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Expert Answers about Valterra

  • Does Valterra EZ Valve Electric Waste Valve # E1003VP Install by Just Replacing Old Valve
  • You'd want to remove your old valve and use ABS solvent bond like part # A05-0303 to install the part # E1003VP but it basically just installs in place of the old one.
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  • Horst Miracle Probes for Gray and Black Water Tanks
  • For a Horst Probe for a black water tank you would want the part # T21301VP for a quantity of 4 or for a gray water tank you would need the part # T21302VP. The probes of these kits are straight and are not a knock-off. There was a design change though which helps prevent debris getting caught in the tank. If you check out the picture I attached you will see what was prone to happen with old design.
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  • How To Secure An Electric Waste Valve for RV Black Water Tanks
  • Yes, you are correct in that the piping that runs both into and out of the Valterra EZ Valve Electric Waste Valve for RV Black Water Tank part # E1003VP will be sufficient for mounting and securing the water valve. You will not need to mount any additional brackets to secure the valve. The waste gate has a wiring harness totaling 7' in length. For a proper installation, I recommend using the Valterra ABS Solvent Cement part # A05-0303. I have also attached a review video of this waste...
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  • Replacement RV Waste Valve to be Used with Cable Handle
  • The Valterra Waste Valve # T1003PBC is designed to be used with a cable handle so it will work well for you.
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  • What is the Difference Between Valterra EZ Valve Electric Waste Valves # E85-8 and # E84-8
  • The difference between the Valterra EZ Valve Electric Waste Valves # E85-8 and # E84-8 is the design of the center output tube. On # E85-8 it's a straight, regular hub. On # E84-8 the center tube has bayonet fittings. Based on your pictures you would need # E84-8. However, the input size of either hub is 3 inches so your smaller tubes would not fit without adapting to the tubing size you have up to a 3 inch mating tube to fit the E84-8. It looks like the smaller tubes are 1-1/2 inch...
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  • Recommended Electric Dump Valves for 2014 Sanibel 3600 5th Wheel Trailer
  • For the electric valves, we only have the 3 inch options. We have the hub to hub # E40B-8, the hub to spigot # E40-8, or the spigot to spigot # E40A-8. If you were to convert your 1-1/2 inch to a 3 inch, we do have the double 3 inch electric valves with 3 inch hubs # E85-8 or 3 inch hubs to lug fitting # E84-8. For your slide-out seal, I assume you are referring to weather strip tape like # WS1412 which can be combined with silicone sealants like # 0160297 for extra water protection....
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  • How to Install the Valterra Cable with Valve Handle # TC72PB
  • To install the Valterra Cable with Valve Handle # TC72PB you will need to simply follow the instructions that are included in the packaging: Remove the locknut from the cable housing assembly. Feed the cable through the mounting bracket or hold in the wall of chassis. Feed the locknut back over the cable and fasten securely to the backside of the bracket or wall. With the red tab in place, insert the cable housing into the collar entry hole and the wire into the coupler. Tighten allen...
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  • Replacement Carbon Monoxide Detector for RV
  • We do offer carbon monoxide detectors as well as combinations detectors that also protect you from propane gas leaks. Atwood offers their RV Carbon Monoxide and Propane Gas Detectors # AT31012 (black) and # AT36681 (white). These are for 12V operation. For a CO-only detector you can use # AT32701. We do not have replacement components for your existing system.
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  • Replacing a Bristol Waste Valve With a Valterra Waste Valve
  • Plumbing parts are interchangeable on RV's just as long as the fittings are the correct size. I couldn't find that exact part number but I believe I have found the Valterra equivalent. If the Bristol valve you are talking about uses the flexible cable then you can use the Valterra Flexible Cable Kit # TC172 which has a 1-1/2 inch valve or the Valterra Flexible Cable Kit # TC372 which has a 3 inch valve.
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  • Replacement Drain Valve For A Grey RV Water Tank
  • The standard size of a water drain valve for grey tanks on most RV's is 1-1/2". For this 1-1/2" drain valve, I have three options for you to consider. The first option is the Valterra Waste Valve for RV Gray Water Tank part # T1001PBC. This valve does not include the pull handle. You will need the Valterra Cable with Valve Handle part # TC72PB in order to operate this valve. The next option with a plastic pull handle included is our Valterra RV Waste Valve part # T1001B. The last option...
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  • Tips for Removing RV Toilet Flange that Seems to be Glued
  • You will have to cut the flange off if it is glued on and not releasing. Some have luck with a prybar to get it to come loose. Just be careful not to damage anything.
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  • Inside Diameter of Valterra Adjustable RV Hose Carrier A04-5094BK
  • The inner diameter of the # A04-5094BK is 4-1/2 inches. This is the diameter of available space for storage.
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  • Installation Instructions for the Valterra No-Fuss Flush with Check Valve
  • I spoke with my contact at Valterra and she informed me that the part # A70 would not leak for you and it has no moving parts. I attached a set of install instructions for this product that she sent me as well for you to check out.
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  • Can the Valterra Heating and A/C Vent Register Rotate to Control Direction of Air
  • The Valterra Heating and A/C Vent Register # A10-3350VP referenced in your question features easy grip levers that will allow you to open and close the vent, however it does not rotate in order to change the air direction. For a 4 inch diameter air port that can rotate, I instead recommend looking at the Valterra Louvered Air Port # A10-3355VP. This pparticular air port features a 360-degree rotatation so you can better control the air flow.
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  • How to Install the Valterra Waste Valve Extension Rod Kit T1046-12VP
  • You do not have to remove the valve shaft on your waste gate valve to install the extension # T1046-12VP. The instructions for this part are as follows: Unscrew the handle while holding valve shaft with cloth between a pair of pliers and the shaft. Attach the extension tubes by simply threading them onto the valve shaft. To adjust up to 2 inches longer, loosen locknut and unscrew stud counter clockwise until desired length is reached. Then retighten locknut.
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  • How Long are the Bars on the Top of Valterra Folding Manual Stabilizer for Trailers and RVs 020106
  • I went out to the warehouse to measure the upper part of the Valterra Folding Manual Stabilizer for Trailers and RVs - 14" to 28" Tall - Aluminum Item # 020106. The bars are 32-1/8 inches long. They are also 1 inch tall and 1 inch wide.
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  • Electric Waste Valve Compatibility to Replace Cable Actuated Valves
  • The Valterra EZ Valve Electric Waste Valve for RV Black Water Tank - 3" Hub to 3" Hub # E40B-8 can be installed horizontally as well as vertically without any issue. I reached out to my contact at Valterra to confirm and they absolutely can replace existing Valterra cable actuated valves. You will simply unbolt the hubs and make sure the seals are in place when you bolt the valve into your current setup. They did mention that the motor is slightly wider than the valve body, so you will...
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  • What Adhesive Is Used For Valterra RV Waste Valves
  • The waste valve you came from, part # T58 is not a valve that uses glue because it is designed to attach to the RV side and the waste tube with the bayonet adapters on each side of the valve. We do have waste valves that do require gluing. I have attached a link to the waste valves we offer. You can use the filter on the page to find the correct size you need. We do offer part # T50. This has a cap with a bayonet fitting that you attach your drain hose to. The other side of the valve...
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  • Can the Valterra FridgeCool Exhause Fan Be Wired Directly To 12V? Does it have a Thermostat?
  • I reached out to my contact at Valterra to get some information for you. This Valterra FridgeCool Exhaust Fan, # A10-2618VP, can be hard wired into any 12 V system or you can use the switch included. The switch is only to turn off the fan for storage of the trailer. With the switch in the on position or bypassing the switch, this exhaust fan has an integrated thermostat that kicks the fan on when the temperature reaches 100 degrees and will kick back off at 80 degrees.
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  • Can the Valterra EZ Valve Electric Waste Valve # E1003VP be Installed Right Behind the Waste Cap
  • You definitely can use the Valterra EZ Valve Electric Waste Valve # E1003VP just before the cap to your black water tank to avoid any unpleasant presents when you take the cap off. To install it you will just need to cut the pipe and then glue the appropriate pieces together with Valterra ABS Solvent Cement # A05-0303. A great option to accomplish this is to use the Valterra RV Sewer Slip Hub with Flange # T1005 that has a 3" diameter. Just keep in mind that when the valve is open...
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  • Replacement 3 inch Waste Valve to Replace Bristol Waste Valve
  • Yes, the Valterra RV 3 inch Waste Valves, like part # T50, are designed to fit standard waste fittings. The part that I referenced is just the regular waste valve. If you are looking at a specific design, you can find a variety of designs on the linked product search page. You will want to make sure to use Solvent Cement, like part # A05-0303, for a complete and secure installation.
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  • How do You Open and Close the Valterra Adjustable A/C Ceiling Register
  • To open or close the Valterra Adjustable A/C Ceiling Register # A10-3359VP referenced in your question, you will simply press down on the register panels themselves. I have attached a short video demonstration on a different model vent that uses this same design so you can see exactly how it operates. This particular ceiling register can also rotate 360 degrees to adjust the direction of airflow. It has a 5 inch inner diameter and a 7 inch outer diameter.
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  • Parts Needed to Add Grey Water Tank to Enclosed Trailer
  • The specific fittings and valves you need will ultimately depend on the kind of grey water tank that you plan on adding to your enclosed trailer. If there are threaded fittings or specific diameter openings on your tank, you will need to find the compatible fittings. For a waste valve you can use something like the Valterra Twist on Waste Valve # T58. This will not be glued on because it is designed to attach to the RV side and the waste tube with bayonet adapters like the Valterra...
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  • What Does the Display of the Valterra Water Pressure Regulator Show Input or Output Pressure
  • The Valterra Adjustable Water Regulator # A01-1117VP has a display that shows the amount of adjustable water pressure available on the output side of the regulator.
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  • Recommendation For Mounting The Valterra Adjustable RV Hose Carrier To A 4x4 Inch RV Bumper?
  • The brackets of the Valterra Adjustable RV Hose Carrier - 50" to 94" - Black # A04-5094BK are 5 1/4 inches center on center, so yes it is wider than the 4 x4 inch bumper. I recommend the CE Smith Frame Strap - 5-1/4" Hole to Hole Length - Aluminum - Qty 1 # CE14135 and 9/16 inch bolts to your required length that you can find at a local hardware store.
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  • Replacing Black Water Tank Sensors
  • You do not have to replace your sensors directly, but at the least you are going to want to install the Horst Miracle Probe Sensors # T21301VP next to your old sensors. They are positioned in a way that allows the reading to be as accurate as possible.
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  • Will RhinoFLEX RV Sewer Hose Fit Inside Valterra RV Sewer Hose Carrier # A04-3460BK
  • The Valterra RV Sewer Hose Carrier # A04-3460BK can be mounted anywhere you have the room. I would recommend trying to find a good mounting position near your sewer outlet. The inner diameter of this carrier may be just a bit tight for the # CAM39761 hose you are asking about, because of the fittings on the end of the hose. I recommend the Phoenix Super Slider hose carrier # PF247703 which is just a little bigger with an internal diameter of 4-5/8 inches.
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  • Does Valterra City Water Inlet and Lockable Hatch Have A Check Valve
  • The Valterra City Water Inlet and Lockable Hatch, part # A01-2000VP does have a check valve. I have attached a photo of the fitting with the cap off and have an arrow that is showing where the check valve is in the unit. It is behind the red washer and screen.
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  • Flushing the Gray Water Tank on an RV
  • What I recommend to flush your gray water tank is the Tornado 360-Degree RV Holding Tank Rinser # CAM40126. Install this into the tank, connect a hose, and flush out the tank! I have included a link to a video review of this product for you.
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  • Will the Valterra RV Sewer Hose Carrier be Large Enough to Carry the Valterra Viper Sewer Hose
  • Yes, the Valterra RV Sewer Hose Carrier, # A04-5094BK will allow the Valterra Viper Hose, like # D04-0450, to fit. The Valterra hose carrier has an inside diameter of 4-1/2 inches and the diameter of the Viper hose is 3 inches.
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