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How to Measure for Motorhome Steps

How to Measure for Motorhome Steps

Thinking about replacing those rusty old steps on your motorhome? Or maybe you want to upgrade to a sturdier step that feels like it was actually made to support adult humans? Every RV is different, therefore there's no "one-size-fits-all" step out there. Fortunately, it's super easy to measure for replacement steps and choose the right model for your rig!Note: You always want to follow any measurement instructions that come with your step or that are recommended by your step manufacturer. Measurement requirements can differ slightly between models. However, generally speaking, most steps require two main measurements:1. Your mounting dimensions2. The distance between your mounting point to the groundLet's get started!

Step 1: Measure Mounting Width & Depth

Motorhome steps generally mount to the underside of the camper chassis, directly beneath the doorway. To decide which size you'll need, locate the space available underneath your camper that lines up with the doorframe, then measure the width and depth. For the width, measure the distance between the factory mounting brackets. For depth, make sure you have enough room for your new mounting plate without encountering other components beneath your RV.
Measuring Mounting Width for Motorhome Step Replacement
Measuring Mounting Depth of Motorhome Step Replacements

Step 2: Measure Entry Height

Make sure your RV is level, then measure from the mounting point to the ground. This is called your entry height. The entry height should roughly match the height of the steps when they're fully extended, plus 6" to 8" to account for the drop from the bottom step to the ground.
Example: If your entry height is 24" from the mounting point to the ground, your steps should be about 16"-18" when extended. 16" step + 8" to ground = 24" entry height
Entry Height - Measure from Ground to Top of Threshold

Bolt Hole Patterns

If you don't want to drill new holes into your RV and want to go the extra step, we recommend measuring your existing bolt pattern on either your old steps or under your RV on the mounting plate. Measure from center to center of the horizontal holes, and then center to center of the vertical mounting holes. Then you can match your new mounting plate holes up with the old and drill into the pre-existing holes.
Bolt Pattern on Motorhome Steps
A Note on Outriggers: Depending on your steps, you may need outriggers for installation. Outriggers bolt to your RV frame and provide brackets for the steps to attach to, in particular when the old steps were longer or wider than the new steps.The specific location and orientation of the outriggers depends on the RV/trailer. However, the general instructions for installing steps and outriggers is as follows:
  • Ensure step is completely backed up against the step supports on frame.
  • Insert carriage bolts and flange lock nuts. Tighten down only until snug in order to make adjustments.
  • Verify that the step housing is square, level to the outrigger, and plumb to the chassis. Then, tighten the carriage bolts down.
  • Attach tech screws through the step supports, to the step supports on the chassis.
  • Attach lag bolt or bolts to floor through the outer end holes in the outrigger.
RV Step Outrigger
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I am looking to replace my camper steps on our 2015 Forest River Vengeance 377V. They are the old 3 step fold up ones. I want to go with the newer aluminum folding steps. Would like the 4 step model if possible. The measurements are 27 1/2 wide, 15 3/4 deep and 35 1/2 high. I measured just like it said to on the site. Not sure what will fit. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks you, Darrick

David B.


Darrick, when you say folding steps are you meaning this, TorkLift GlowStep Revolution Uprising Steps w/ Booster Step - 4 Steps - 28" Base - 325 lbs # TLA9005?



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