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Brake controllers are an essential part of a towing system with electric trailer brakes, and they offer a much-needed emergency braking feature. We offer high quality controllers from manufacturers such as Draw-Tite, Tekonsha, Valley, Hidden Hitch and Hopkins. Featuring both time-delay and proportional models, we have the right controller for any application. Brake controller wiring adapters are available for many vehicles, allowing for simple plug-and-play installation. Hardwire kits are also available to make any installation hassle-free.

Find your custom fit brake controller wiring adapter for a plug-in application by selecting the year of your vehicle to the left. We offer custom fit plug in adapters for many of the most popular vehicles, including Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, GMC, Nissan, and Toyota.

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Toyota Sienna Brake Controller Videos

Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2016 Toyota Sienna

Today, on our 2016 Toyota Sienna, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Tekonsha Primus IQ trailer brake controller for one to three axles. We're also going to be installing, in conjunction with the brake controller, the universal brake controller wiring kit ETBC7.Here's what our brake controller looks like installed. The reason you would want a brake controller is if you're pulling a trailer with electric brakes. This is going to allow you to utilize those electric brakes and be more safe traveling down the road.This is a proportional brake controller. So what it does is, it applies your trailer brakes in proportion with how hard or soft you break. As you can see there is a C on the screen and that lets us know that we're connected to a trailer.

Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2009 Toyota Sienna

Today on our 2009 Toyota Sienna, we're going to be taking a look at and also showing you how to install the Tekonsha Voyager. This is a proportional brake controller that works for one of the four axles. Its part number is 39510. Now to set up the brake controller we want to turn our gain all the way up. On the right side we got our level sensor. What we'll do is apply the brakes. See that light turns red If we start turning our level sensor towards us or what would be clockwise, we'll see that dark-red light's going to begin to change. It's kind of moved into an orange, it will go to a yellow, and eventually to a green if we turn our level all the way down.

Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2000 Toyota Sienna

Today on our 2000 Toyota Sienna, we'll be installing the Tekonsha Prodigy P2 Brake Controller, part number 90885. We'll be installing this in conjunction with the etrailer Brake Controller install kit, part number ETBC7. Starting with our install kit here at the back of the vehicle, we're going to mount the new 7-pole bracket to our new 7 and 4-pole trailer connector. We'll use the bolts and nuts provided with our install kit to secure the bracket to the trailer connector. Once we have the hardware installed finger tight, we'll go ahead and run it down. To assist in mounting our trailer connector to the vehicle, we're going to use the Tow Ready No Drill Mounting Bracket, part number 18140.

Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2005 Toyota Sienna

Today on our 2005 Toyota Sienna, we'll be installing the etrailer ETBC7 brake controller install kit part number ETBC7. Along with the Tekonsha Prodigy P2 Brake Controller and it's part number 90885. We'll be adding this to a vehicle that's already equipped with a hitch and 4-Pole flat wiring harness. To start, we'll first go ahead and assemble the 7-Pole adapter bracket. With the hardware provided, we'll use it to attach the bracket to the 7-Pole adapter. We'll go ahead and take the bracket and feed it over the wires and up to the back of the mounting surface for the 7-Pole adapter. Then we'll take the screws, feed them through the front side of the 7-Pole and secure it with the nuts on the backside.