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  3. Disc Brakes
  4. 3500 lbs Axle
  5. Rotor
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DeeMaxx Disc Brake Kit - 10" Rotor - 5 on 4-1/2 - Stainless Steel - 3,500 lbs

DeeMaxx Disc Brake Kit - 10" Rotor - 5 on 4-1/2 - Stainless Steel - 3,500 lbs

Item # DE72FR
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Trailer Brakes
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Perfect for towing along the coast or through areas with a ton of snow and road salt, these rustproof, slip-on rotors let you upgrade your trailer brakes to get safer, more consistent braking. Great Prices for the best trailer brakes from DeeMaxx. DeeMaxx Disc Brake Kit - 10" Rotor - 5 on 4-1/2 - Stainless Steel - 3,500 lbs part number DE72FR can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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DeeMaxx Trailer Brakes - DE72FR

  • Disc Brakes
  • 3500 lbs Axle
  • Rotor
  • 14 Inch Wheel
  • 15 Inch Wheel
  • 16 Inch Wheel
  • 16-1/2 Inch Wheel
  • 17 Inch Wheel
  • 17-1/2 Inch Wheel
  • Marine Grade
  • DeeMaxx
  • 5 on 4-1/2 Inch
  • 1/2 Inch Studs

Perfect for towing along the coast or through areas with a ton of snow and road salt, these rustproof, slip-on rotors let you upgrade your trailer brakes to get safer, more consistent braking.


  • Lets you upgrade your trailer from an idler axle to a braking axle for superior performance
  • Perfect for launching your boat in saltwater or towing in areas with a ton of snow, slush, and road salt
    • Stainless steel rotors, calipers, and brackets are rustproof
    • Drainage holes in the hat section allow water to drain easily, further minimizing corrosion
  • Offers dramatically shorter stopping distances and smooth, controlled braking
    • Ceramic brake pads increase stopping power
    • Stainless steel piston provides fast, responsive braking
  • Requires minimal maintenance, saving you time and money
    • Laser-etched instructions on caliper take the guesswork out of installing and bleeding the brakes
  • Slip-on, over-the-hub rotors fit over standard idler hubs and are held in place by your existing wheel bolts
    • No need to replace entire hub-and-rotor assembly if only hub or rotor becomes damaged
    • Vented design dissipates heat faster to prevent premature brake pad wear
    • High-quality, automotive-grade construction is long-lasting
  • Includes assemblies needed to upgrade brakes on 1 axle
    • 2 Slip-on rotors, calipers, and brackets
    • Hydraulic brake actuator rated at 1,500 psi or above and brake lines (sold separately) are required to activate brakes


  • Axle capacity: 3,500 lbs
  • Bolt pattern: 5 on 4-1/2"
  • Rotor diameter: 10-7/8"
  • Piston diameter: 2-1/4"
  • Brake flange configuration: 4 bolt
  • Wheel bolt diameter: 1/2"
  • 7-Year warranty

The DeeMaxx Difference

Close-up image of DeeMaxx disc brake installation

When brakes retain heat, they are more likely to experience brake fade, or loss of braking power. DeeMaxx addresses this problem by incorporating drainage holes in the hat section of each vented rotor to provide even more ventilation than other brands. Combining these holes with the conventional venting allows DeeMaxx brakes to disperse heat faster. They're also able to shed moisture better, leading to less internal corrosion. The result is cooler-running, longer-lasting brakes that offer consistent performance.

DeeMaxx brakes are the only trailer brakes to satisfactorily pass the high standards of the SAE J2681 brake test. This test is designed to evaluate the friction performance of automotive brakes, so DeeMaxx's passing grade should tell you just how well made these products are.

Close-up image of DeeMaxx disc brake installation of brackets

The patented design of the caliper mounting bolt and sleeve makes installation easier while ensuring that the sleeves stay in place within the caliper. In addition, the side-support design of the caliper mounting bracket puts all of the weight on the bracket instead of on the bolts. This reduces premature wear and extends the life of the bolts, further ensuring optimal performance.

DeeMaxx brakes perform well even in the most demanding environments, which is one of the many reasons why they are preferred by law enforcement agencies like the Texas State Patrol, U.S. Border Patrol, and U.S. Coast Guard.

Perfect for Boat Trailers

Living the salt life is all fun and games until your boat trailer starts to corrode. And if your brakes are corroded, it's not just unsafe, it could leave your travel plans dead in the water.

disc brake with signs of heavy rust and corrosion

From the saltwater at Daytona Beach to the road salt, snow, and slush in Duluth, salt solutions in any form can wreak havoc on the metal components of your trailer. Unless the metal in question is stainless steel. It doesn't get much better than stainless when it comes to corrosion resistance, and the metal's resistance to extreme temperatures can also help prevent issues with warping, which could lead to serious mechanical problems. So, if you want to avoid a rusted-out assembly like the one pictured above, these rotors are the way to go.

If you live somewhere where you only get the occasional snowstorm, or if your boat is in freshwater more often, stainless steel brakes may be a bit of overkill and DeeMaxx's Maxx coating will probably have you covered.

Get a Safer, More Comfortable Ride

Say goodbye to the days of your truck being pushed and pulled by your trailer. Disc brakes provide a safer, more comfortable ride than drum brakes. They offer shorter stopping distances and deliver consistent braking - even at highway speeds. So, you won't have to worry about things crashing around in your trailer or camper next time you reach unexpected traffic on the highway or debate if you can actually stop before that yellow light turns red.

Save Time and Money

More and more people are switching their trailers over to disc brakes. Not only do disc brakes provide more controlled braking than drum brakes, but they also save you money by having fewer parts to maintain.

side-by-side comparison of an electric drum brake and a hydraulic disc brake

Unlike drum brakes, which have springs, magnets, and shoes that may need to be continually adjusted or replaced, disc brakes are virtually maintenance-free. There are no springs, cables, or other little components that you'll need to worry about failing.

a stainless steel DeeMaxx disc brake caliper with the brake pads inserted

The brake pads will naturally wear down, so eventually you'll have to replace them. But these pads are also way easier to replace than drum brake shoes. And the caliper - where the pads are housed - is located on the outside of the brake assembly. This means you just have to remove that one part to replace the brake pads rather than having to remove the entire assembly like you would with drum brakes. The same is true for the slip-on rotors in this kit.

instructions on how to bleed brakes laser etched into the back of a DeeMaxx disc brake caliper

DeeMaxx also has simple instructions for bleeding the brakes laser-etched on the back of the calipers. This convenient time saver means you'll always have the guidance you need on hand when the time comes for maintenance.

DBSO-3.5K-SS Dee Maxx Slip Over Disc Brakes - 10-7/8" Rotor - 5 on 4-1/2 - Stainless Steel - 3,500 lbs

Video of DeeMaxx Disc Brake Kit - 10" Rotor - 5 on 4-1/2 - Stainless Steel - 3,500 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for DeeMaxx Disc Brake Kit Review

Hello neighbors, it's Brad here at etrailer, and today we're taking a look at the DeeMaxx line of disc brakes. Now these are gonna be available in a bunch of different configurations from axles rating from 3,500, all the way up to 16,000. It's also gonna be available in a number of different coatings as well as a number of different bolt patterns. So you're gonna be able to match your needs of your trailer with these disc brakes. Now today we have these installed on a fifth wheel camper with 7,000 pound axles, and this is a great application for any RV. But also you're gonna find these on horse trailers, utility trailers, and also marine trailers.

So that means that it's able to be used with a surge actuator as well as your electric over-hydraulic brake actuator. Now what's gonna sets these apart is definitely gonna be the rotor design. And you're gonna notice right away, we have these holes here on our hat of the rotor. And what makes that a little bit more unique than your typical one is not only is it gonna cool because that heat is gonna be able to kind of dissipate through those holes, but also it's really important for anyone that does any marine usage of their trailer, or even driving in inclement weather where water kind of gets caught in the backside of this. And the problem with other rotors is that water just kind of spins around, and as you park, it's gonna sit at the bottom, and if you park your trailer for a while that's gonna eat away at that rotor.

And this actually allows it, for it to drain out. Another great part about this is when they're able to put the coating on the rotor it gets nice and uniform, there's no drip marks. So again, you get a little bit more uniformity and overall better quality. Now speaking of that coating, depending on which DeeMaxx brace you go with they're gonna have a zinc coating. Here we have our Dacromet coating and also there's gonna be stainless steel.

Now what also sets these apart and really comes down to being heavy duty is gonna be a robust caliper design. It's 28% thicker than your standard calipers out there and it's gonna promote a little bit more even pad wear. It also prevents the caliper from splitting. So over time these can kind of get thin here, and when that cracks, well there goes your brakes. And many times with other brakes you are kind of left with only a few different ways to mount up where your caliper's gonna go.

And you can see there's plenty of holes available. You can really mount this in a number of different ways, so for clearance issues, that makes it nice and easy. You also have two bleed screws so you're able to bleed it from a number of different locations. So you are able to do that at 120 degrees, whereas normally when you're bleeding, you're stuck with 90 degrees, and that's just gonna kind of limit you and just make it a little bit more tricky as far as getting these installed. So here on our caliper you can see our two bleed screws here. What's really nice too is they've laser etched on the back here to let you know that you have both of these able to bleed. But also they give you the torque settings for when putting your caliper bolts in place. So that's really nice if you do take these off and you go, I forget the torque setting, no problem, it's on here. And that really just kind of goes to the quality of their products. They've really taken a lot of time to make sure that there's quality in every step of the way. And that even goes to your brass fitting here. It's quite a bit thicker than some of the other ones you've seen, and you're able to actually get a wrench on here if you have to rotate it and not really worry about cracking it. Some of your other brass fittings, you gotta be real careful 'cause that can snap. This one's definitely a little bit more robust Now depending on your application some of them will come standard with Kevlar brake pads. And your standard pads are gonna be great, but having Kevlar means that you're gonna have much longer life. And also the design of the brake pads is really nice too because you have these metal dowels here as well as a kind of unique clip here, and that just really makes sure that these aren't gonna be popping out anytime. So with that pressure against the rotor it really does just kind of keep this in place. You can see once we have this snapped in, those are gonna keep these nice and aligned. The internal seals on our brake piston are going to be EPD and rubber, which is definitely made for holding up to a lot of high temperatures as well as cold temperatures. And it is really great stuff. It's made in the U.S., and that's gonna really prolong the life of the piston and really the main moving mechanism of your brakes. So that means that your caliper you shouldn't have to replace for a long time. Now your dust boot here on your grease cap is gonna be made of silicone. This can be exposed to UV and it's not gonna break down over time, as we've seen some of the other rubbers that they use will start to get brittle and crack and then you have grease coming out of them. Now here we have an integrated hub and rotor one piece assembly, which is really nice. It's gonna keep any uneven wear on the rotor down to a minimum because you don't have that kind of moving around. It's all one piece, and that's just gonna keep it nice and solid. You do have the availability to also get it in just a standard rotor as well. Now when picking up your disc brakes, it does come in a quantity of two so you'll have enough for one axle. So if you have a tandem or triple axle you'll just need to order accordingly to make sure that you have them all. Now, as far as the other components that you'll need you are gonna need to pick up hydraulic line kit and also an actuator. And when choosing an actuator make sure you get one that's rated for 1,600 PSI minimum for these to operate. Now if you're wondering about the quality and just overall how they perform compared to those out out on the market, they've done third party independent testing and these, with flying colors, passed. They've also passed plenty of SAE tests that other brake manufacturers aren't actually required to do, and they're also contracted by the military for some of their vehicles to use them, so if that's not enough, we've also done a little bit of a test on our own with the electric drum brakes before and we're gonna do an after. So stick around and see how it performs. It's not exactly out on the highway testing, but what we've done is we've gotten up to about 15 miles per hour in our parking lot and just used the trailer brakes at full gain and allowed the drum brakes to do what they can to stop it. Now we've gone ahead and done the exact same breaking test, now just with our DeeMaxx brakes installed. Now for a quick visual reference, you can see our cone over here to my left and that's where the front of the truck was before with those drum breaks. You can kind of see where his truck is now, so obviously it's made a huge difference. We went from 117 foot down to 53, so more than half of what we had before. Imagine that being a car on the highway and you have to make a quick movement, instead of being there, you can be here. And that was a look at the line of DeeMaxx disc brakes.

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DeeMaxx Disc Brake Kit - 10" Rotor - 5 on 4-1/2 - Stainless Steel - 3,500 lbs - DE72FR

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (2 Customer Reviews)

Perfect for towing along the coast or through areas with a ton of snow and road salt, these rustproof, slip-on rotors let you upgrade your trailer brakes to get safer, more consistent braking.




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