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Protect your gear and improve your truck's gas mileage with a custom-fit roll up or hatch style tonneau cover by extang, Access, Truxedo, BAK Industries or Craftec. These covers protect your truck bed from road debris and the elements while increasing towing performance and aerodynamics. Most covers provide a simple no-drill application which makes it easy to increase the appearance and functionality of your vehicle, and all tonneau covers offer either a roll-up or easy removal design to allow you to adjust for any of your hauling needs.

Many fits and profiles are available for many of the most popular trucks such as Ford, Dodge, Chevy, and GMC. Find the custom-fit tonneau cover for your truck by entering the year on the left.

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Enter the year, make and model of your truck above to find custom a fit tonneau cover. We offer tonneaus for all types of trucks including Ford, Dodge, Chevy, GMC, Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Mazda. They are available from the highest quality manufacturers, such as extang, BAK, Access, Truxedo, Bestop and Craftec.

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BAKFlip G2 Hard Tonneau Cover Installation - 2013 Ford F-150

Today on our 2013 Ford F-150 Crew Cab six and half foot bed, we're going to review and install the BAKFlip G2 Hard Tonneau cover, part number BAK26307. Here's what our BAKFlip G2 Tonneau cover is going to look like once it's installed. As you can see it's got a really nice low profile design, so it blends in nicely with the vehicle's pickup bed. The G2 has some really nice wide seals that go all the way around both sides and ends for a complete coverage, keeping it sealed, and dirt, and dust, debris, and even moisture out of the pickup bed. Now the G2 itself, the cover, is made of aluminum, so it's nice and lightweight. While still being sturdy enough to hold its composure. The side rails themselves are made from an aircraft aluminum.

BAKFlip G2 Hard Tonneau Cover Installation - 2013 Chevrolet Silverado

Today on our 2013 Chevrolet Silverado we're going to review and install the BakFlip G2 hard tonneau cover, part number BAK26100. Here's what the BakFlip tonneau cover is going to look like once it's installed. With our tonneau cover closed you can see it's got a nice low profile so it just barely sticks up above the bed sides. It's got a really nice seal that goes all the way around and a tight fit, so not only will it help to keep out the rain, but it also is good at keeping out dust, dirt, and debris. To open it up we'll simply open up the tailgate and expose the underneath side where we can pull on the lock cable and release one of the three tri-fold covers. Each fold has a lock to itself and can be folded all the way forward up against the cab of the vehicle and secured in place with our prop rod. Proposition rod will just fold forward, push the lock down on it, and tighten down the hand knob. Another really nice feature about the tonneau cover is its strength and durability.

Extang Tuff Tonno Soft Tonneau Cover Installation - 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

Today on this 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Track, we're going to show you the Extang Tuff Tonno Soft Tonneau Cover, part number EX14745. This is what the tonneau cover looks like once it's installed on the back of our sport track. First off you notice this does sit on top of the rails, and on top of the tailgate. This is not a flush fit, however with that though, there's less material on the inside of the bed to get in the way, so you have full access to your bed of your truck. The tonneau cover is created from a vinyl fabric, which is stitched into the side to the attachment points that we'll show a little bit later. On the very edge it has a polymer material attached to it and actually stitched into place. You know it's not going to go anywhere, and it goes all the way around on both sides about a quarter inch.This protects the edges from getting ragged.

BAKFlip G2 Hard Tonneau Cover Installation - 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Today, on our 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, we will be installing the Bakflip G2 hard panel cover, part number BAK26121. The Bakflip G2 is a hard folding tonneau cover with 4 panels that fit snugly between your trucks bed rails. It's an easy no drill installation, we'll go ahead and show you that now. To being our install, we're going to go ahead and grab our long weather stripping here. We're going to run it along the top of our bed here. Now, if your truck has a drop in bed liner you won't need this weather stripping, it's not required. I went ahead and wiped this down with some alcohol that way I can get a nice smooth surface and that way I know my weather stripping is going to get a nice grip on the surface.

BAKFlip G2 Hard Tonneau Cover Installation - 2015 Ram 1500

Today on our 2015 Ram 1500, we're going to review and install the BAK Industries BAKFlip G2 Hard Tonneau Cover, part number BAK26207. Now with the BAKFlip G2 installed, here's what it looks like. As you can see all the way around, it's got a nice seal to keep the outside inclement weather outside and dry on the inside. As you can see completely installed, it's got a really nice low-profile design to reduce any wind noise or drag, and possibly increase gas mileage. Now if we open up the tailgate, come to the back here, we can go ahead and pull on our latch cable which releases both sides, so we can fold our panel up. To fold up the second panel, we'll simply pull on our latch cable again, and we can do it again, folding our panels up against the cab. Now to hold our tonneau cover up against the cab all the way folded up, we'll take our prop rod out of its holding position, roll it forward up to our clamp.

BAK RollBAK G2 Hard Tonneau Cover Installation - 2010 Chevrolet Silverado

Today on our 2010 Chevrolet Silverado we'll be installing the RollBAK G2 Hard Tonneau Cover, part number BAKR15101. Let's go ahead and see what the RollBAK G2 Hard Tonneau Cover looks like once it's installed. Here's our cover fully retracted. We can bring it out and lock it out halfway, three quarter, or fully closed and put our tailgate up. Then when we want to open up the cover, open up the tailgate, pull on the latch cable, will release the latch from the lock. We can go back to three quarter, half, or fully retracted.

BAK Roll-X Hard Tonneau Cover Review - 2015 Ford F-250 Super Duty

Today we're going to take a look at, then show you how to install, the BAK Roll-X Hard Tonneau Cover. This is a roll up aluminum and vinyl hybrid cover. Part number is BAK36310. As you can see, in the used position, it's going to give us a great custom fit, it's very aerodynamic, and is going to help to improve gas mileage. As you can see, when not in use, we can roll it up easily in just seconds to get it up and out of the way, giving us full access into the bed of the truck. Now let's go over a few features of the cover. Our Tonneau Cover is going to give us a custom fit design.

Access TonnoSport Soft Tonneau Cover Installation - 2012 Chevrolet Colorado

Today on our 2012 Chevrolet Colorado, we're going to be taking a look at and installing the Access TonnoSport Roll-Up Tonneau Cover, part number A22020249. As you can see, the Tonneau cover gives us a great low-profile design. It's designed only to stick up about 1/2 inch over our factory side rails. Unlike older Tonneau covers of a soft nature that had the ribs that kind of stuck up that gave it a little bit of that covered wagon look, we've completely gone away with those. It's going to have that nice sleek, flat look. This is going to improve your air dynamics, maybe give you a boost in fuel economy and certainly secure anything inside your bed.

BAKFlip G2 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover Review - 2010 Ram 1500

Today on our 2010 Ram 1500 we'll be installing the BAKFlip G2 Hard Tonneau Cover Part Number BAK26203. When you have a bed side that does not have the plastic cap, there are plastic sides provided that you can put in between the side rail and the bed cap. As you can see this application has the plastic cap so we won't need those protectors. Note some of the side rail caps the inner edge is angled or beveled. In those cases it may be necessary to put a shim in place where your clamp would go. To level out our rail so it sits on the top cap nice and evenly.

Articles about Tonneau Covers

Tonneau Covers Questions and Answers

  • Tonneau Cover for a 2014 Nissan Frontier with 6 Foot Bed and Factory Bed Extender
  • According to our contacts over at TruXedo, tonneau cover # TX884101 is not compatible with the sliding bed extender on your 2014 Nissan Frontier with 6 foot bed. Access makes a cover, # 834532006878, that you can use with models that have the bed extender but you will need an adapter, # 834532006946, to be able to install it on models with the bed extender. You can also use cover # 834532006885, # 834532006854 or # 834532006861 with the same adapter listed above.
    view full answer...

  • Differences Between the Truxedo Low Pro QT Tonneau Cover and Edge Tonneau Cover
  • I spoke with my contact at Truxedo and she informed me that TruXedo Edge Soft, Roll-Up Tonneau Cover # TX884101 that you referenced is compatible with your 2013 Nissan Frontier crew cab with a 6 foot bed, factory rail caps and factory utili-track. The only issue you will have is with the sliding bed extender. She said that will not work with the # TX884101 and it will need to be removed for it to work. There are several differences between the # TX884101 and the TruXedo Lo Pro QT Soft...
    view full answer...

  • Will BAKFlip Tonneau Cover # BAK26310 Fit Over 5th Wheel in 2009 Ford F250 SD Crew Cab 6-Ft Bed
  • The BAKFlip G2 Hard Tonneau Cover # BAK26310 is a low-profile cover sits inside your truck bed rails. In order to determine if it will fit over your Reese Elite hitch you will just need to check whether the hitch head or release handle sit above the height of the truck's rails. If not then this cover will fit. It may be necessary to remove the release handle from the hitch and/or lower the height of the hitch head to clear the rails. A video on this cover is linked for you.
    view full answer...

  • Tonneau Cover Recommendation for a 2014 Ram 3500 Short Bed
  • The Truxedo TruXport part # TX246901 that you referenced will fit your 2014 Ram 3500 with a short bed. We have the short bed listed as 6 foot, but in reality it is a bit longer than that and I can assure you this cover will work for you. I attached a review video for this product for you to check out as well.
    view full answer...

  • Tonneau Cover for 2011 Nissan Frontier with Utili-Track Bed System
  • The mounting system of the Tonneau cover you referenced is not compatible with the Utili-Trak system on your Frontier. We do offer covers that will work for you. For a 5 foot bed, the Access Lorado Roll Up Tonneau Cover, part # 834532006830 would be ideal. For a 6 foot bed, part # 834532006885 would work. If your Frontier has the sliding bed extender, an adapter kit, part # 834532006946 would be needed.
    view full answer...

  • What is the Track System on a 2012 Chevrolet Silverado
  • The track system for Chevrolet is called their Cargo Management System. It is a track system that can be installed as an option from the dealer. The tracks sit just below the truck bed rails on the inside of the truck bed and can support different accessories such as ladder racks and tool boxes. If you do not have any type of rails in the bed of your truck, then you probably do not have a track system. The Access Tonneau Cover, # A22020299, that you referenced can be used with or without...
    view full answer...

  • Tonneau Cover Recommendation for a 2012 Nissan Frontier with a 5 foot bed with Utili-Track Rails
  • The tonneau cover that you would want that is confirmed to fit with the Utili-Track rails on your 2012 Nissan Frontier SL with a 5 ft bed would be the Lorado Roll-Up Tonneau Cover # 834532006830. If your Frontier has the sliding bed extender, an adapter kit, part # 834532006946 would be needed.
    view full answer...

  • Which Tonneau Covers Fit a 2011 Nissan Frontier King Cab with Utili-Trac System
  • There are a few tonneau covers that will fit your 2011 Nissan Frontier King Cab with the Utili-Trac system. First, we have the Access Roll-Up Tonneau Cover, # 834532006854. This is a roll up type of cover and it is the most popular tonneau for your vehicle. If you also have the Nissan sliding bed extender, you would also need the Sliding Bed Extender Adapter Kit, # 834532006946, so the tonneau will fit. The next step down is Vanish Roll-Up Tonneau Cover, # 834532007950. It will work...
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Tonneau Cover for a 2011 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab Long Bed with Deckrail System
  • I spoke with my contact at Access about Tonneau Covers for your 2011 Toyota Tacoma with the deckrail cargo management system. She stated that they do have 2 options that are compatible with the system, but to avoid low profile covers because they can cause fit issues. The covers that would work for you are the Access Tonneau, # 834532006700, and the LiteRider Tonneau, # 834532006724. I have included links to the instructions for the Access model for you to view.
    view full answer...

  • Bestop Collapsible Bed Cover for Toyota Tacoma with 5 foot Bed
  • Bestop does offer a Collapsible bed cover for the 2005-2010 Tacoma with a 5 foot bed. The part number is B76308. The mesh kit mentioned does replace the windows and is transparent. The mesh kit is part # B76308. I will provide links to the product descriptions for each product below. The product description for the mesh kit shows a photo of the kit, so you can see what it looks like when installed in the bed cover. I will also provide links to the installation details for each product,...
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Tension Control for Truxedo Lo Pro Covers Recommendation
  • Yes, you will need Replacement Tension Control for Truxedo Lo Pro Covers part # TX1702992.
    view full answer...

  • Will the Truxedo Edge Tonneau Cover Work with TracRac Ladder Rack on a 2014 Chevy Silverado 2500
  • The new G2 rails, # TA21501, mount to the stake pockets of the truck bed sides. They do cover much of the tops of the rails. You would need a tonneau cover that mounts between the bed rails and does not require the stake pockets. The Truxedo cover # TX871101 could potentially work but it does stick up a bit from the tops of the side rails and could potentially interfere with the rails for the ladder rack. Extang cover # EX54650 would be a better fit for your 2014 Chevy Silverado 2500HD...
    view full answer...

  • Is the Bestop Supertop for Truck Collapsible Bed Cover Waterproof
  • The Bestop Supertop, # B76308, is weather resistant but not waterproof. For an item to be waterproof it must be able to keep water sealed out when submersed under water. The material of the Supertop will resist rain, but there is a chance that water can get in from the seams or zippers of the cover in a prolonged rainy event or driving rain. If the cover is stretched too much from rain water puddling up, water could potentially leak in through the fabric. The representative at Bestop...
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Tarp Recommendation for a Truxedo Truxport for 2002 Dodge Dakota 5 Foot Bed
  • We do carry the replacement tarp you would need for your Truxedo Truxport Cover part # TX290101. For that you would want the part # TX2901-CVR.
    view full answer...

  • Tonneau Cover for a 2014 Nissan Frontier with 6 Foot Bed, Utili-Trac System and Sliding Bed Extender
  • The Truxedo tonneau cover # TX284101 will fit the 2014 Nissan Frontier with 6-foot bed and the rail system but that factory extender is an issue. But I do have a solution for you. Take a look at Access LiteRider tonneau cover # 834532006878. The LiteRider will fit with the factory track system and to get it to work with the sliding bed extender you just need an adapter kit, # 834532006946. The same goes for the Lorado cover, # 834532006885, Original cover, # 834532006854, and Limited...
    view full answer...

  • Tonneau Cover Recommendation for a 2003 Ford F-150 Short Bed
  • According to what I was able to find, the 2003 Ford F-150 came in a 5-1/2 foot, 6-1/2 foot, and 8 foot bed length. I would measure the bed length to determine the exact length of the bed in order to choose the correct tonneau cover. Once you have that measurement, you can use the link below to the available covers for a 2003 Ford F-150. Just choose the bed length from the list to see the covers for that length. A nice entry level cover for the 5-1/2 foot bed is the TruXedo TruXport Soft...
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  • What Tonneau Covers Fit a 1999 GMC Sierra Stepside
  • Without knowing the make and model of the cover that the first owner had on it, I cannot say whether or not an Access cover or another cover will fit with any degree of certainty. It may have been removed because there was some sort of problem with it, so it may be a good idea to go with a new one and get all new parts. The good news is that we do have some covers that specifically fit the stepside model of the 1999 GMC Sierra in different price ranges. On the lower end of the cost...
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  • Tonneau Covers for a 1997 Ford F-150 XLT Stepside
  • We have several tonneau covers that will fit the 1997 Ford F-150 with a stepside bed. I have included a link to them for you. If you like the Access Roll-up cover then you can use # 834532000951. To help seal up the area around the tailgate, I recommend the TrailSeal, # 834532001583, for the Access tonneau cover.
    view full answer...

  • Is Drilling Needed to Install Extang BlackMax Tonneau Cover on 2015 Toyota Tundra w/Deck Rail System
  • Extang tonneau cover # EX2465 does fit the 2015 Toyota Tundra with 6-1/2 foot bed and deckrail system. No additional parts are needed for installation. There is no drilling required. I have included a link to the installation instructions so you can see all of the steps for yourself!
    view full answer...

  • Recommendation for a Ladder Rack and Tonneau Cover that Fit Together for a 2014 Ford F-150 Short Bed
  • It is possible to use both a ladder rack and a tonneau cover on a 2014 Ford F-150 with 6-1/2 foot bed. But you will need specific items to do so. Starting with a ladder rack you will need the DeeZee Invis-A-Rack # DZ951600. I have included a link to a couple of videos of this ladder rack for you. For a compatible tonneau cover you would need to use the Truxedo Lo Pro QT, # TX598197, which is designed specifically to work with the Invis-A-Rack. When you do get the truck make sure...
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