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Protect your vehicle's front end from the rigors of the great outdoors with a custom-fit grille guard by Westin. Enhance your vehicle's appearance while adding a rugged durability. The guards feature a no-drill application, making it easy to install and hit the trails. The tubing is contoured to the front of your vehicle, giving your vehicle a stylish finished look on the road and the protection you need while on the trail.

We offer custom fits for many popular truck and SUV models, including Ford, Chevy, and Jeep. Find the correct fit for your vehicle by entering the year on the left.

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Grille Guards Videos

Westin Safari Light Bar Installation - 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Today on our 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee well be installing the Westin Safari Light Bar with installation kit part number 30-0005-1135. To begin our installation well need to remove the black plastic cover that covers the sway bar here. There are four fasteners holding it in place. Well remove the fasteners and set them off to the side with the cover as we will not be reinstalling it. Now, the holes where the fasteners came out of are actually threaded and they are the holes that we will mount our brackets to, to hold our bar in place. At this point well go ahead and clean the threads out of the ball holes here using a brass penetrant and the nylon tube brush part number 814092.

Westin Sportsman Grille Guard Installation - 2010 Chevrolet Silverado

Today in this 2012 Chevrolet Silverado, we're going to install part number 45-2310 from Westin. This is their bull bar. First step is to go ahead and open the hood and remove the radiator cover to gain access to the factory gill shell. We'll have to remove eight small push pins. Now, we'll go ahead and remove the four bolts from the grill shell. Now, we can go ahead and remove the grill.

Bestop HighRock Bumper Installation - 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Today on our 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, we're going to be installing the Bestop HighRock Narrow Front Bumper, part number B4293301. This will be in conjunction with the Bestop Tubular Grille Guard, part number B4291501. Our first step is going to be removing the lower rock guard. As you removed the lower rock guard, there will be a total of six fasteners. These are screw-in pushpin fasteners. We'll need to screw out the center of the fastener and then remove the pushpin part.

Westin Bull Bar Installation 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser

Today we are going to install part number 32-2210 from Westin. It is the Bull bar assembly we will be installing on a 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser. To start our install we will have to install some brackets onto the frame itself and they are tucked up pretty far up in here on the brace that holds the bumper up. There are 2 existing holes so what you need to do is drop 2 bolts into the bumper bracket from the top all the way down through the bottom and it comes with these long bolts to do it with. Now to install one of 2 brackets. There is going to be one here and one is going to have an out rigger from here going out to this bracket to the assembly right here. We do not want to tighten them up yet, we just want to leave them snug so that we have some working room. Next this bracket has to get installed behind it. Then it gets bolted to this assembly here. And then this bracket gets bolted to a threaded hole that is already inside the assembly here.

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