being that yours is already vented and seems to only happen a day or two after you ride theres probably just too much humidity, while thawing out, for that small of a space. More vents couldnt hurt but if theres no breeze for circulation its still probably going to take a while to dry out. Maybe leave the trailer cracked open a little bit for a day or two?

-- comment by: Ken I - 01/20/2016



by: Vent11/04/2013

Good product, easy installation and good price. 106163


by: charlie k01/15/2014

i had purchased one of these awhile ago and just got around to mounting it.I liked it so much,I bought 3 more. Always get great service at etrailer.and fast delivery.I have purchased lots of trailer parts from etrailer and always been very satisfied 113885


vents work good

charlie k - 01/19/2015



by: Rich from maple lake09/17/2014

Easy installation ,nice looking and functioning product. 151607



Rich f - 09/17/2015



by: Bobby VW02/09/2016

The product is as described and is simple to install. There wasn't any hardware included so I had to provide my own. It might have been stated that hardware was not included and I missed it. Hardware SHOULD be included so one doesn't have to scour for the proper screws and rivets and it would make things a lot easier even if you increase the price accordingly. Otherwise the quality is good and rugged and will last for along time. Also, a filter would help with dust and small bugs getting into the trailer interior. Just a thought! Bob 237341


by: Rick K.07/26/2014

I have used your web-site before and find it very easy to navigate. The product I ordered is for a small, 5X10 trailer that I use to haul/store my landscape equipment. In the summer months, things get hot and stinky in the trailer so I ordered these to provide ventilation. Your company shipped these vents very quickly and they were no problem installing in my trailer. I have already bookmarked your web-site because it provides the equipment that I need. Thank you. 143013


by: Jim09/11/2015

The product seems to be well made and I believe installation will be easy. The only down side is if you are installing it onto any surface that is not at least 1.25" thick, you will need to take up the extra space. This is usually not the case with a trailer wall but is in my case of a composite molded wall of a walk in storage pod. I recommend a finer screen be cut and siliconed onto the molded grate to keep out smaller insects but that is an easy upgrade. 224935


by: Jim S04/18/2017

Product was packaged very securely and delivered in a timely manner. I would definitely go to ettrailer for all of my trailer needs. I ordered a basic enclosed trailer. Purchased flush tie downs, stabilizer jacks and vents. Installed all items with ease with no special knowledge or tools. I saved around $450 should these items be included with the trailer. Now I have a sweet enclosed motorcycle trailer that I can use what's the all the amenities I needed. 369190


by: A.Lewis08/17/2017

My trailer is light weight easy to pull, even loaded don't even fell like its there . The only issue i had and still have the travel lights don't work properly, Ive check the power plug on my truck got a new adapter . I had my dealer ship check its not the truck or plugs. Its some were in the walls of the trailer i really don't want to take apart the walls travel lights to me are not that importation just tail, and break lights im good with my trailer. 421764


by: Pat H.06/11/2017

I ordered two of these vents for my horse trailer. They have helped a lot with the heat and humidity build up in the tack area. The only problem is that they are plastic and paint does not stick very well to them. I tried to paint them the color of my trailer but the paint does peel off after awhile. I think I will just let them be black from now on it is easier. Other wise a great product. 391799


by: Ryan06/06/2016

Excellent quality product at a good price. Product was as described by the seller, and easy to install. Used a 3 inch hole saw to make the mounting hole in the side of my cargo trailer and fitment was perfect. Use clear silicone after installed around the outer edge of the outside vent. You will be satisfied with this product and the short time it took to ship and be delivered. 258315


by: Steven M.04/21/2014

Product arrived as described. Awaiting trailer delivery then it will be installed. In the mean time I made filters for both sides to keep the insects and dust out of the trailer. Only down side, no screws were offered with the product so I went to Lowe's and found some white aluminum ones, sanded the white paint off and painted them flat black to match the vent. 126274


by: Robert Miller04/28/2014

Great Product.. Great to do business with you company. They are already installed. Very Pleased, I will do business with you again. 127837


by: jim05/04/2015

Ordered four of the vents for my cargo trailer that was much to air tight and drawing moisture. Very easy to install and seem to be made of a very tough material. Was suprised how fast they were shipped by etrailer. I was emailed a notice that they had shipped just a few hours after I ordered them. That is service few can match. 189815


by: tony f08/12/2016

very nice vent just what I was looking for my bike trailer I needed to vent my trailer because there was a lot of heat build up inside these did the trick and it keeps the rain out. they came in a short time from ordering them like 3 days very happy .the people that took care of me were very helpful and new the product well. 283179


by: Bob B.07/10/2015

The quality of this item is great, so is the service from e-trailer, on my original shipment I ordered 2 and 1 was damaged during shipping. I call the customer service # and a new one was shipped out right away, received it 2 days later! Thanks e-trailer! I'll definitely use you again when the need arises. 210816


by: Matthew E03/13/2017

Purchase was simple and shipping was fast. I placed the vents of the right and left side with little or not issues and sealed as per instruction. If I was to make a recommendation I would suggest placing a tube of sealant in the vent. But, then you may have issues with color, etc. for customers. 352124


by: Scotty B.07/31/2016

Installed these vents in a new enclosed trailer that only offered the overhead vent. I couldn't leave that vent open during bad weather. Using this trailer as transportation as well as storage. Motorcycle requires venting and HMAV2-AVT2 was a snap to install. 277828


Outstanding, looks new.

Scotty B - 07/31/2017



by: Luis05/27/2015

Great vent and really easy to install if you need some air vent for your enclosed trailer this product is perfect for the job . I use a 3 inch hole saw to make holes and ribbots . I spray paint mine to match trailer but how it comes is perfect too. 198176


by: Elwyn G06/02/2014

I haven't installed these yet but can tell they will do the job. What I have to say is that etrailer is very fast and extremely responsive. I am not an experienced build of trailers but etrailer has made my experience much easier. 133742


by: Frank T01/25/2015

Just what I expected per the web site info. Good item, great price. Within minutes of placing order I had a confirmation of the order, within 1 1/2 hours I received notice that it was shipped. Great job guys, thanks 171176


by: Glenn06/08/2016

I liked the product and works well. They 4 installed allows better air flow while in storage or closed up. It does require a 3" hole saw which I purchased. Very happy with end results. Glen, Smithfield, Va. 259010


by: Ted T10/31/2016

Though still hesitant about cutting a hole in my new trailer, these are standard vents on most trailers and am looking to use two of these for cross flow and the center roof vent when I'm using the trailer. 312530


by: James. A.08/27/2016

A quality product at a great price. Ordering was easy and shipping was fast. These vents look like they were factory installed. I am very pleased with and will not hesitate to use them again. 288453


by: Phil03/31/2017

I purchase 2 of these vent's a few weeks ago, Very easy to install. i decided to order 3 more , as they say more vent the better . The only thing i have a problem with is they don't come with screws. 361169


by: Chris08/30/2017

Easy to install. I just wish they came with an insert so bugs couldn't get through. I ended up using a window AC filter which worked perfectly for letting air through but making it so bugs can't. 426901


by: Pat08/23/2016

These vents worked well and looked good on the exterior if our snowmobile trailer. The roof top power vents have provided adequate ventilation during this summer on our snowmobile trailer. 286744


by: Stephen S.11/13/2016

The product arrived on time and was of good quality. Relatively easy to install. Ordering from etrailor was easy and professional. They showed a true concern for my satisfaction. 316225


by: Rick07/25/2012

The vent works great. I actually added two of them one facing forward on the left front side and one on the right rear facing backwards to help vent the trailer while moving. 49255


by: Dick r05/06/2013

Received on time as promised, installed all 4 vents in under an hour they look and work great . You now have me as a custermer. Thanks dick r 79173


by: Kevin M07/01/2016

This is a easy to install unit for a DIYer. It is of good quality and has held up fine for a year now. I installed two on my trailer and it has made a difference. 267050


by: Jim G.02/09/2015

Good product at a reasonable price. Delivery on time with no surprises. A good experience; that's why I placed another order. Thanks for the follow-up. Jim 173017


by: ddogg08/01/2013

Product arrived in good shape. Product as described in website. Thank you so much for using stickers on the part that do not break apart when peeling off!!!! 92776


by: John V.01/18/2017

Vent was easy to install. Installed 3 on my trailer in under an hour. These will provide air flow when I am traveling and in the summer when temps are hot. 333615


by: Sonny M.07/30/2017

Very pleased with Vents.... very easy to drill couple holes and install into our Community Emergency Response Team's Supply Container... 412629


by: nick pirraglio07/11/2013

After figuring out how to install them correctly they are great product and I'm going to buy more for the other in enclosed trailers that I own 89079


by: Larry T01/05/2015

Thought the 2 pieces should have interlocked or screwed to each other. Would be easy to misalign as is. Other than that they look good. 167722


by: Dutch03/13/2017

Good quality product. I installed two of these in a small cargo trailer. They are very sturdy and haven't leaked a bit since install. 355957


by: Chuck Tronvig10/01/2016

The vents were very easy to install , Also installed the 55 inch door handle and that worked out great. Hope to send pictures. 302093


by: W Edwards08/12/2016

Good quality but was no srews to install this product so have to make a trip to get screws before I can install this product 283095


by: sidney jones08/16/2016

Along with the cam40453 roof vent this hmav2-avt2 on the side of the trailer keeps it cool inside great product thanks 284266


by: Randy C.09/04/2013

Cover was a little smaller than the one I was replacing but a little caulking did the trick. Good price, quick delivery 98303


by: Keith S11/20/2016

Great product. Easy to install, looks great from outside. I use this to vent additional battery compartment. 318271


by: Doug P.08/06/2016

Received the product ,i am delighted with them. will be ordering more parts as i upgrade my trailer. 280811


They have worked great

Doug P - 08/08/2017



by: O.J.06/05/2015

Easy to install and provides good circulation for generator. As usual, excellent service from etrailer! 200909

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  • Side Wall Vent Recommendation for an Enclosed Trailer for Maximum Air Flow
  • Since heat rises I would at the very least put a set of the Trailer Vents # HMAV2-AVT2 near the top of the trailer to get the hottest air of the trailer out. What you could do for maximum air flow in your trailer is have a set facing forward in the front of your trailer near the bottom of the side wall and then have another set facing rearward at the top/back of the trailer. This will maximize getting cool air into the trailer and hot air out.
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  • What Size Hole is Needed to Install the 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent
  • Installation of the 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent, # HMAV2-AVT2, requires a 3 inch diameter hole when installed in a trailer with standard trailer wall thickness, 1-1/2 inches thick or less. This is the case for most enclosed trailers, but since your trailer wall is thicker than 1-1/2 inches you will need to use an appropriate length piece of 3 inch inside diameter (ID) PVC pipe to accommodate the thicker wall. The outside diameter (OD) of the 3 inch ID pipe will then dictate the...
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  • Venting a Sprinter Cargo Van to Keep Interior Temperatures from Climbing in Summer
  • The Redline 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent # HMAV2-AVT2 that you referenced is a good option for your application in the summer time, but this vent does not allow you to seal it off in the cold months. A good option for your application is a butterfly-type vent that will allow you to open and close the air flow as required. Redline offers their round butterfly vent # 371800 that is shown in the linked video. This vent will withstand highway speeds but do note that there will be some...
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  • Attaching the Redline 2-Piece Roof Vent to the Front Side of a Cargo Trailer
  • Yes, you can mount the Redline 2-Piece Roof Vent, # 9139, on the front side of your cargo trailer. You will want to mount this vent with the vent slots facing down to prevent rain water or other elements from getting into the trailer. If you are looking for vents for the front side of your trailer, then I would recommend the 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent, # HMAV2-AVT2. This vent is designed specifically for the sides of trailers and is an inexpensive option that is also available...
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  • Trailer Vent Recommendation for Venting an Air Conditioner Unit
  • The 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent # HMAV2-AVT2 would work well as an air conditioner vent on your trailer. You would just need to cut a 3 inch hole in your trailer to install the vent. For self-tapping screws the part # 31071 would work great and then for sealant part # L0150811.
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  • A-Frame Trailer Box to Fit Batteries on Tongue of Trailer
  • The DeeZee Specialty Series Trailer Tongue Toolbox # DZ91716 may be what you're looking for. It measures 34 inches long in the back, 16 inches long in front, 14-1/4 inches wide and 18 inches tall. It's a 3.71 cubic foot box that locks and comes with two keys. Since you're going to be storing batteries in it you'll want some sort of ventilation. An idea is to install a vent like # HMAV2-AVT2 into the box. You won't have any issues fitting your batteries inside but you'll need to...
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  • What Size Hole Should be Drilled to Install a 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent
  • To install the 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent # HMAV2-AVT2 and have it functional you will need to drill a 3 inch hole with a hole saw like you suggested. If your trailer wall is thicker than 1-1/2 inches you may need to use a piece of 3 inch inside diameter PVC pipe and drill a larger hole to match the outside diameter of the 3 inch pipe.
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  • Replacement Waterproof Wall Vent for Enclosed Trailer
  • The semicircular portion of our wall vent, # HMAV2-AVT2, mounts to the outside wall. The ventilation slots are on the bottom of the vent, so as long as a sealant is used to install it the vent won't allow water to the interior of the trailer. We recommend using a sealant like Loctite Urethane Sealant, part # L0150811, to help seal the trailer from the elements. The Loctite urethane sealant is applied as a thick liquid to parts before assembly or in seams after assembly to create a waterproof...
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  • How Should Polypropylene Trailer Vent # HMAV2-AVT2 Be Installed and Will it Keep Out Water
  • The short answer is nothing prevents water from going into vent # HMAV2-AVT2. If you have the opening facing down some water may trickle in at higher speeds but it would not be like a continuous misty spray. I believe that the way you want to install these vents would work well, especially considering that you will also be adding a roof vent. While I have not personally seen anyone install these vents in this manner, there really is no right or wrong way to install them and your way...
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  • Can a Solar Powered Plumbing Vent be Used on an Enclosed Car Hauler Trailer
  • You could use plumbing vent # UF53-945001 for your enclosed car hauler trailer. On the inside what I would do is get some screen (like for windows) that does not restrict air flow (as good for air flow as you can find) and cover the opening on the inside of the trailer. But this fan has a very low cubic feet per minute air movement rating and might not be the best option. Another option is to use vent # HMAV2-AVT2 or # WHMAV2-WAVT2. The openings point down so installed on the side or...
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  • Should a Sealant Be Used When Installing Alliance 2-Piece Enclosed Trailer Vent # HMAV2-AVT2
  • When installing a vent like the Alliance 2-Piece Enclosed Trailer Vent, part # HMAV2-AVT2, to a trailer we do recommend to use a sealant like the Loctite Urethane Sealant, part # L0150811, to help seal the trailer from the elements. The Loctite urethane sealant is applied as a thick liquid to parts before assembly or in seams after assembly to create a waterproof bond in a variety of applications. It can seal doors, windows, vents and other areas in enclosed trailers where water could...
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  • Can the 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent # HMAV2-AVT2 Mount Facing Forward
  • If you mounted the 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent # HMAV2-AVT2 with the opening of the vent facing forward like a ram air hood on a car there is a better chance of it allowing water through it. If there is any way to mount it like in the picture I attached that we got from a customer you would be better off. That being said, most hood scoops that are small like the part # HMAV2-AVT2 actually don't get a lot of direct airflow at highway speeds because the wind deflects off the top...
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  • Number of Vents to Circulate Air Through 12 by 6 Enclosed Motorcycle Trailer
  • If the idea is to get the air moving through the trailer as you are traveling one vent # HMAV2-AVT2 in the front facing forwards and another in the back opposite corner facing the rear of the trailer will be the best way to do that. Adding more would help but for a trailer that size that should do the trick.
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  • Trailer Roof Vent Recommendation for a Triton TC-167 Snowmobile Trailer with a Ribbed Roof
  • Since you have a ribbed roof a better option would be a vent mounted to the side of the trailer walls like the part # HMAV2-AVT2. This will give you additional ventilation and won't require you to deal with trying to seal a vent to your ribbed roof. I attached a review video for this vent for you to check out as well.
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  • Vent Cover for Use with Ventline Vanair Trailer Roof Vent VP-543SP
  • When your trailer is moving down the road it is best to have all fan-powered vents closed. Apart from the rain concern the impact of wind at highway speeds might put excessive stress on the vent and/or its lid. You definitely do not want to operate the vent's fan motor while the trailer is moving as it is possible that the motor could be damaged by the force of air interfering with the fan blade's motion. We do offer covers for vents, such as those like # CAM40431 and the others displayed...
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  • Installing 2-Piece Vent On Cargo Craft Enclosed Trailer
  • Using the Great Stuff sealer you mentioned is a great idea to insulate and fill all the voids between the wall and outer aluminum siding on your trailer when you plan on installing the Polypropylene Trailer Vent, part # HMAV2-AVT2. A word of caution when using this sealer is that it expands a great deal, and if it has nowhere to expand will cause issues by pushing the walls apart. A little goes a long way with this stuff. Please make sure you read the label before using this sealer....
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  • Tips for Trimming 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent to Fit a Thin Wall
  • The easiest way to trim the round vent piece in Polypropylene Trailer Vent # HMAV2-AVT2 is to first determine how much needs to be trimmed but placing it through the hole in the trailer wall. Mark the proper depth on the vent piece then remove it from the wall. For a straight, clean cut I recommend a rotary tool. You could use a hack saw with fine teeth as well but I would be careful to keep it as straight as possible. You will likely have to sand off some rough edges no matter how it is cut.
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  • Recommended Orientation/Installation for Redline 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent # HMAV2-AVT2
  • The Redline 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent # HMAV2-AVT2 should be installed so that the openings on the flat bottom portion of the external section face down. In any other orientation there will be potential for rain to enter. Installation also requires that you apply a sealer of some kind to the two parts' mounting flanges. You can use a silicone caulk or a urethane sealant like Loctite Urethane Sealant # L0150811. Please refer to the linked photo for illustration. We also offer...
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  • Where to Install Redline 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent # HMAV2-AVT2
  • The Redline 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent # HMAV2-AVT2 can be installed in any convenient location on your enclosed trailer where you have or can make a 3-inch diameter hole. These vents will work best when used in multiples, with some near the ceiling and some near the floor, to allow cooler air to enter through the lower vents and hotter air to exit through the upper vents. I recommend you use a sealant for installation, such as silicone caulk or Loctite Urethane Sealant # L0150811....
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  • Installation of Redline 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent # HMAV2-AVT2
  • The exterior portion of the Redline 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent # HMAV2-AVT2 has its slotted opening at the bottom surface, so you will want to be sure to install the vent with this portion facing the road. I also suggest you use a silicone caulk/sealant like Fastenal # 0160297 on the mounting flange of the outside housing to help prevent entry of water from outside. For maximum effectiveness you will want to place the vents where they will receive the most air flow. This may...
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  • Ventilation in Enclosed Trailer for Transporting Honey Bees
  • First of all there isn't something specifically designed for this. Your trailer is going to get extremely hot during the summer months. Using a fan like the # VP-543SP you mentioned may move enough air while the trailer is stationary but there isn't a way to determine how many fans you'll need or how well it will control the temperature. In addition to the fans a vent like # HMAV2-AVT2 might be something to consider. These are often used on enclosed trailers with one on each side...
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  • Vent Recommendations for Side and Top of a House Boat With Refrigerator
  • If you sealed the part # HMAV2-AVT2 properly you could use it as a vent for the side of your houseboat. For sealant you could use the part # L0150811. For the top I would go with a # VP-543SP to allow the heat to easily escape from the top. This vent has a fan built into it so it will draw the hot air out. I attached a review video for you to check out as well.
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  • Availability of Trailer Vent that Mounts on Wall that Can Open and Close While Traveling
  • The best option for that would be the # RV-626-062. This can open and close on either side to allow you more flexibility in terms of how much air you would want to move. Check out the review video I attached for more info as well.
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  • Will the 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent HMAV2-AVT2 Allow Water Intrusion
  • As long as you use sealant like the part # L0150811 when installing the vent part # HMAV2-AVT2 on your trailer and have the opening facing down you should not have to worry about water intrusion. I would recommend trimming the inner piece down short enough that when installed on your trailer it just barely inserts into the exterior piece so that you maximize air flow.
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  • Recommended Installation Point for Redline 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent HMAV2-AVT2
  • The Redline 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent # HMAV2-AVT2 is suitable for front- and rear-of-trailer installation as you describe. The vent is designed to allow any water that does get in to exit through the drainage holes in the corners. The exterior portion's half-moon shape provides protection from moisture entering the trailer while still allowing good air flow to keep your trailer's interior cooler as you drive. Keep in mind that the hot air in the trailer will be at the top near...
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  • Can Polypropylene Trailer Vent Be Adjusted to Fit Thick Trailer Walls
  • The 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent # HMAV2-AVT2 that you referenced will work on a trailer wall up to 2 inches thick. There is no spacer designed to fit with the vent. You can use a sealant like the Loctite Urethane Sealant, part # L0150811, to help seal the trailer from the elements. The Loctite urethane sealant is applied as a thick liquid to parts before assembly or in seams after assembly to create a waterproof bond in a variety of applications. It can seal doors, windows, vents...
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  • Vent Modifications to Increase Flow in 5 x 9 Enclosed Trailer
  • The two-piece vent assembly you referenced, part # HMAV2-AVT2 from Redline, includes an outer portion with perforations on its lower surface to allow hot air out while preventing rain from getting in. Four of these vents (or similar equivalents) seem like a suitable start for basic trailer ventilation so you are on the right track. However, you may want to consider a roof vent. This will require some obvious cutting in your trailer and careful sealing of the vent (to prevent entry of...
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  • Does the 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent have to Be Installed Facing a Certain Direction
  • There isn't really a specific way that the 2-Piece Polypropylene Trailer Vent # HMAV2-AVT2 has to be mounted. You could mount it like in the pictures or in any other orientation. It's just that with the openings pointed down it is much less likely that rain water could get inside the trailer.
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