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Rear View Safety WiFi Hitch Backup Camera System - Wireless

Rear View Safety WiFi Hitch Backup Camera System - Wireless

Item # RVS-83112-WiFi
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Backup Camera
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Rear View Safety Backup Camera - RVS-83112-WiFi

  • Hitch Alignment Camera Systems
  • Wireless Signal
  • Smartphone Display
  • Smartphone Monitor
  • Rear View Safety

  • Rear View Safety wireless hitch backup camera system
  • Connects via WiFi
  • Works with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices
  • Allows you to view camera image on smartphone - not included
  • Free app download required
    • SafetyCam for Android
    • SafetyEye for iPhone
  • Save still shots straight to phone or app
  • WiFi range: 50'
  • 1-Year warranty


  • Pre-existing WiFi or internet connection not required. The transmitter creates a WiFi network that will work anywhere.
  • Does not work with Motorola phones.

RVS-83112-WiFi Rear View Safety WiFi Backup Camera System - Wireless

Installation Details RVS-83112-WIFI Installation instructions

Video of Rear View Safety WiFi Hitch Backup Camera System - Wireless

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Rear View Safety WiFi Hitch Backup Camera System Review

Hey everybody, how's the going Today we're going to be going over the rear view safety WiFi hitch alignment wireless backup camera system. So if you've ever tried to couple your trailer by yourself without a camera, you know this isn't necessarily a straightforward task. There's a lot of getting in and out of your vehicle depending on how long you've done it. Sometimes it can take up to a couple of tries but definitely isn't ideal especially when we just wanna hit the road and get going. Therefore, a wireless backup camera system is gonna be an excellent option to get you on the road and towing that much sooner. So one of the more common complaints of backup camera systems is that we usually have to Mount this big bulky monitor in our dash.

Now that's fine if we're going to be towing every day but for those people who are only towing the need to hitch up their trailer, maybe once a week or a couple of times a month those bulky monitors just simply aren't the best option. Now, some of these trucks also have factory monitors but unfortunately, a lot of camera systems won't be able to connect to them. Therefore, by using this WiFi system here we can easily pair the camera with either an iPad or a phone, pretty much any mobile device. Something that chances are we're always gonna have with us at all times. So another question we get asked a lot, especially with the WiFi camera systems is people think you actually need an active internet connection in order to use them, but that's simply not true.

Granted, we will have to have either WiFi or an active data connection in order to download the mobile app. But once we have that app downloaded, it actually does not require any internet access whatsoever to be able to use our camera. So no matter where we're at for out in the worlds with no signal reception we don't have to worry about not being able to hook up to our camera so we can see our trailer. So another good thing we like to point out is compatibility of devices. So no matter if you have an iPhone or an Android you're still going to be able to hook up to this camera system.

You can also use tablets or iPads, which we're using for this particular demonstration. So in regards to range, this is a wireless system so although there are no wires between the monitor and camera, there is still limitation of that. For this particular system, it's gonna be 50 foot. So most trucks and even some of the lager trailers won't have any issue within this range. So if we take another look at the actual app system here has a couple of nice features that I really like.

Number one, we can actually take video shots here by tapping that button there. And we can take still shots as well by using that button there. And then you're also going to see we have these nice little yellow grid lines here which really help just get you perfectly aligned with your ball mount or your hitch ball there. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of things allowing you to couple your trailer on the first try. So the first step of our installation we need to find a place to mount our camera here. So our camera is completely waterproof and it has a nice magnetic base. We also have a hook and loop patch here that comes in our kit and allow us to mount it in non-metal surface. So we have a couple of different uses for our camera. Primarily, you're going to be using this to help you align the hitch and coupler on your bumper pull trailer. Therefore, the best place to stick this is probably going to be either directly to the ball-mount or if you have a truck here a nice place is to the tailgate directly above the handle. If you have an SUV the hatch area will be another great place to put this. Something else to keep in mind though, if you have a fifth-wheel or gooseneck trailer and you're going to be coupling it to a hitch in the bed, we could easily place this on top of the cap to help us align it that way as well. But for this demonstration we're using a bumper pull trailer. So we're going to go ahead and clean off the mounting surface there. So we don't have any scratches just simply stick it to there, just like that. Now we're going to turn our attention to these two little thumb screws on the side of our camera here, you have one for each side. We're gonna loosen those and that's gonna allow us to easily adjust the angle of our camera. So we're gonna be pointing this one down since we're trying to get a good view of our ball mount and hitch ball. So once we have the correct angle, we'll simply tighten those screws. Now we're ready to power the camera on. So our power button for the camera is directly on the face directly below the lens here. We'll simply just press that until we see the blue light. Now we know our camera is on and ready to use. So now with our camera turned on we're going to go ahead and pull up our mobile device. We're going to need to open the WiFi settings on our device and connect to the correct network for this camera which is going to be labeled Sonix, S-O-N-I-X. And then there'll be a few numbers and letters after that. So we actually don't need to have an active WiFi connection to be able to connect to that network, we'll simply just open the WiFi settings and press pair. And then we're gonna go ahead and open our road view app. So if you don't already have the road view app we're going to need to download this from the marketplace it's available for both Android and iPhone. There's also going to be a QR code you can scan in your instructions to pull this up. But once we do have the app downloaded and pulled up and our device paired to the correct WiFi network we should then see the camera on screen. So this is what our screen is gonna look like, once we have everything paired, we have the app set up and then we have our camera rolling. So now we're ready to go ahead and back up and align our trailer. And that's gonna do it today for our look at the rear view safety, WiFi hitch alignment wireless backup camera system..

Customer Reviews

Rear View Safety WiFi Hitch Backup Camera System - Wireless - RVS-83112-WiFi

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (57 Customer Reviews)


Initially I liked it just out of the box. The app loaded easily and brings up the camera at quite a distance. However the longer I own it the less I like it. It came with only a USB charge cable despite being marketed with a DC charger shown. The plug for the charger has a rubber plug for weather and it just doesn't want to go in the hole, the more you push the less it goes in. The screen on my phone times out and the picture goes away and then I have to start the app again to reestablish the connection. I'm using it as a backup camera to see my trailer from my truck camper and when mounted above the rear door, the view of the trailer is tiny. I would buy a different product next time and this thing was almost $xxx.

This item uses a DC to USB cable. The DC end goes to the camera and the USB to a USB port. As for the rubber plug for weather, you should be able to pull the rubber piece out of the hole and turn the piece so that you can plug in the charger. I have sent over your information to our customer service team in order for them to better assist you with the screen timing out and causing your app to no longer hold connection.
-- Etrailer Expert Katrina B - 04/13/2022


Had to send the original camera back to the manufacture for replacement. Stopped displaying video. Replacement camera is working great. Response from rear view safety was quick. Support from eTrailer and Rear View Safety has been excellent. Very impressed!


Works great if I put it on my trailer hitch in front of the ball I can see when I am in the right spot under the tongue of the trailer. I have a 28 ft inclosed car trailer if I put the camera on back of the trailer to see how far to back up before I hit something the camera is too far away and don’t work and that is about 45 feet away. Magnet is strong but I would not chance leaving it there driving down the road . Have only used it about 6 times in the past year works great for hooking up to trailer by your self


Camera does what it is supposed to do. The app that is linked in the 2D barcode on the box and in the manual isn’t available in the US so, it took some searching on the internet to find a app that would need the need. Once the app was downloaded, connection was quick and straight forward. Only used a couple times so far but, it did what it was designed to do. Gets a little glitchy so you have to pause your approach for a second or two to let the frame refresh.


The little hitch cam appears to work just fine right out of the box. I fired it up here in my office and was getting nice looking pics. And, my office is a fairly dimly lit room. So outdoors where I expect to normally use the camera, I'd expect a very nice picture. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy8 for the WiFi connection, and that works well. More to you when I get around to using the new device in coupling up my trailer.

I stand by my earlier comment. This is a worthwhile addition to my trailering accessories! Adds a lot to the convenience of hitching up.
Alan - 11/06/2021


I could have purchased the optional camera for my new Lance TC but decided to go with this for a lot less. AND it's a lot more versatile and has been a terrific help with other backing up duties. Very easy pairing with my iPad so I get the big picture of what's going on.


Works great, easy set-up. I use it to back up to my hitch because my trucks built in camera doesn’t work. Magnet sticks well to my bumper.


The rear camera is great, I wanted something that worked with my phone only! The picture is clear and can be saved to pictures. I would recommend this to a friend!


I haul my travel trailer with a super hitch extension and my RZR in the bed of my truck with the tailgate open, so the OEM tailgate camera points at the ground. I use this camera to connect the trailer. It works as described, is easy to connect and use and has a good picture. It eliminates the classic spousal interaction when connecting a trailer in a campground. I am very pleased with it.

Still works fine. I am pleased.
Armas - 08/22/2019


Received this for a Birthday gift. Being January, and the camper is in storage, I can only give it a try here in the house. It seems to work just fine.
Looking forward to trying it come May. Will try and update my review then.

Im really impressed with this camara and the reception on my cell phone. I do tilt the tailgate down some so I can view the hitch ball better. I highly recommend this camara!
Robert D - 01/13/2021


This camera works great for hooking up my enclosed gooseneck trailer. The magnetic base sits perfectly on the fender well. It also has the power to stick on the back of the trailer while reversing as a rear view camera. I would not leave it on there while driving down the road though. I highly recommend this camera.


Quick and easy. Put it on when you need it and take it off when you don't


Easy set-up. Remember to turn on your "location", it won't work without it. My only complaint is that the software does not allow "pinch zoom" on the cell phone. I'm using it for my Gooseneck, so it would be nice to get a better/closer picture of the ball and hitch as they come together.


Camera keeps loosing connection to its wifi and is worthless because it is unusable.

Just some things you will need to check before calling about the warranty: This does not work with Motorola phones. The WIFI range is 50 feet. The WIFI connection that you use for this is called Sonix_*** The app is required for use. The manufacturer likes to handle its own warranties for this product so I will email you the information.
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 12/07/2021


Works well for my purpose. I would purchase it again.


I can honestly say this setup was a breeze. It took all of 3 min to setup this camera and to be connected. I love that it is mobile and we can put it where we need to when backing the camper or when hooking up the 5th wheel.


great camera. i buy junk cars and use it to line up my trailer with the car's i am picking up and to line up the trailer hitch when hooking up the trailer. biggest drawback is remembering to put the camera away after you use it. don't want to leave it on the tailgate when driving down the road. not sure how long the battery lasts as i haven't ran it down yet. just charge it from time to time. would be nice to have a battery level indicator on it


The contrast was mediocre and it actually hung twice where there was no WiFi signal broadcast for my phone and it wouldn't even turn off by the button. I had to wait for more than 4 hours (at least the battery could go the distance) for it to power down. Then I had to recharge some and it worked fine. But on the same trip, just when I needed it most it did it again.
eTrailer readily sent me a new one and paid for this one to go home. Haven't taken the new one on a trip yet but it seems fine for now.
You can't beat the functionality/mobility aspect though. I even mounted this on the campsite power plug stand so that I could see when the trailer tires were even with it.


Reviewing RVS-83112 WiFi camera
first camera had problems with the battery, with one phone call this was
taken care of & was replaced .
When second camera arrived it worked as advertised ,maybe better, I have a
very clear view with camera over 100 ft. away.
This is a great tool for 4 door trucks hitching onto goose neck trailers, saves
time & scratches.


Backup camera works great, very helpful when hooking up my trailers clear view of hitch. Also very good when backing your camper in at your camping spot. would highly recommend this product to anyone that pulls a trailer or camper. Magnetic base is very strong.


Excellent product. OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE!! They responded to all my emails regarding shipping and tracking properly I highly recommend purchasing and doing business with the trailer!


Easy to setup, easy to use. I like using my android phone as the screen, one less thing to drag around. Also multiple people can use the camera by adding the same app. Picture is clear. Range is about 50 feet +. Also great to use when loading a wide vehicle on a car trailer, just stick the camera at the end of the trailer and keep your phone with you in the vehicle. Obviously, perfect for what it was initially intended for, backing up to a trailer without having to get out multiple times, or having someone try to line you up.... never seems to work.


I really love the camera. I put it on my fifth wheel, turn my phone on and back into the pin perfect I have also put it on the bumper and can see everything around me when iam backing up, it comes in real handy.I've told a lot of friends about it.I know one person that bought one


I had to call to get the correct information on downloading the right app to get this working. The instructions were incorrect on this process.Having tech skills was the biggest asset for me. The average person would not have been able to solve this very easily. Need to have up to date instructions.


Works great for my gooseneck trailer hookup save time getting in and out of truck to check ball distance

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  • Which Rear View Safety Camera System is Comparable to the RVS-83112-BA
    I have a solution for you, but we do not carry the RVS-83112-BA with the rechargeable battery. However, the camera you asked about is exactly the same as the Rear View Safety Wireless Hitch Camera # RVS-83112 with the exception that this one uses a 9 volt battery and not a rechargeable battery. This camera has all of the same features, including the automatic shut off. There is also a WiFi version of this camera system that interfaces with your cell phone available with the Rear View...
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  • Does Rear View Safety WiFi Hitch Backup Camera Work With Motorola Phone
    So long as your Motorola phone has an Android OS (operating system) it will work with the Rear View Safety WiFi Hitch Backup Camera System - Wireless # RVS-83112-WiFi. Most Motorola phones do have the Android OS, but if yours is one of the very few that doesn't, it's simply a matter of there not being enough phones that have an OS other than Android or iOS to make it compatible. If you can't use the Rear View Safety WiFi Hitch Backup Camera System # RVS-83112-WiFi, there is still an...
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  • Solution for Truck Bed Camera on 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 2500
    I have two options for a camera for your 2022 Chevy Silverado 2500. A 3rd brake light camera is usually ideal but there are none available for your truck at this time. Instead, I recommend using the Rear View Safety WiFi Hitch Backup Camera System # RVS-83112-WiFi. This can be installed anywhere so you could mount it to the front bed rail behind your rear window to see your gooseneck hitch. This camera system creates a WiFi network and connects to your phone so you will not need to add...
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  • Wireless Backup Camera Compatible with Smartphone for Real-Time Streaming
    For a wireless backup camera to use with your smartphone you will want the Rear View Safety WiFi Backup Camera System # RVS-83112-WiFi. The camera installs on the back of your RV and transmits WiFi so you can use your phone as the camera's monitor through a free app (SafetyCam on Android and SafetyEye iOS). And there's no need for an existing WiFi connection because the system comes with a transmitter.
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  • Purpose of Wire on Back of Camera of Rear View Safety WiFi Backup Camera System RVS-83112-WiFi
    The cable you see that plugs into the back of the camera part # RVS-83112-WiFi is a USB cable that is for powering the unit. The feedback on our Rear View Safety cameras has been very positive. Some of the cameras we have carried in the past were prone to interference but these cameras aren't.
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  • What Is The WiFi Range Of The Rear View Safety WiFi Hitch Backup Camera System?
    There is an uninterrupted distance of up to 50 feet. The installation details for the Rear View Safety WiFi Hitch Backup Camera System - Wireless, # RVS-83112-WiFi reference this. I've attached them for you to further assist.
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  • How Does Rear View Safety WiFi Hitch Backup Camera Attach to a Surface
    The base of the camera in wireless backup camera # RVS-83112-WiFi is magnetic. So you would just place it on a metallic surface and it will stick there. For more permanent installation you would have to drill into the mounting surface to secure it with hardware.
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  • Will Rear View Safety WiFi Hitch Backup Camera System RVS-83112-WIFI Work with Android Tablet
    The Rear View Safety WiFi Hitch Backup Camera System # RVS-83112-WIFI will work with any device that uses the Android operating system, phone or tablet. It will also work with iPhones and iPad tablets. This system's transmitter creates a WiFi network that will work anywhere. It does not require a pre-existing WiFi connection. The installation and operating instructions for this system are linked for you.
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  • Recommended Cost Efficient Wireless Backup Camera
    The cost efficient option I recommend will use a smart phone as your monitor using the Rear View Safety app. The Rear View Safety system # RVS-83112-WiFi will give you a 50 foot uninterrupted transmission that allows you to record and save digital photos. This is a well made system with WIFI connection for a strong signal.
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  • Will Rear View Safety WiFi BackUp Camera Work and Transmit From Inside a Fiberglass Camper
    Rear View Safety WiFi Backup Camera # RVS-83112-WiFi has a transmitting range of 50 feet (unobstructed) so in the obstructed distance between the cab of the vehicle and the trailer, which is less than 50 feet hopefully, you shouldn't have any issues. The closer you can get the transmitter to the tow vehicle the lower the chance of losing the WiFi signal.
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  • WiFi Operating Range for Rear View Safety WiFi Wireles Hitch Backup Camera System RVS-83112-WIFI
    My technical contact at RVS confirmed that their WiFi Wireles Hitch Backup Camera System # RVS-83112-WIFI is usable up to 50-feet away so it will be fine for your application.
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  • What Battery is Used in the Rear View Safety WiFi Hitch Backup Camera System
    I reached out to Rear View Safety, who told me the Rear View Safety WiFi Hitch Backup Camera System - Wireless # RVS-83112-WiFi is a lithium-ion polymer (LiPo) battery. The battery is also not something that can be replaced, and they are not similar to rechargeable solar light batteries, which I believe are mostly NiMH and NiCd batteries. I have added a link to a video review of this camera system to check out as well.
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  • Recommended WiFi Wireless Backup Camera System for Trailer To Use with Tablet
    The best wireless backup camera we offer which can be viewed on a mobile device is the Rear View Safety WiFi Hitch Backup Camera System part # RVS-83112-WiFi. This unit is battery powered so there will be no wiring involved and it will work just fine with a tablet as it is WiFi capable. The app which is required to use this camera is free and you won't need an active internet signal to use the system.
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  • Recommended Wireless Backup Camera System That Connects to Smartphone
    Since you're looking for a system that connects to your smartphone, have a look at the Rear View Safety WiFi Hitch Backup Camera System - Wireless # RVS-83112-WiFi which will connect to your Android or iOS smart phone, or an iPad, so there is no need for a bulky monitor in the cab. This system has a range of 50 feet and a dedicated application that you download on your phone that lets you view video and take still photos when needed, so it really does it all. I've linked our review video...
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  • Compatibility of RVS WiFi Backup Camera for Communicating with Helper
    The Rear View Safety WiFi Hitch Backup Camera System - Wireless # RVS-83112-WiFi does not have a built in speaker or microphone so you won't have that feature. Since you are using a phone already it would be easy to have someone call and have the ability to communicate while still using the app for viewing, but it doesn't have those features integrated in this specific product.
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  • Will the Rear View Safety WiFi Hitch Backup Camera System Work With a Kindle
    The device used with the Rear View Safety WiFi Hitch Backup Camera System part # RVS-83112-WiFi does not matter. It's the operating system. If it uses Android (Google Play) or Apple (Apple App Store) then you'll be good to go. You just have to be able to download the free app. I have attached a demo video below.
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  • Availability Of Backup Camera For 2019 RAM 2500
    The SC97VR is not a fit for the 2019 RAM 2500 and there are no backup cameras that will tie into the factory wiring on your truck. Your best bet is to install a universal backup camera that uses a different monitor than your truck's OEM screen. I recommend going with the Rear View Safety WiFi Hitch Backup Camera System - Wireless # RVS-83112-WiFi. This system is completely wireless with a rechargeable battery and built-in WIFI connection (pre-existing WIFI is not necessary, so it works...
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  • Does The Aluminum Body Of My Ford Truck Interfere With The WiFi Signal For The Wireless Rear Camera?
    That is not true about the aluminum body of your 2021 Ford F-250 causing interference with the signal of the Wireless Rear View Safety WiFi Hitch Backup Camera System # RVS-83112-WiFi. Remember that your devices such as cell phones, tablets, and computers all have aluminum construction and they still have WiFi capabilities. The biggest issue with the aluminum body is that you cannot use the magnetic mount to mount the camera on your body work. You will either have to mount the camera onto...
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  • Bluetooth Troubleshooting For Rear View Safety Camera.
    Hi there! The Rear View Safety WiFi Hitch Backup Camera System - Wireless # RVS-83112-WiFi connects via a WIFI network that the transmitter will create. It will work anywhere and does not need a pre-existing internet or WIFI connection. The system works with both Android and Apple devices with a free app called SafetyCam (Android) or SafetyEye (Apple). You can scan the QR code for your device. It's included on the bottom of the box that this comes in and even in the instructions. You can...
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  • New Android App for Rear View Safety WiFi Hitch Backup Camera System Wireless item # RVS-83112-WiFi
    I just spoke with my rep at Rear View Safety and he said they have a new app for android phones to operate the Rear View Safety WiFi Hitch Backup Camera System - Wireless item # RVS-83112-WiFi. The app is called SafetyCam.
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  • Can Rear View Safety WIFI Backup Camera be Used When Charging
    Yes, the Rear View Safety WiFi Hitch Backup Camera System # RVS-83112-WiFi that you referenced can be charged while using it.
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  • Back Up Camera Option for a Slide-in Camper in a 2022 Ram 2500
    I do have an alternate option for you, but unfortunately we do not have any camera for your slide-in camper that will tie into your factory dash monitor of your 2022 Ram 2500. I recommend the Rear View Safety WiFi Hitch Backup Camera System # RVS-83112-WiFi. This camera will use an Apple or Android smart phone as your monitor. So while it will not provide an option for your Ram's monitor, it will use your smartphone instead of requiring an additional monitor in your Ram. A pre-existing...
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  • Is There a Wireless Back-up Camera That Can be Integrated Into a GM Vehicles Camera System
    I have an alternate option for you, but unfortunately there is not currently a way to integrate a back up camera into a GM factory camera system. The Rear View Safety WiFi Hitch Backup Camera System # RVS-83112-WiFi is a wireless camera system that will use your smart phone as the monitor. It also has a rechargeable battery. This means no having to run wires for the connection or to power the camera. This camera has a range up to 50'.
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  • Recommended Wirelss Backup Camera with Airstream Trailer
    Aluminum trailers, like your Airstream can interfere with a wireless signal. What we have found to work best is to mount the camera towards one side and the signal is generally stronger when the monitor (with this system your phone) is on the same side of the truck. For a full time back up camera that uses a wireless signal I suggest the Rear View Safety WiFi Backup Camera System # RVS-83112-WiFi. This camera system installs without any power from your trailer so no wire splicing is...
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