2.5-Watt Solar Battery Charger

2.5-Watt Solar Battery Charger

Item # PTW2997

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PTW2997 - 12V Performance Tool Battery Charger
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  • Battery Charger
  • Performance Tool
  • RV/Camper
  • Trailer
  • Solar Panels to Auxiliary Battery
  • Solar to DC
  • 12V
  • Charges Only
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Performance Tool Battery Chargers - PTW2997


  • 2.5-Watt solar panel for all your off the grid 12 volt battery charging and maintaining needs
  • Amorphous solar panels operate in all daylight conditions, even cloudy days
  • 12-Volt DC plug and alligator battery clamps included
  • Durable ABS plastic housing with mounting holes
  • Includes 4 suction cups for easy mounting to the windshield
  • 9' Total cord length
  • 1' From connector to adapter plug and 8' from adapter plug to solar panel

W2997 Performance Tool 2.5-Watt Solar Battery Charger

W2997 2.5-Watt Solar Battery Charger

PTW2997 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details PTW2997 Installation instructions

California residents: click here

Video of 2.5-Watt Solar Battery Charger

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Performance Tool Solar Battery Charger Review

Speaker 1: Today you'll be having a look at and being shown how to install Performance Tool 2 1/2 watt solar battery charger, part number PTW2997. Here we are at our utility trailer. Here's what our solar battery maintainer looks like installed. This solar battery maintainer has an amorphous solar panel built into it and what that means is it'll help maintain your battery charge even on a cloudy day.As you can see, we have a little blue LED light right here and when it's flashing that's indicating that your battery is being charged. Now one of the reasons you're going to want a system like this is if you have a trailer or any vehicle that has a battery in it that sits for an extended period of time, especially if it sits outside, you'll want to make sure the battery is maintained so when you go to use your equipment or your vehicle or your trailer again, the battery still has a charge so you can use it properly.This maintainer here with its 2 1/2 watt power output will ensure that your battery is maintained and has a slow charge run to it at all times during daylight so your battery will maintain its charge and won't be run down on you when you need it again.What's great about this maintainer compared to other solutions on the market is that this is a very affordable option. Some battery maintainers that are solar panels like this one can cost you several hundred dollars.

This one, however, does not.When comparing the solar battery charger to a traditional battery maintainer such as the CTEK universal battery charger with pulse maintenance, part number CTEK56865 the solar maintainer has the ability to maintain a battery without having a traditional charger plugged in to a 110 volt outlet such as the CTEK universal battery charger which doesn't have the ability to maintain your batteries via solar power. You have to have it plugged into a traditional house outlet.Another great thing about this unit, besides the fact that it can be portable and you can mount it inside a windshield on a vehicle or charge batteries with the clamps, is that we have a very long cord length. Our adapter cords have a total cord length of about one foot from the end of your connector here to start of your adapter here. And then the cord off of the panel itself is a total length of 8 feet, so you have 9 feet of total length in order to reach your battery or your vehicle where you need to plug it into.This is what our charger and maintainer comes with. We have our solar grid here, this'll produce our charging output.

It'll be outputted through this connector here. Now with this connector we have a multitude of options where we can connect to in order to charge and maintain our batteries. Here me have the opposing end of that connector, this will give us alligator clamps to hook directly up to a battery to charge it.Now if we have a vehicle that is sitting outside and sits for a while and doesn't get driven, we have an adaptor here which you can plug into your power outlet or your cigarette lighter, or your accessory outlet, and this will charge the vehicle's battery from inside. You don't have to worry about having any wires running underneath the hood and you can do that with these suction cup mounts here. These will clip on to your panel so you can stick it inside your windshield and have it plug into your power outlet or cigarette lighter.So if you don't need to have this mounted inside your windshield on your vehicle if you're using it for a boat trailer or utility trailer or an RV, that can be done as well and this can still reside outside.So here we are with our utility trailer, as you can see here we have a winch which is powered by a battery inside this battery box.

Now this battery doesn't have a way to be charged or maintained, so we're going to correct that with our battery maintainer. First thing we need to do is find a place to mount our solar array.Right here on top of our toolbox, perfect place for it. Now we have it on our top of our toolbox here, it's not going to interfere with our winch or anything when we open the toolbox lid. We've already verified that. Your particular application may vary.

So we'll put some pressure down on it, take a drill, go through the hole, make a mark, do the same on the other side. With marks made I can get the panel out of the way so it doesn't get damaged and I'll just continue drilling the holes until they're all the way through the top of the box.Now we'll attach it with our holes drilled, we've set the grid back on top of it, we have some Fender washers and some bolts. You have to supply your own. So we'll go through the hole. We're using Fender washers because it'll help disperse the force so we don't have to worry about cracking the plastic around the grid.We'll open our box up. On the underside we'll attach a lock washer and a nut. And now we'll tie down our hardware using a ratchet and a wrench. Okay now we need to get access to our battery inside of our battery box to make our connection. Now we can attach to our battery using our alligator clamps. The black will go to negative, the red will go to positive. However, in our case our customer wants to have this permanently attached to his battery, but still wants to be able to charge an auxiliary battery for his equipment on his trailer. So we're not going to use the alligator clamp, instead we'll take our power outlet adapter that you would use if you're charging the battery in your vehicle where you solar panel was mounted on the inside of the windshield with the suction cups.So we'll take this, cut it in half and we'll just focus on the plug end. We'll separate our wires, strip back the insulation from both ends, take ring terminals and crimp them down. Now we can use these ring terminals to attach them directly to our battery.The wire with the white stripe, that's our positive. We'll use that one last and do the negative one first. So undo the nut from our negative terminal on our battery, put the ring terminal on the stud, place the wire for our winch back on, replace the nut and we'll snug this down. Do the same for the positive.We'll take our connector from the solar array and then the connector that we have permanently attached to our battery and we will plug the two in together. As you can see with our connector plugged in, this flashing blue light means that our battery is being charged and maintained by the solar panel.Okay, now that our connections are made and we're plugged in, I'm going to reinstall our battery box lid. And that completes your look at and being shown how to install the Performance Tool 2 1/2 watt solar battery charger, part number PTW2997.

Customer Reviews

2.5-Watt Solar Battery Charger - PTW2997

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (15 Customer Reviews)

- PTW2997

Great selection of quality products to choose from for our trailer maintenance/repair needs. 614137

- PTW2997

Everything I ordered arrived on time and well packed. Excellent quality products! 417200

- PTW2997

As always great product and shipping was quick and on time. 575065

- PTW2997

E trailer always has what I need and receive the parts and n a timely matter. 343548

- PTW2997

First of all, GREAT customer service from this dealer. Answered questions, quick product delivery, etc. Definitely use them again. I plan to use this item for trickle charge RV battery during winter storage. The wiring is long enough to reach the battery with the solar panel sitting on the dashboard. 581815

- PTW2997

Everything I ordered came in one box and was all in good condition. The delivery time was great. I have used etrailer.com now for many things needed for my truck and travel trailer. They never disappoint. This service is awesome. They answer questions with there help line and give lots of documentation to help with setting up and using your purchase. Many of the brick and mortar stores need to learn how to serve the customers as well as etrailer does. 486563

- PTW2997

I won't be using the battery on my fifth wheel very often, so I won't need it charged very fast or very often. But there will be times I will be relying on just the battery and not my generator or a hook up at a camp site. This will work perfectly. And when my fifth wheel is in storage and I go by to do a few things in it, I will have power because of the solar charger. 316006

- PTW2997

Recieved product in a timely manner, customer service kept me updated on my order. 653700

- PTW2997

Like the idea of this in order to keep a charge on my RV battery while in storage. Only have had it for a couple of days but the true test will be when I go pick up my camper in a couple of weeks to take out for the season. 641404

- PTW2997

Love the site 590398

- PTW2997

Shipping was fast and exactly what i ordered. Came in two boxes 548044

- PTW2997

We are very pleased our items came very quickly and in perfect condition. We are excited to implement our items onto our pontoon lift. Have to wait until the snow melts. GB. w 462054

- PTW2997

I'm super happy they do have really great service 460663

- PTW2997

Works great keeping batteries cahrged up out at our hunting lease 452778

- PTW2997

Fits perfectly. Fast delivery 304593


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  • How to Charge a Trailer Battery for Use with a Bulldog Jack
  • What you described is actually the best solution! Connecting your battery to 12V Power wire from the 7-Way on your trailer is a great way to provide a maintenance charge on your battery to operate a Bulldog jack like part # BD500199. Mounting a battery inside a box like part # 329-HM300BKS inside your trailer will further help to keep your battery safe from the elements (although battery boxes do a pretty good job at that). Please note that the 12V power from your vehicle will not...
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  • Charging Capacity of 12-Volt Circuit on Vehicle 7-Way Socket
  • The power delivered on the 12V circuit of a 7-way trailer connector is enough to maintain a charged battery while you travel down the road, but this circuit does not have enough juice to re-charge a battery that has been depleted from use. Depleted batteries need a shore-powered charger like one of the CTEK units, such as # CTEK56353. Solar battery chargers like Performance Tool # PTW2997 can be used to provide a trickle charge to a battery mounted on a trailer but I do not recommend...
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  • Dual Battery Set-up with Torklift Hidden Power Battery Mount and Solar Connection
  • The TorkLift HiddenPower Under-Vehicle Battery Mount with Battery Box # TLA7727 has internal measurements of 14-1/2" L x 7-7/8" W x 9-3/4" T. This mount is a confirmed fit for your 2004 Ford F-350 with 8 foot bed. It is possible to connect two 6V batteries to solar. You can either connect them in parallel to get 6V output or series to get 12V output. I've attached a photo of these options to assist. For your solar power, you can use the 2.5-Watt Solar Battery Charger # PTW2997.
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  • How to Provide 12V Power Source for Testing Trailer Lighting
  • I spoke to my contact at Progressive Dynamics and he agreed with my proposed recommendation that for your specific application of temporarily testing/evaluating light placement in your build project you simply use a 12V deep cycle battery along with a solar battery charger like # PTW2997. This 2.5 watt solar charger has built in blocking circuitry to prevent reverse discharge from your battery back to the panel. This also means you could use two chargers at once (in parallel with the battery)...
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  • Types of Battery Chargers for Auxiliary Battery on Dump Truck/Trailer
  • We do offer battery chargers, including AC-powered unit like NOCO Genius # 329-GEN2 and DC-powered types like Redarc # 331-BCDC1225D, as well as Solar panel chargers like # PTW2997 that help maintain your auxiliary battery whenever sunlight is available. The vehicle wiring kits we sell are generally limited to passenger vehicles to allow them to tow recreational trailers. If you are looking for a heavy-duty wiring kit to deliver power to your dump bed motor this would best be sourced...
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  • Recommended Solar Panel Connection for Furrion Prewired Solar Connection on Trailer
  • The 2.5-Watt Solar Battery Charger # PTW2997 is a great option for your solar charging needs on the go. This product will not completely supply the needs of your Furrion camera system but can be used along with a battery to charge the battery so the battery can power the unit. I recommend the Redarc In-Vehicle BCDC Battery Charger - Dual Input - DC to DC - 12V/24V - 25 Amp # 331-BCDC1225D which will allow you to have power from a solar panel amplified and will amplify the trailer battery...
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  • Can a CTEK Battery Charger be Used to Charge a Battery Through 7-Way on Trailer
  • The CTEK D250S Dual Battery Charger # CTEK40186 can be spliced into the 12V Power wire from the 7-Way on your trailer. It then connects to your trailer battery and provides a maintenance charge. This basically just help to keep your battery from draining, it will not necessarily charge it. To charge your battery you will also need to add a solar panel like part # PTW2997 and connect it to the CTEK battery charger as well. The CTEK charger will then from the solar panel and your 12V power...
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  • Adding a Battery to a Trailer with a 4-Way Connector
  • To run a charge line to your battery you will first need to install a 7-Way on your trailer. This can be done using the Epicord 7-Way Molded Trailer Plug with Junction Box # 277-000141. The Black wire in the junction box is the one that will carry the 12V power. Just simply use a ring terminal like part # 44-5310A and run 10 Gauge Wire # 10-1-1 to the positive terminal on your battery. The 4 wires that are currently on your trailer and tow vehicle are only for the lights and are not...
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  • How Tow Keep Trailer Battery Charged While In Storage
  • If you just need a solar panel to keep your battery charged while in storage then the Solar Battery Charger part # PTW2997 will be perfect for this and you don't have to worry about overcharging either. I am not sure what you mean by using the battery to keep them on but the above will not draw any power from your battery. If you want something to actually provide a charge when you are actively using the battery then you can use the Go Power Eco Solar Charging System with Digital Solar...
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  • Recommended Solar Battery Charger # PTW2997
  • The Performance Tool 2.5-Watt Solar Battery Charger # PTW2997 is weatherproof and designed to be installed on the outside of a trailer. I've attached a video to assist with the install. Furrion doesn't have a plug compatible with their solar inlet available outside of their own large kits, so I recommend bypassing the Solar inlet. You can use a different style plug or simply drill a hole for the wiring and use a silicone sealant. If you have the Solar port from the manufacturer like...
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  • Recommended Solar Panel and Charging Connection for Vilano 320GK with Prewire Furrion Solar Input
  • The Furrion Solar port # FSPINS-BS only fits with the male connector that comes on their solar suitcase. We had issues with that product so we don't carry it and they don't have a connector available as a separate part. I reached out to them directly to confirm this. The best solar panel in my opinion we carry for cost to function is the Go Power Portable Solar Kit w/ Digital Solar Controller # 34282730 and then you can simply use the 7-Pin Trailer Adapter for Go Power Portable Solar...
    view full answer...

  • Can 2.5-Watt Solar Battery Charger Item # PTW2997 be Used on Smaller Motorcycle Batteries
  • Yes, the 2.5-Watt Solar Battery Charger # PTW2997 could be used to help charge a smaller motorcycle/snowmobile battery. In the instructions for this (attached link on page) it specifically mentions that this type of battery is compatible. It doesn't have an overcharge protection feature, but by design it won't over charge the battery as it doesn't put out a high enough voltage charge that would damage the battery once topped off. I attached a review video for more info on this as well.
    view full answer...

  • Will the 2.5-Watt Solar Battery Charger Part # PTW2997 Overcharge a Battery
  • I spoke to my contact at Performance Tool (PT) and they informed me that you should have no concerns with the 2.5-Watt Solar Battery Charger part # PTW2997 overcharging your trailer battery. The battery charger has a built-in mechanism that prevents the unit from overcharging.
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  • How to Have Power When Camping Off-Grid in a 1981 Skamper Popup
  • If you are wanting to charge your phones and other electronics without having to plug into a station you can definitely use some batteries to do so. The best solution for keeping your battery charged is to use a battery charger like the Redarc In-Vehicle BCDC Battery Charger # 331-BCDC1240D. This can draw power off of your tow vehicle battery while traveling and as well as a solar panel. We have a variety of solar panels to choose from depending on how much power you plan on using....
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  • Can Performance Tool Solar Battery Charger # PTW2997 Overcharge Breakaway Battery
  • I spoke with my contact at Performance Tool regarding the Solar Battery Charger # PTW2997 and he said that this unit does actually have a built-in control that will shut the charger down once the battery is completely charged. He said there is no risk of overcharging when it's left hooked up for a longer period of time such as when the trailer is in storage. He did say that this is a really great solution for maintaining the charge on a smaller breakaway battery. I have attached a short...
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  • Solar Panel Charger that Could be Used to Charge Stored RV Battery
  • If your batteries are all wired together in parallel you could use the Solar Panel charger part # PTW2997 which can give up to a 2.5 watt charge in sunlight. It wouldn't do much but it would keep a charged battery topped off if you had sunlight.
    view full answer...

  • How to Wire Trailer 6-Pole Connector to Provide 12V Battery Charge Circuit
  • The pin/function assignments for 6-pole and all other trailer wiring formats are shown in the help article that is linked for you. I also included a photo of 6-pole connectors detailing their common function assignments. In 6-pole connectors the 12V auxiliary power circuit is usually assigned to the center pin. But some trailers will instead be wired with the brake power circuit on this pin. It just depends on the trailer. You can determine which wiring setup is on your trailer by applying...
    view full answer...

  • Is a Solar Powered Battery Charger Good for Charging a Trailer Battery that Powers a Winch
  • A solar powered charger such as # PTW2997 is a great option but can take a long time to charge a battery; especially a battery large enough to power a winch. If you go solar make sure that the battery is fully charged before winching so that the charge (hopefully) lasts the whole time you need the winch. That way you aren't relying on a charger to charge up the battery since it will take a while. Another option is a DC to DC charger that you can keep mounted on the trailer and attach...
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  • Solar Panel Recommendation for 2018 Keystone Sprinter
  • So typically trailers like yours will have a battery that the inverter can draw power from when the generator isn't running. What the solar panel can do is help keep that battery topped off. If your 2018 Keystone Sprinter is already wired for a solar panel this should already all be taken care of and all you need to do is pick out the best panel for your needs/budget. One great option is the Go Power Retreat Solar Charging System with Digital Solar Controller # 34272635 which was designed...
    view full answer...

  • How to Check if the 2.5-Watt Solar Battery Charger is Working
  • The 2.5-Watt Solar Battery Charger # PTW2997 that you referenced will have 2.5 watts of power for output, but that is under the right circumstances. If you are in a heavily shaded area then that would affect the output compared to if you were out in the middle of an open field. The blue light will only blink when it is absorbing light, so if you have it exposed to direct sunlight and the blue light is not blinking then the solar panel is most likely damaged.
    view full answer...

  • Can the Performance Tool 2.5-Watt Solar Battery Charger be Permanently Mounted Outside
  • Yes, I confirmed with my contact at Performance Tool that the 2.5-Watt Solar Battery Charger # PTW2997 can be mounted in a location that will expose it to the elements. I recommend using ring terminals like part # DW05702-1 to ensure that it has a solid connection to your battery. The only warning he said the charger has is to mount it away from explosive gases. so as long as you do that you are good to go!
    view full answer...

  • Portable Solar Panel Options for Wildwood X-Lite by Forest River
  • The 2.5-Watt Solar Battery Charger # PTW2997 is a great option for your solar charging needs on the go, or for a much larger panel we have the 100 watt part # 287-32408. This product will not completely supply the needs of your Furrion camera system all the time but can be used along with a battery to charge the battery so the battery can power the unit. I recommend the Redarc In-Vehicle BCDC Battery Charger - Dual Input - DC to DC - 12V/24V - 25 Amp # 331-BCDC1225D which will allow you...
    view full answer...

  • Solar Battery Charger Compatibility with 2018 Coleman Lantern 17rd Factory Furrion Solar Connector
  • Furrion is the maker of that solar port # FSPINS-BS. Any solar panel like the 2.5-Watt Solar Battery Charger # PTW2997 you mentioned can be made compatible. We unfortunately do not have an adapter as Furrion doesn't offer just the connector, but you can simply adapt the connector which is simple wiring of one positive wire and one ground wire to the battery for compatibility with what comes with your solar charger.
    view full answer...

  • Solar Battery Charger Availability for Coleman Lantern on Trailer
  • It really just depends on the application. But the 2.5-Watt Solar Battery Charger # PTW2997 will put up to a 2.5 watt charge on the circuit it is installed on.
    view full answer...

  • 7-Way Trailer Connector for a 1999 Ford Ranger and Battery Charger for a Camper Trailer
  • It sounds to me like you are trying to attach a camper with a 7-way trailer connector to your 1999 Ford Ranger with a 4-way trailer connector. If this is the case then you would want to use Mighty Cord Trailer Connector Adapter part # A10-7084VP. However, if your trailer has brakes then you will need to install the Universal Installation Kit for Trailer Brake Controllers part # ETBC7 along with a trailer brake controller such as the Hopkins Agility Trailer Brake Controller part # HM47295. Both...
    view full answer...

  • Can a Breakaway Battery Be Used to Power an Interior Light
  • Yes, you can use a breakaway battery to power the interior light on your enclosed trailer. However, these batteries typically only have a 5 amp hour rating so that is something to make note of. If you were to use an LED interior light like the Optronics LED RV Interior Light with Switch part # RVILL34 then you would not have any issues as it only draws .6 amps of power. With that being said, you will not need the Tekonsha Push-To-Test Trailer Breakaway Kit with Built-In Battery Charger...
    view full answer...

  • How to Connect Two Batteries to a 12V Battery Charger or Solar Charger
  • With two batteries on your RV, to charge the battery bank using an external charger like the 2.5-Watt Solar Battery Charger # PTW2997 you will connect the positive side of the charger to the first battery's positive terminal and the negative side of the charger to the second battery's negative terminal. It doesn't matter if the batteries are connected to each other in series of parallel for this to be the correct connection. With this charger you will either have two 12V batteries in...
    view full answer...

  • How to Wire a Breakaway Battery and Lights on a Trailer
  • For starters, a breakaway switch will need to have a separate and independent battery according to most state regulations so it may be beneficial to check with your local DMV or DOT before proceeding. The Hopkins Engager Push-To-Test Trailer Breakaway Kit part # 20099 comes with an independent battery and you can use the 12 volt power on the vehicle's 7-way to charge the battery. In regards to installing a solar panel and attaching it to an auxiliary battery, the install process is fairly...
    view full answer...

  • Would 2.5-Watt Solar Battery Charger # PTW2997 Overcharge Battery
  • The size of the solar panel on the 2.5-Watt Solar Battery Charger # PTW2997 is small enough that you wouldn't have to worry about it overcharging a battery. If the battery is a car size battery like these are typically used with you'd never have to worry about it overcharging anything.
    view full answer...

  • Does 2.5-Watt Solar Battery Charger Item # PTW2997 have Battery Monitoring Capabilities
  • The 2.5-Watt Solar Battery Charger Item # PTW2997 has built in blocking circuitry to prevent reverse discharge. That is pretty much the only type of failsafe this panel has. If you plan to use it with CTEK D250S DUAL Battery Charger Item # CTEK40186 then the charger itself will prevent overcharge.
    view full answer...

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