Sidewinder with Rotating Turret for Short Bed Pickups

Custom Fit Fifth Wheel

Sidewinder Fifth Wheel Pin Box Coupler by 5th Airborne

Sidewinder Summary:

Now you can tow a fifth wheel trailer with a short bed pickup WITHOUT a slider hitch. AND it is now possible for pickup trucks with beds shorter than 6 feet (such as Ford Super Crews) to tow a fifth wheel trailer. You can use the clearance formula at the bottom of this page to see if a Sidewinder will work for you.

Note: It is not recommended to use a Sidewinder with a slider hitch.

When towing with a standard king pin, the fifth wheel trailer turns or pivots where the king pin is connected to the hitch. With the sidewinder, the truck and trailer are prevented from pivoting at the hitch. Instead the pivot point is located closer to the tailgate, creating much more space in between the truck cab and trailer on sharp turns. This extra space also becomes available for more cargo such as toolboxes which couldn't fit before. And the new pivot point makes the trailer track better behind the truck for even easier towing.

The Sidewinder is available in the Standard 16K, the heavy duty 19K, and the Fifth Airborne Sidewinder with Air-Ride in 16K. The Fifth Airborne Sidewinder allows you to get the benefits of both the Sidewinder and Fifth Airborne Air-Ride king pin. All move the pivot point 22" rearward.

detail of Sidewinder

How the Sidewinder Works

  1. Sidewinder Pivot Point - 22" behind the king pin
  2. Rotating Turret - king pin specific, it attaches to the pin box on the trailer
  3. Universal King Pin Wedge (not pictured) - prevents pivot at fifth wheel hitch
  4. Fifth Wheel King Pin - attaches to the hitch in the truck bed for towing
  5. Sidewinder Arm - is universal and available in 16K, 16K with Air-Ride, and 19K

What We Need to Know When Choosing a Sidewinder:

  1. Trailer King Pin type - The Sidewinder couplers are custom designed to replace the standard king pins on trailers, so we'll need to find out the part number of the pin box (king pin) on the trailer.
    • The pin box number is usually displayed somewhere on the pin box, either on a sticker or stamped into the king pin itself. If it's not there or worn out, the customer will have to call the trailer manufacturer with their VIN or serial number to have them provide the coupler type.
    • Because the turrets are custom designed, they simply bolt in place of the existing king pin - no drilling required
      • Existing hardware can be used when installing, but new grade 8 bolts are recommended
  2. Fifth Wheel Hitch Type - A universal wedge that will work on nearly all fifth-wheel hitches is included with the Sidewinder. However, custom-fit wedges are available for most brands of fifth-wheel hitches and are recommended because they provide a better fit.
    • Sidewinders should not be used with PullRite SuperGlide, Reese Trail Boss, B&W 5th-wheel trailer hitches that connect to a gooseneck ball, Colibert 208BW, and gooseneck to 5th-wheel adapters, including Draw-Tite and Bulldog Hi-Rise. Cushioned hitches may interfere with the proper operation of a sidewinder, and adapters that connect to a gooseneck ball can rotate around the ball, resulting in dangerous loss of control.

Clearance Formula for Sidewinder:

Use the formula below to ensure there will be enough space between your truck cab and trailer when executing a 90-degree turn.

(A + B) - C = Clearance

A = Distance from center of fifth wheel hitch jaw to truck cab

B = Length of Sidewinder arm (16K = 22", 19K = 22")

C = Width of trailer divided by 2 (to get half)

For example: With the 16K arm, if the distance from the center of the hitch to the cab is 36", 36" + 22" = 58". If your fifth wheel trailer is 102" wide, take half (51"), then plug in: 58" - 51" = 7" of clearance.

NOTE: At least 4 inches of clearance is recommended to safely execute a 90 degree turn.

Needed Accessories:

Air compressor (only on Fifth Airborne Sidewinder with Air-Ride) - the air bag in the king pin is adjustable and will need to be filled from time to time

Fifth Wheel Trailer Pin Box Matrix Conversions

The Fifth Gear Sidewinder and 5th Airborne Sidewinder are custom designed to replace the existing pinbox on your trailer. Use the tables below to help find the correct 5th Gear pinbox coupler for your application.

Note: Pinbox number will typically be located on a sticker or stamping on the OEM pinbox.

Trailer Pin Box
Part Number
Pin Box Type 16K Sidewinder
22" Long
19K Sidewinder
22" Long
5th Airborne Air-Ride Sidewinder
Youngs WeldingStandard ST500-SW16K ST500-SW19K N/A
Youngs Welding Extended ST500-SW16K ST500-SW19K N/A
Leland 7921 Extended ST400-SW16K ST400-SW19K ST400-5AS16K
Leland 7920 ExtendedST400-SW16K ST400-SW19K ST400-5AS16K
Leland 7910 Standard ST400-SW16K ST400-SW19K ST400-5AS16K
Venture CJ13517 Extended RP61450 N/A RP61452
Venture CJ13515 Standard RP61450 N/A RP61452
Venture CJ20517 RP61450 N/A RP61452
M&M 665 Extended RP61420 RP61421 RP61422
M&M 663 Standard RP61420 RP61421 RP61422
Lippert 1621HD Extended RP61420 RP61421 RP61422
Lippert 1621 Extended RP61420 RP61421 RP61422
Lippert 0719 StandardRP61420 RP61421 RP61422
Fabex 665 ExtendedRP61420 RP61421 RP61422
Fabex 663 Standard RP61420 RP61421 RP61422
RBW 7028 ExtendedRP61410 RP61411 RP61412
RBW 7019Standard RP61410 RP61411 RP61412
Lippert 1716Extended RP61410 RP61411 RP61412
Lippert 1116Standard RP61410 RP61411 RP61412
Lippert 0115Standard RP61410 RP61411 RP61412
Fabex 765Extended RP61410 RP61411 RP61412
Fabex 560Standard RP61410 RP61411 RP61412
Fabex 530Standard RP61410 RP61411 RP61412
Fabex 520Standard RP61410 RP61411 RP61412
Fabex 503Extended RP61410 RP61411 RP61412
Fabex 500Extended RP61410 RP61411 RP61412
Youngs Welding Straight 8x8Tube N/AN/AN/A
Youngs WeldingTube N/AN/AN/A
RBW 7027Tube N/AN/AN/A
RBW 7016-2PTube N/AN/AN/A
Lippert 0516 TubeN/AN/AN/A
Fabex 316Tube N/AN/AN/A
Fabex 314 Tube N/AN/AN/A
Fabex 300Tube N/AN/AN/A
Atwood AB-72Tube N/AN/AN/A
Atwood AB-34 TubeN/AN/AN/A

Questions and Comments about this Article

Neil R.

I just purchased a Grand Design Reflection 29RS. I want to use a 5th Airborne Side Winder and unable to find the "Pin Box" Part Number or should I say the part number (722703) LCI put on the sticker does not match anything in the compatibility. 103561

Reply from Jon G.

I reached out to my contact at Lippert who said that you have a 1621 pin box. This means that the 5th Airborne Sidewinder you're looking for is the 16K part # RP61422 . 75917

Kevin B.

I own a RAM 1500 crew cab 4x4 with 6'4" box. This truck has the RAM BOX. with curt gooseneck hitch. Is there a way to pull a fifth wheel? I know curt makes an adapter, but the RAM box is sure a struggle.. I've tried the Anderson adapter and that didn't work.. I sold that camper but looking for another. Just looking or options, goosenecks pull so nice compared to bumper trailers. 102781

Reply from Jon G.

The only option for towing a 5th wheel trailer with a Ram pickup that has the RamBox kit is to use a 5th wheel hitch that has multiple anchor points and then to swap out the pin box on your trailer for a Sidewinder pin box. This means that your trailer will pivot further back so you have cab clearance, plus it will rotate above the RamBox which is huge because any other pin box will make contact with your RamBox. Since you have a Curt gooseneck hitch you're going to need to get rid of it and use a different mounting system. If you can let me know the year of your Ram 1500 I can make some recommendations for you. 75566

Reply from Kevin B.

@JonG 2018. Just looking for options. Can clearance isn’t an issue with 6’ box. Won’t be scrapping the gooseneck. When will ever mfg’s start addressing the issue? I’ll never own a regular box again! 75578

Reply from Jon G.

@KevinB I definitely hear what you're saying. Towing with a regular gooseneck coupler shouldn't be an issue like what you said, however when it comes to towing a 5th wheel trailer with a gooseneck hitch the options tend to still involve a pin box. Since the pin box is more bulky than a gooseneck coupler that's when you see those clearance problems. As far as gooseneck vs 5th wheel for towing it really boils down to personal preference. I've heard people say that gooseneck towing is too sloppy but then there are people like yourself that feel the gooseneck setup is much more comfortable than a 5th wheel. 75585

Reply from Kevin B.

So I can have both the gooseneck and fifth wheel hitch. What will clear the box sides? 75598

Reply from Kevin B.

Will a Reece Sidewinder help with the Ram Box clearance issue? 75599

Reply from Jon G.

@KevinB The only thing that we know of to clear the RamBox is the Sidewinder. This means that you need to use a 5th wheel hitch with 4 points of contact with your truck bed though so you will have to swap out your gooseneck setup for a standard base rail system like the kit # DM8552030-71 . This then means you can use a hitch like # DM6076P-21K with the wedge kit # SWW-05 . 75602

Carl C.

We just purchased a new 1/2 ton compatible 5th wheel trailer. (2020 PRIME TIME CRUSADER LITE 25RD - 10370 lbs) Our tow vehicle is a '10 F150 Crew Cab 4x4. I am trying to track down the proper hitch/kingpin/sidwinder combo for us. The dealer is providing a free hitch and I need some help picking out a sidewinder and/or putting the proper combination for our set up. Any help is appreciated. 99016

Reply from Jon G.

What pin box number does your 5th wheel trailer have, and what 5th wheel hitch is your dealer providing you with? 73623

Reply from Carl C.

@JonG The hitch will be a PullRight Super Glide (but it sounds like I can change that) The pin box # on the 5th wheel is LIPP1621 73681

Reply from Carl C.

@JonG Pinbox #LIPP1621 which looks like the RP61420 would be the correct sidewinder for the pinbox. The tech said they would probably install a Pullright 16K SuperGlide which would negate the sidewinder but I am wondering if the best set up may be using the Anderson 5th wheel hitch set up #AM3200 with the sidewinder to save some weight in the bed on the hitch. 73686

Reply from Jon G.

@CarlC Thank you for the pin box number! In that case the correct Sidewinder would be part RP61420 but it was recently discontinued because Reese is rolling out a new generation of Sidewinders in the near future. For your application you'll need to use part # RP61422 which is the same thing, just with an air bag and shock to help improve ride quality. Since you're planning on using a Sidewinder there is absolutely no reason to go with the SuperGlide. I recommend either using the Recon # DM8550043 with the rails # DM8552004-71 and wedge # SWW-05 OR the Reese Elite # RP30142 with the rails # RP30064 and the wedge # SWW-01 . 73691

Mark H.

Can a Sidewinder be used on a Grand Design Momentum 351M, weighs about 13000 empty to 16000 loaded? I have a RAM 3500 diesel, crew cab, short box. 98947

Reply from Jon G.

What pin box number do you have? 73622

Kenny D.

I purchased a new camper 1 1/2 years ago. It has a Reese sidewinder. Was wondering about maintenance. When I’m in parks pulling around slowly I feel it binding a bit. Also hear it making noise. I installed your hitch in my truck.The dealer installed Sidewinder on the trailer. What about friction plates ? 84413

Reply from Chris R.

I linked a good answer page below that explains proper maintenance of the Sidewinder pin boxes. 67498


I have an 07 cougar 1/2 ton series fifth wheel camper with pin box model # Lipp1621 looking to see if a Reese sidewinder hitch will hook up to it. I have a 2010 f150 super crew cab with 5 1/2ft bed and have been told I couldn’t haul a fifth wheel with it. Really hoping to figure it out. 82196

Reply from Chris R.

Yep! The Reese 5th Airborne Sidewinder # RP61422 will work perfectly to replace your existing Lippert 1621 model pin box. 67497

Reply from Aaron

@ChrisR Is that the only compatible one or can I get one without the air ride? 67533

Reply from Chris R.

@Aaron The Reese 20K Sidewinder # RP34FR will work as well! 67819

Tom M.

I had a Sidewinder that came on a 2008 Keystone 29RKS and I could push it around out of the way after uncoupling. I now have another Keystone 29RKS WITH A Sidewinder, but it’s impossible to push it around out of the way. Even when I make a turn, it’s not that smooth, kind of jerky like it’s really torqued to tight. It is Reese model SW16K. Does anyone have a suggestion as to why it’s so hard to rotate compared to the first one. 81918

Reply from Chris R.

The Sidewinder turret should honestly be pretty difficult to turn by hand. It kind of sounds like your older pin box was abnormally loose and the new unit is correct. 67302

Gary C.

Can I lnstall a adapter on my Keystone Cougar 5th wheel so I don’t blow out my rear window on my GMC 2500 Short bed pickup when making a 90 degree turn ? 70041

Reply from Chris R.

You should definitely be able to replace the pin box on your Keystone Cougar with a pivoting unit like the Sidewinder for cab clearance during sharp turns. It will depend on what model pin box you currently have as to the correct replacement. There should hopefully be a model number located right on the pin box itself. If you can let us know the model we will be happy to help further! In the meantime I have linked our complete selection of Sidewinder models for you to look through. 57123



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