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Must Have RV Products

Must Have RV Accessories that will make or break your trip

If you're new to the RV world, things can get a bit overwhelming. There are so many different products and accessories that you can get for your RV, so how do you know where to start? How do you know which ones are worth your money and which ones aren't going to benefit you whatsoever?Today I'm giving you the complete list of products and accessories that you must have for your RV. Some of these are essentials that you can't go without, and some are technically optional, but will make your RVing experience much easier and enjoyable.Let's start by breaking the must-have RV accessories down into 4 categories: plumbing, power and technology, safety, and convenient gadgets. Today you will find the top must-have accessories in each category, so that you will be more prepared than any of your neighbors this camping season.

Must Have RV Accessories: Plumbing

Drinking Water Hose

If you just bought an RV, or even if you've had one for a while, you probably already have a drinking water hose (if not, I'm a little curious to see how you get your water). However, eventually you'll need to replace it. It's crucial to replace your hose when needed because you want to make sure the hose is in the cleanest and most efficient condition possible, for the sake of you and your family. And getting a reliable, non-toxic, high-pressure drinking water hose is a must.When you decide replace your hose, we recommend the AquaFresh High Pressure Heated drinking water hose, which uses a self-regulating heating source to supply additional heat, even when the temperature starts to drop. This hose has a heavy-duty insulation for freeze protection and has a much higher psi than normal hoses, sitting at 160 psi for working pressure.

Water Pressure Regulator

You may or may not already have one of these handy devices, but they are definitely a must-have. Investing in a quality water pressure regulator may not be at the top of your list, but if you've ever experienced a busted line, you'll do everything to avoid that from ever happening again. Campsites can tend to have really unpredictable, high water pressures, so don't ever find yourself at a campsite without this device to protect you from unnecessary water line damage and repair costs.A water regulator will keep your RV's plumbing protected in the long run and some regulators can even adjust the water pressure to your needs, so that you have full control over your water pressure. We recommend going with the Valterra Adjustable Regulator, which has a built-in gauge and fully adjustable pressure for maximum water flow.

Sewer Hose Support System

While it may seem like a minor concern to some, making sure that your sewer hose is properly supported is a blessing in disguise. Investing in a sewer hose support system will help ensure that your hose is in a stable position, which will allow it to facilitate a consistent, smooth downhill flow for your RV drainage. A well-supported hose will also prevent any damage to the hose from rough terrain, and will help to avoid any clogs that can lead to expensive sewage repairs down the road.If you want a popular, high-quality system, check out Lippert's Flow Down Sewer Hose Support System. This is one of the most convenient systems that will always keep your hose supported on any type of terrain. This support system features an adjustable height and durable, rustproof legs. You can customize this system per your needs by adding or removing sections.

Holding Tank Treatment

Let's be real, septic tanks aren't pretty, but that doesn't mean they have to smell bad. Using a holding tank treatment is instrumental in your sewer system's well-being. Not only does a tank treatment keep your home away from home smelling as fresh as the day you got it, but also treating your holding tank will prevent clogs by breaking down waste, toilet paper, soap scum, and other unpleasant nuisances.Check out the drop-in pouches by Pure Power Blue, which are an easy solution to treating your black-water tank, grey-water tank, and septic tanks. These pouches are biodegradable and have a fresh, clean scent with odor control technology. Simply drop one in before taking off, and you're good to go for the whole trip- no need for measuring powder or liquid to get the right amount.

Must Have RV Accessories: Power and Technology

Power Cord Adapter

Since there are two different types of power cords, 30-amp and 50-amp, not every campsite is going to have the exact plug that your RV requires for shore power. This is why it's necessary to have a power adapter handy at all times so that you can always connect to any power receptacle when you need to.If you're not sure what adapter to get, just click here to get some detailed intel on power cord adapters.However, to quickly figure out what adapter you need is fairly easy. If your RV has a 30-amp plug, and you need to connect it to a 50-amp shore power receptacle, you will need an adapter with a 30-amp female side and a 50-amp male side, and vice versa. If you don't know how to find out which type of plug your RV has, just take a look at your RV's power cord. If it has 3 prongs, that means you have a 30-amp plug. If your RV's plug has 4 prongs, that means you have a 50-amp plug. Simple stuff, right?Most power cord adapters do not have a surge protector, as you can always purchase one of these separately. However, to save you a step, we recommend investing in a power adapter that has a built-in surge protector, like the Camco RV Power Defender Circuit Analyzer, that will protect your RV's electrical system. This adapter acts as a one-time surge protector and also has diagnostic lights to indicate faults before you actually hook up your 30-amp electrical cord.

Inverter Generator

Here's a tip if you're new to the RV world: you can never completely rely on a campground to have everything you need. This includes a reliable 120V power source for your precious appliances. And if you're a frequent Boondocker, you won't even have access to a power source for your RV. So in the case of a shore power outage, or lack thereof, be prepared and invest in an inverter generator that will have your back by keeping your phone charged, your A/C running, and your microwave microwaving, even in the middle of nowhere.For a larger RV, we recommend going with the etrailer Parellel Kit, which will produce up to 5,500 running watts of power. If you have a smaller RV or camper, we recommend the etrailer Single Portable RV Inverter Generator, which will produce up to 2,900 running watts of power.However, make sure that you are calculating the correct wattage that you will need; that way your inverter generator will be able to handle whatever you hook up to it. If you need help figuring out how to calculate how many watts you're going to be using, just click here to read this helpful article.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

A TPMS lets you monitor your RV's tire pressure from either a monitor display or your smartphone. This system is important to have because if you're not constantly monitoring your RV's tire pressure, you're a lot more likely to have a blowout.Having a TPMS takes all of the guesswork out of checking your tire pressure and will save you a lot of time and money in the long run on avoidable tire repairs and replacements.The TireMinder TPMS is a great option because of its large LCD monitor, sensors that check your tire pressure and temperature every 6 seconds, and visual and audible alerts for early-warning detection.

Hitch Alignment Camera System

This one's for all you fifth wheel and travel trailer owners out there. If hooking up your camper (especially at night) gives you minor heart palpitations, this device is going to be just what the doctor ordered. With a backup camera system specific for hitch alignment, you'll be able to easily see your trailer hitch, and get your camper aligned and hooked up quicker than your spouse can tell you to hurry up.If you want a reliable, easy-to-use system, check out the Swift Hitch Wireless Hitch Camera. This system has a portable, night-vision camera that can be easily mounted in any direction, with either a magnet or suction cup mount. Its water-resistant, rustproof aluminum camera gives a gives a clear, mirror-image picture to the LCD hand-held monitor.

Must Have RV Accessories: Safety

Leveling Blocks

Try to have a good night's sleep in your RV or camper without leveling blocks, I dare you. Since no campsite is completely level, you will need leveling blocks to help keep your RV level wherever you go. We recommend pairing leveling blocks with some wheel chocks to maximize your RV's stability and prevent your wheels from rocking when parked. If you go with the Hopkins RV Leveling Kit, you'll get leveling blocks, a wheel chock, and an LED smart level system, all in one kit. The electronic level will let you know how many leveling blocks you need to get your RV perfectly level, and the leveling blocks are completely customizable to your RV.

Locks... For Everything!

When you're camping and traveling in your RV, you're surrounded by people whom you know and trust, so there's no worry of things being stolen or broken into. However, as soon as you step away from your RV, you leave yourself at risk for theft. It's better to be safe than sorry, and invest in a lock for basically anything that can be locked on the exterior of your RV.From propane tank locks, to power cord locks, to compartment door locks, it will be in your favor to make sure that all your possessions are safe and secure. Sure, you may have a few extra keys on your key chain, but the benefits greatly outweigh the drawbacks.

Propane Gauge and Leak Detector

When it comes to propane, or any fuel that emits carbon monoxide, you want to make sure that you are taking all safety precautions you possibly can. Getting a propane gauge with a leak detector will help to keep you ahead of any propane leaks and dangerous gases that can be harmful to you and your family.And aside from the safety aspect of it, a propane gauge is also useful and convenient because it takes all the guesswork out of determining if your propane tank is running low or not, keeping you ahead of the game.The Camco Propane Cylinder Gauge and Leak Detector is a great choice because it features a built-in gauge, thermal protection in case of a fire, and excess flow protection in case of a broken gas line, so you will be safe and sound at all times. As long as your propane tank was made within the past 2 decades, this will work great with your tank.

Generator Exhaust System

If you're like me and don't generally enjoy the fumes or noise caused by a generator, an exhaust system is the way to go. Installing a generator exhaust system will help keep everyone around you happy, because it will direct the exhaust up and over your RV. If you can get past the odd-looking design, you'll be able to appreciate how much one of these systems will benefit you and everyone else around your RV.Camco's Gen-Turi exhaust system is lightweight, so it's easy to carry with the included storage bag, and it's made out of a durable stainless steel so it won't rust on you. Simply secure this adapter to your exhaust pipe, and no harmful fumes will come your way. This is a great investment if you are a frequent RV tailgater and are often surrounded by a lot of different people, as this is a simple way to avoid heated neighborly discussions.

Must Have RV Accessories: Convenient Gadgets

RV Refrigerator Fan

You probably didn't realize this when you first bought your RV, but RV refrigerators suck. Most RV's come with refrigerators that are inefficient and use something called an absorption system, which basically means that it uses a heat source to provide the energy to drive the cooling process.But that's not even the important part. The important part is that your refrigerator can get too hot and start to work harder than it needs to, which can cause you to be paying more in electric costs due to the inefficiency, and have a noisy fridge that doesn't cool very well. This is where a refrigerator fan comes in handy.The Valterra FridgeCool fan is the perfect solution because it's an automatic fan that knows when your refrigerator needs a little help, so it will turn on and off when it needs to expel excess warm air to keep your fridge cool. With this device, your refrigerator will run more efficiently to keep your drinks colder and save you some wasted food.

RV Refrigerator Bars

While your RV may feel just like your home when you're parked, it's got something your house doesn't: wheels. This means that as you're driving, things will shift around and lead to another mess you have to clean up. Save yourself some frustration and invest in some refrigerator bars to help keep your refrigerator neat and organized.But why stop at using these in just your refrigerator? If you have small cabinets that contain any breakables, just put some of these bars on the inside of your cabinets to keep everything tidy (don't worry, the bars also come in a wood design so your cabinets can still look stylish).

Folding Platform Step

If you're a bit vertically challenged, or if you just have difficulty getting onto your RV's steps, this can be a big help for you. Getting a platform step that's foldable is important because when you're traveling in an RV, you're constantly trying to find ways to save as much space as possible. Investing in a foldable platform step will allow you to use it when you're getting in and out, and then as soon as you start packing up just fold up the legs and neatly tuck it away.If you want to use this step for multiple purposes, like checking under your hood, or reaching the top cabinet, check out the Safety Step Adjustable Step, which will allow you to adjust the legs up and down to suit your needs.

Portable 12V Fan

Give your A/C a break this summer and invest in a powerful, portable fan that will keep you cool inside or outside your RV. Finding a fan that has the right amount of power can be challenging, and sometimes fanning the old Good Housekeeping magazine can give you a better breeze than some fans you can pick up locally.In those months where you're not quite ready to crank up the A/C, but you'd like a little relief from the building heat, a quality portable fan can be your best friend. Fan-Tastic Vent makes a great portable fan, the Endless Breeze portable box fan. This fan features 3 speeds for comfort in any climate and hanging brackets that can be mounted to a grated surface, like your dog's crate.
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You are a great source for pieces, parts and products and your service is outstanding, and I have learned much from your videos, but, your picture above of using leveling blocks under only one wheel of a tandem axle trailer is a no-no and might be misleading to some new RV'ers. Basically, all the weight that is supposed to be shared by two axles/wheels/tires would be supported on only one. Not to mention because axel suspension design, you would need more blocks under one wheel than under both wheels. Just an etrailer fan !

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Even with one wheel up on the blocks, the equalizer will usually allow the other tire to make ground contact, although I agree that for leveling purposes it certainly makes more sense to lift both wheels to properly level the trailer.

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This was a really great, useful list of needed and handy RV products! Kudos to Olivia M. Good job and a huge thank you! etrailer is my 1st place I check for needed and desired items!



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