Testing Breakaway Systems

Technical Bulletin

SUBJECT/Summary: How to test electrical breakaway systems.

SOLUTION: To test an electric breakaway system, you will have to have the trailer hitched to the tow vehicle. You will also want to check the state of charge in the breakaway battery; it should be fully charged.

Step 1. Unplug the trailer connector from the tow vehicle.

Step 2. Pull the pin straight out of the breakaway switch. This will require approximately 40 pounds of pull to remove the pin.

Step 3. Attempt to pull the trailer with the tow vehicle. The trailer wheels will rotate a little, to apply the brakes. The brakes should then be set hard enough to not allow the trailer to roll freely. If the trailer rolls freely, service breakaway system or trailer brakes and retest.

Step 4. Reinsert the pin into the breakaway switch and reconnect the trailer plug to the tow vehicle.

NOTE: The lack of heavy brake application could be due to the brakes being out of adjustment, low breakaway battery voltage or a heavily loaded trailer.

Manufacturer: Cequent

Bulletin Date: 08-11-2011

Bulletin Number: TB11-06

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