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Hopkins Trailer Breakaway Kit - HM20121 Review

Today we're going to take a look at the replacement box with the LED lid for the engager Break Away kit. Now this part will replace a damaged box on the Hopkins Engager Break Away kit, part number 20099, which we do sell separately on our website. Basically if you pop the lid off here, you can see on the inside this is where the 12-volt battery goes and the battery again is not included, it's sold separately. Part number HM20008 and it is a related product on this product page.Now this box has a push to test battery feature right here on the lid. It gives you the fast and easy battery testing of the built in battery charger here in the box. The test button right down here at the bottom that says test and then right above it there's three LED lights above the button that'll clearly display the battery status inside the box, so basically when you push that test button if the green light lights up, that'll show you that it's fully charged.

If the red LED lights up, that'll mean it's a low battery and needs a recharge. And if the yellow LED lights up, that means it's charging. Each time you just push this test button to check the readings on the battery.Now if you notice on the inside, there's two sharp wires, a white and a red wire. These will connect to your battery. The red goes to the battery's positive post and the white wire goes to the battery's negative terminal.

You'll notice there's three long wires coming out the back. These wires are about 24-inches long. The black wire that comes out, this is for the trailer 12-volt auxiliary power lead, the blue wire is to the break away switch, and the long white wire is the ground to your trailer frame.A few dimensions on this box. Let me go ahead and put the lid back on it. Just snap the lid right into place and it holds it in there.

The widest point of it where the mounting is is going to be 6 1/8 inches. Overall height is about five inches tall and the total depth on it is going to be about 3 3/4 inches.But that should do it for the review on the replacement box with the LED lid for the Engager Break Away kit.

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