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Roadmaster FuseMaster Fuse Bypass Switch Installation - 2014 Honda CR-V

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How to Install the Roadmaster FuseMaster Fuse Bypass Switch on a 2014 Honda CR-V

Speaker 1: Today on this 2014 Honda CRV, we're going to review and install the Roadmaster Fusemaster fuse bypass. Part number RM76511.Let's cover what you get when you order this part number. This is the actual switch right here with the leader wires a little over a foot long. It's got a fuse holder right here. Now you're going to put your original fuse back into here and the other end goes to the location of your original fuse right here. Now this will fit a variety of vehicles depending on what you're working with you have some adapters that you can use, too.

If you'd like, you can take this and put this into the fuse location and then replace the ends on your switch with these right here. Cut these offs, add these on. You can plug them together if needed. It's a very versatile little kit.To start off our installation, you want to find a location to install your switch. Now there's a variety of places you can use.

Commonly, you can use this part right here, this blank part of the switches. It's not being used so you can drill this out and put it in here. It's a real tight fit. Usually you press the switch in and your done. I've also installed in the back panel right here if you want it recessed and hidden which is kind of neat.

And if you want something very easy and looks part of the original package, right here works as well. For our installation, we're actually going to use this part right up here.As for a reference, the fuse panel we'll be working with is going to be directly behind, right here above the parking break pedal, and kind of behind this pocket.We're going to start off by drilling a quarter inch hole. We're going to file that off with a three-quarter inch hole saw. You could also use a step-bit as well. Let's get our Fusemaster switch ready to install which would mean we'll have to pull off the terminals from the back side of the switch here.

Notice one has a mark on it. Just make sure that goes back in the same place when we reassemble it. Just rock it back and forth and pull it apart. This little plastic nut we'll just unthread. We'll put that to the side for now. Depending on the room you have back you may or may not need that. A lot of times it's just a press fit.Another part of getting our switch ready is now let's just go ahead and pull out the fuse that it will replace. You can go by your owner's manual so you know which one to pull out. Now this fuse will not fit inside a Fusemaster harness. This is a newer type fuse. Fusemaster harness uses a ATM fuse. We'll replace it with one of the same rating. So we'll get another one that's 7.5. Here's our new ATM fuse. It's rated for the same, 7.5. Lets go ahead and push it into place. This will be a tight fit. Once we have it in place, we'll put the cap back on. And we'll take this end with the terminals that one has a white dot, we're going to thread that through behind the panel and out the hole we drilled.You guys it's gonna be a tight fit to work it through there. Then, we'll put our terminals back in place. You notice I left the nut off because this will be a press fit. Now these little tabs are going where the fuse used to be and they kind of just push right into place but we are just a little bit short in distance so I'm actually going to go ahead and replace these ends with the other pieces that come with the kit and I'll install using that. It goes right into where the fuse was. And then we'll replace these ends with these terminals and push them into place here. Clear as much wire as we can, strip them back, take our terminal, get some crimping pliers, put it on.Let's go ahead and take our new ends and put them into our adapter. In fact, it might be easier to put them on first and then put the adapter in place. Everything's hooked up. Let's go ahead and try it out and make sure everything is working. Turn the key to on position and we'll go ahead and actively put it in tow mode, which in this case, you put in neutral. Now there's more steps to this than that but we put it in neutral, put the key back, make sure the wheel doesn't lock. Then if you notice, over on the radio here, that's still on but everything else is off on the car. This is why we want our Fusemaster switch because that's still drawing power as we go down the road being towed by the motor home. Let's try our switch out and we flip the switch where the dot is away from the dashboard. It goes off and that's exactly what we want.Verified everything works. The last little detail is to put on our labels. Now finish it for the Roadmaster Fusemaster fuse bypass part number RM76511 on this 2014 Honda CRV.

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