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4 Best Camper Steps

No Missteps Here: Best Camper and RV Steps (2021)

When you’re traveling in your camper, how many times a day do you get in and out? You don’t know, do you? You walk up and down the same steps countless times a day, so replacing your RV's steps is an investment you don’t want to skimp on.When your current steps start to wobble, rust, creak, and honestly just feel like they are going to give out from underneath you, that’s where we come in. We spend our days going in and out of RVs and campers, so we know a thing or two about RV steps. Below, you will find the ultimate guide to the best camper and RV steps in 2021. We have tried them all, so keep reading to see which ones we personally recommend and why.
Top Camper and RV Steps in 2021
Camper/RV StepsAverage Weight Rating Why Choose This Step
Torklift Glowstep375 lbsMost Popular RV Steps
Lippert SolidStep400 lbsSturdiest RV Steps
Stromberg Carlson Flexco Pull-Out Steps300 lbsEasiest to Operate RV Steps

MORryde StepAbove Strut Assist Fold-Down Step

*Best Overall RV Step*

What You'll Like About These Steps

MORryde promises to "revolutize the RV market one step at a time," and with the StepAbove Strut Assist Fold-Down steps, MORryde delivers on their promise. With an incredible weight rating of 500 lbs, you won't find stronger RV steps. None of us at etrailer felt like we were pushing the weight limit on these steps.If you are looking for a set of steps that you can install on your camper and not have to worry about for years to come, these are the steps for you. These camper steps are designed with scratch and rust-resistant aluminum steps and steel components, which means your steps will look nicer longer as well as maintain their integrity. The materials also make the steps strong and lightweight, which is important if you struggle with lifting heavy steps. To add to ease of use, they also have gas struts that support the weight of the steps so you can literally lift and lower them with a few fingers. We love not having to work hard when trying to relax.Once the steps are lowered, you'll have the convenience of adjustable legs and feet, perfect for uneven ground. These MORryde RV steps have a total adjustable leg length of 13". We like this feature as it means we can park our campers on just about any terrain and know that we'll still have stable, level steps. You'll also experience no bounce or sway when climbing these steps, which we love because after an adult beverage or two, we become a bit clumsy.The StepAbove fold down steps have a non-slip tread for safe climbing, even in wet or muddy conditions. And each step is a comfortable and stable 8" deep with an extra deep top step for sure footing when going in and out of your RV's entryway. After one instance of dropping a glass pan of cinnamon rolls because we missed the top step, we are thankful for that extra deep top step.As fold-down RV steps, they store inside your RV's entryway, which keeps your steps safe from road debris while driving. This means your steps will have a longer lifespan. An added benefit of fold-down RV steps is the option to add a MORryde storage box in your previous RV pull-out step area. Who couldn't use more storage space in their camper?Although these camper steps do not come with lights or glow tape on the steps, MORryde sells motion activated step lights that attach to your MORryde steps for safer climbing at night.

What You May Not Like About These Steps

While some people love the ability to store their RV steps inside the RV, other people prefer to have their steps stored outside. Storing your steps outside of the RV prevents dirt from falling into the RV, which saves on cleaning time.Also, because these steps have a fixed length, you won't be able to adjust the steps like pull-out steps to fit into a tight location either for storage or a crowded campground.The last drawback to the MORryde StepAbove Strut Assist RV steps is the 1-year limited warranty. Some RVers may want a longer warranty for their RV accessories that receive heavy foot traffic. If you like a longer warranty, TorkLift offers a lifetime warranty with their RV steps.

TorkLift GlowStep Revolution Scissor Steps

*Most Popular RV Step*

What You'll Like About These Steps

We really have nothing but good things to say about the TorkLift GlowStep Revolution camper steps, including the fact that they are USA-made and some of the most convenient, durable steps you can get.TorkLift outdid themselves with this one. Having a user-friendly scissor step design with a unique landing gear that will adjust to any terrain, these steps stand out from the competition. We were impressed with the stability of these steps. If you've used scissor steps before, you may have felt like they moved too much on you. Not so with these steps. They are made from an aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel construction, which is why they are so stable. Moreover, these steps are completely rustproof. That equates to a long life on these steps. TorkLift is so confident these are the last steps you will ever need, they even have a lifetime limited warranty so you're covered no matter what.But why are they called GlowSteps? Great question. These unique pull-out steps make it easy to see where you're stepping in the middle of the night, as they feature glow tape adhered to the sides, which glows in the dark for up to 10 hours with only 5 minutes of light exposure. We assume you don't like stumbling on steps as much as we don't.It’s very easy to operate these GlowSteps; just use the quick-release lever to deploy the steps, lock the lever into place with the included bail pin, and you’re up and running! (Well, we don’t recommend actually running up the steps.) The TorkLift GlowSteps come in 2-step to 6-step options to suit your RV or camper's height demands.And if your camper doesn't have a step well underneath the entryway, have no fear. TorkLift's GlowStep Revolution Uprising steps are designed for RV's and campers without a step well, so you can easily bolt them right onto the frame. This alternate option also has a booster step, which is an additional "bonus" step that can be used to get a bit more height if your camper needs it.

What You May Not Like About These Steps

One of the main drawbacks to these TorkLift steps is the price. They are definitely not the most budget-friendly camper step option out there, so if you're looking to spare some cash, we would check out some of the other options in this article.And even though they do make ground contact with their convenient landing gear, these steps don't quite have the same sturdiness and stability as other RV steps like the MORryde StepAbove steps or the Lippert SolidStep steps.

A Reviewer's Word

"I dont regret purchasing these steps. They are still as solid as they were a year ago. They are not as easy and quick to deploy as the original swing down steps if you just need to quickly put something in the trailer but they are much better when entering and exiting while your camping. Nice solid feel and I havent had any problems adapting them to different camping sitessurfaces I will have these on future trailers."Gerald S.

Lippert SolidStep

*Sturdiest RV Step*

What You'll Like About These Steps

Lippert is always creating products that just make sense, and these SolidSteps are no different. These fold-down steps uniquely store inside your camper's doorway and lock into place for excellent security. But most importantly, these things are solid (hence the name). If you dislike any wobble or flex in your steps, you will like these steps.This sturdy, rigid design is a big reason why they are one of the best-selling step options. These steps feature a similar landing gear design as the TorkLift steps, however not many steps can beat the level of solid ground contact that these steps have. So, if you're constantly on different terrain and need quite a bit of adjustment, don't even sweat it.These SolidSteps also feature an anti-slip textured surface with rubber strips to prevent you from slipping when it starts to rain. And coming back from a big shopping trip will be a breeze with the extra-deep top step which will give you better footing when fumbling for your keys.And if you're like us and try to find extra storage space in every nook and cranny, just add Lippert's Locking RV Storage Box. This box installs right underneath the SolidSteps where your old steps installed, and gives you quick and easy access to your valuables.These are offered in 1-step to 4-step options, all at a great price, so this is a product for any camper-owner on a budget. And with a high weight ratings of 400 lbs, there's almost nothing these SolidSteps can't handle. Plus, even though the fold-down design requires a bit more upper-body strength than some other options, like the MORryde StepAbove steps, it's made with a lightweight and rustproof aluminum construction to help alleviate some of the pain of lifting and lowering the steps.

What You May Not Like About These Steps

While you may be a fan of most of the above features, you may not like the fact that these Lippert steps store in your doorway. And, like we mentioned above, these steps are heavier than the other options which might add a bit more inconvenience to getting in and out of your camper.Another drawback of these SolidSteps is that, because their size is relatively fixed, it can be difficult, even impossible, to use them if you're parked next to another camper or trailer in a storage lot.Also, a lot of our etrailer neighbors who have purchased these steps have commented that when they go to store the steps, if they aren't swept off first, some of the dirt will land in the camper.Lastly, these Lippert SolidSteps only come with a 1-year warranty, which doesn't compare to the TorkLift's lifetime warranty.

A Reviewer's Word

"The original 2-step stairs caused issues with my knees due to the excessive riser height. The new stairs riser height is 8 inches. Installation of the stairs itself was quick and easy with my wife assisting while I drilled the mounting holes in the floor. Installation took less than 30 minutes. One issue that I encountered was that the screen door was scraping along the sheetmetal threshold of the SolidStep, preventing the RV door from closing while the steps were in the down position. The fix was that I cut approx 1/4 inch of the vertical rails of the screen door and re-assembled the screen door. Door closes without binding now."James

Lippert Alumi-Tread Manual Pull-Out Step

*Best Value*
HSM Manual Steps

What You'll Like About These Steps

Another great RV step is Lippert's Alumi-Tread pull-out steps. If you are looking for low-cost but reliable camper steps, these steps are for you. With an aluminum construction and a sturdy, yet simple and easy-to-use design, these steps are a great choice for any camper. Aluminum is lightweight for effortless maneuvering, and it won't rust from being in the rain.These Lippert steps have a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs, which is more than enough for most RVers. They also have a straightforward pull-out design, which is almost too easy to operate. These steps require just a simple bolt-on installation.Moreover, these pull-out steps have an anti-slip design with a textured surface and rubber strips to prevent you from losing your footing in wet or muddy conditions.

A Reviewer's Word

"Great steps, they are a huge improvement over the stock ones that came with our Voltage TH. This is the second set we have installed and installation is fairly easy. They don't rust like the originals, they provide decent traction when wet and our puppy does not get his claws caught on anything like he did on the OEM ones. Additionally, they are lighter and so much easier to operate. The free shipping and price moved this project to the top of our to do list!"Randy T.

What You May Not Like About These Steps

One thing that we're not so fond of when it comes to these lightweight, aluminum steps is that they're only available in 3-step and 4-step options. This probably won't be an issue for most campers, but if your camper sits a bit lower or higher than normal, they may not work for you.Unfortunately, these steps do not make any ground contact either. Without a sturdy ground connection, you may feel a little more wobble and sway than with RV steps that have feet. If you are looking for a solid step with no bounce, look at some of our other step options with landing gears.These Alumi-Tread steps also only have a 1-year warranty, so if you're someone who likes the cushion of a lifetime warranty, these may not be the best choice for you.

Stromberg Carlson Flexco Pull-Out Steps

*Easiest to Operate*
Stromberg Carlson Steps

What You'll Like About These Steps

These Stromberg Carlson pull-out steps are perfect for you if you want something very simple and easy to use. There's really not much to these steps, so if you like the fancy-schmancy options but not the fancy-schmancy price tag, get these.The Stromberg Carlson steps are available in 1-step to 4-step options to fit a wide variety of RV applications. They may be bolted into place if you want a quick-and-easy installation, or you can weld them on for a more permanent solution.These manual steps feature a rust-resistant powder coating which is strong, durable, and will be sure to last you a while. And the pull-out design is a great feature to have if you want something that will require barely any work to extend and retract. Plus, they will look sleek and compact when stored.We also like that these are made in the USA, and with a weight rating of up to 300 lbs, these steps will work well for most people. These Flexco steps can even be installed on a utility trailer or vehicle if you find yourself needing just a bit of help getting in and out on a daily basis.

What You May Not Like About These Steps

Being one of the most budget-friendly options does come with some drawbacks when it comes to convenience. As these Flexco Manual steps will not have any contact with the ground, they will not feel as sturdy or secure as some RV steps with feet, as there will be more sway and movement without ground contact. However, you can correct this issue by adding on one of Stromberg Carlson's Stabil-Step jacks, but it's still an additional purchase and action to do when setting these up.Another downfall of these steps is that while there is grip tape on the edges of each side, they do not have as much traction as the other options, so you may still have to be careful when getting in and out during wet conditions. Also, there are no reflectors or lights to help with visibility at night, so you may have trouble seeing these pitch black steps at night.And sadly these Stromberg Carlson steps only have a 1-year warranty.

A Reviewer's Word

"Exactly what I needed for the restoration of my vintage 1972 RevCon. I looked everywhere for the proper dimension for the replacement step. These do the job exactly as expected. Minus one star because surface rust has appeared in the joints after 2 years (in California. so not extreme weather)."Brad

Before Buying RV Steps:

Before you purchase steps for your camper or RV, you should measure and remeasure your camper or RV's entryway to ensure you purchase the RV steps with the correct dimensions and number of steps. We have linked to two articles below that teach you how to correctly measure for your new steps.
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Marty B.


We love our new steps. They were easy to install and fit great. Thank you for your help.

Roy B.


I agree they are way to expensive for the average camper. I only needed one more step so my 9 grand children could get in easier. Ended up making my own with some metal brackets and left over deck boards



Excellent article! Keep up the great work Olivia!

Etrailer Expert

Chris R.


Thanks for the kind words! Just let us know if you have any other questions.



Does the TorkLift GloStep have an extension for their 6 step version which we LOVE! or a wide platform that could serve as an additional step... for awkward times?

Etrailer Expert

Chris R.


There are Add-On Step kits available, but TorkLift doesn't recommend using them on the 6-step assemblies. Because of this your best option is to just have a separate, simple step stool handy (such as # SASXLA-09C-G) to use when needed.



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