Electric Trailer Brake Kit w/ Dust Shields - Self-Adjusting - 12-1/4" - Left/Right Hand - 10K

Electric Trailer Brake Kit w/ Dust Shields - Self-Adjusting - 12-1/4" - Left/Right Hand - 10K

Item # AKEBRK-10

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Electric Trailer Brake Kit w/ Dust Shields - Self-Adjusting - 12-1/4" - Left/Right Hand - 10K Self Adjust AKEBRK-10
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Self-adjusting electric brakes measure 12-1/4" x 3-3/8". Brake pads are made of durable friction material for improved braking. E-coated backing plates resist rust. Dust shields protect from debris. Fit 15" or larger wheels. Lowest Prices for the best trailer brakes from etrailer. Electric Trailer Brake Kit w/ Dust Shields - Self-Adjusting - 12-1/4" - Left/Right Hand - 10K part number AKEBRK-10 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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etrailer by AxleTek Trailer Brakes - AKEBRK-10

  • Electric Drum Brakes
  • 10000 lbs Axle
  • 12-1/4 x 3-3/8 Inch Drum
  • 16 Inch Wheel
  • 16-1/2 Inch Wheel
  • 17 Inch Wheel
  • 17-1/2 Inch Wheel
  • etrailer
  • Self Adjust
  • Brake Set

Self-adjusting electric brakes measure 12-1/4" x 3-3/8". Brake pads are made of durable friction material for improved braking. E-coated backing plates resist rust. Dust shields protect from debris. Fit 15" or larger wheels.


  • Electric brakes are easier to install and offer more user control than hydraulic brakes
    • Require only an electric brake controller (sold separately) - no actuator or hydraulic lines necessary
  • Automotive-grade friction material is molded to brake shoes
    • Pads are fully bonded - not riveted - to shoes for long life and more braking torque
    • Less chance of cracking and crumbling that can lead to mechanical lockup, thanks to tapered edge and circular grinding
  • Self-adjusting brakes do not require periodic manual adjustment like standard brakes
    • Fine-tooth brake adjustment gears allow for a more precise setting
  • Dust shields protect from debris while you're towing
  • E-coated backing plates resist wear and corrosion
  • Adjuster plugs (included) cover access holes to keep dirt and grime out of the assemblies and off of the shoes
  • Left-hand (driver's-side) brake assembly and right-hand (passenger's-side) brake assembly included
    • Mounting bolts and hardware (BRKH122510) sold separately
  • QAI and CSA certified


  • Application: most standard hub-and-drum assemblies, including Dexter and Lippert (LCI)
  • Dimensions: 12-1/4" diameter x 3-3/8" wide
  • Mounting flange bolt pattern: 7 bolt
  • Wheel size: 15" or larger
  • Axle rating: 10,000 lbs
  • Limited 1-year warranty

Self-Adjusting Brakes Don't Require Routine Adjustment

Standard electric brake assemblies require manual adjustment of the brake shoes over time to provide longer-lasting and more efficient braking performance. With self-adjusting brakes, the brake shoes are always properly aligned, so there's no need to manually adjust the brakes after the initial adjustment. As a result, you get optimum performance without having to take the time to continually perform this type of maintenance.

Thoroughly Tested for Safety

These brake assemblies meet the requirements for certification by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). The CSA creates standards, which when complied with ensure a safe and quality product. These brake assemblies underwent extensive testing to measure stopping distances when braking. These brakes have also been tested by QAI for braking performance in a complete automotive setup and under real-world conditions to provide the most realistic scenario for the everyday driver.

Automotive-Grade Friction Material

Each shoe on these brake assemblies is lined with automotive-grade friction material for improved stopping performance and longevity. The friction material is fully bonded onto the surface of the brake shoe. This lining is custom-molded for a perfect fit. The edges are tapered to ensure long-lasting performance. This taper, along with the circular grinding that the lining undergoes, helps to prevent cracking and crumbling. This durability helps to prevent mechanical lockup, which can occur when brake shoes are excessively worn or broken.

The friction material is also SAE-N certified, which means that it is an environmentally safe product that complies with California and Washington regulations regarding the composition of brake pads. As a result, this material not only provides high-performance braking that can endure the test of time, but it is also environmentally friendly and safe for use throughout the United States and Canada.

B1210E-11 AxleTek 12-1/4" x 3-3/8" LH Self-Adjusting Electric Brake Assembly - Drivers Side - 10K Axles - Dust Shield

B1210E-12 AxleTek 12-1/4" x 3-3/8" RH Self-Adjusting Electric Brake Assembly - Passengers Side - 10K Axles - Dust Shield

Video of Electric Trailer Brake Kit w/ Dust Shields - Self-Adjusting - 12-1/4" - Left/Right Hand - 10K

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for etrailer Self-Adjusting Electric Trailer Brake Kit Review

Speaker 1: Today we're gonna be taking a look at the self adjusting 12 and one quarter inch diameter electric trailer brake kit with dust shields for both the left and right hand side for 10,000 pound axles, part number AKEBRK-10. Here's what our brakes are gonna look like, now the really nice things about this set is the fact that it's gonna be a complete unit, we're not gonna have to worry about replacing springs or individual pieces, it's just gonna be a simple bolt on design.Our brakes our a self adjusting design which means that once we have them set initially we're not gonna have to crawl underneath our trailer and mess with adjusting the brakes because they're gonna do it for us, which is really a nice thing because it's one less thing that we have to worry about. The way we're gonna make our initial adjustment is gonna be at the plug back here, it's gonna keep all that dirt and debris out from the inside of our brakes, we're gonna have a fine toothed gear to get our brakes set how we like them and set the initial tension.Our pads are gonna be bonded, not riveted, so we're not gonna have to worry about those rivets gouging into our drums and we're gonna have a nice tapered edge that's machine cut rather than snapped off so we don't have to worry about any kind of chipping or breaking on the edges here which is gonna give us more braking torque and give us a long lasting brake pad. Our brake assemblies are gonna be a 12 and one quarter inch diameter and they're gonna be three and three-eights inches wide. They do have a seven bolt mounting flange so make sure to check your trailer and make sure they'll match up and they are designed to work with 10,000 pound axles. Just keep in mind that the mounting hardware is sold separately, but you can pick it up on our website at etrailer.com.Now that we've seen what our brakes look like and gone over some of the features let's show you how to get them installed.

In order to get our new parts on we're gonna have to take our old parts off. We're gonna start by taking off our oil cap. Now we have already drained our oil and if you haven't it would be a good time to go ahead and pull the cap and get as much oil out as you can so you don't make a big mess. In order to get the nut off we're gonna have to bend these tabs out of the way so that we can spin it off. We're gonna take a flathead screwdriver and a hammer and tap them out of the way.

Take a large pair of channel locks and loosen that nut up and start pulling everything off. Remove the outer nut and then the retaining washer then the inner nut and we can pull the flat washers that was behind it off and then finally you can start working our drum back and once we have enough room we can pull the bearing out.Now would be a good time to go ahead and inspect the bearing for any kind of wear or any scoring or major heat marks before we get too far into it. We'll go ahead and clean it off and make sure that our bearing's in good shape. Now with our outer bearing and all the nuts removed we'll go ahead and grab our drum and we're gonna start working it off the spindle so we want to be careful because it is rather heavy. Make sure you have a firm grip on it and you can remove it and set it aside for now.

With the drum off now would be a good time to go ahead and inspect the spindle and all the other components on the inside, cleaning it off, making sure there's no major wear on the spindle or anywhere else. On the backside of our brake we're gonna have our electrical wires. We're gonna go ahead and cut them so that we can remove the brake and not have to worry about it hanging up. Just want to make sure you give yourself enough slack so we can reattach the new ones.On the outer side of our brake assembly we're gonna have several bolts that are holding it in place, we're gonna have three on each side and there's actually gonna be one directly behind the magnet here at the bottom. Now there is a bolt so there is a nut on the backside but to help out I'm gonna take a five-eighths socket and I'm gonna break them loose and let them free spin so it's not so tough getting them off.

Now if you can't break the bolts loose on the front side you can take a large ratchet or breaker bar and break the nuts loose on the backside, making it a little bit easier for those nuts to come off.Then I'm gonna take an 11-16ths wrench and hold the nut on the backside while I use a five-eighths socket to remove the bolt. We'll repeat that for all the remaining hardware. The last bolt at the bottom of our brake assembly is gonna be rather hard to get to but since we're replacing our brake assembly you can take a flathead screwdriver and coming in to where the magnet is you want to pop that clip out that's holding the magnet in place that way we can pull the magnet off and have a little bit more room to work with. It still may be a little difficult to get to but with the magnet out of the way it'll be a little bit easier. Now with all the hardware removed we can remove our brake assembly and it may be stuck on there pretty good, just grab a hammer and give it a few taps on the backside and it'll break it free and we can remove it.We'll go ahead and clean off the axle here, you don't need to make it spotless you just wanna get the big debris off so it's not gonna interfere with us putting our new assembly on. We can take our brake assembly and go ahead and slide it over the spindle and the axle. I want to mention that there is a sticker that's gonna tell you that it's right hand and also right at the top of our brake assembly it's gonna be stamped into this piece of metal right here. However if both of those are worn, the sticker's missing, or you just can't find it the easiest way is gonna be looking at the brake shoes themselves. With the magnet on the bottom you'll notice that the shoes are gonna be two different sizes, the smaller one is always gonna be going towards the front of the trailer so we know this is gonna be the right hand side because we're working on the right side and the smaller shoe is facing towards the front.Since our hardware holding our brake assembly on is pretty worn and rusted you can see that's covered in rust and half the threads are rolled over it's really not gonna be safe to use those so we're gonna be replacing it with a new hardware kit. You can just line up the holes on our backing plate and on the axle and we're gonna put our bolts in place and then we can get the rest of the hardware in. One thing to keep in mind is you want to watch your wires, make sure they're out of the way and they don't get pinched in between the backing plate and the brake assembly.Now just like what came off we're gonna be putting on a lock washer and then a hex nut to hold the bolts in place. Just gonna get all these on there hand tight so we don't have to worry about the assembly shifting or falling down. We're gonna get ready to connect the wires coming off of our brake assembly to the wires that are running up front. We're gonna go ahead and strip back the ends of our wires and they give you plenty of wire here on the brake assembly so we're gonna make sure that we have enough that's not gonna get tangled up but that we also have enough slack so the suspension can still move.We're gonna have two yellow wires coming off the end, now it doesn't matter which one we connect to but we're gonna take a butt connector, now these aren't included in the kit but you can pick some up on our website, and we're gonna crimp our butt connector in place onto each one of our wires. We're gonna take each one of our yellow wires and I'm actually gonna strip back a little bit more since they're thinner wires.Now since I stripped off more than normal what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna twist my wire together, I'm actually gonna fold it in half because it is a rather small gauge wire and that butt connector will grab onto it a little bit better so I'll do that for each one of my wires then we can make our connections in our butt connector. These are heat shrink butt connectors so I'm gonna take a heat gun and shrink them down, I just want to mention if you are using an open flame like a torch or a lighter you want to be extra careful not to burn or charr the wires or the connectors themselves. Now since this connection is on the outside I'm gonna take some electrical tape and I'm gonna wrap up my connectors to help protect them a little bit better.Now I'm gonna take a couple zip ties and tie the excess cable around the axle again just making sure that I leave myself enough room for the suspension to flex. Just want to make sure that the wires aren't gonna rub or chafe against anything and they're gonna be nice and out of the way. With our wire connections made we can come back and tighten up our seven bolts holding our assembly on the axle. Again I'm gonna be using a five-eighths socket to hold the head of the bolt and an 11-16ths wrench to hold the nut on the backside. I'm just gonna go around and snug them all up before I tighten them all the way. Now for the one that's behind the magnet you're gonna want to take a five-eighths wrench and kind of sneak it in underneath the spindle here to where you get ahold of it and then on the backside you're gonna want to take either a ratchet wrench or a socket and snug up the nut on the backside. Now that we have this side done we'll go ahead and repeat that for the other side.Before we put our drum back in place we want to make sure that our spindle is nice and clean because we don't want any dirt or debris or anything else getting in the way preventing our drum or the seal from seating properly. We can clean any kind of debris that got in the hub, clean that out, we're gonna start putting our bearings and all the washers back in place. We're gonna remove our cap to fill our oil and we can fill our hub back up. Once it's full we can replace the cap and then we can adjust our brakes.On the back here we're gonna have a couple plugs, just take a flathead screwdriver and we can pop them out so that we can access the gear to make our initial adjustment for our brakes. We can either get a brake adjustment tool or a flathead screwdriver and we're gonna want to turn that gear until the brakes are adjusted the way we want. Make a couple turns then we can spin our hub and see how much drag and how much movement we have. Once our brakes are adjusted we can go ahead and put our plug back in place.That'll finish up your look at the self adjusting electric trailer brake kit with dust shields for both the left and right hand side for 10,000 pound axles, part number AKEBRK-10.

Customer Reviews

Electric Trailer Brake Kit w/ Dust Shields - Self-Adjusting - 12-1/4" - Left/Right Hand - 10K - AKEBRK-10

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (17 Customer Reviews)

Self-adjusting electric brakes measure 12-1/4" x 3-3/8". Brake pads are made of durable friction material for improved braking. E-coated backing plates resist rust. Dust shields protect from debris. Fit 15" or larger wheels.


Fast shipping and fit perfect 360708


I had a great. Response from Robert he done my order it was delivered on time. Thank them. 577396


product worked very well the packaging could have been better one of the shoe had a little piece out of it because of poor packing the customer service when ordering and the timely shipping was great 571676


Good fit , easy install. 451813


etrailer.com is the best all of my brakes and they came quicker than I expected they install and matched up perfectly replace my old brakes in no time the product is just as it says I will definitely be using them in the future for all my trailer brake work and parts thank you etrailer.com restart 717880


parts arrived quicker than I expected and exactly as advertised...I will definitely use this company in the future! 714924


Good parts and excellent service 636317


Good pricing, easy install was the best and cheapest way to replace the brakes on my 9 ton trailer. 619310


Very courteous service and the end result was just as promised. We got them just in time and they are working good, only problem is I should have bit the bullet and ordered another set which I will probably do in the future. Thanks very much, Tim 614600


The rep that assisted me with the order was outstanding, the shipping was super fast and on time The parts arrived in perfect shape and were correct for my axles Thank you for having the correct OEM parts in stock and at a great low price 602022


Very satisfied with your product! 570406


Very fast shipping, great service. Replacement brake assy and seals 563068


etrailer had exactly what I needed at a good price, fast shipping 547458


Madison professionally helped me with my order. Quality product, quality personnel. 505384


Thanks for checking with me George. No problems at all. Just today I suggested your company to a thread discussion on a tractor website I frequent. Good product. Good service.

Richard - 05/09/2019


Excellent, no problems at all.

Richard - 05/19/2019



Fit great. Good quality 458262


affordable price, great selection, fast shipping, all made easy 449857


Customer service was great. Found my parts on line, but I still had a few questions so I called in. The person who answer seemed to be very knowledgeable on the products they were selling. 443039


Ask the Experts about this etrailer Trailer Brakes

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  • Replacement 12-1/4 Inch x 3-3/8 Inch Braking Assembly with Four Bolt Brake Mounting Flange
  • If the braking assemblies you have now are indeed 12-1/4" x 3-3/8" and use a four bolt brake mounting flange then you are going to want to use the Electric Trailer Brake Kit w/ Dust Shields part # AKEBRK-8, not the Electric Trailer Brake Kit w/ Dust Shields part # AKEBRK-10. I have attached a photo which shows the correct way to measure your braking assembles for replacement. You will also need to verify that the bolt holes on your brake mounting flange are 3-7/16" apart on center from...
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  • Trouble Removing Spindle Nut On Dexter 10K Axle
  • Thank you for your purchase of the Electric Trailer Brake Kit w/ Dust Shields part # AKEBRK-10. In some cases, you can remove the spindle nut with a set of channel locks but in others you will need to use a socket and ratchet or even possible a breaker bar depending on how long the spindle nut has been on there. If you have access to a torch you can heat the nut up as that will help to remove it but otherwise you just need to use more force. For a new tang washer you can use part # 5-59.
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  • Converting Drum Brakes On A Dexter Military Trailer Axle With 8 On 6-1/2
  • I would be happy to help you choose the correct brake setup for your Dexter Torflex Axle, however there are no manufacturers that currently make electric disc brakes. All disc brakes are powered by a hydraulic cylinder. If you wish to use a disc brake setup controlled by an in-cab brake controller, you will want to consider the HydraStar Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator for Disc Brakes part # HBA16 and an electric brake controller such as the Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Trailer Brake Controller...
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  • Will etrailer.com 12-1/4 inch by 3-3/8 inch Brake Assemblies Replace Dexter Brand
  • For your Dexter drums that take assemblies that are 12-1/4 inch by 3-3/8 inch our etrailer.com brand asssembly set part # AKEBRK-10 is a confirmed fit and will save you money over the Dexter kit # 23-450-451. These are both kits for 10k axles. If instead you have 8k you'd need # AKEBRK-8 for etrailer.com brand and # 23-434-435 for Dexter.
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  • Replacement Brake Magnets for Kauffman Trailer with 10k Lippert Axles
  • The size brake assembly you mentioned of 12-1/4 inch by 3-1/8 inch is not a standard size for a 10k Lippert axle but it's pretty close to standard sizes in width. The diameter of 12-1/4 inch is fine but the widths typically are 3-1/2 inch or 3-3/8 inch. What it looks like you have is the AxleTek or etrailer.com assemblies part # AKEBRK-10 based on the picture you submitted. Which for that you could use the magnet part # BP01-301 for.
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  • Replacement Self-Adjusting 12-1/4 x 3-3/8-Inch Electric Drum Trailer Brakes to Replace 023-451-00
  • Brake part 023-451-00 refers to a right-hand Dexter electric drum brake for 9K and 10K-rated axles. The brake dimensions are 12-1/4-inch diameter and 3-3/8-inch width. We do offer this size of brake in 8K, 9K and 10K axle capacities in the self-adjusting variety; these are shown on the linked page. The best value among all is the 10K-rated etrailer Axle Teknology brake pair # AKEBRK-10. These drum brakes work with wheels from 15-inches up to 17-1/2-inches. These use a 7-bolt mounting...
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  • Individual Assemblies that Come with Electric Trailer Brake Kit # AKEBRK-10
  • Yes, the left and right hand assemblies of the kit part number # AKEBRK-10 are available as part numbers # AKEBRK-10R for the right hand side and part # AKEBRK-10L for the left hand side. The kit does not include anything beyond just the two assemblies so if you happen to catch our pricing algorithm offering them individually at a better price that's what I would recommend you go with!
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  • Inner Brake Drum Dimension of Dexter Drum 009-044-01 to Brake Dust Shield Mounting Flange
  • I went out to our warehouse to measure the Dexter Trailer Brake Drum # 9-44-1 drum for you. From the inside wall to the inside lip the measurement is 4-1/2 inches where it will come to the dust shield of the brake assembly where it mounts to the axle flange. The brake assembly I recommend for that hub is the Electric Trailer Brake Kit w/ Dust Shields - Self-Adjusting - 12-1/4" - Left/Right Hand - 10K # AKEBRK-10.
    view full answer...

  • Does Brake Width Matter for Brake Assemblies on a 10K Trailer Axle
  • The closest brake assemblies that we have to your 12-1/2" x 3-1/2" measurements come in the Brake Kit # 10257-59 and are 12-1/4" x 3-1/2". The most common measurements for a 10K axle (which from your measurements sounds like you have) are 12-1/4" x 3-3/8" which are found in the Brake Kit # AKEBRK-10 that you referenced. The 12-1/2" diameter measurement that you took is a bit unusual and I couldn't find anything that matches. If you measured your hub and drum assembly then it is possible...
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  • Electric Drum Brake and Hub/Drum for 10K Axle
  • I linked our main page for all electric drum brakes rated for a 10K axle. These are all 12-1/4-inch diameter but vary in width; 3-1/2-, 3-3/8- and 4-inch widths are available. We have these in both manual-adjust and self-adjust types. For example, part # AKEBRK-10 is a high-value pair of self-adjusting left- and right-hand brakes in the 12-1/4 x 3-3/8 inch size which fits wheels 15-inches in diameter and larger. These brakes use a 7-bolt mounting pattern. We do offer a 10K oil bath...
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  • Replacement Brake Assembly Recommendation for Big Tex AC20 Car Hauler
  • The brake assembly kit you want is the part # AKEBRK-10 which comes with two self adjusting brake assemblies for the size you need of 12-1/4 inch by 3-3/8 inch. I attached a review video for these assemblies for you to check out as well.
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  • How to Select Replacement Electric Drum Brakes for Tandem Axle Gooseneck Trailer
  • Replacement electric drum brakes needs to be selected based on the axle weight rating to ensure they have the necessary stopping power. We do offer electric drum brakes in your specified size, 12-1/4 x 3-3/8-inches, and this size comes in ratings for 8K, 9K and 10K axles. All are displayed on the linked page. Your axles should have a sticker or plate that indicates their weight rating. You'll also want to note the brake mounting bolt pattern to make sure you choose new brakes that match....
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  • What Bearings and Grease Seals Does a 10,000 Lb Trailer Axle Use
  • If you have a standard 10,000 lb trailer axle then you will need to use a 387A (2.250") inner bearing, 25580 (1.750") outer bearing, and a 10-51 (2.875") grease seal like what is included with the Dexter Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly part # 8-430-5UC3. However, not all 10,000 lb trailer axles use the same bearings and seals therefore you will be wise to measure the spindle where the bearings and seals ride with a digital caliper like part # 301-17068 beforehand. The Electric Trailer...
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  • Brake Assembly Recommendation for BigTex 20ac With 10k Axles
  • The brake assembly set you need for each of your 10k Dexter axles is the part # 23-450-451. This set of left and right assemblies is exactly what your Dexter axles need and they are self adjusting as well.
    view full answer...

  • Where To Start for Adding Electric Brakes to a Trailer
  • Sounds like you are trying to add trailer brakes to a trailer that currently does not have any installed. I attached a help article that will walk you through the entire process, but basically you will need to first determine what spindle you have on your trailer axles so that you can find the right hub/drum to fit the axles. Once you have that figured out you will be able to piece the rest of the parts needed from there. I also attached a picture that shows what info is needed to identify...
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  • Recommended Brake Assemblies for 31 Foot Travel Trailer with Tandem Axles
  • For axles that are roughly 5,000 lbs each base on your 10,000 lb rating, you will need 12 inch brake assemblies for your 31 foot travel trailer. I recommend the Electric Trailer Brake Kit - Self-Adjusting - 12" # AKEBRK-7-SA. If you have hydraulic brakes, you will want # AKFBBRK-7 instead which is a free-backing brake assembly. These assemblies both work with the standard 5 bolt mounting flange on axles of this capacity level. If you meant that each axle was rated for 10,000 lbs,...
    view full answer...

  • Is the Electric Trailer Brake Kit for 10K Axles Sold As a Pair
  • The Electric Trailer Brake Kit part # AKEBRK-10 is sold as a pair, so one left and one right. This kit would be sufficient for one axle which is another way of looking at it. If you need new mounting hardware which I do recommend replacing we have this as well, the Mounting Bolts and Hardware for 12-1/4" Brake Assemblies part # BRKH122510 which is again for a pair, therefore one axle.
    view full answer...

  • Converting Hydraulic Brakes on M105a2 Military Trailer to Electric Brakes
  • To get you the correct fit for your M105a2 trailer, I need to know what is currently on your trailer. We've seen a wide variety of axle capacities from 5,200 lbs to 10,000 lbs. If you can help me with drum/hub dimensions, I can see what we have that may be compatible with your specific trailer. For instance, if you have 12-1/4 x 3-3/8 inch drums, then the Electric Trailer Brake Kit w/ Dust Shields - Self-Adjusting - 12-1/4" - Left/Right Hand - 10K # AKEBRK-10 would be a great option....
    view full answer...

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