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Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch

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5th Wheel Hitch with Custom Installation Kit

Big trucks require big hitches! We offer high quality Reese, B&W, Draw-Tite, and Curt fifth wheel hitches that are the perfect fit for your heavy duty towing needs. From standard 5th wheel hitches to slider systems for short bed trucks, we have an application for you. From our Pro Series fifth wheel to Reese's top-of-the-line Signature Series, you can find the perfect fifth wheel for your payload while staying within your budget.

We offer custom rail kits for many of the most popular vehicles including Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, GMC, and Toyota. Choose a Signature Series hitch and rails to retain full use of your truck bed while not towing. Find the custom installation kit for your vehicle by entering the year, make, and model to the left.

Add a fifth wheel lube plate, pull pin lock plates, and in-bed wiring to round out your fifth wheel towing setup.

What our customers are saying:

I checked around locally for the best price on a Reese 16k 5th wheel hitch with a kwik-slide for my short bed Dodge Ram. I found your website while searching for info. on 5th wheel hitches and was surprised to discover that the identical hitch was $110 cheaper, even with a shipping charge of $94.00. You folks are awesome and it only took 3 days to receive my shipment. I will definitely be back. Thanks again.


Pueblo, CO

Fifth Wheel Videos

Husky Silver Series 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Manufacturer Review

Anyone who has done much towing has discovered that the word is not flat. This fact presents some challenges when hooking up a fifth wheel trailer. Having the truck or trailer off camber or on an incline can make a real challenge when it comes to getting the components to mesh up. Enter the 16KW Fifth Wheel Hitch from Husky Towing Products. With a fully articulating head, it can hook up in real life situations by presenting the correct angle to the king pin. A tilt-plate design can only go so far. But the entire hitch head of the 16KW articulates to take torque twist out of both truck and trailer for a smoother ride and less stress on equipment.

Husky Silver Series 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Manufacturer Review

It doesn't take long towing a big fifth wheel trailer before you find a situation where the truck is at a different angle from the trailer. Driveway aprons and park entrances can put a twist in your travel plans. Curvy roads and freeway off ramps can add opposing angles to truck and trailer. This is where you can really feel the advantages of the fully articulating head on the Husky 26KW Fifth Wheel Hitch. A tilt plate design can only go so far, but the entire hitch head of the 26KW articulates to take torque twist out of both truck and trailer for a smoother ride and less stress on equipment. It also makes the task of hooking and unhooking on uneven ground much easier. Other features of the 26KW include heavy duty form cast uprights that allow three position fore and aft adjustment for proper hitch over axle placement of the kingpin. A patent pending anti-lock wrap around jaw fully encloses the trailer kingpin.

Curt Fifth Wheel C16120 Review

Speaker: Today we're going to review Part No. C16120, this is the Curt Q16 Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch. It is a dual jaw design, does have a 16,000 lbs. weight capacity. This hitch is a two-jaw locking system which will provide a 360 degree jaw to kingpin contact and when you get that it's usually less rattle, more security than the slide bar models. The head on it is a fully articulating torsion head. As you can see it pretty much articulate into all types of positions.

Pro Series Fifth Wheel PS30132 Review

Today we're going to review part number PS30132. This is the Pro Series 5th wheel trailer hitch, with the rails and the installation kit all included. It is a dual-jaw design, as you can see right here, and it has a 20,000 pound weight capacity. This is a sturdy and reliable 5th wheel hitch at an affordable cost. The dual jaw .. right here ...

B and W Fifth Wheel BWRVK3300 Review

Today were going to review part number BWRVK3300. This is the BMW companion, OEM fifth wheel hitch for the Ford Super Duty Prep Package. This is a dual jaw design hitch. It has a 20,000 pound weight capacity. Now this hitch is designed to fit the 2011 and newer Ford Super Duty trucks that come with the factory installed towing prep package. This fifth wheel hitch will mount in your truck bed so you can tow a fifth wheel trailer.

B and W Fifth Wheel BWRVK3200 Review

Today were going to review part number BWRVK3200. This is the B and W Patriot fifth wheel trailer hitch. Its a dual jaw design. It has a 16,000 lbs. gross towing weight capacity. This fifth wheel hitch will mount in your truck bed so that you can tow your fifth wheel trailer.

Fifth Wheel Base Rail Kit Installation - 2013 Ford F-350

Today on our 2013 Ford F350 we'll be installing the Reece quick install custom base rail installation kit, part number RP50073-58. Note, to begin our install we've already gone ahead and lowered and removed the spare tire in both rear wheels. We'll go ahead and move to the bed with one of the base rails using our tape measure nad measuring from the end of the bed and not the tail gate we sit our base rail into position. Once we have it measured out as per the instructions then we'll check it from side to side to make sure we're even from side to side in the bed. We'll go ahead and mark the base rails attachment points, which will be the outside four corners. Once we've marked them with apaint marker we'll then go ahead and center punch each hole and prepare to drill it out.

Fifth Wheel Installation - 2012 Dodge Ram

Today on our 2012 Dodge Ram pickup we'll be installing the Curt custom fifth wheel installation kit, part number c16420-204. To begin our install first note we've already gone ahead and lowered and removed the spare tire and both rear wheels. Next we'll need to remove the heat shield. To do this there are a total of five fasteners that will need to be removed. We'll go ahead and remove the fasteners, and set the fasteners and heat shield aside to be reinstalled later. Using the measurements provided with our installation kit, we'll be taking the rear base rail and set it into position.

Articles about Fifth Wheel

Fifth Wheel Questions and Answers

  • Will the Reese 5th Wheel Hitch # RP30143 Drop Right Into the Factory Pucks on a 2013 Ford F350 SRW
  • Yes, the Reese Elite Series Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch, # RP30143, will drop right into the factory pucks on your 2013 Ford F350 SRW. Although it is a fit for your short box truck, this is a standard hitch and many people experience clearance difficulty when making turns unless the towed fifth wheel has a Sidewinder pinbox. If you plan on towing a fifth wheel trailer with a standard pinbox, I would recommend the Reese Elite Series Fifth Wheel Hitch With Slider, # RP30144, which also drops righ
    view full answer...

  • Fifth Wheel Rail Installation Kit Recommendation for a 2013 Chevy Silverado to Install Reese Hitch
  • Yes, the correct fifth wheel installation kit for your 2013 Chevy Silverado is the Reese Fifth Wheel Installation kit part # RP50066-58. This install kit is also compatible with your Reese 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch # RP30047. I attached an install video for the rail kit for you to check out also.
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  • Will Pro Series 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch and Installation Rails Fit a 1999 Silverado
  • The Pro Series 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch # PS30094 and installation rails # RP30035 that you reference are a fit for your 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Series with a 6-1/2 inch bed. I have included a video of the installation of the Pro Series 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch # PS30094 in a 2000 Chevrolet Silverado.
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  • Can Forward and Backward Head Movement on Reese Elite Series 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch be Adjusted
  • There are a few different possible Reese hitches you could have from Ford, # RP30142, # RP30143, or # RP30144. The head can move some, this is normal. There should be about a 1/2 inch of movement forward or backward. I have included a link to another question and answer that includes a video showing this. But if it is moving excessively you will want to check the center pin the head pivots on. Make sure everything is tight and also make sure that all the moving parts are moving freely an
    view full answer...

  • Reese 5th Wheel Hitch and Sidewinder Pin Box Recommendations for 2014 Dodge Ram Towing 36-Footer
  • Officially Reese does not recommend any 5th wheel hitch installation in Dodge Ram pickups that have the Rambox system due to the reduced bed width. Still, we have heard reports of successful installations in the 2014 Rambox-equipped trucks using a Sidewinder replacement pin box. The Sidewinder moves the pivot point back 22-inches behind the king pin which keeps the body of the pin box stationary within the limited available width of the Rambox bed. This configuration remains untested by Reese.
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  • Advice for Reaching Driver Side Frame Bolt by Additive Tank on 2013 F350 for Elite Rails Install
  • I spoke to my contact at Reese and he said that when he installed the Reese Under-Bed Rail Kit part # RP30126 in a similar truck as your 2013 Ford F350 with the diesel additive tank he said that it was difficult to get to that nut, but he said that with a long thin wrench he was able reach it.
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  • Can Pro Series Sliding Fifth Wheel Hitch be Used with the Curt X5 Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Adapter
  • Yes, the Reese Pro Series Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch with Slider, # PS30857, will work with the Curt X5 Fifth Wheel Adapter for B and W Square Shank Turnover Ball Hitches, # 16310. This adapter works with most industry standard fifth wheel hitches that have a capacity of 20,000 pounds or less, including Curt, Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch, Reese, Valley, and Husky.
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  • Do Jaws of Reese Elite 5th Wheel Hitch Open Completely When Ready to Connect to King Pin
  • That is just how the jaw mechanism looks when it is unlocked and ready to accept a king pin. If you back your truck into the king pin the jaw will slide the rest of the way open and shut around the king pin. Your setup is totally fine.
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  • Will Tonneau Cover On Bed Rail Clear Fifth Wheel Hitch When Installed On 2012 Ford F-250 Crew Cab
  • I spoke with my contact at Cequent about the Pro Series Fifth Wheel, part # PS30094. The weight of the hitch is 130 lbs. If you choose to just remove the head, the weight of it is 42 lbs. The slider handle may protrude above the bed rails of your truck and may interfere with the tonneau cover. Based on what I have been able to find for the depth of your 2012 Ford F-250 truck bed at 20 inches, removing the entire hitch may be the easiest way to make sure you have the room for your cover. The
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  • 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch for a 2014 Ford F-250 Short Bed with OEM Prep Package
  • Since your 2014 Ford F-250 short bed already has the factory under bed puck system, you can use the Reese Elite Series hitch # RP30144 which will fit directly in the puck system. This hitch offers 10 inches of travel and is rated for 18K gross trailer weight and 4,500 pounds pin weight. To make sure the 10 inches of travel is enough to safely make 90 degree turns, you will need to do a little measuring. Measure from the area right in the middle of all the pucks to the back of the truck cab an
    view full answer...

  • Custom Fit Rails for Reese Sliding 5th Wheel Hitch in a 1999 Ford F-250 Super Duty with 6.5 Ft Bed
  • We offer the Reese Quick-Install Custom Base Rails and Installation Kit, #RP50082-58, for use on your 1999 Ford F-250 Super Duty truck. This kit offers custom brackets which mount beneath your truck bed to provide attachment points for your Reese sliding fifth wheel hitch. I am including a video of the installation of the base rails on a similar truck. If your truck has a drop-in bed liner, I am including a video which may be of help. It gives a couple tips about measuring and trimming the l
    view full answer...

  • Slider 5th Wheel Hitch and Rail Kit Recommendation for a 2014 Ford F250 with Short Bed
  • Since you have a short bed 2014 Ford F250 you will need a slider hitch to give you the necessary clearance to make a 90 degree turn. The first component you will need is a fifth wheel rail installation kit to install in the bed of your 2014 Ford F-250. For that I would recommend a custom install kit part # RP50073-58 since they install in about half the time as a universal kit and minimize drilling. I attached an install video for this kit for you to check out also. If you wanted to go with a
    view full answer...

  • Will the Reese R16 Slider 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Fit a 2013 Ram 2500 Short Bed
  • Yes, you can use the Reese R16 5th wheel trailer hitch, # RP30869, on your 2013 Ram 2500 short bed. For an installation kit the best option to fit the hitch and for ease of installation use # RP56011-53. You can also use installation kit # C16426-204. These are both custom installation kits that require less drilling and install time compared to universal installation kits. The hitch has 11 inches of travel. To make sure this is enough for you to safely make 90 degree turns without hitting th
    view full answer...

  • Slider Hitch Recommendation for a 2012 GMC Sierra 2500HD with 6.5 ft Bed Towing a 5th Wheel Trailer
  • Since you have a short bed 2012 GMC 2500HD you are going to need a slider hitch to give you the necessary clearance to make 90 degree turns. The two hitches you referenced are great hitches but neither would work for you since you have a short bed. Luckily, there is a slider version of both hitches. The Pro Series Slider is part # PS30857 and the Curt is part # 16516. Either one would work well for you, but personally I would go with the # PS30857 since the jaw wraps all the way around the ki
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Base Only for a B and W Companion 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch
  • For the base only for the B and W Companion hitch you will need # BWRVB3500 for the fixed version or # BWRVB3400 for the slider version. These are just the bases without the head and without the underbed installation kit. The link to the products below also contains current pricing information. I do strongly urge you to have the underbed components thoroughly inspected by a local place that installs 5th wheels hitches and kits. There could be damage that is not easily visible. The amount of f
    view full answer...

  • 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch for a 2011 Ford F-450 Dually Flatbed
  • The only option for your flatbed 2011 Ford F-450 is Reese hitch # RP30054. It does not have a cushioned feature but does have everything else you are looking for. This hitch requires a 1/2 inch steel plate bolted and welded to the truck frame rails. This requires a custom installation by a qualified professional. I have included a link to the installation instructions for you. To get a cushioned ride you may be able to replace the trailer pin box with an air ride pin box. I would need to know
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  • Reese Elite 5th Wheel Install Kit Does Not Properly Line Up with Trailer Hitch in 2013 Ford F-350
  • It is possible that one or both of the rails in the underbed kit, # RP30126, moved during the installation process on your 2013 Ford F-350 long bed. To correct the problem you will have to basically reverse the installation process and start from the part in the instructions regarding placing the rails. I have included a link to the installation details for you to view. I wish there was an easier way but there really isn't. What you can do is only loosely install the under bed kit and then mo
    view full answer...

  • Curt Rail and Bracket Kit Recommendation for 2013 Ram 3500 Compatible with a Husky 5th Wheel Hitch
  • In 2013 they changed the Ram frames considerably so a new new bracket kit and rail hardware will be needed to install your rails and Husky Silver Series 5th Wheel Hitch part # HT31318-31325 in your 2013 Ram. Since we cannot recommend mixing bracket kit and rail manufacturers your best option would be to buy a new rail install kit. For that I would recommend the Curt Fifth Wheel Installation kit part # C16426-204. This comes with everything you would need to install new rails in your truck an
    view full answer...

  • Will B & W Companion Hitch Fit 2013 Dodge Ram Pickup With Factory Installed Rail Kit
  • The B&W Companion OEM 5th Wheel Hitch part # BWRVK3600, is designed to fit 2013-2014 Dodge Ram 2500 or 3500 trucks with either a 6 or 8 ft bed with the factory rail kit installed. I spoke with my contact at B & W and they told me that this hitch will adjust to the factory puck configuration you have in the bed of your truck. This hitch allows you full access to the bed of your truck when not towing. It has a dual-jaw design and has a towing weight capacity of 25,000 lbs. The hitch has 3 heigh
    view full answer...

  • Parts Needed to Tow a 5th Wheel Trailer with a 2010 Toyota Tundra with a 5-1/2 ft Bed
  • With a truck bed as short as yours the only option for making 90 degree turns is to replace the pin box of the fifth wheel trailer with a Sidewinder. In order to pick out the correct Sidewinder you first need to know the pin box model on your trailer. There should be a plate or sticker on the pin box that will have the manufacturer and model number listed. The RV dealer selling the trailer should be able to help you find this information as well. Once you figure out what pin box you have you
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