Torx flathead screws make securing a wood floor to your trailer quick, easy and economical with a 1/4" diameter and type F points for heavy-gauge sheet metal. Specially designed for use on Alkaline Copper Quaternary wood. Call 800-298-8924 to order Redline accessories and parts part number TFX225ACQ or order online at Free expert support on all Redline products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for 2-1/4" Long Torx Trailer Floor and Wall Liner Screw for ACQ Treated Wood. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.
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2-1/4" Long Torx Trailer Floor and Wall Liner Screw for ACQ Treated Wood

Item # TFX225ACQ

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Redline Accessories and Part
Redline Accessories and Part

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Redline Accessories and Part
Redline Accessories and Part


  • Trailer Cargo Control
  • Torx Screw
  • Screws
  • Redline
  • 2-1/4 Inch Long

Redline Accessories and Parts - TFX225ACQ

Torx flathead screws make securing a wood floor to your trailer quick, easy and economical with a 1/4" diameter and type F points for heavy-gauge sheet metal. Specially designed for use on Alkaline Copper Quaternary wood.


  • Tapered flathead sits flush with surface
  • End of screw has a blunt tip with multiple cutting surfaces


  • 1/4" diameter
  • 2-1/4" long
  • Type F point
  • Requires 7/32" pilot hole
Because Alkaline Copper Quaternary (ACQ) treated wood is very corrosive, these screws have been made with an approved plating material that is less expensive than stainless steel and has been shown to outperform galvanized screws.

TFX225ACQ Redline Screw For Treated Wood 1/4" x 2-1/4"

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Video of 2-1/4" Long Torx Trailer Floor and Wall Liner Screw for ACQ Treated Wood

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Video Transcript for Redline Accessories and Parts TFX225ACQ Review

Today, we're going to review the two and a quarter inch long Torx trailer floor and wall liner screw for the ACQ treated wood. These Torx flathead screws make securing a wood floor to your trailer very quick and easy and economical. This screw, in particular, has the type F point, which is designed for securing your wood floor that have the gauge sheet metal. This screw is also specifically designed for use on the ACQ wood, which is Alkaline Copper Quaternary wood. Now, because this ACQ treated wood is very corrosive, these screws have been made with an approved plating material that is less expensive than using stainless steel screws and has been shown to outperform the galvanized screws. If you noticed it has the tapered flathead, which will sit flush with the surface after they're installed. Few specs on this, the size Torx on this is T30.

The diameter of this is one quarter inch in diameter. The length, I'm going to measure for you, is going to be right at two and a quarter inches long. We have mentioned it has the type F point, which is a blunt tip, but if you see as I rotate, it has multiple cutting surfaces. When you do install this, you do need to require or it does require drilling a pilot hole of 7/32 to install these. That should do it for the review of the two and a quarter inch long Torx trailer floor and wall liner screw for the ACQ treated wood.

Customer Reviews

2-1/4" Long Torx Trailer Floor and Wall Liner Screw for ACQ Treated Wood - TFX225ACQ

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (45 Customer Reviews)

Torx flathead screws make securing a wood floor to your trailer quick, easy and economical with a 1/4" diameter and type F points for heavy-gauge sheet metal. Specially designed for use on Alkaline Copper Quaternary wood.


by: John S02/10/2015

Worked great! Drilled in 200 of these screws and only 1 broke. The one that broke was justified as I was going through 2 layers of 10ga steel on that one spot. The second one I tried went in fine. Shipped fast and worked as promised. My recommendations to use this easily: Drill 7/32" pilot holes with a cobalt bit and have a lot of bits on hand if you plan to drill a lot of holes. Also, use a T30 screw bit and if you have one, an impact driver is recommended. Boards are now sitting secured and tight to the frame. Very pleased and much easier than carriage bolts. 173138


After 1 year, all the screws are still holding strong and none have backed out, corroded, or broke. Still very Happy!

John S - 02/10/2016


by: TomC04/16/2014

All of the screws went in without bending, stripping or braking. I redecked a utility trailer with 2x8's. The frame cross-braces were 3/16 angle steel. I highly recommend getting a few cobalt 7/32 drill bits, either pilot point or split point. Don't try to use regular drill bits for the pilot holes. Even the cobalt bits will dull if you don't use cutting oil between holes (I used bar oil). Also, try to place your pilot holes where there is only one layer of metal. I broke a bit in one of those spots that is now a permanent part of my trailer. Other than that, just make sure you use a good quality T30 bit and an impact driver. Great product. 125448


by: Jerald Boyd07/03/2014

Worked for me. Had a some heads snap off don't know why 138945


Holding the trailer deck down

Jerald B - 07/03/2015


by: Darrel03/04/2013

Great service for Trailer parts. The deck screws arrived in perfect condition. Price couldn't be beat, hard to find part. Perfect for re-decking my home built trailer. I'll shop your store again... Thx 68773


by: KP07/03/2016

Screws worked very good for fastening new 2x8 PT boards on my flatbed trailer. Did have a few break but quickly found a little trick that worked great. After pilot drilling the holes shoot a squirt of white lithium grease down the hole in the board and screws go in like butter using a 1/2" drive impact wrench. Also make sure you have plenty of drill bits, I went through 4 to sink 165 screws. 267830


by: Roger H.09/08/2016

The delivery was super fast. The product worked flawlessly with no failures out of 86 screws. I was surprised how easy and fast the project went. It was the first time I purchased from etrailer and came away after my purchase and viewing their website that they are people that really care about the customer and also their employees. I will be purchasing more items from them. 292286


by: C Jakl11/09/2012



by: Brett m.11/18/2015

great product, 175 screws with no problem! Mail innovation shipping is pathetic thou 232225


by: David10/22/2012

These screws seem to be well made and the coating should help them last a long time. They are much better than the rusted ones that came with the trailer (only 2 years old). Installed with an impact wrench and none snapped. 57806


by: Charles01/20/2012

Use the size drill bit they tell you to use and they go right in. Try one size to small and they will snap off. I have not hauled anything with the trailer since I redecked it but do not foresee any problems 30048


by: Sam G.09/08/2016

Replaced the wood deck on my trailer. It works out great when you can use the proper screw to do the job. was an easy project and securing down the 2" x 6" wood decking to the metal frame of my trailer. 292303


by: Victor E.02/05/2015

Got my screws in no time flat. Not a huge order but important to me. I had to replace a floor on a utility trailer and finished on time. Now there are to happy people, me and my client. Thanks etrailer. 172479


by: Darlene E03/13/2017

The restoration project is still not complete. We were pleased with the quality of the products we purchased from etrailer and look forward to putting them to the test as this project comes to a close. 355573


by: s.Satter11/16/2011

I ordered enough screws to finish and then start another project. They arrived in a timely manner and were package nicely. No one locally carried then, happy to do business again with etrailer. 27056


by: Al Jones10/30/2014

Good quality parts. The best part is the service. Ordered more stuff and the girl waiting on me went in the warehouse and got the part to measure it, making sure it would work for me. 158519


by: Richard H.04/24/2011

The fasteners arrived in record time and were just as advertised. etrailer folks stayed in touch and made sure everything was fine. Thank you for a trouble free purchase. 12299


by: M.G.06/27/2012

Good product. Worked great for re-decking my trailer. Product arrived Fast, as described, great communication by etrailer. Best price on this I could find! 45869


by: docbarnhill01/16/2017

to be used to re-floor my car hauler...didn't know that these were for use with pressure treated lumber till i read the info on your site..great help.. 333042


by: Debbie07/05/2015

Only place I could find this product. Shipping was super fast! Thank you for what I needed. Trailer is back together all new wood. 209463


by: Martin05/18/2017

Product worked great when installing new flooring on my utility trailer. Product was delivered fast and customer service was great. 381947


by: Doug White01/08/2012

Good description/depiction of item...Fantistic service...Shipping was quicker than expected...I will use etrailer in the near future 29314


by: Ron S11/17/2016

The screws were exactly as expected, and held up to installation with an impact wrench. After a year they're still holding strong. 317577


by: James G12/17/2010

Bolts & Etc All items were as advertised, shipped in a timely manner and I am again very happy with etrailers. Thanks James 4306


by: Dave09/02/2014

I had a lot of trouble finding these screws locally. Etrailer came through. The right stuff the right time. Thanks! 149486


by: gene01/17/2017

order was here super fast but was thinking someone was going to help with project =never showed 333221


by: Gary G05/26/2017

Great service, fast shipment and excellent product. Great to do business with. Thanks. 385167


by: Frank R04/19/2017

Screws are quick and easy to use. Will strip out easy if you torque them too much. 369420


by: Jim M.08/17/2015

Just what I needed to reattach boards to a 5 x 8 trailer bed. Very fast service. 219871


by: Cowboy06/07/2014

Some of the drive heads on the screws were messed up but over all i ordered extra 134635


by: Troy H.07/17/2012

The screws worked flawlessly and I plan to get many years of use out of them. 48362


by: Malinda Parker09/03/2016

These screws work great ... perfect when attaching new boards to a trailer. 290812


by: bob l07/01/2016

great company quality product fast shipping will do buy from again 267321


by: Peter04/23/2014

Product worked perfectly. Shipping and communication is first rate 126795


by: gene03/11/2017

great service-speedy delivery=anybody want to drill holes for me? 351500


by: Sam06/04/2016

Good product and hopeful it lasts long with the treated lumber. 256910


by: jim04/03/2012

great. arrived on time. 1/2 the price of a local hardware store 36038


by: Ronald L06/04/2012

Good product and shipped promptly. Fairly priced. Thanks. 42646


by: Joe P.03/07/2017

Received exactly what was advertised; awesome quality. 353506


by: JohnnyFix Welding12/11/2015

Thanks for the terrific service and quality products. 233591


by: David B.02/22/2017

Using to replace trailer floor with acquired lumber. 344654


by: Jason G04/28/2016

Excellent customer service and product! 247275


by: Jerry T.10/23/2016

Good product. Excellent service. 309882


by: Eric B10/15/2012

Very good quality. 57251


by: Richard05/10/2016

Great product 249581


by: Juan12/28/2015

Good quality 234408


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  • I would recommend to use the treated torx screws for ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary) treated wood for better corrosion and rust resistance. The treated torx screws like the Redline 2-1/2 Inch Long Torx Trailer Screw for ACQ Treated Wood, part # TFX250ACQ, are plated with a material that will resist the ACQ preservative used in treated wood, which is very corrosive because of the high levels of copper it contains. When using ACQ timber it is necessary to use double-galvanized or stainless...
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