Best Gifts for RVers & Campers
Need help finding the perfect gift for the camper or RVer in your life? Here are a few of our favorite things to inspire your gift giving. (Or snag a few for yourself too!)Need ideas in a different category? Check out our Vehicle, Outdoor Sports, Towing & Hauling, and Boating & Fishing gift guides. Or shop all categories by price.

Ark Extreme Off-Road Trailer Jack

Ark Extreme Off-Road Trailer Jacks were developed to withstand use in the Australian Outback, so to say they're rugged is a huge understatement. These jacks' heavy-duty construction and easy-pivot, dual-wheel design gives increased grip and maneuverability to keep your hauler moving forward through the toughest terrain including off-road, mud, sand, and other extreme conditions.

etrailer Hitch Pin Alignment Collar

This handy little stocking stuffer makes installing a heavy hitch accessory a breeze. The etrailer Hitch Alignment Tool lets your loved one install a ball mount, bike rack, cargo carrier, or other hitch accessory the first time, every time. Just install this nifty collar on a 2” hitch accessory once, and the stop collar will automatically line up the pin holes perfectly from there on out.

Hopkins VueSMART RV & Trailer Backup Camera

Give the gift of hindsight in 2021 with the the Hopkins VueSMART RV & Trailer Backup Camera and never back blindly again. The built-in WiFi transmitter connects to your smartphone or tablet so there’s no video lag. The 152-degree view banishes blind spots, and 6 LED lights help you see where you’re backing – even in the dark. Plus, you can take photos and record video.


Give the gift of more cold air in your rig without fear of tripped breakers or an overloaded generator with SoftStartRV. It reduces AC startup power demand by up to 70% so you can run your unit with a small generator, on a 20-amp house circuit, or with other appliances running. Ideal for boondocking or moochdocking!

ArkPak 730 Portable Power Station

Gifting the ArkPak 730 Portable Power Station is like giving a dozen gifts rolled into one. After all, you’re giving the camper or outdoorsy person in your life everything they need—their phone, their laptop, their GPS, their TV, their power tools, even their refrigerator. The ArkPak can keep it all charged on the go. How? With a simple 12V car battery, which it juices up with its built-in smart charger and uses to keep your loved one’s devices powered up whenever they need them.
SnapPads Jack Pads

SnapPads Jack Pads

RVers all know the drill: pull into the campsite, then level the trailer. It’s a necessary part of RV camping, if not the most fun one, but these handy SnapPads Jack Pads make the job that much easier. No crawling under the rig to position plastic pads or wooden blocks beneath the jacks. No sinking into soft, earthy areas. SnapPads just snap onto the bottom of most trailer jack feet one time, and they’re forever ready to use.

Starry Night Camping Mug

Everyone from your spouse to your coworker to your mother-in-law appreciates a nice mug. Whether they’re curling up with some hot tea around the campfire or sipping their morning coffee at their desk, they’ll love this unique Starry Night Camping Mug and think of you every time they reach for their next hot drink.

etrailer Bucket Seat Protector

Your camper might not mind getting their hands dirty—but their car is another matter. Help them protect their seats from mud and moisture with this non-slip, collapsible etrailer Bucket Seat Protector. Easily slip it over the headrest and seat after a hike, bike ride, beach day, or float trip. It’s waterproof and machine washable, plus it’s small enough to fit in the glove compartment on those days when they’re not covered in yuck.
 B&W Tow & Stow Ball Mounts

B&W Tow & Stow Ball Mounts

Know someone who tows multiple trailers? They’ll love the convenience and versatility of B&W Tow & Stow Ball Mounts. It’s available with one, two, or three ball options and multiple rises and drops to accommodate different truck and trailer heights. Plus, the ball and mounting platform stores beneath the hitch for a sleek look when not towing.

etrailer 2-in-1 Windshield Cover

Whether the forecast is for sun or snow, the etrailer 2-in-1 Windshield Cover has you, well…covered. One side of the reversible cover protects from snow and ice for zero scraping and the other side helps keeps the vehicle’s interior cooler and free of sun damage. It quickly and easily secures to side mirrors, is big enough to cover the windshield and wipers, and is a great gift for every driver on your list.

Performance Tool Vehicle & Trailer Aligners

Make hookup a one-person job! The Performance Tool Vehicle & Trailer Aligners’ magnetic telescoping rods attach to the ball mount and trailer coupler to help the driver easily align the vehicle and trailer every time day or night. (And at less than $25 they’re way cheaper than marriage counseling.)
WeatherTech Floor Mats

WeatherTech Floor Mats

It’s the wet and snowy season, and you know what that means—damp, muddy, dirty vehicles are just around the corner. Grab your loved one a set of these WeatherTech Floor Mats designed to match their vehicle in both fit and color. Whether they just bought a new car they want to keep fresh and new, or their older vehicle just needs a little TLC, these mats are a great gift for anyone with a car.

Outside Inside Camping Games

Here’s a gift the whole gang can enjoy! Check out Outside Inside’s line of Outside Inside Camping Games made for camping. Enjoy a beverage while sinking your disc into the barrel in Freestyle Barrel Toss, or wait out those rainy days in the camper with one of the various camping-themed Cribbage Boards. There’s also Table Tennis, Disc Bocce, Darts, Magnetic Chess, and more.
Prest-O-Fit RV Rugs

Prest-O-Fit RV Rugs

Camping is awesome, but have you ever noticed how much dirt there is? It's everywhere, and it always seems to find its way where it doesn’t belong! Save your favorite camper some cleaning time with a Prest-O-Fit rug. They've got indoor rugs, outdoor rugs, rugs for steps, rugs for landings, rugs in different colors, and even rugs that are grass-friendly.
Trailer Valet Trailer Dollies

Trailer Valet Trailer Dollies

End the frustration with trailer parking (especially in tight spots) with a Trailer Valet Trailer Dolly! Choose your level of ease and convenience from the mighty remote-controlled RVRs, XL or 5X Swivel Jack. You can bet they’ll be surprised and delighted with this gift that’ll keep giving for years to come!

REDARC TowPro Liberty Trailer Proportional Brake Controller

Great gifts do come in small packages! Many electric trailer brake controllers have a clunky, big box that folks knock their knee on – but not the TowPro Liberty! It gives your favorite tower a tool for smooth, safe proportional trailer braking and integrates into the vehicle’s dash or console for a from-the-factory look – all for just $135.

etrailer Tongue Weight Scale

If you know someone who tows, look no further for a gift than this etrailer Tongue Weight Scale. This scale connects to a ball coupler or jack and provides an easy-to-read measurement to indicate whether the trailer is properly loaded. No guessing, no driving to a commercial scale, and definitely no driving with an overloaded trailer. It’s safe, it’s convenient, and it spares your loved one from having to do math (they’ll love you for it).

Telesteps Telescopic Ladder

When you need a long ladder, you really need one, but when you don’t need it, it’s kind of a nuisance. Give a gull-size ladder that doesn’t need much storage space with a Telesteps Telescopic Ladder. Choose from ladders up to 14½ feet long that telescope down into a compact little package that’s easy to store and transport when not in use.

Flush King Reverse Flush Valve for RV Holding Tanks and Sewer Hoses

The Flush King Reverse Flush Valve for RV Holding Tanks and Sewer Hoses makes a dirty job easier by helping your favorite RVer flush and refill tanks, see when tanks are clean, and keep their water contaminant-free (and smell-free). They’ll thank you every time they have to dump their tanks.

LTE WiFi Router and Rooftop Antenna combo

What’s the only thing that comes close to the magic of Christmas? The magic of the internet—endless ways to work, play, and keep in touch, all at your fingertips. If the RVer in your life has ever complained about spotty service or slow campground Wi-Fi, they’ll be eternally grateful for this LTE WiFi Router and Rooftop Antenna combo for their RV. They just sign up for one of Furrion’s nationwide pay-as-you-go data plans (no contract required; plans start at $14.49/month), and boom—they can stream the latest Netflix series from the comfort of their RV’s living room, and then call you to talk about it afterward.

MB Sturgis Sturgi-Stay Adapter Kit

Looking for a unique, practical gift they’ll use all the time? Check out the MB Sturgis Sturgi-Stay Adapter Kit. This little hose makes camping a million times easier by letting them quickly hook up and disconnect extra propane tanks to power their rig’s appliances. This saves them from burning through all their onboard propane too quickly, so they can keep on camping.

Fan-Tastic Vent Roof Vent with Fan

Get a simple, efficient, and effective way to get some fresh air in your RV with a Fan-Tastic Vent Roof Vent with Fan. Use the digital remote to manually set the fan to pull fresh air in and push stale air out, or set the thermostat to automatically regulate your temperature and forget it. With clear fan blades and a smoke-colored dome, it lets in some splendid sunshine without the harmful UV rays, and the built-in rain sensor will automatically close the vent when wet. As a bonus, it’s made in the USA!
Power Sonic Lithium Batteries

Power Sonic’s Lithium Batteries

Looking to land yourself on their Nice List this year? You can’t go wrong with one of Power Sonic’s Lithium Batteries—and did I mention they’re smart batteries? These innovative batteries connect to Bluetooth so your RVer can monitor the battery status on their phone. No overcharging, overheating, or discharging—this thing charges faster than traditional batteries and will last 10x longer than old-style lead acids. With a variety of sizes available, you’re sure to find the right fit for your loved one’s RV.

HitchGrip Carrying Tool

This is a must-have tool for everyone with a weight distribution system on their travel trailer! The HitchGrip makes it easy to lift, install, remove, and carry a weight distribution head while keeping backs happy and hands clean!

Duracell Jump Starter

Are you the person they call when they need a hand? Well, now you can be their savior even from a distance. This rechargeable Duracell Jump Starter quickly restarts dead batteries on gas and diesel cars, boats, trucks, ATVs, and motorcycles. And it doesn’t stop at just reviving dead batteries—this multitasking beast also has a built-in tire inflator, a 12V port for accessories, and a USB port for charging dead smartphones or other devices (you know, the ones that always seem to die right when you need them most). It’s the perfect companion to help your loved one out of any emergency when you can’t be there in person.

ATAK Rechargable Mosquito Zapper & Lantern

Don’t let your favorite outdoor enthusiast be a bug’s Christmas feast! Protect them with an ATAK Rechargable Mosquito Zapper & Lantern. This dual-purpose tool doubles as a bug zapper and adjustable LED light with up to 20 hours of use per charge (goodbye remembering batteries). It has a built-in hanger for easy use, is waterproof for use in all weather, and its sturdy plastic construction makes it lightweight, yet durable enough to survive your adventures.

Stromberg Carlson Stake & Grill

Be a pro-level gift giver with the Stromberg Carlson Stake & Grill. This isn’t your usual flimsy camp grill; this beast will handle thick ribeyes and plenty of them. The sturdy stake-and-grill configuration give you epic control when cooking over a fire with adjustable height and 360-degree rotation. The chrome finish makes cleanup a breeze, and it all tucks into a handy carrying case for storage.

Stallion Tire Grip Vehicle Traction Recovery Tracks

For some, there’s 4-wheel-drive. For everyone else, there’s Stallion Recovery Tracks. This functional gift is perfect for anyone who takes on winter weather (especially in a less-than-equipped vehicle). Just position a track under each drive wheel to create enough traction to get stuck tires back on the road. Then roll up the tracks and pop them in the trunk to store.
Fogatti RV Tankless Water Heaters

Fogatti Tankless RV Water Heater

Guarantee your loved one a relaxing, steamy shower every time with a Fogatti Tankless RV Water Heater. They supply unlimited hot water on-demand by instantly heating water as you need it (and not wasting propane by keeping it warm when you don’t). In fact, it’s up to 25% more efficient than a traditional tank heater. You can also customize the temperature on the fly for each member of the family, and the unit auto-starts in freezing temps to help prevent burst pipes.

Performance Tool Heated Travel Blanket

Baby, it’s cold outside—so help your giftee stay warm and toasty with this Heated Travel Blanket by Performance Tool. Just plug it into the 12V outlet of any vehicle, and boom—they can enjoy a cozy ride. It’s got 3 heat settings, a built-in shutoff timer, and a 94” cord to reach any seat in the car, from the driver to the shotgun passenger to the kiddos in the backseat.
Camp Casual Throw Blankets

Camp Casual Throw Blanket

Give a gift anyone will love with a Camp Casual Throw Blanket Whether you choose a classic red-and-black buffalo plaid, vintage campers, or road map design, the velvety-soft, machine-washable fabric make it perfect to snuggle into by the fireplace or campfire. (Plus, it’ll be like you’re giving them a big bear hug every time they use it.)
Clearsource RV Water Filter Systems

Clearsource RV Water Filter System

We’ve all given a gift that ends up forgotten at the back of a closet or garage. That’s why a Clearsource RV Water Filter System makes such a perfect gift—you KNOW they’ll use it all. the. time. Whether he’s a weekend warrior or she’s a full-time RVer, there’s a Clearsource water filter up for the job. There’s no better gift to say “I care about you and don’t want you sick from bacteria-ridden water” (come to think of it, this might be the only one).

Hopkins Go Gear Tablet Holder for Vehicle Headrests

Anyone who road trips with kids will love this little lifesaver. The Hopkins Go Gear Tablet Holder easily slips over a vehicle’s headrest and snugly holds tablets or phones in place, turning the backseat into a theater on wheels. It fits any size tablet and adjusts to fit almost any vehicle headrest.

Kelty 2-in-1 Blanket and Hooded Poncho

Not all heroes wear capes, but all campsite heroes do wear Hoodligans. If you’ve got someone on your list who’s always cold, they’ll love this Kelty 2-in-1 Blanket and Hooded Poncho by Kelty. It’s soft, cozy, and shareable (when used as a blanket, it can cover up to 2 people). And though it’s technically designed for camping, don’t be surprised if they start wearing it every day.
CUB Blind Spot Monitor

CUB Blind Spot Monitor

Even Santa could use a CUB Blind Spot Monitor. These kits make your loved one’s truck, RV, camper, or sleigh smarter and safer with features like blind spot detection, lane change alert, and rear cross traffic alert. Give the gift of safety on the road, and rest easier knowing CUB has their back.
Need ideas in a different category? Check out our Vehicle, Outdoor Sports, Towing & Hauling, and Boating & Fishing gift guides. Or shop all categories by price.
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