Adjustable head assembly works with Reese trunnion-bar weight-distribution systems. Mounting hardware included. Call 800-298-8924 to order Reese Accessories and Parts part number RP58167 or order online at Free expert support on all Reese products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Replacement Head for Reese Weight Distribution System - Trunnion Bar. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.
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Replacement Head for Reese Weight Distribution System - Trunnion Bar

Reese Accessories and Parts

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Reese Accessories and Parts - RP58167

Adjustable head assembly works with Reese trunnion-bar weight-distribution systems. Mounting hardware included.


  • Replacement weight-distribution head fits Reese systems with trunnion bars
  • Forged, raised ball platform eliminates need for raised hitch ball
  • Mounting hardware and serrated washers included
  • For balls with 1-1/4" shank
  • Limited lifetime warranty

58167 Reese Weight Distribution Adjustable Ball Mount with Hardware

Video of Replacement Head for Reese Weight Distribution System - Trunnion Bar

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Reese Accessories and Parts RP58167 Review

Today we'll be reviewing part number RP58167, this the Reese replacement head for Reese weight distribution systems with trunnion bars. It's going to feature the forged raised ball platform here at this portion. That's going to eliminate the need for a raised hitch ball. You're going to get all the mounting hardware and the serrated washers. The serrated washers are great to have because they actually allow the head to pivot without having to add any additional spacers or washers to the unit. You're going to get the two large bolts, you're going to get the two serrated spacers, you're going to get the spacer here in the middle and you're going to get the lock washers and the nuts.

It is completely set up and ready to be put right on to a shank that is made for weight distribution. Well take a measurement of the ball hole diameter, it's going to give us a measurement of an inch and a quarter so this is designed for hitch balls with an inch and a quarter shank in diameter. It's made from a solid steel construction with a black powder coated finish on it so it is going to stand up really well against rust and corrosion. That's going to do it for today's review of part number RP58167. This is the replacement head for Reese weight distribution system with trunnion bars. .

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Replacement Head for Reese Weight Distribution System - Trunnion Bar - RP58167

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (20 Customer Reviews)

Adjustable head assembly works with Reese trunnion-bar weight-distribution systems. Mounting hardware included.

- RP58167

by: Michael Oh10/06/2014

Good quality part, very sturdy construction and all seems to work very well. My only word of advice is there is a good possibility that the very first time you go to insert the trunnion bars to the head, they will be VERY tight and you'll have to use much more force than normal. My only guess is the powder coating took up some of the small tolerance there and you have to get that to wear just a tad first because now after inserting/removing several times everything works nice and easy. Everything else worked really well and seems like a quality piece. My only other note would be that you won't be able to fit an adjustable wrench on the ball nut to tighten down the ball with how the head is designed, you'll either need a socket or a box wrench , or at least that was my case with using a 2-5/16" ball with a 1-1/4" shank. 154692

- RP58167

by: Steve P08/01/2012

Came as indicated on time and Product driscription and use was exactly as discribe. It was a replacement part which fit perfectly and was the correct replacement part. many to choose from and with the help of the agent at etrailer the correct part was ordered and delivered on time. Thanks All other items arrived on time and correct item shipped Customer service and follow up better then all other companies I have worked with Would highly recommend other to use etrailer 50075

- RP58167

by: Tom F.06/07/2012

Fits like a glove. Not really sure why the mounting bolts on the head were cranked to 200 ft lbs shipped. Made job harder with no draw bar for leverage. You'll need some really big 1 1/8" deep well sockets and 24" crank bar for this big boy needs 300 ft lbs torx. Best done when head is attached to draw bar and draw bar is connected to Vehicle. The Ball mount you'll need 2 - 2" wrench's with 3ft pipe to torx ball at 600ft lbs. 43212

- RP58167

by: Nate P.09/01/2011

WOW! The service from etrailer is something I have never seen before, that is a good thing. I ordered the hitch on a Monday evening and had it Wednesday afternoon! That was with the free shipping. The product is exactly what was described. I had numerous e-mails telling me what was happening with my order, very good. I will be ordering all of my hitch and trailer supplies from etrailer. 23329

- RP58167

by: John T.06/04/2012

I received my order the day after placing it. I have replaced the hitch head and everything fit perfectly. Etrailer double checked the part that I requested to make sure it was exactly what I needed. This is the second time that I have used etrailer and it will not be the last. They are at the top of my list for hard to find parts, price, and service. 42685

- RP58167

by: George H.08/30/2012

Ordered the product over the phone without knowing what i needed when i called. Was told what i needed and ordered it. Was on my doorstep the very next day. Couldn't believe it was that fast. Havent used the product yet. But it is exactly what i needed. 53605

- RP58167

by: Brent03/31/2011

I needed to replace my current WD head as I actually pushed one of the bars right out of the head when I took a dip in the road. It is the same as what I had before and I am making some changes to the setup so it doesn't happen again. 10827

- RP58167

by: Scott K09/05/2015

Stout hitch or certain, replacing a broken Valley unit. This one looks exponentially stronger, and adjustment is much easier. Using this hitch with Reese 1500 lb bars and reinforced lift brackets. 224189

- RP58167

by: ed r07/29/2015

received this item in 5 days very good delivery.looked over and well made .this will work great with my wdh towing a 28 ft enclosed trailer car great price thanks again. 215245

- RP58167

by: Michael C.07/18/2014

As advertised, consistant with the discription and delivered timely. Satisfied with the transaction would certainly shop here in the future if the need arrises. 141966

- RP58167

by: Talmadge E04/24/2014

Received item in a timely manner. Item was a expected and shipped to my door. Staff was very knowledgeable and helpful. Have already ordered from them again 127164

- RP58167

by: John S07/28/2015

This is a replacement unit and is a great match for the original. It is well built with great hardware. Easy to install and works great. 214901

- RP58167

by: Lon C04/22/2011

Just what I needed. Had to adjust differently from last one I broke. Delivered fast and on time as promised. 12194

- RP58167

by: tom m02/21/2011

This is my fifth order from e-trailer. Best prices. Products always arrive on time and exactly as descibed. 7524

- RP58167

by: Marnitz K.08/19/2015

Original broke and I lost my trunnion bar. This one looks 10x stronger. 220214

- RP58167

by: B.J.08/27/2013


- RP58167

by: Troy08/10/2011

Already put the new one on and ready to go. 21574

- RP58167

by: Bob Hu.10/23/2012

Great discription on-line, fast shippin g. 57926

- RP58167

by: Mitch05/01/2012

A+ service had product in two days 39016

- RP58167

by: Roger09/29/2011

Exactly what I wanted! 24837


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  • Minimum and Maximum Height for Trunion Bar Weight Distribution Head Installation on Reese Shank
  • I went out to the warehouse and pulled the Reese Weight Distribution Shank, # RP63971, and the Replacement Reese Weight Distribution Head, # RP58167, that is used in your Strait Line system and I produced a short video showing the lowest height, highest height, and how much shank sticks out the bottom at the highest setting for you, see attached video.
    view full answer...

  • What Size Trunnion Bars To Fit On Reese High Performance Trunnion Head with 63970 Shank, # RP54980,
  • Yes the Reese High Performance Trunnion Head with Shank, # RP54980, comes with the, # RP58167, trunnion head. You are going to need to measure the bar thickness you have. The earlier bars were 1-1/8 inches and the later bars are 1-3/8 inches. You mention the 22210D that is stamped on your trunnions. That is the casting number which does not pertain to the part numbers, so I would not worry about the casting numbers. The Reese Replacement Trunnion and Pin, # 58098, uses a spring bar...
    view full answer...

  • Replacement 1200 Pound Spring Bar for a Reese Trunnion Style Weight Distribution System
  • The Reese Replacement Trunnion Spring Bar, 1200 p0unds, part # RP66009, will work if your old bars were rated at 1,200 pounds. If your old bars were rated below 1,200 pounds and are over 3 years old, part # RP66009 will not work. If your old Trunnion Spring Bar was not curved, and is not the older style system with 600 or 800 pound spring bar it will work as a replacement, part # RP58358 will work. If you have the older style head with smaller Trunnion ends you will need the Draw-Tite...
    view full answer...

  • List of Replacement Parts for # RP66083 Dual Cam Sway Control System
  • The individual parts that make up the # RP66083 are as follows: Weight Distribution Head for Trunnion Bars, part # RP58167 800 lb Capacity Trunnion Bar, part # RP22225 (sold individually) Weight Distribution Shank, part # RP54970 Dual Cam Sway Control, part # RP26002 Chain Kit, part # 3216 Chain Hanger Bracket, part # RP6637 Due to the fact that the weight distribution head unit, the shank and the trunnion heads of the spring bars are cast, I would recommend replacing those regardless...
    view full answer...

  • Recommendation for a Weight Distribution Shank With a Long Drop for a Lifted Truck
  • The type of shank you should use depends on the weight distribution system you have. The Curt Weight Distribution Shank, # 17120, is a 2 inch square shank and works with with Curt Heavy Duty Trunnion Style weight distribution systems. It has hole spacing of 1-1/4 inches, center to center. Reese shanks also have a hole spacing of 1-1/4 inches, center to center. The best option, however, is to get a shank specifically designed for your weight distribution system. For a Reese WD system,...
    view full answer...

  • Is Reese Replacement Weight Distribution Head # RP58167 the Same as Hidden Hitch # 112750
  • I spoke with my contact at Reese and Hidden Hitch and the Replacement Head, # RP58167, is the same as the part with 112750 on it. He stated that the 112750 is a casting number.
    view full answer...

  • Availability of Hitch Head and Trunnion Bar Heads For 17K Reese WD System on 2012 Ford F-250
  • The Reese Replacement Head, part # RP58167, is the correct head for Reese trunnion bars in the Reese 17K Titan Weight Distribution System, part # RP66006. It will attach to the Reese Titan Weight Distribution Shank, part # RP54976, which fits a 2-1/2 inch hitch. This shank is 15 inches long and has a 5-1/4 inch rise and a 1-1/4 inch drop. It will also fit the Reese Titan Weight Distribution Shank, part # RP54977, which fits a 2-1/2 inch hitch and is 15 inches long with a 8-1/4 inch...
    view full answer...

  • What Size Wrench is Needed to Tighten the Bolts and Nuts on Reese Weight Distribution Head # 58167
  • We have the instructions for you to review (see link). Remember to park the truck and trailer on a fairly level surface and get the ball mount height right, 3/4 to 1 inch higher than level coupler height, and you will not have any problems. The wrenches needed will be 1-1/8 inch, for the bolts attaching the weight distribution head, item # RP58167, to the shank. You may want to get some grease, item # L10337, to lubricate the spring bars and ball on your new system. I have attached...
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  • Will New Spring Bars Fit a 15 Year Old Weight Distribution System
  • A 15 year old system is going to have a different head than systems made over the last few years. That means the bars have changed as well. You will need to also replace the head if you want to use 2 of bar # RP58357. For ahead use # RP58167. When you add up the cost you can almost get a whole new system, # 49586, which is what I would recommend. With it you are getting all new parts that you know are compatible. You may or may not need a different ball. If the ball you have now has...
    view full answer...

  • 12,000 lb Replacement Trunnion Spring Bars # RP66009 Recommendation
  • Yes, you could use Replacement Trunnion Spring Bar, part # RP66009, as a replacement spring for your 8,000 lb system and you would have increased the weight carrying capacity up to 12,000 lbs. If you were to overload the your 8,000 lb spring bars your weight distribution system would no longer be effective at distributing the weight of your trailer. This could then cause damage to your hitch, vehicle frame, and weight distribution system. If you need a heavier spring bar you should...
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  • Will Reese High Performance Trunnion Head and Shank # RP54980 Work with 1970s Weight Distribution
  • I spoke with my contact at Reese and the Reese High Performance Trunnion Head with RP54970 Shank, item # RP54980, will work with your trunnion bars as long as the original head is part number 54901. With the additional weight distribution shank, item # RP54970, and the additional weight distribution head, item # RP58167, you will have all of the parts needed to set the ball mount at a different height for towing with another vehicle.
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  • Availability of Spring Bar Upgrades for Reese Weight Distribution System
  • I spoke with my contact at Reese and I have some information. Depending on the age of your system and what type of head came with it, you may be able to use the replacement spring bars, # RP66009. If your head is numbered 58167 or it looks like # RP58167 then you will be able to use the spring bars. If your head uses the spring bars that are held in with clips that are dropped in the head, then the spring bars will not fit. If you find that they will work, you will need to order 2...
    view full answer...

  • Availability of 1,200 Pound Weight Distribution Spring Bars to Replace 800 Pound Spring Bars
  • If your current weight distribution system is less than 3 years old, then you will be able to use the Replacement Trunnion Spring Bar, # RP66009. If it is the old style system, the bars will not fit in the head. The head you would need is # RP58167. This is the new style head that is compatible with the 1,200 pound bars. If you needed to replace the head and the bars, you may as well replace the whole system as the cost is about the same. You would need High Performance Trunnion Weight...
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  • Is Reese Titan Shank # RP54677 Compatible With Reese Weight Distribution Trunnion Bar Head # RP58167
  • Yes! The Reese Titan Shank # RP54977 and the Reese Weight Distribution Trunnion Bar # RP58167 will fit together. To verify they will fit together I pulled both parts out of the warehouse and the picture is attached.
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  • What Would Cause Weight Distribution Spring Bar To Come Off On 2009 Ford Explorer XLT
  • When backing the trailer and turning very sharply with the Reese SC Weight Distribution System w/Sway Control, part # RP66151, on your 2009 Ford Explorer XLT, the spring bar could come loose especially if the spring bars are not very tight. You should review your set-up instructions and make sure the attachment is correct. I am including a link to the installation instructions on the Reese weight distribution system. I would also recommend that when you are maneuvering in tight situations...
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  • Replacement Draw Tite Trunnion Bars for Weight Distribution on a 2000 Ford F250
  • If you have a newer weight distribution head, less than 3 years old, then the Trunnion Style Weight Distribution Spring Bar, item # RP66009, will work with your system. If the weight distribution system you have is an older style then the the larger trunnion heads will not fit in the head. The weight distribution head part number you would need in this case is # RP58167, which is the newer style head that accepts 600, 800, 1,200, and 1,700 lbs. spring bars. If this is the case it would...
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  • Will Existing Trunnion Bars Fit Reese Replacement Weight Distribution Head, Part # RP58167
  • My contact at Reese indicated that older weight distribution spring bars/trunnions will fit new replacement heads, such as Reese part # RP58167 (but new bars/trunnions will not fit older head assemblies). He noted that there may be a slightly different fit in the new head, but that your bars and trunnions are fully compatible with the replacement head. A photo with key measurements is included for reference. One measurement not shown on the photo is the vertical distance between the...
    view full answer...

  • Drawing of Draw-Tite and Reese Replacement Weight Distribution Trunnion Style Head, part # RP58167
  • I went out to our warehouse and measured the Draw-Tite and Reese Replacement Weight Distribution Trunnion Style Head, part # RP58167. The distance from the top, flat portion of the head to the vertical mounting holes is 3/4-inch. From bolt hole to bolt hole is 3-3/4 inches.
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  • Will the Replacement Head # RP58167 Work on a Reese Titan Shank # RP54976
  • Yes, the Replacement Head for Reese Weight Distribution System - Trunnion Bar, part # RP58167, will work on the Reese Titan Weight Dist Shank - Trunnion Only - 1-1/4 inch Drop, 5-1/4 inch Rise - 1,700 lbs TW, part RP54976.
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  • Replacement 1,200 lb Spring Bar Recommendation for Reese Trunnion Weight Distribution System
  • The # RP54970 that you referenced is just a shank, but the spring bar part # RP58358 that you referenced will fit a Reese trunnion weight distribution head that had 10k rated bars installed previously. The part number for the head of this system is # RP58167.
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  • Can a Reese Weight Distribution System Be Upgraded With Larger Capacity Spring Bars
  • To upgrade to larger capacity spring bars on your weight distribution system, I would recommend to get the part number from the head of your weight distribution system or its approximate age. If it is 3-1/2 to 4 years old or older, you may need additional parts. If the head on your weight distribution is the Reese Replacement Head, part # RP58167, you will be able to use the Reese Trunnion Spring Bar, part # RP58358. The head will usually have a casting number of 112750 on it. This is...
    view full answer...

  • What is the Function of Reese Replacement Trunnion # 58098
  • The Reese Replacement Trunnion, part # 58098, is used to hold a trunnion design spring bar into the head of the Reese Weight Distribution System, part # RP66130, or part # RP66131. The spring bar will insert into the trunnion # 54946 and be held in place with the roll pin # 55476. Then, the trunnion, with the spring bar inserted, is attached to the head # RP58167 of the weight distribution system. I am including a picture of the spring bar inserted into the trunnion and a picture of...
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  • Replacement Weight Distribution Spring Bars to Upgrade a 600 Pound System to a 1200 Pound System
  • I recommend going to 1200 pound bars because the 780 pound tongue weight is just a little too close to the 800 pound limit of the other bars. Plus you have to add the weight of any cargo carried behind the rear axle of the tow vehicle to the trailer tongue weight so that could push you over the 800 pound limit of the other bars. If you have head # RP58167 that you have referenced then you could use bar # RP66009 if you also have dual-cam sway control. If you have an SC system with friction...
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  • Replacement Head for Reese Trunnion Style Weight Distribution System
  • I spoke with my contact at Reese and he confirmed that the replacement head for your Reese weight distribution system is part # RP58167. If you need a replacement shank you will want part # RP54970. This shank has a 2" drop to 6-1/2" rise and a 1,500 lbs. tongue weight. I have attached the installation details for the replacement head for you to check out. If you need a hitch ball with a 2-5/16" diameter I recommend part # 63836. This ball has a gross trailer weight of 14,000 lbs....
    view full answer...

  • Availability of Replacement Parts for Reese Weight Distribution System # RP66021
  • The pieces that came off your weight distribution/sway control system could be several things, depending on which end the pieces came from and if they came from a sway control component or a weight distribution component. Either way, you do not want to tow your trailer with a naked bar until the problem is fixed. If it came from the spring bar and it is the end that goes into the weight distribution head, it is probably the trunnion, like # 58098. This is the part that holds the spring...
    view full answer...

  • Availability of Replacement Trunnion Bars Compatible with Reese Weight Distribution Head # RP58167
  • There are replacement trunnion spring bars of various weight ratings available. For a max trailer tongue weight of 600 lbs you can use # RP23227, max tongue weight of 800 lbs use part # RP22225, for a tongue weight of 1200 lbs use # RP66009, 1500 lbs use # RP58369 or for 1700 lbs use # 66010. The bars are sold individually, and each bar mentioned above would be compatible with the # RP58167 Weight Distribution Head you mentioned.
    view full answer...

  • Are Trunnion Latch Pins Included with Reese Replacement Weight Distribution Head # RP58167
  • The Trunnion Latch Pins, # 58025 are not included with the # RP58167 Replacement Weight Distribution Head. According to our friends at Reese, this head is compatible with your older spring bars that use the latch pins, but they will not fit quite as tightly as they did in your old head, there will be additional slop or movement, which should not affect their function. The replacement head is indeed compatible with a shank intended for use in a 2-1/2 inch receiver, like the # RP54977...
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  • Torquing the Bolts on a Weight Distribution System
  • Our Draw-Tite weight distribution systems recommend tightening the bolts on the head to 300 lbs/ft.
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  • Ball Shank Diameter Required for Reese Weight Distribution Systems
  • You will need to get a ball with a medium size shank to go with the Replacement Head # RP58167 that you referenced. Medium shank balls have a diameter of 1-1/4 inches. If you need a ball with a 2-5/16 inch diameter you would want a Hitch Ball # 63836. If you need a ball with a 2 inch diameter you will want a Hitch Ball # A-90.
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