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  3. 7000 lbs
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Dexter Trailer Axle Beam with E-Z Lube Spindles - 95" Long - 7,000 lbs

Dexter Trailer Axle Beam with E-Z Lube Spindles - 95" Long - 7,000 lbs

Item # 8327834
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8327834 - 7000 lbs Dexter Axle Trailer Axles
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Trailer axle beam measures 95" from hub face to hub face (when hubs - sold separately - are mounted) and 80" from spring center to spring center. E-Z Lube spindles make it easy to lubricate bearings (sold separately). Lowest Prices for the best trailer axles from Dexter Axle. Dexter Trailer Axle Beam with E-Z Lube Spindles - 95" Long - 7,000 lbs part number 8327834 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Dexter Axle Trailer Axles - 8327834

  • 7000 lbs
  • 95 Inch Long
  • Leaf Spring Suspension
  • No Hubs
  • 80 Inch
  • Spindles Only
  • Dexter Axle
  • EZ-Lube Spindles

Trailer axle beam measures 95" from hub face to hub face (when hubs - sold separately - are mounted) and 80" from spring center to spring center. E-Z Lube spindles make it easy to lubricate bearings (sold separately).


  • Axle beam acts as part of your trailer's suspension system
    • Replace an axle on your trailer
    • Fabricate a suspension to fit your application
  • High-strength steel construction
  • Bend in axle creates zero camber angle for even road-to-tread contact across the width of your trailer's tires
    • Best for straight-line acceleration and steady, controlled towing
  • Underslung design - spring seats welded to underside of axle for mounting leaf springs (sold separately)
    • Low ride height makes it easier to load and unload your trailer
  • Straight, E-Z Lube spindles - no drop
    • Built-in grease zerks for simple lubrication
  • Spring seats, brake flanges, and spindles are welded on
  • Made in the USA


  • Weight capacity: 7,000 lbs
  • Hub-face-to-hub-face length: 95"
  • Spring-center-to-spring-center length: 80"
  • Tubing outer diameter: 3"
  • Bearings (sold separately):
    • Inner bearing: 25580
    • Outer bearing: 14125A
  • Brake flange configuration: 5 bolt
  • Limited 5-year warranty

Axle Dimensions

Hub Face and Spring Center Measurements on Standard Trailer Axle

There are multiple ways to measure the length of an axle beam, but the hub-face-to-hub-face and spring-center-to-spring-center lengths are the most accurate. Hub face (A) refers to the length of the axle measured from the base of one wheel stud to the base of the wheel stud on the opposite side of the axle (when hubs are mounted on the beam).

The spring center (B) is the approximate width of your trailer. It is measured from the center of the spring seat on one side of the axle to the center of the seat on the other. This axle beam comes with the spring seats welded on.

If you are replacing your trailer's axle, you should be able to figure out which type you need by determining your trailer's capacity, the bolt pattern of your wheels, the brake type and the aforementioned lengths.

E-Z Lube Spindles Make Lubrication Simple

The E-Z Lube spindles on this axle are meant to work with E-Z Lube-compatible hubs to make lubricating your bearings quick and easy. Each E-Z Lube spindle has a zerk fitting on the end. And every E-Z Lube hub comes with a grease cap that has an easy-to-remove rubber plug. Just pop out the plug on the cap to access the zerk on the spindle. When you inject grease into the zerk with a grease gun, the grease will flow to both the inner and outer bearings of the hub, lubricating the bearings and forcing out old, ineffective grease. Once you see new grease beginning to be pushed out, you know that your bearings are fully lubricated. This means that you can lubricate the bearings without the mess of taking apart the entire assembly.

Dexter Axles

Dexter axles are made of high-strength steel and come with spindles and spring seats welded on. The spring seats are attached to the underside of the axle so that the leaf springs (sold separately) can mount beneath the axle. The result of this underslung design is a trailer that rides a bit lower for quick and easy loading and unloading.

Each axle is manufactured to create a certain camber angle. This ensures that the angle of the wheels is correct for your towing needs. Because the primary concern when towing is maintaining controlled, in-line movement, each axle is made so that your trailer's tires will run along the pavement evenly, with contact across the width of the tread. The result is excellent straight-line acceleration for steady, in-line tracking. You might notice the bend near the center of the axle; this is what ensures the proper camber angle. Having the center ride a bit higher and the sides of the axle bent lower allows the axle to give just enough to compensate for the load.

8327834 Dexter Replacement Axle Beam - Easy Lube - 95" Hub Face - 80" Spring Center - 7,000 lbs

Video of Dexter Trailer Axle Beam with E-Z Lube Spindles - 95" Long - 7,000 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Review of Dexter Axle Trailer Axles - Leaf Spring Suspension - 8327834

Ellen: Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at etrailer.com. Today we're taking a look at the Dexter Trailer Axle Beam with easy lube spindles. Now, our axle is going to be a very important component of our suspension system. It's going to replace either an existing axle on our trailer or help us to fabricate a new system for our trailer application. So this is going to be a pretty heavy duty axle beam.

It is rated for 7,000 pounds max capacity, and this has a total length of 95 inches measuring from hub face to hub face. Now, the hubs don't come with this. You will have to purchase them separately, but you can find those here at etrailer.com, as well as the other components to get this installed, including the electric brakes, bearings, braces, seals and all that good stuff.Now, this is going to have a high steel construction. You might notice that there's a little bit of a bend in that beam. That's to help give us a zero camber.

So that basically means that there's no tilt in and out for our wheels. So it's just going to give us a straight line acceleration and that also helps our tires to wear evenly all the way across the width of that tire. At the ends here, you'll see we'll have our five bolt flange for our brakes to mount up to. It comes with these little caps on either end to keep the spindle relatively lubricated and rust free in transit. It does come with the D washer, the nut, and the keeper on the end to keep everything in place.

Then you'll notice that grease Zerk on the end, so that's our easy lube spindle there. It makes it a lot easier to do the maintenance on our trailer axle so we can just pop on our grease gun, pump it up full of grease to top it off, and that makes it easier than having to pull the whole thing apart, unpack those bearings or pull the whole cap off to get grease inside.Now, whenever you do install this and you have those bearings, initially you'll want to pack the bearings full of grease by hand because that's the best way to ensure that you're getting grease into all of those little nooks and crannies so that everything is greased up properly, but whenever it comes to just doing that regular maintenance, that grease Zerk on the end is the way to go.Put this back on there. Now, the spring seats are going to be an underslung design, so that means that our trailer leaf springs are going to be mounted to the bottom of the axle, so that helps to drop everything down and give us a little lower deck height than normal. The advantage with that, if you think of our trailer as maybe being up here, normally whenever we have our ramps come off of there, they're at a higher angle, so they're going to be a little bit steeper. If we drop that trailer down, now our ramps move out and they're at a more gradual or gentle angle, so it makes it easier to roll things up onto that trailer than whenever it's a little bit higher in the air.

So that's the advantage with having it dropped down a little bit lower. These spring seats, brake flanges, and the spindles are all welded on.It does have the five year warranty. It is a limited warranty as far as the other specs with this. Again, 7,000 pound weight capacity. The hub to face to hub face measurement is 95 inches. If you measure from the spring seats to the center of each one to the same spot on the other side, that gives us a measurement of 80 inches. The tubing diameter is three inches. The bearings that you'll need for this, which again, sold separately. Inner bearing, you'll need part number 25580. For the outer bearing, you'll need 14125 A. The brakes land configuration, he has a five bolt configuration there. This is made in the USA. That's going to do it for our look at the Dexter Trailer Axle Beam with easy lube spindles. Again, you can find all the other accessories to complete your suspension system on your trailer right here at etrailer.com. Thanks for watching.

Customer Reviews

Dexter Trailer Axle Beam with E-Z Lube Spindles - 95" Long - 7,000 lbs - 8327834

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (6 Customer Reviews)

Trailer axle beam measures 95" from hub face to hub face (when hubs - sold separately - are mounted) and 80" from spring center to spring center. E-Z Lube spindles make it easy to lubricate bearings (sold separately).

- 8327834

Dexter axles always perform well. This is a replacement for an axle that was bent. Turned very tight in a parking lot, dragging the front axle side ways. The tire dropped in a pot hole and got wedged so hard it bent axle and broke U bolts. The trailer had 4 years of hard daily use before that. I'm sure the replacement will work well for many years as well, as long as I don't tear it up. 777522

- 8327834

Fit perfectly 765282

- 8327834

Great. As described 669998

- 8327834

Works as promised. My only complaint is that one of the cages that holds the nut from backing off was lost in shipping, you could see that the axle had been dragged by one end. The spindle was not drilled for a cotter pin and I was in a hurry so ran to the local auto parts store and got a cage rather than even mentioning it. 668086

- 8327834

The prices were great, delivery on time, quality excellent, ordering &catalog part illustration made easy for do it yourself customers. Special thanks to the order taker very helpful. I. Highly recommend etrailer.com Thanks Fred 581889

- 8327834

Very happy with it and a good price 558367


Ask the Experts about this Dexter Axle Trailer Axles

  • Axle for Converting Old Trailer to Flat Bed
    Determining the capacity of a square axle can be a chore, especially for one that has the age on it that yours has, but you already did the right thing by measuring the inner and outer diameter of the bearings. That's really the best way and most reliable way to find the capacity and if you measured and got those inner diameters it would definitely indicate a larger capacity axle. Having said all that, I very strongly recommend going with a new axle for a couple reasons. One is the unknown...
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  • Is Dexter Trailer Axle # 8327834 Same as 7256618
    The trailer axle # 8327834 is nearly identical to the axle you have with the exception of the spring centers being off 1/2 of an inch. Other than that the capacity is the same at 7,000 lbs, the hub face to face dimension is 95 inches. So this would work for you but you'd want to have the spring seats moved 1/4 of an inch out on both sides and you'd be set.
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  • Kaufman Goosenecks Trailer Weight Ratings Questions
    You're correct. The reason your axles like # 8327834 can be rated less than your trailer's GVWR is because generally about 15 to 20 percent of a gooseneck trailer's weight is on the truck. This is actually pretty common with trailers although not as much as it used to be. How much weight are your attempting to carry on your Kaufman Trailer? I will be glad to assist your with this process.
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  • Can I Upgrade Trailer Axle From 3,500 lb to 7,000 lb Axle and Keep 14 Wheels
    You can add a heavier axle to the trailer but the rest of the components of your trailer may not be rated for a higher weight capacity such as the suspension components and wheels. If you go from a 3,500 lb axle to a 7,000 lb axle like part # 8327834 you are not going to be able to keep your wheels because more than likely the bearings in the hubs that fit your wheels will not fit the spindle of the new axle. Also the wheels are more than likely not rated for the 7,000 lb trailer weight....
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  • Can Spring Location on 95" Long Dexter Axle be Mounted on Top of Axle
    I do have a way for you to use the Dexter Trailer Axle Beam # 8327834 so that the springs are on top of the axle, but we actually don't manufacture any of these axles so we wouldn't be able to make a custom axle for you. We do however carry the Over-Under Conversion Kit # K71-385-00 which is used to change an axle with traditional springs seats so that the springs can be mounted on top of the axle. If this is the route that you want to take then you want to make sure that the 95"...
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  • Can a 7,000 lb Axle With Self-Adjusting Brakes and Leaf Springs On Top be Ordered
    We do have a way to get you a 7,000 lb axles with the leaf springs mounted on top as well as ones with self-adjusting electric brakes, but those parts would need to be ordered separately, and I can tell you exactly what you need, which is the following: - Dexter Trailer Axle Beam with E-Z Lube Spindles - 95" Long - 7,000 lbs # 8327834 - Dexter Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly - 5,200-lb to 7,000-lb E-Z Lube Axles - 12" - 8 on 6-1/2 # 42866UC3-EZ - Over-Under Conversion Kit # K71-385-00...
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  • Installation of Idler Hub on 7,000 lb EZ Lube Axle
    I took a look at the installation instructions in regards to using a the nut retainer as opposed to a cotter pin and it specifies: "1) Finger tighten the nut until just snug ... Once in place the retainer/nut assembly should be free to move slightly. 2) If the nut is too tight, remove the the retainer and back the nut off approximately one twelfth of a turn and reinstall the retainer. The nut should now be free to move slightly."
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  • How to Make 7,000 lb Underslung Axle Into Overslung Axle
    We do have a way to very easily convert an underslung axle into an overslung axle, but do not offer any overslung. Instead, you can use the Dexter Trailer Axle Beam with E-Z Lube Spindles - 7,000 lbs # 8327864 (which measures 94" hub face to hub face and 79" spring center to spring center) or # 8327834 (which measures 95" hub face to hub face and 80" spring center to spring center) and add the Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit # K71-385-00 which moves your trailer's leaf...
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  • Where Would Tandem Axles Install in Place of Triple Axle Trailer Setup
    To place tandem axles in place of a triple axle trailer will require you to position the center hanger for the tandem axles exactly where the center axle of the triple axle configuration. You can reuse the hangers and suspension you have now but it will require removing all of the hangers basically since everything will get shifted and some of the hangers won't get reused. Unless you are trying to reduce the cost of tire replacements I don't really see the benefit to lowering the...
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  • How To Determine the Weight Capacity of a Flat-Bed Trailer
    The payload capacity of a trailer will take into account several variables such as frame strength, axle capacity, tire capacity etc. so I cannot provide an exact payload capacity for all dual/triple axle trailers. The only way to do this for a trailer is to find the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) which is the most a trailer can weigh. This will take into consideration both the weight of the trailer and how much payload you have. Therefore, if you know your GVWR you can subtract the...
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  • What is the Grease Seal ID for the Dexter 7K Trailer Axle
    The Dexter Axle, # 8327834, uses a 2.25 ID grease seal. This is the case for pretty much all 7K axles out there. You typically see the 2.125 ID seals with 5K to 5.2K axles. If you ever need to replace your hubs in the future, we have the Dexter 7K Hub and Drum Assemblies, # 42866UC3-EZ, that fit this axle. I'm sure you've considered this already, but I like to point it out just in case, another important aspect that you will want to consider when replacing axles is to make sure the...
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  • Replacement Trailer Axle with 95 Inch Hub Face and 80 Inch Spring Center Measurement
    I have exactly what you need for a replacement trailer axle with 95" hub face to hub face and 80" spring center to spring center measurement. For this we have the following options based on weight capacity. 3,500 Lbs: part # 7359765 5,300 Lbs: part # 6340624 6,000 Lbs: part # 7461121 7,000 Lbs: part # 8327834 The above options all have the built-in E-Z Lube technology which allows you to easily grease your trailer hubs without having to remove any parts beside the plug for the...
    view full answer...
  • Can I Upgrade from 6 Lug to 8 Lug Wheels to Help Increase Weight Rating of my Trailer?
    Because the total weight capacity of your trailer is limited by the lowest rated component, your axle capacity won't be increased by adding hubs with more lug nuts to the equation-even if they are rated higher than the axle. Moving to 8-lug hubs sounds like you want to move from 5,200-lb axles up to 7000-lb axles. If this is the case, then we have a few options for you listed below; I've also linked below all of the 7000-lb axles we currently have available. Best Upgrade: Timbren Axle-Less...
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  • Should Spring Seats be Welded to Trailer Axle
    Yes, you need to weld the spring seats # TRSS300 to the axles # 8327834 that you referenced.
    view full answer...
  • Are Side-Frame Mount Jacks Available With Different Gear Ratios
    There are jacks with different gear ratios but the only one in the 12,000 lb range is the Bulldog 2-Speed Square Jack - Drop Leg w/ Spring Return - 12-1/2" Lift - 12,500 lbs # BD183750. That lift may not be enough so another option if you need more lift is the Bulldog 2-Speed Jack set - Fixed Leg - Traditional - Weld On - 17" Lift - 22,500 lbs # BD500153. Apart from that you may want to check out an electric jack set like the Ultra-Fab Deluxe Electric Landing Gear Set # UF17-943010...
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