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Big trucks require big hitches! We offer high quality Reese, B&W, Draw-Tite, Husky, and Curt fifth wheel hitches that are the perfect fit for your heavy duty towing needs. From standard 5th wheel hitches to slider systems for short bed trucks, we have an application for you. From our Pro Series fifth wheel to Reese's top-of-the-line Signature Series, you can find the perfect fifth wheel for your payload while staying within your budget.

We offer custom rail kits for many of the most popular vehicles including Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, GMC, and Toyota. Choose a Signature Series hitch and rails to retain full use of your truck bed while not towing. Find the custom installation kit for your vehicle by entering the year, make, and model to the left.

Add a fifth wheel lube plate, pull pin lock plates, and in-bed wiring to round out your fifth wheel towing setup.

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We ordered a hitch and bicycle rack on Saturday. We received an e-mail on Monday indicating they have received my order. On Tuesday, we receiving another e-mail including that the products were shipped to us with the tracking # (UPS Ground). Then, on Friday, we've received them. We mounted everything on Friday night, and had a great bicycle ride on Saturday! Yes!!! Thanks to!!!


Royersford, PA

Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitches

We offer many styles of top quality fifth wheel trailer hitches, hitch installation kits, tailgates, adapters, and accessories. They come from the best manufacturers like Draw-Tite, Reese, Hidden Hitch, Husky, Curt, Convert-A-Ball, and Colibert. There is also a how-to section of frequently asked questions, fifth-wheel hitch information, and installation tipsmore information.

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B and W Fifth Wheel BWRVK3500-5W Review

Today we're going to review part number BWRVK3500-5W. This is the B&W Companion Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch. This is a jaw design with a twenty thousand pound weight capacity. Now this fifth wheel hitch is design to mount in your truck bed so you can tow your fifth wheel trailer. It's a very quick simple installation. If you notice right down here in the very middle there is a socket post.

B and W Fifth Wheel BWRVK3600 Review

Today we're going to review Part number BWRVK3600. This is the B&W Companion Dual Jaw 5th Wheel Hitch for the factory Ram towing prep package and has a 25,000 pound weight capacity. Now, this is a custom fit application. It is designed to fit on the newer Ram trucks with the factory installed towing prep package starting in 2013. This 5th wheel hitch will mount in your truck bed so that you can tow a 5th wheel trailer. It's a very quick and simple installation. Basically, these tabs, one on each corner, will drop into the 4 receiver pucks that are built into your factory under bed rails.

Husky Fifth Wheel HT31313-32220-59 Review

Today were going to review part number HT31313-32220-59. This is the Husky Silver Series 16KS Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch with a slide bar jaw mounted on the 16K roller, has a weight capacity of 16,000 pounds. Now for this video demonstration, I do have it mounted onto the rails for display purposes just to show you how this is being installed with the rails but the installation kit is sold separately. Now this fifth wheel hitch with a roller will mount in your truck bed so you can tow your fifth wheel trailer. The roller will move to allow for required clearance for your short bed truck to turn safely at slow speed. It will prevent the trailer from hitting the cab of your truck during those sharp slow speed turns and it also offers safe operation with the visible latching pins on the inside here. Now this hitch uses a slide bar jaw which will secure the kingpin in the hitch, has open sides which will allow the kingpin to swing without hitting the sides of the head. Then Im going to show you on the side here on the cross member itself, on the cross member, it will have four rows of two holes each and same on this side. Basically, when you go to bolt your cross member to the slider, you can pick which height you need for your application, gives you four-position vertical adjustment to let you achieve the height you need. The height can be adjusted by simply moving this crossbeam up or down on the slider base and then bolting it into position.

B&W Companion 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Installation - 2011 Ram 3500

Today on this 2011 Dodge Ram pickup 3500 series crew cab we're going to install part number BWRVK3500-5W. We want to make sure we remove the gooseneck ball. At this point we can go ahead and start working with our 5th wheel companion hitch. We're going to start off our hitch partially assembled already. So we see an extra set of hands to help hold it and put it into the bed of the truck and then we'll go ahead and put it into our hitch. Initially in place, we want to make sure that our pads are in the truck of the bed itself. Tighten down the hardware to secure our pads. We're lucky our bolts actually got a little bit of bind so we can just tighten them down from the top.

Husky Fifth Wheel HT31326-31196 Review

Today we're going to review part #HT31326-31196. This is the Husky Silver Series 5th wheel trailer hitch with the 10-16K glider. It has a 16,0000 lb capacity. This 5th wheel hitch with the slider will mount in your truck bed so that you can tow a 5th wheel trailer. It has a single piece jaw right here which will wrap around the king-pin to provide excellent jaw to king-pin contact, and that will give you maximum security with less rattle and chucking. Right here the slider legs will allow for required clearance for your short-bed pickup to turn safely at slow speeds. This helps prevent the trailer from hitting the cab of your pickup during those sharp slow speed turns.

Fifth Wheel Base Rail Kit Installation - 2014 Ford F-350

Today on our 2014 Ford F-350, well be installing the Reese Quick-Install Custom Base Rail Kit, part number RP50073-58 in conjunction with the Reese R16 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch, part number RP30869. Ready to go to operation of our new Reese Custom Base Rails with our Reese R16 5th Wheel Head Unit. Heres our 5th wheel in the towing position. If we need to move the slider back into the maneuver position, well simply pull the safety pin, rotate the handle to the unlock position, and slide the head unit back. Well relock the handle locking the head unit in place. Once were finished maneuvering our trailer, well simply throw the handle, sliding the head unit back forward, then locking down our handle, and reinstalling the safety pin.

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