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Roadmaster FuseMaster Fuse Bypass - 13" - 20-Amp Mini-Fuse

Item # RM76511

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Product Images

roadmaster tow bar wiring bypasses vehicle fuse bypass fusemaster - 13 inch 20-amp mini-fuse
roadmaster tow bar wiring bypasses vehicle engine compartment
roadmaster tow bar wiring bypasses vehicle engine compartment
roadmaster tow bar wiring bypasses vehicle custom fusemaster fuse bypass - 13 inch 20-amp mini-fuse
roadmaster tow bar wiring fuse bypass custom rm76511
roadmaster tow bar wiring bypasses vehicle custom rm76511
roadmaster tow bar wiring custom engine compartment rm76511
roadmaster tow bar wiring fuse bypass engine compartment rm76511
roadmaster tow bar wiring bypasses vehicle engine compartment fusemaster fuse bypass - 13 inch 20-amp mini-fuse
roadmaster tow bar wiring fuse bypass custom

In Use/Installed

2014 honda cr-v tow bar wiring roadmaster fuse bypass custom rm76511
2014 honda cr-v tow bar wiring roadmaster bypasses vehicle custom rm76511
2014 honda cr-v tow bar wiring roadmaster fuse bypass custom in use
2014 honda cr-v tow bar wiring roadmaster bypasses vehicle engine compartment in use
2014 honda cr-v tow bar wiring roadmaster bypasses vehicle custom fusemaster fuse bypass - 13 inch 20-amp mini-fuse

Customer Photos

roadmaster tow bar wiring bypasses vehicle custom rm76511
roadmaster tow bar wiring bypasses vehicle custom rm76511
roadmaster tow bar wiring bypasses vehicle custom fusemaster fuse bypass - 13 inch 20-amp mini-fuse
roadmaster tow bar wiring bypasses vehicle custom rm76511
roadmaster tow bar wiring bypasses vehicle custom fusemaster fuse bypass - 13 inch 20-amp mini-fuse


  • Fuse Bypass
  • Bypasses Vehicle Wiring
  • Roadmaster
  • Custom
  • Engine Compartment
  • Mini Fuse
Take some of the hassle out of towing your car with this fuse bypass system. FuseMaster replaces your vehicle's mini-fuse and lets you prep for towing by simply flipping a switch. Integrated holder keeps fuse secure and functional. Lowest Prices for the best tow bar wiring from Roadmaster. Roadmaster FuseMaster Fuse Bypass - 13" - 20-Amp Mini-Fuse part number RM76511 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

Roadmaster Tow Bar Wiring - RM76511

Take some of the hassle out of towing your car with this fuse bypass system. FuseMaster replaces your vehicle's mini-fuse and lets you prep for towing by simply flipping a switch. Integrated holder keeps fuse secure and functional.


  • Bypasses towed car's mini-fuse so you can tow your vehicle without draining its battery
    • Provides a simple alternative to removing a fuse every time you tow
    • Stores fuse so that you won't lose it
  • Installs quickly, easily and permanently
    • Remove fuse from car's fuse box and install FuseMaster in its place
    • Put fuse into FuseMaster fuse holder
    • Mount bypass switch near fuse box
  • Maintains functionality of mini-fuse when switched on
    • Flip switch to "drive" position and drive like normal
  • Overrides mini-fuse when switched off
    • Flip switch to "tow" position and you're good to tow
  • Made in the USA


  • Application: ATM mini-fuse not exceeding 20 amps
  • Harness length: 13"

Note: This FuseMaster bypass is not designed to hold an ATM micro fuse. If your vehicle has a micro fuse, you will need to use an ATM mini fuse of the same amperage (not included) to install in the FuseMaster.

Some cars can only be towed if you get under the hood and pull a fuse. If you don't remove this fuse prior to towing, there's a good chance that your battery will be drained by the time you reach your destination.

Roadmaster's FuseMaster makes it easy to prep your vehicle for towing. Simply remove the fuse indicated in your car's manual and replace it with the bypass. The system will hold the removed fuse and maintain its functionality. So once the initial installation is complete, you don't have to remove or replace your fuse again.

Whenever you need to drive your car, just make sure the switch on the bypass is flipped into the "drive" position. When on, the fuse will be active and your vehicle will function normally. Then, when it comes time to tow, switch the FuseMaster to "tow." This will render the fuse inactive so that you can flat tow your car without its battery being drained.


The preferred location for mounting the FuseMaster switch is the access panel inside your vehicle that leads to your fuse box. This switch must be mounted on a plastic surface that is no thicker than 1/4". Do not mount the switch on a metal surface.

Roadmaster FuseMaster Switch

Included with the FuseMaster are 2 stickers: "Drive" and "Tow." Once the switch is installed, you can place the stickers on the access panel - one on each side of the toggle - to remind you which way the switch must go for each application. Place the "Drive" sticker on the side of the toggle that has the white dot. (To drive, the switch must be flipped so that the side with the white dot is depressed.) The "Tow" sticker can then be placed on the opposite side.

76511 Road Master Fuse Master Fuse Bypass for Towed Cars - Long

Replaces 76510

RM76511 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details RM76511 Installation instructions

This Product Fits The Following Vehicles

2007 - 2009 Saturn Aura

2012 - 2015 Chevrolet Captiva Sport

2007 - 2011 Honda CR-V

2011 - 2013 Chevrolet Cruze

2010 - 2017 Chevrolet Equinox

2009 - 2013 Honda Fit

2007 - 2008 Pontiac G6

2006 - 2011 Chevrolet HHR

2006 - 2007 Chevrolet Malibu

2008 - 2008 Chevrolet Malibu Classic

2012 - 2017 Chevrolet Sonic

2010 - 2017 GMC Terrain

1996 - 2009 Acura TL

2003 - 2003 Chevrolet Tracker

2008 - 2010 Saturn Vue

2009 - 2009 Pontiac G6 Convertible

2006 - 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt Coupe

2009 - 2009 Pontiac G6 excluding Convertible

2008 - 2012 Chevrolet Malibu excluding LTZ

2008 - 2012 Chevrolet Malibu LTZ

2006 - 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt Sedan

2010 - 2010 Pontiac G6 Sedan

Video of Roadmaster FuseMaster Fuse Bypass - 13" - 20-Amp Mini-Fuse

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Roadmaster FuseMaster Fuse Bypass Review

All right, today we're going to show you the Roadmaster FuseMaster fuse bypass, part number RM76511. With this part number this is what you get. This is the actual switch itself right here. It has overall length of 14 inches. It has a fuse holder right here. It does not come with the fuse where this end goes into.

You pull out the fuse and that goes here. If you have a mini fuse, you will have to supply the type of ATM fuse that sits in here. This is rated up to 20 amps. Where it goes into your fuse box you get this really handy adapter which will plug into your fuse box and you've got these leads that you're going to place these ends with and slide them onto here. It makes it a lot easier to plug this into your fuse box. Also optional, it has a couple of labels for drive and tow, so you know which way you want to have it switched or when you're driving your vehicle down the road that's tow mode or the white dot depressed.

When you want to be towing behind your RV, that would be tow mode. To install this on your dash board or wherever you do install this, it's going to require a 3/4 inch hole. Then to clamp it in place it has this nut that you thread on. The reason behind this is that some vehicles require a fuse be pulled whilst being towed behind the RV. Basically this lessens the battery drain on the vehicle.

With that that'll finish it for the Roadmaster FuseMaster fuse bypass, part number RM76511.

Customer Reviews

Roadmaster FuseMaster Fuse Bypass - 13" - 20-Amp Mini-Fuse - RM76511

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (89 Customer Reviews)

Take some of the hassle out of towing your car with this fuse bypass system. FuseMaster replaces your vehicle's mini-fuse and lets you prep for towing by simply flipping a switch. Integrated holder keeps fuse secure and functional.

- RM76511

by: Brian05/02/2013

What I needed to take care battery drain situation. After checking around, price was comparably a good price, but nevertheless, this item is OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive for what it is, a plastic switch, fuse holder, wire, and some terminals, with a Roadmaster label. No complaints for etrailer, but the Roadmaster part is just too expensive. I guess I knew that when I ordered it, though. 78665


Terminals would not stay in place regardless of how they were ed. I modified the terminals by using a mini-fuse tap that worked like a plug. Inserted the supplied terminals into the tap, then secured them with electrical tape. Next, I cut off the wire pig-tail on the tap. The mini-fuse tap actually fits in micro-fuse with a click, and is much more secure than the spades supplied by Roadmaster. For the price, it should have come with plug, instead of having to modify the tiny spade connectors.

Brian - 05/02/2014


Thanks for the follow-up after a year of use, and for the additional information!

-- Rachael H - 5/8/2014


Absolutely outrageous price and I have to do the same modification to the connection to the fuse panel using a mini fuse connection. The original design is terrible.

-- comment by: Pete P - 04/08/2015


- RM76511

by: Rod Tait07/13/2015

The install on my 2013 Honda Fit was real difficult. The fuse panel is in an extremely cramped, tight location. It requires a young, slim, supple person to be able to twist around upside-down to be able to even see the fuse panel. ( not Fusemaster's fault ) The Honda fuse is a MICRO, and has the metal tabs on the outside edges of the plastic body. The section of the Fusemaster that fits in the fuse socket just has 2 wires, each with a flat blade on each end of the 2 wires. These blades wouldn't stay in place because there is no plastic section between them, as there is in a fuse. I labored long and hard to fashion a real tiny piece of wood to jam in between the prongs, forcing them to the outside of the fuse socket, where they could remain in contact with the metal part. Fusemaster should develope a series of inter-changeable ends which would mimic the fuse-type being replacing. (MICRO, MINI, etc.) This way it could be pushed right in, just like a fuse, instead of trying to put 2 tiny blades into slots that want to spit them out as soon as you look the other way. Maybe these blades stay put better in a MINI socket, but if you have a Honda, I suggest you pay to have someone else do the install. Would I buy it again? Yes. Would I install it myself in place of a MICRO fuse? No way! 211531

- RM76511

by: mbrooking04/12/2016

Roadsters product worked well. I did not remove the lower dash part, and just did extreme yoga to remove and install the fuse bypass. This was the worst part. I can't believe that Honda put this fuse block in such a difficult to access location. The rest was simple. Installing the small connectors was a trick, (I also didn't use the fuse connector) but I finally got the connections in the fuse block. Drilled the hole from the outside and installed the switch. The location could have been lower and more to the left as there was a thicket portion of the dash on the back that prevented the lock nut from seating, but the switch is tight and works well. This is absolutely the way to go instead of pulling a fuse on my 2014 Honda CRV! 243910

- RM76511

by: Jim D07/13/2016

This is a great solution to an aggravating problem of pulling a fuse before towing. First, the fuse, which is miss-identified in the 2014 Honda CR-V driver's manual, is nearly impossible to access. Further, the advice in the driver's manual that if you tow less than 8 hours per day you do not need to remove the fuse, is incorrect. I discovered that only 4-5 hours was enough to kill the battery. Installing the RM76511 bypass seemed, at first, to be a piece of cake. I drilled the 3/4" hole and inserted the switch for a pretty tight fit, then found it impossible to screw on the plastic retainer nut. I accidentally discovered that this portion of the Honda CR-V dash can be unclipped and pulled out so you can easily get to the back of the threated switch and tighten the retainer nut. Had I not discovered this I would have not been able to install the "Drive/Tow" switch. Unless I missed it, there is no mention of this in the video or written instructions. After getting the switch installed the rest of the installation was easy. 271468

- RM76511

by: Ed H04/25/2017

I had looked for several months for a product just like this. This fuse bypass included all the capabilities that I had looked for - it removed the requirement for me to pull a specific fuse each time I towed my car with my motorhome, otherwise the car battery would be depleted because I had to leave the ignition switch in the accessory position. The fuse bypass allowed me to just press a switch instead of removing the fuse. Also, etrailer has a very helpful online video that shows how to install the fuse bypass. Unfortunately, I had not recognized that bypassing this accessory fuse also terminated power to the "cigarette" lighter on which the automatic braking device for my towed vehicle depended, so I have not installed the fuse bypass. If you have need for such a device, be sure that the circuit that is turned off does not include a device that is essential for the continued operation of your vehicle. 371901

- RM76511

by: Don L02/10/2014

Relatively easy to install, instructions were clear and concise . I am very impressed with service received from you folks. This is the third time I have ordered from you and all three times the service has been exceptional . I will certainly be ordering again as I need more products. Thanks! 116188


Product works fine and I am still very happy with my purchase

Don L - 03/03/2015


- RM76511

by: Ralph01/21/2013

Product was received in a timely manner and is as indicated in the web site. I have bought several items from this company and have been very pleased with their products and service. 63689


No problems with anything. Everything has worked as expected. I would order from this company again if I have additional needs.

Ralph - 07/22/2014


- RM76511

by: Ed H.09/18/2014

Product arrived sooner than expected. Very good quality. Instalation was a breeze. Thanks for a very good product. 151933


After 2 trips around the country and about 8000 miles it worked flawlessly and was so simple and uncomplicated to use. Couldnt be happier with its performance.

Ed H - 09/18/2015


- RM76511

by: Chris S06/07/2015

Worked well. I did not like the fuse position as it was inaccessible when the bypass was installed so I moved the fuseholder position in the wire nearer to the fusebox end so that I could access it after installation. I watched the etrailer video which was useful but I wanted the switch installed in a blank switch panel rather than down low as shown in the video. I was concerned about the size of the hole to be drilled in the blank switch panel but it worked out well. I use plastic epoxy rather than the supplied nut to hold the switch in place. This also strengthened the drilled out blank switch panel. Only 4 stars because I had to make these mods, but the result is a nice installation using the supplied fuse bypass parts. 201358

- RM76511

by: Ken Mc10/09/2013

I love the fuse bypass. I used it in my Honda CRV which requires a fuse to be pulled each time the car is towed, then replaced when you want to use the radio. Once installed, taking out the radio fuse is a simple push of a switch. The only problem I encountered was gettin the two loose ends into the fuse socket, and once there I felt it necessary to jam in some foam to keep them in place. It would help if Roadmaster would connect the leads like an actual fuse. Other than that it works exactly as advertised. 103167


So right you are. I could not get the two loose ends into the fuse socket. It was designeed for a Mini Fuse not the MICRO fuse in my Honda Fit. Roadmaster need to fix this with an actual fuse-like connector end.

-- comment by: Bill - 05/21/2014


- RM76511

by: Yendor09/12/2014

Installed this in my Honda crv, I hired the installation but am very happy that I just have to push the button to go to tow mode now. 150840


Excellent. I hook up my car push the tow mode button and we are off.

Yendor - 09/12/2015


- RM76511

by: Kevin k09/18/2016

Very easy to install in my gmc 2013 terrain. Took 5 minutes. Hardest part was drilling hole in fuse box cover. I did not have a 3/4" drill bit so has to drill out edges it largest bit I had. Was fine doing this was. Is expensive for what you get, a fuse holder ,switch, plug in and wires? 296135

- RM76511

by: Scott S.09/20/2017

The product is a must for anyone towing a Honda CR-V that has only one 12volt accessory power outlet. When you remove the fuse as recommended by Honda's owner's manual to save on battery drain while towing, you also cut the power to your 12v outlet. Thus your brake assist will not work. Along with the Fusemaster you will also need to install an additional power outlet not using that fuse's circuit. The Fusemaster is not only necessary to help save your battery, but also your mind and body. One would have to be rubber man in order to remove that fuse over and over again. The Fusemaster makes up for a very sub-optimal design on Honda's part. 434596

- RM76511

by: R J08/21/2015

Install video was a definite help.The service was great and the shipping on time. Installed in less than one hour. 220862


Handy accessory looks factory

Richard S - 08/20/2016


- RM76511

by: Larry J02/06/2015

After a lot thought and reading the bad reviews but bought it anyway knowingly. Roadmaster needs to change design especially for the Honda make into mini fuse blank with wires coming out opposite end to fuse bypass hardness.It wasn't easy to install after few tricks finally got it. Shame on Honda knowing you need to pull the accessory fuse to tow,then locate it where takes thirty minutes to remove. Wasn't fun to install bypass fuse but we'll worth it in long run. Thanks to etrailer & staff knowing that you consider the best products for your customers and provide the technical support & videos for us. 172719

- RM76511

by: Don G.02/07/2016

I installed the Fusemaster fuse bypass switch on my 2012 Chevy Sonic. Install was a snap. It is mounted on the lower dash to the left of the steering wheel and above the fuse panel. I had to cut the fuse cap off and remove the wire loom to get the plastic nut off the switch. The fusemaster switch will be a great time and effort saver since the DLIS fuse on the Sonic is a pain to remove. 237201

- RM76511

by: Don Cooper07/11/2013

Fits the bill! Thanks. 89096


It has worked very well for our needs. Thanks.

Don C - 01/09/2015


- RM76511

by: LARRY09/30/2014

Great service and fast shipping 153674


works great i like not pulling fuses

LARRY - 10/02/2015


- RM76511

by: Doug09/18/2014

Much more difficult to install than videos indicated, in part due to difficulty accessing fuse location on the CRV. Manufacturer would be wise to configure terminals that connect to fuse block into one easy to plug in connector that mimics a fuse rather than the two terminals that are hard to grip and separately install in a very tight space. Also very dufficult to fully seat the two terminals in the fuse contacts in the fuse block due to right quarters. Concerned that over time the terminals will work loose. A fuse-shaped connector would be the solution. 151825

- RM76511

by: Jerry R.04/27/2015

Sure beats pulling fuses. 188493


Working great one year later

Jerry R - 04/26/2016


- RM76511

by: Doris M09/15/2016

Great help from etrailer representative in getting just the right part! Easily installed by someone who had never heard of the Fusemaster fuse by-pass. ( My son- in- law did the research to find it). Have only used it for a short trip but it worked great! No more having to pull the mini-fuse out of my car (it was difficult to pull out even with a fuse puller) to keep the battery from going dead after five hours of being towed! Just push a button! Looking forward to testing it out on a 2,000 mile trip in the next few weeks. 295242

- RM76511

by: Jeremy T11/17/2016

Very nice. heavy duty. works great. no problems. Towed a car behind RV all around the country. Makes it easy to connect and disconnect on inclines or odd angles. Installing the associated connections to the front of the Chevy Sonic wasn't bad, took about 3 hours; medium screwdriver/drill/wrench skillz needed. I got the associated fuse kill switch also, makes it all look real nice. The folks at etrailer walked me through all the ordering and needs and were very helpful. Highly recommend them and this product. 320184

- RM76511

by: Bud B03/16/2015

Product is excellent, how to video was excellent, but, Hondas idea for how to make it impossible to get a fuse out or replaced is a killer. etrailer got the package sent quickly, has a wonderful customer service and their video is very helpful. I did this job in 30 min. If it had not been so difficult to do the fuses, I could have done this in 15 minutes without any problem. etrailer is the best. Thanks 178349

- RM76511

by: Dave P.07/19/2013

The Road Master FuseMaster was just what I needed. For sure better then climbing under the dash every time I hooked up the car to be towed. I must say once I received it the price seems to be much too high. I check several electronic supply houses and found everything except the pins to replace the existing fuse. It would have cost me under $20 to build it myself. It is however a great time saver. 90580

- RM76511

by: Ron W06/23/2015

Product received on time as promised and is now installed. It works as advertised and will use it to bypass the acc fuse on my CRV while towing it behind motor home. Since the CRV has micro fuses in the position the product was to replace, it was very hard to install the ends in the fuse holder. It would have been better if the end used to replace the fuse actually had a fuse attached to it. 206569

- RM76511

by: John F.04/29/2015

Good product, however the prongs that plug onto the fuse block are flimsy. They bend too easy, need to come up with a connector similar to the fuse to plug into the fuse block. the wire loom also could stand to be a few inches longer. I had to mount my switch on the side of the coin tray in my 2011 Honda CR-V towards the steering wheel, 188784

- RM76511

by: W. Dore 07/19/2016

This product though I was able to make work for my application was not the exact match for my vehicle. The connections that take the place of the fuse in the fuse box were not compatible. My CRV has micro fuses and the connection prvided was for mini fuses. However once I got past that problem everything else worked fine. 273696


Still working fine.

W. D - 07/19/2017


- RM76511

by: TommyT04/11/2016

This product is the perfect solution for the hassle of having to pull a fuse from a vehicle on a regular basis. The only shortcoming I had is the glue on the "Tow" and "Drive" decals. Even though I cleaned the surface with alcohol prior to placing the decals, they would not stick. Everything else works fine. 243832

- RM76511

by: Mike08/17/2017

The only problem I had installing this was removing the micro fuse and getting the red adapter to plug all the way in. I had to grind some of it plastic off the adapter to get it to slide in. Not the fault of the adapter but just the way Honda has the fuse for the radio and where it is located. 421480

- RM76511

by: Cleon11/26/2016

The order was shipped within hours of submitting my order and delivered in minimum time. The products arrived in good condition and were everything they were advertised to be. After installation they function flawlessly. I would not hesitate to use etrailer i the future for my RV needs. 321102

- RM76511

by: Robert B08/22/2016

The bypass has worked as advertised. I'm not smart enough to install it myself so I had it done at American RV in Grand Rapids MI. After a short wait, the tech explained how it worked and it has been doing a fine job for over a year. Unable to provide photos. 286630

- RM76511

by: TahoeWino12/03/2013

Good instructions and installation video. This was pretty simple to install. I found a good place just to the left of the steering well on the dash, rather than hidden in the sunglasses storage in the lower dash area as the instructions suggested. 109019

- RM76511

by: TBMc108/24/2013

Installed the Fusemaster Fuse Bypass in my '13 Equinox. 'Took about an hour (had to extend the wiring about 9" to fit where I wanted the switch to be). 'Got all the info on how to remove interior panel from my liocal Chev. dealer so no sweat! 96721

- RM76511

by: Don S05/01/2017

This product is great. is easy to do business with. I have purchased a few items and have been very satisfied with all of the products. There how to videos make installing the you purchased a breeze. This is a good company!!!!!! 374962

- RM76511

by: Scott L....08/06/2017

Received my towbar, Airforce One and lighting kit in less than a week! Great videos and knowledgeable people, can't wait to get everything installed this week and get on the road. Thanks Susan and George for such a wonderful experience. 420893

- RM76511

by: Earlene L.08/23/2015

Product arrived 2 days before it was scheduled . The product is exactly as advertised and a very fair price. It will be used to bypass a fuse when towing my CRV behind my motorhome. Excellent company to do business with 221239

- RM76511

by: Dick H02/26/2017

Great Quality and it installs just like the video. My vehicle, 2014 Honda CR-V uses the mini short fuses. I used the fuse adaptor which was supplied & it worked perfect. Shipping was fast & I am very happy with E-Trailer. 346013

- RM76511

by: John J06/12/2016

The intent of this button is good. The one thing they do not tell you is that if you have the very small fuses like the 2013 Honda CRV has the prongs that will not work in this fuse box you will have to buy an adaptor. 260504

- RM76511

by: Bill V.06/15/2017

Michelle was great helping me with my order. She knew exactly what I need to setup my Honda CR-V as a towed vehicle behind my motorhome. She explained all the needed parts and was very polite. Thanks Michelle 396406

- RM76511

by: Frank S04/23/2014

Very fast delivery of all products ordered and at a reasonable price. The on-line video instructions were excellent and made switch installation a snap. I will continue doing business with Etrailer. Thanks 126849

- RM76511

by: Terry S12/30/2016

Great product! It simplifies the set of my tow vehicle. The push of a button competes the setup process for my vehicle. I do not have to remove any panels or pull any fuses. Great product! 328809

- RM76511

by: Jim L.08/08/2014

Well done product...Took longer than I thought putting the pins in the micro fuse holder on Honda CRV but got it done..Should help with battery drain on Honda while towing.. 145311

- RM76511

by: Jim C10/24/2016

Fuse bypass installed easily on my 2011 Equinox. I put the switch on the fuse box lid as suggested. Easy to make the right size hole. Works perfectly. Thx. 310349

- RM76511

by: Bill B05/29/2014

My wiring harness arrived in 2 days, RM-154 and RM6510. Fast and everything was as ordered. I just need to install it and then we are Camping. 133384

- RM76511

by: Gary09/02/2015

The Roadmaster fuse bypass was easy to install. Although I did find a better place to mount the fusemaster, under the dash out of the way. 223508

- RM76511

by: James E01/17/2017

The RM76511 fuse bypass switch arrived one day early. I installed it in about 30 minutes. Great device and great product, thanks Chris. W 333249

- RM76511

by: Ken S.03/08/2016

Worked great, easy to install. Put this into my 2003 Honda CRV. Be sure to turn off or else you will not b able to put car in reverse. 240126


Its been working fine

Ken S - 03/08/2017


- RM76511

by: Bert08/10/2015

great service and delivery on time and no complaints, Thanks to you all for all the great work , Thanks Bert Ortega , El Paso texas. 218269

- RM76511

by: Dan F.04/09/2015

I have to go down and get a fuse that was not supplied, but the installation took less than an hour thanks to your video. Thank You! 184332

- RM76511

by: John12/07/2015

It was easy to install as the video showed step by step how to do. Thanks again for great service and products. John 233278

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  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow a 2013 Honda CR-V Behind a Motor Home
  • Blue Ox does make some good products and the Patriot # BRK2016 is one of the best braking systems you could use. It is relatively easy to install, much more so than some other braking systems out there. And it can be used with active power assist braking systems. I would go with it. I have included a link to the installation instructions for you to view. I have also included a link to an FAQ article on supplemental braking systems for you to view. For the BX2258 base plates, make...
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  • Recommendations on Flat Towing a 2017 Honda Fit with a Manual Transmission.
  • According to the Owner's Manual, the 2017 Honda Fit is towable behind a motorhome if it has the manual transmission. The Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) model cannot be flat towed. The base plate that I recommend for the Honda Fit is the Blue Ox Base Plate Kit # BX2261. The Blue Ox base plate is a custom fit piece that is hidden beneath the vehicle's body. Blue Ox also provides all the hardware needed. Blue Ox does state that the bumper fascia will have to be removed and...
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  • How Does the Steering Wheel of a Push Button Start Vehicle Get Unlocked for Flat Towing
  • For your 2011 Ford Edge you want to first consult the owners manual to determine what the flat towing procedure should be and if there are any restrictions. Typically on vehicles with push button starts to get the vehicle to unlock the steering wheel you would need to have the key in the car, and without pressing the brake of the vehicle press the start button. That will put it in ACC mode which should unlock the steering wheel. The procedure you will need to follow will be outlined...
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  • Fuse Bypass to Tow a 2014 Honda CR-V Behind a Motor Home
  • Actually, fuse bypass # RM76512 is not recommended for the 2014 Honda CR-V. The correct one is # RM76511. You should only have to pull that one fuse. But you can check your vehicle owners manual to be sure. I have included a link to a video to the right showing how the fuse bypass installs. Fuse bypass # RM76512 is listed for a 2012 - 2014 Chevy Cruze.
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  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow a 2014 GMC Terrain Behind a Motor Home
  • To tow a vehicle behind a motor home with all wheels on the ground the first step is to consult the vehicle owners manual. Some vehicles have special requirements or restrictions and procedures for flat towing. If your model can be flat towed then the first thing you are going to need are base plates on the 2014 GMC Terrain. The base plates provide a proper and secure attachment point for the tow bar. Blue Ox base plates # BX1689 are listed as a fit for all models of the 2014 GMC Terrain. There...
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  • Compact Cars with Automatic Transmissions that Can Be Flat Towed
  • It is very common for automatic transmission vehicles to need to be started and ran for a couple minutes every couple of hours or at every fuel stop. This is because the engine lubricates while running, so every couple hours of towing the engine will need to be lubricated again by running. Typically, an RV will need to be refueled every 5 to 6 hours, so the towed vehicle can be started whenever the RV needs fuel. In my research, I found several compact, automatic cars that can be flat...
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  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow a 2017 GMC Terrain AWD Behind an RV
  • I completely understand how you feel. Flat towing a vehicle can seem overwhelming but I am happy to walk you through the parts you will need. The first thing to check is the vehicle owner's manual. I checked it online and on page 266 it states that front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive models can be flat towed! So that is a step in the right direction. You will also want to look through that section of your owner's manual for the procedures required to flat tow your 2017 GMC Terrain. The...
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  • Recommended Parts for Flat Towing 2012 Chevrolet Equinox with 36-Foot Georgetown Motorhome
  • Flat towing a vehicle behind a motorhome requires 5 basic components: a tow bar, safety cables, and a lighting solution, base plates and supplementary braking system for the toad. You may care to glance at the linked article that covers each of these in detail. We also always suggest checking your owner's manual for any guidance related to flat towing the vehicle. I recommend staying with one brand of base plate and tow bar since doing so avoids the added cost and complexity of the adapters...
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  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow a 2016 Chev Sonic LT
  • To flat tow a vehicle behind a motor home you will need 5 items: base plates, tow bar, safety cables, lighting, and supplemental braking. For base plates for your 2015 Chevy Sonic you can use Blue Ox base plates # BX1703. I have included a link to the installation instructions for you. For a compatible tow bar that comes with safety cables I recommend the Alpha, # BX7365. I have included a link to a video review featuring this tow bar for you. For lighting our installers prefer...
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  • Do Fuses Need to be Pulled When Flat-Towing a 2013 Honda CR-V
  • Yes, you absolutely have to remove the fuse from your 2013 Honda CR-V when flat-towing. One option that will alleviate this process is installing a Roadmaster # RM76511 Fuse Bypass System. This unit is basically a permanent solution being that it is hardwired into your vehicle. There is a rocker switch that you depress when you are either driving which will activate the fuse or towing which will de-activate your fuse. By using this product, you do not have to worry about removing the...
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  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow a 2013 Chevy Captiva Behind a Motor Home
  • I found an online copy of the owners manual for the 2013 Chevy Captiva and in section 10-70 it does indicate that you can flat tow the vehicle (front wheel drive and all wheel drive). Consult your owners manual for additional flat towing information. You will need base plates, tow bar, safety cables, lighting, and supplemental braking to flat tow a vehicle. For base plates you can use Blue Ox base plates # BX3332 that you referenced. For a compatible tow bar I reocmmend the Alpha, #...
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  • Recommended Flat Towing Setup for a 2014 Chevy Sonic
  • The base plate kits we currently offer will fit all models of the 2014 Chevy Sonic. I recommend the Roadmaster EZ4 base plate kit # 523173-4 because the brackets are nearly invisible once installed. It's a simple installation as no welding is required. Note that trimming of your spoiler, air dam, grill or fascia may be required on some models. Since you are flat towing your 2014 Chevy Sonic, you will need the following items: a tow bar, safety cables, wiring and a supplemental braking...
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  • Recommendation for Supplemental Braking System on 2013 Chevrolet Sonic
  • The continuous power assist braking system or active power assist system works by monitoring your day-to-day braking habits to formulate a normal braking pattern. The system will detect a change in your rate of braking force and your position on the brake pedal and interpret this as an emergency situation. If the system feels that there is not enough pressure being applied to the brakes, it will initiate an override mode and activate the vehicles full braking force. Typically, a supplemental...
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  • Can I Flat Tow a 2015 Honda Fit EX with Manual Transmission Behind A Motorhome
  • Yes, you can flat tow your 2015 Honda Fit EX with manual transmission behind a motorhome. There is slight differences between the Roadmaster EZ4 # RM-521569-4 and EZ5 # RM-521569-5. The main difference is the EZ4 is more universal and will have more fit options. Both will feature Twistlock series brackets that are virtually invisible. Since you will be flat towing your 2015 Honda Fit EX manual transmission, you will need the following items: a tow bar, safety cables, wiring and...
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  • Parts Recommendation to Flat Tow a 2014 Ford Edge
  • I checked the owners manual for your 2014 Ford Edge and under the recreational towing section there was no mention of needing to pull a fuse. Because of that I would not recommend you install the Roadmaster Fusemaster you have or pull any fuses. To flat tow your vehicle you will need to first start with a base plate kit. If you have adaptive cruise control you would want the part # 524426-1, without adaptive cruise control you would want part # 4408-1. In addition to the base plates,...
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  • Battery Drain When Flat Towing 2015 Ford Explorer
  • The first thing you will want to do is check the owner's manual for your vehicle. Sounds like you either need to disconnect the battery or pull a fuse(s). If the manual says you have to pull a fuse/fuses you can bypass this by installing a Roadmaster # RM76511 Fuse Bypass System. If the manual says you must disconnect the battery you can use the Roadmaster - Auto Battery Disconnect, # RM-766. It is specifically designed for vehicles that have something that drains the battery while being...
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  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow a 2016 Honda HR-V with Manual Transmission Behind a Class C Winnebago
  • To flat tow your 2016 Honda HR-V you'll need a tow bar, base plates, wiring, and likely a high-low adapter. You'll also want to consult your owner's manual to make sure your vehicle is able to be flat towed without damaging it. The Roadmaster Falcon 2 Tow Bar # RM-520 is a great option to tow your Honda. It has a large hookup raidus and self-aligns so hooking up is easier and smoother. It connects right up to the EZ4 Base Plates # RM-521570-4 that are confirmed to fit your HR-V. To...
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  • Estimated Installation Time for Blue Ox Base Plates on a 2013 Ford Edge
  • Blue Ox estimates the installation time of base plate kit # BX2628 at 3 hours for an experienced installer. They also add the following comment: The first installation of a particular baseplate, and installation by untrained individuals will likely increase installation time substantially. In addition to the base plates you will also need a compatible tow bar. For the Blue Ox base plates the most popular compatible tow bar is the Avail, # BX7420, which also comes with safety cables....
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  • What Fuse Needs to Be Pulled to Flat Tow a 2014 Honda CR-V
  • The "radio" fuse of your 2014 Honda CR-V will need to be pulled and replaced with the Roadmaster FuseMaster Fuse Bypass part # RM76511. This product will make it easy to deactivate this circuit, you will only need to flip a switch instead of remove the fuse every time you tow.
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  • Does Battery of 2014 Honda CRV Need to Be Disconnected to Flat Tow Vehicle Behind Motorhome
  • There's no need to disconnect the battery. Most supplemental braking system need battery power available in order to operate. According to the recreational towing procedures listed in the owner's manual, if you'll be towing more than 8 hours a day, they recommend removing one or two fuses (depending on how your vehicle's equipped) to prevent the battery from being discharged. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to do this regardless of how long you're flat towing. If your version of...
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  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow a 2003 Chevy Tracker behind a Motor Home
  • You will need to look up a 2003 Chevy Tracker because Geo ended in 1997. For a 2003 Chevy Tracker you can use the Blue Ox base plates # BX1636. For a compatible tow bar I recommend the Blue Ox Acclaim, # BX4330. It is rated for 5,000 pounds and also includes another item you will need, safety cables. I have included a link to the installation instructions for you to view. Next you will need a lighting solution. If you will not be towing the Tracker very often I recommend a magnetic...
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  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow a 2015 Chevy Sonic Behind a Motor Home
  • To flat tow a vehicle behind a motor home you will need 5 items: base plates, tow bar, safety cables, lighting, and supplemental braking. For base plates for your 2015 Chevy Sonic you can use Blue Ox base plates # BX1703. I have included a link to the installation instructions for you. For a compatible tow bar that comes with safety cables I recommend the Alpha, # BX7365. I have included a link to a video review featuring this tow bar for you. For lighting our installers prefer...
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  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow a 2017 Chevrolet Equinox
  • The Roadmaster XL Base Plate Kit # 3160-1B is designed for the Chevy Equinox from 2010 to 2015 but is not a fit for your 2017. To fit your 2017 you can use the Roadmaster EZ4 # RM-523184-4 or EZ5 # RM-523184-5 Base Plate Kits. These will work for you as long as you don't have the adaptive cruise control or active air shutters on your Equinox. If you do then the Blue Ox # BX1689 will fit. I've linked our selection of tow bars for you to take a look at if you don't already have one. To...
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  • 2015 Honda Fit Fuse Bypass Switch Recommendation
  • I checked with Roadmaster and they recommend both the part # RM76511 and the part # RM76512. The # RM76512 is great because it can kill two circuits at a time. Since you have two circuits in the interior of your vehicle that need to be deactivated plus one under the hood I would recommend both products for you. I attached an install video that shows the # RM76511 installed in a similar Honda Fit as yours
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  • Which Accessories are Needed to Flat Tow 2013 Chevy Sonic
  • To safely flat tow your Sonic, you will need the following items: a tow bar, base plates, safety cables, a wiring solution and a supplemental braking system. I would recommend the Roadmaster Falcon 2 tow bar, part # RM-520. The Flacon 2 features quick disconnects and auto-locking arms that allow you to couple to the RV even if the car is not perfectly lined up behind the RV. To provide an attachment point on the vehicle to connect the tow bar, you will need to install a base plate...
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