Draw-Tite J-Pin locking anti-rattle device for 2" trailer hitch receivers. Fastest Shipping and Guaranteed Lowest Prices for Draw-Tite J-Pin Stabilization Pin and Barrel Lockset for 2" Trailer Hitches. Read our customer reviews of Tow Ready Locks. Call 800-298-8924 for expert service or order your Locks part number 63201 by Tow Ready online at etrailer.com.
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Draw-Tite J-Pin Stabilization Pin and Barrel Lockset for 2" Trailer Hitches

Tow Ready Locks

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Tow Ready Locks - 63201

Draw-Tite J-Pin locking anti-rattle device for 2" trailer hitch receivers.


  • Feel secure with a theft-preventing lock and being rattle free
  • Ideal for bike carriers and hitch mounted cargo carriers
  • Draw-Tite J-Pin compatible hitch required (See Below)
  • Packaged complete with J-Pin, lock and 2 keys, wrench (Pictured Below), and Cap
  • Works with hollow or solid shank ball mounts and hitch accessories

Draw-Tite's exclusive J-Pin ready receiver design allows for the most confident and secure hookup in today's towing market by compressing the hitch mounted accessory against the inner side wall of the hitch receiver tube. Once attached, the hitch and towing components seem virtually welded together.

Draw-Tite's J-Pin quickly and confidently secures ball mounts and other hitch mounted accessories, eliminating the sway and rattle caused by necessary part clearance issues.

Product Detail

J-Pin Installed
J-Pin Installed

J-Pin Installed
J-Pin Compatible Hitch
J-Pin compatible hitch
Similar to 7651; Replaces 8322

63201 Draw-Tite J-Pin Stabilization Pin and Barrel Lockset for 2" Trailer Hitches

Video of Draw-Tite J-Pin Stabilization Pin and Barrel Lockset for 2" Trailer Hitches

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Tow Ready Locks 63201 Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number 63201. This is the Draw-Tite J-Pin, as well as the Barrel Lockset for 2 inch trailer hitches. The J-Pin is going to secure your hitch mounted accessory to your vehicle. Once this is installed, it's also going to reduce the vibration from within the hitch. Now this is going to be made from a steel construction, has a really nice protective finish on it to resist rust and corrosion and it's going to be ideal for your hitch mounted accessories, especially when needing to lock them to your hitch for security purposes. The threaded portion is going to help eliminate or drastically reduce the amount of vibration from within the hitch. This does require that your hitch is J-Pin compatible.

Your hitch must have two pin holes, the larger one being 5/8ths of an inch for the larger portion of the pin. The smaller one measuring 17/32nds of an inch for the little nib here at the end of the J-Pin. It's going to come with the J-Pin, you're going to get the nut, which just threads onto this portion here once you have this installed through your hitch and accessory. It's going to come with a lock, just goes over the end there. That uses a ball barrel design, so it's got three little balls on the inside of this tube here. Once the lock goes around the portion right here of the pin, you push this down, it pushes those, the balls out into that location on the pin, so it engages and it will not come off unless you remove it with the key.

It's a really nice secure lock that goes on the end of the pin and that's going to lock it to your hitch. You're going to get two keys as well as the included wrench to tighten down the nut. The lock has a nice little dust cap on it that goes over the lock core, keeping out any dirt or grim from entering the body of the lock, so that it's going to be protected from rust and corrosion as well. Now this will work with hollow or solid shank ball mounts and hitch accessories. A few measurements to go over with you real quick. The overall length with the lock installed, that's going to give us a measurement of 8 5/8ths of an inch.

If we take the lock off, the overall length of the pin is now going to measure 6 3/4 of an inch. From the end of the pin to the threaded portion, measuring here at the top of the threaded portion, that' going to give us a measurement of about 2 1/2 inches. Then from this point here on the J portion of the pin to the very end of the pin, that's going to give us a measurement of about 5 1/8th of an inch. Now I do want to go ahead and show you how this would install in your hitch. I have a J-Pin compatible hitch here today, as well as a hollow shank ball mount. We're going to place our ball mount inside of our hitch.

Then we're going to line up our pin holes and we can simply take our J-Pin, place it through and I'll turn it sideways so you can see how that engages both pin holes. Just like that and then on this side, we need to install the nut. It's always nice to go ahead and get this as tight as you can by hand and then on a majority of applications, you'd be able to use the included wrench. On this particular hitch, it does not give us enough clearance to use that wrench and so we're simply going to use a 15/16th inch socket with a wrench, just to go ahead and finish tightening that down. Now without it tight, you can see, I'll back this up just a little bit. You can see that we have a lot of play within the hitch. Now with it all tightened down, you can see that pretty much all of that play has been removed, and that's going to drastically reduce the vibration that we normally experience within the hitch. Once you're at this point, all we have left to do is to install the lock. It simply goes onto the end of the pin and you push this portion down to engage it and it's going to be locked on there. All you have to do is close the dust cap and everything is set to go. That's going to do it for our review of part number 63201. This is the Draw-Tite J-Pin for 2 inch trailer hitches. .

Customer Reviews

Draw-Tite J-Pin Stabilization Pin and Barrel Lockset for 2" Trailer Hitches - 63201

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (48 Customer Reviews)

Draw-Tite J-Pin locking anti-rattle device for 2" trailer hitch receivers.

- 63201

by: Gene K09/30/2014

Summary: The J-Pin is the best invention since sliced bread! If etrailer were more efficient it would be illegal. 153704


Parked in many motel parking lots with high value electric scooters attached - nothing stolen! The proof is in the pudding.

Gene K - 09/30/2015


- 63201

by: Joe T.11/16/2012

Innovative product. Works well with bike rack which previously rattled and bounced excessively. This appears to tighten everything well. 59536


Works well every time I use it. Very pleased.

Joe T - 05/17/2014


- 63201

by: Rick k05/05/2014

J-pin works great ! No more rattle pulling my trailer it tightens the receiver good . Lock is nice also, we'll made! 128876

- 63201

by: Jim E.05/10/2011

This product is great. It completely eliminated the loose hitch problem that caused my bicycles to sway back and forth on their hitch mounted bike rack. What was even better was the help I got from eTrailer.com in showing me what was needed and shipping it quickly. I would never have found this product without your help. Since you had already helped me with my trailer hitch, this time I knew to ask you first. Keep up the good work...I'll be back. 13279

- 63201

by: RYANPB02/15/2013

Great Product. Came up a little short but added two washers from the hardware store and everything snugged up real tight. No more wobble on my rear step to get into my sprinter van, and it is locked on. Also the wrench was useless in my case, no access at all. I would recommend this product to anybody with a newer hitch (it requires an extra hole) to lock on a step or bike rack, something you aren't going to take off every day. 66412

- 63201

by: Ron W.10/08/2012

This stabilizer pin does just what it aims to do for my Draw-Tite hitch (not sure it fits other brands). It made my loosey-goosey bike rack rock-solid tight! It's easy to use, as long as I don't lose the two keys supplied, which I thought was too few (a similar product I recently bought provided 6!). I plan to have some more made, otherwise I would have given it the highest score. 56682

- 63201

by: Colin04/11/2013

Etrailer is a quality retailer. Every experience has been uneventful, no screw ups, great service and products that meet my picky standards. The J -Pin's design is simple and functional. Got it for my wife's bike rack because it fit sloppy. No plastic, metal on metal. It tightens down the receiver and rack so there's zero play between the two. Thanks again, Colin 75438

- 63201

by: MARINE77709/18/2014

These are EXCELLENT- the BEST on the Market and I do HOPE the Manufacture never decides to DROP THEM! IF you pull ANYTHING- this -if put on CORRECTLY will NOT BANG on taking off or Stopping while pulling a Boat or whatever- I think THIS was a GREAT Inovation- without this on my Hummer or SUV you HEAR the Bang Bamg as you take off and Go- they are the BEST!!! 151999

- 63201

by: John06/13/2013

Seems like a solid product, but be careful which hitch and bike rack combination you're using it with. For example, I have a hitch that it works with (Hidden Hitch) but it does not work with the bike rack that I use with that hitch (Thule)....so I had to send this pin back. Call eTrailer to check on your specific hitch/rack combination before ordering this. 84426

- 63201

by: Jordan C.12/19/2011

I know nothing about hitches and the like. eTrailer tossed this item in for free for me on my order. After installing my cargo carrier I was really worried that it moved around too much. Turns out that this J-pin Stabilization Pin was exactly what the doctor ordered. If you get a cargo carrier, get this pin. You will not be disappointed. 28273

- 63201

by: Bryan01/10/2012

This product is simple, easy to use, and does the job as advertised. I use this product in conjunction with a cargo platform and it eliminates most of the flex/bounce you would have with a standard hitch pin. The lockset is also a nice feature and both the pin and lockset seem to be plenty durable. 29414

- 63201

by: JOE SIMMONS12/01/2012

I was very surprise to see the package come so fast it took me only 45 min to in stall the hitch on to my truck I don't have a camra that will take pic and put on to my comp. sorry but the hitch looks very good on the truck. im very happy with it. 60417

- 63201

by: Chris W.12/03/2012

Great product! I was excited when I learned it was free with my purchase. It is a little more heavy duty than what I need since I won't be leaving the hitch on all the time, but I can definitely use it on my dads ranch. 60547

- 63201

by: Ed06/14/2011

The process was effortless! the j-pin was delivered on time and at the lowest cost on the web. The description is accurate and tech support clear. It is like dealing with Amazon! Overall a great experience. 16948

- 63201

by: Doug09/25/2012

I was looking for a product to take the noise out of my hitch. This product works perfectly and I love it. If you have a Draw Tite, Hidden Hitch or Reese this is the hitch pin you want. 55730

- 63201

by: Bob L12/05/2012

Strong and a very reliable product. The nicest thing is that it will nor add to any rattle when properly installed. Makes it impossible for someone to steal your tongue and ball 60691

- 63201

by: Doc C06/30/2014

Best trailer receiver pin going!!! Works best on Draw-Tite hitches but you can drill a hole on other brands in the receiver. Keeps all the noise and thumping from occurring. 138353

- 63201

by: Buddy H.05/11/2011

etrailer gets 5 stars for the quality of their products and super fast service.Anytime I need a trailer or towing related item I use etrailer. Thanks Katherine 13537

- 63201

by: Chad07/01/2013

This was just the ticket to eliminate the annoying rattle and bounce of my hitch as there was a bit of play between the receiver and the hitch. Great product. 87006

- 63201

by: Brian E06/11/2012

This is a must have for HiddenHitch and Draw-Tite Hitches. It holds the ball mount good and tight. There is no play on the mount, thus no banging or clunking. 43635

- 63201

by: Mike07/26/2013

This pin works really well, but it's a little long on the lock end. If you have anything close to the sides of the hitch, this pin may not work. 91775

- 63201

by: Paul M.05/04/2013

Haven't use it yet but ordering and shipping was just as described. Website is an excellent source of information on products offered. Thanks 78958

- 63201

by: Gene J.05/21/2011

Just as Tommy said, installs easily and completely eliminates rattles. Nice piece and not too much more than a standard pin lock. 15013

- 63201

by: Jim F.01/01/2013

Did not even know this existed! Wonderful product, keeps the trailer more secure and anti-rattle, while in motion. 62322

- 63201

by: Michael D12/20/2011

So far so good. It will take some time to see how the materials hold up. I can already see some wear in the wrench. 28292

- 63201

by: Ross L11/22/2010

J-Pin Great Pin. It made traveling much quiter. Easy to use. E-trailer people were very helpful and accurate. 3728

- 63201

by: T Higgs07/03/2008

perfect with a little modification to your hitch this pin works wonderfully. no more rattling.thanks etrailer. 1024

- 63201

by: Ned P.11/29/2012

Love you guys! Great products at a fair price. Quick and economical shipping. Keep up the good work! 60256

- 63201

by: Vince B.05/15/2013

Very pleased with the J-Pin. Shipped out and recieved pin sonner that they said. 80373

- 63201

by: Luis C.07/02/2012

Great product and good shipping timeframe. Thank you for your fast service. 46564

- 63201

by: Noelan H02/07/2012

Easy to install, nice and sturdy and does the job that it was designed for. 31287

- 63201

by: Robert C11/29/2012

I order the pin and lock on Monday and received today. What great service. 60264

- 63201

by: Frank01/29/2013

Fast shipping,Great communications,Good price,Thank you AAA++++++ 64487

- 63201

by: Dorado77303/18/2015

Great product, great service and extremely fast shipping. A ++++ 179612

- 63201

by: Raul B.12/12/2012

Nice hitch super easy to install the lock is solid. I am pleased. 61255

- 63201

by: Larry L.10/18/2013

Works perfectly. No vibrations whatsoever. Excellent product. 104286

- 63201

by: Jim B05/17/2012

This pin did remove a lot of the noise when I tow. 40872

- 63201

by: Julio Ortiz12/03/2012

Lock is ok, easay to set up, price very good. 60494

- 63201

by: tommy k12/07/2012

excellent incentive to purchase the hit ch 60930

- 63201

by: Gerald04/15/2013

Great hitch pin. Just what i wanted. 76220

- 63201

by: Regan W.12/05/2011

Thanks for the quality hitch lock. 27786

- 63201

by: Sherman01/17/2013

Thanks, this is a great product. 63424

- 63201

by: Romy B.12/01/2012

Excellent and perfectly fit!!! 60386

- 63201

by: Frank B12/05/2012

excellent product great price 60641

- 63201

by: Gmo Alvarez01/07/2014

Nice price and works great. 112160

- 63201

by: Howard K.12/03/2012

Nice addition, no rattling 60497

- 63201

by: keith b12/03/2012

nice addition to hitch 60539

- 63201

by: Andrej10/13/2013

All worked great. 103663


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  • Recommendation of a Light Weight, Platform Bike Rack that Does Not Use a Threaded Hitch Pin
  • There are two platform style bike racks I recommend for ease of installation/removal and do not use a threaded hitch pin. First is the Kuat Aluminum, Hitch Mounted 2 Bike Rack with Wheel Mount Cradles - The NV - 2 inch Receiver, # N101. This rack is made of light weight aluminum (the carrier only weighs 42 pounds), and tilts down to give you more access to the rear of the vehicle. I have included a video review of this rack below. Next is the Kuat Sherpa, # S101. This rack is also made...
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  • Why are There Two Different Size Holes on the Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch # 87440
  • The Hidden Hitch Class III Trailer Hitch, # 87440, that you have on your 2009 Honda CR-V will use the 5/8 inch hole to secure hitch mounted accessories or ball mounts to the trailer hitch. The smaller hole is designed for the J-Pin Stabilization Pin, # 63201, and is not intended to be a hitch pin hole. If you have a hitch mounted accessory with a 1/2 inch hole, then it is probably intended to be used with a 1-1/4 inch trailer hitch receiver, rather than a 2 inch receiver. If this is...
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  • Anti-Rattle Recommendations for Convert-A-Ball Cushioned Ball Mount # AMSC4
  • We do have some anti-rattle locking pins that will fit the Convert-A-Ball Cushioned Ball Mount # AMSC4, but the Lets Go Aero Anti-Rattle Device and Lock # 63232 is not compatible as it needs a hollow shank to fit properly. The Draw-Tite J-Pin Stabilization Pin # 63201 will fit this mount, however it requires a specific type of hitch to ensure a secure fit. I have included a graphic showing what this hitch looks like. I have included links to video reviews of this item. Another option...
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  • Drilling a Hole in a Receiver to Accept a J-Pin Anti-Rattle Device
  • Drilling a hole in your hitch will void the manufacturers warranty. That being said you can purchase other styles of anti-rattle devices that will work very well and you will not have to modify the hitch to install them. I would recommend the SoftRide anti-rattle hitch lock, part # SR25219, this lock has a nut that installs inside the hollow draw bar or shank of the hitch accessory and then, when the hitch pin lock is threaded into the hitch, the ball mount or shank is wedged to the side...
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  • Why Does my Hidden Hitch Have two Hitch Pin Holes on my 2012 BMW X5
  • The pin you should be using is the larger one. The purpose for the second hole is for using a Draw-Tite J-Pin Stabilization Pin # 63201. Check out the picture I attached that shows this product being installed on a hitch that is similar to yours. I also attached a review for this product that shows how it works. I would not recommend you use the smaller hole even though it seems to offer a smooth ride for you. Since you have a Thule rack you should be able to just tighten up the threaded...
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  • Distance from the Center of Receiver Hitch Pin Hole Back to Shank on Trailer Hitch Extender # 80307
  • On the Hitch Extender for 2 inch Trailer Hitches - 8 inch Long, # 80307, the distance from the center of the hitch pin hole in the receiver back to the shank is 4-1/8 inches on the outside, 3 inches on inside. There is also a smaller hole nearer the receiver opening that is meant for a J-Style Anti-Rattle hitch pin like the Draw-Tite J-Pin Stabilization Pin and Barrel Lockset for 2 inch Receivers, # 63201. I have included a link to a video that features this lockset below.
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  • Hitch Pin Holes for Trailer Hitch and Ball Mount Do Not Line Up for a 2013 Toyota Tacoma
  • That is strange because there is nothing out of the ordinary for hitch # 87581 or ball mount # 80213. I did go out to the warehouse and I pulled ball mount # 80213 and tested it in trailer hitch # 87581. The hitch pin holes lined up just fine. I have included a picture showing the holes lining up. Its at an odd angle because I had to hold the ball mount with one hand. This hitch does have 2 holes on one side. The hole closest to the receiver opening is actually for a J-pin anti-rattle...
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  • Different Pin Hole Depths on Class III Trailer Hitch Accesories
  • The two pin holes that you are seeing, on Draw-Tite, Reese and Hidden Hitches are not what you think. They install another, smaller hole, other than the receiver pin hole for the J-Pin anti-rattle device. The part number is # 63201. The standard pin hole depth on a Class III hitch is normally 2-1/2 inches from the center of the hitch pin hole to the face of the receiver. This is not a hard and fast rule and may be slightly different between hitch models and manufacturers.
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  • Does Either The Hidden Hitch # 87493 or Draw-Tite Hitch # 75650 For Subaru Forester Have J-Pin Hole
  • Yes, both the Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch, part # 87493, and the Draw-Tite Hitch, part # 75650 have the hole for the j-pin. The J-Pin hole is a great feature as you might know, as you can use a J-Pin to eliminate rattles caused by the clearance needed between the hitch and any ball mount or other accessory like a bike rack that mounts in the receiver. If a replacement J-Pin is needed, we have the Draw-Tite J-Pin Stabilization Pin, part # 63201, which also has an integrated lock for added...
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  • Capacity and Trailer Hitch Compatibility of J-Pin Stabilization Pin and Barrel Lockset, # 63201
  • The Draw-Tite J-Pin Stabilization Pin and Barrel Lockset, # 63201, does not have a towing capacity. The 5/8 inch pin is made of steel, and it will take more weight than most trailer hitches and non-commercial vehicles are capable of. This pin is designed to work with 2 inch trailer hitch receivers. You can use it with a Class IV trailer hitch if that hitch has a 2 inch receiver and the receiver is Draw-Tite J-Pin compatible, like those pictured on the lower portion of the product page....
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  • Anti-Rattle Device Recommendation for a Factory Trailer Hitch on a 2012 Chevy Suburban
  • Only certain trailer hitches are J-Pin compatible. The factory hitch on your new 2012 Chevy Suburban sounds like it is not a Draw-Tite J-Pin compatible hitch. You will not want to drill into the hitch because that could compromise the structural integrity of the hitch, make the capacity unknown, void the warranty, and make it unsafe to use. What I recommend is to use an anti-rattle device like the Blue Ox hitch immobilizer, # BX88224 or the Roadmaster quiet hitch, # RM-061. Either of...
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  • Anti Rattle Device Compatible With Ballmount That Has Solid Shank
  • Because the shank is solid, I don't offer an anti-rattle lock that would work. You could use a hitch lock like part # 40107 and an anti-rattle device like part # RHSB. If you're using a Draw-Tite or Hidden Hitch that has the smaller, extra hole in the receiver tube next to the hitch pin hole, (see photo) you could use the # 63201 locking hitch pin that would also keep the shank of the # D210 moving around in the receiver tube.
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  • What are the 2 Sets of Holes on Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch 87438 and How Does the DoubleDown Install
  • The Hidden Hitch trailer hitch you have, # 87438, is set up to accept a j-bolt anti-rattle lock, # 63201. That is why there are that front and rear set of holes. The Yakima bike rack, # Y02424, secures through the larger set of holes (the set closer to the vehicle). This rack comes with a threaded hitch pin that you tighten down. This also acts as an anti-rattle device. The clip that goes through the other end is just a fail safe. The pin is really held in place because it is threaded...
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  • What is the Useable Length of the Hitch Extender for 2 inch Trailer Hitches - 8 inch Long # 80307
  • Yes, the Hitch Extender for 2 inch Trailer Hitches - 8 inch Long, item # 80307, is measured from the center of the hitch pin hole in the shank to the center of the hitch pin hole in the receiver portion of the extender. This measurement gives you the working distance that the extender will provide. The overall length of the extender is 13 inches. There is a smaller hole forward of the hitch pin hole in the receiver that is designed for the use of a J-Style Anti-Rattle hitch pin like...
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  • Compatability of Hitch Locks With Draw-Tite Class 3 Hitch On My 2006 Honda Pilot EX
  • I checked our records and you purchased the Draw-Tite Class III Max-Frame Trailer Hitch, item # 75599. Either of the hitch locks that you have selected, # 2866DAT and # 1480DAT will work with your 2 inch receiver hitch, in the second hole. The first hole in the receiver of your hitch is designed for a Draw-Tite J-Pin Stabilization Pin and Barrel Lockset for 2" Trailer Hitches, item # 63201, and is not designed as the attachment point for the bike rack hitch pin. You will need to install...
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  • Can an Anti-Rattle Device be Used With a Weight Distribution System
  • I spoke with my contact at Reese about weight distribution and anti-rattle devices. He stated that the use of an anti-rattle device is permissible and cited the Draw-Tite J-Pin Stabilization Pin and Barrel Lockset, # 63201, as the type of anti-rattle he would use. I have included a link to a video review of the J-Pin for you to view.
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  • Would the Draw-Tite J-Pin Stabilization Pin and Barrel Lockset, # 63201 Work on a Reese Hitch
  • The Draw-Tite J-Pin Stabilization Pin and Barrel Lockset, # 63201 is designed to work with 2 inch trailer hitch receivers. You can use it with a Class IV trailer hitch if that hitch has a 2 inch receiver and the receiver is Draw-Tite J-Pin compatible, like the hitch I attached a picture of. If your Reese hitch has 2 holes in the opening like the picture then this product will work for you. I have included a video review of this product to the right.
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  • Anti-Rattle Device Recommendations for a Hollow Shank Bike Rack
  • The threaded hitch pins we offer as anti-rattle devices are designed specifically to fit certain bike racks. Without knowing what bike rack you have I can't recommend one, but if the bike rack has a hollow shank you could use a # 63232 and it will take the sway out the rack and will lock it to the hitch. J-pin style anti-rattle devices like the # 63201 do work great, but I can't recommend you drill a hole in the hitch so that you could use it.
    view full answer...

  • Will Swivel Head Trailer Hitch Receiver Locks Fit Thule Vertex Bike Rack and Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch
  • The hole that you are indicating is blocked is actually designed only for a J-pin lock, # 63201. It does not have any other purpose and does not have to be used if you do not want to. I have linked a video review of the pin for you. Since the bike rack has a threaded shank, only its hitch bolt or a locking one from the same manufacturer will fit. In this case, for the Thule Vertex, # TH9031XT, you would use the Snug Tite lock # THSTL2. Manufacturers intentionally thread their products...
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  • Trailer Hitch Platform Bike Rack that Will Clear 2013 Jeep Wrangler Spare Tire When Rack is Folded
  • That outer most hole you are measuring from is not a hitch pin hole. It is there for a J-pin anti-rattle device, # 63201. You would need to measure from the center of the other hole. On the stock spare tire on the 2013 Jeep Wrangler Sahara that measurement should be around 6 inches. The T2, # TH916XTR measures 4-1/2 inches from hitch pin hole center to the bike carrier rails when folded so it would not work. A similar rack, the Yakima HoldUp # Y02443, measures 7 inches from the center...
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  • How to Free Stuck Lock Cylinder of Draw-Tite J-Pin Anti-Rattle Hitch Lock
  • Graphite is a good choice to keep the lock from seizing up, but not the best choice when it's already seized up. I'd try giving the lock a good soak with an aerosol penetrating lubricant like PB Blaster. Wait a short time, then insert the key and give the end of the key a couple of sharp raps with a mallet. The idea is to deliver a quick shock to the lock cylinder, that will hopefully free up the stuck tumblers and allow the cylinder to rotate. If that doesn't work, you'll need to try...
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  • Lubricating a Locking Hitch Pin
  • For lubricating any lock, a dry lubricant like powdered graphite is recommended. Using grease and oil or spray lubricants like WD 40 can actually attract dirt and grime and make the lock cylinder sticky after a time.
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  • Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier Recommendation for a 2007 Subaru Tribeca
  • For your 2007 Subaru Tribeca I would recommend you get a Surco Products Hitch Cargo Carrier, part # 52018F. This carrier has a folding mechanism in it to allow it to be up and out of the way when you are not using it. This carrier measures 17-3/4 inches from the center of the hitch pin hole to the closest edge of the carrier when down, and 5 inches from the center of the hitch pin hole to the closest edge of carrier when folded up. I would measure from the center of your hitch pin hole...
    view full answer...

  • Which Hole On My Hitch Opening is the Hitch Pin
  • Sounds like you have a hitch that is set up for a j-pin style of anti-sway like the part # 63201. The rearmost hole on the hitch opening will be a little bit larger and that is the correct hole to use for the hitch pin of your bike rack. Most anti-rattle devices for bike racks are specific to that manufacturer and model of bike rack. If you email me back with the bike rack you have I can see what we offer that would work.
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  • Will the Hitch Extender # 80307 Accept a 5/8 inch Hitch Pin/Threaded Bolt
  • Yes, the larger hole on the receiver end of the Hitch Extender part # 80307 will accept a 5/8 inch standard hitch pin/bolt. You would not be required to use a j-pin style anti-rattle device like the part # 63201. This extender would give you the option to use one, but does not require it.
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  • Hitch Pin or Lock for a Draw-Tite Class III Trailer Hitch with 2 Inch Receiver
  • The Class III Draw-Tite trailer hitch # 75528 requires a 5/8 inch diameter pin such as # PC3 or locking hitch pin # 7683. On this particular hitch you also have the option of using locking J-Pin # 63201 which is a locking hitch pin and anti-rattle device in one.
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  • Hitch Pin Holes Not Lining Up Using MaxxTow Hitch Extender and Hidden Hitch Class III Trailer Hitch
  • I spoke with my contact at Hidden Hitch and he said that on the Hidden Hitch trailer hitch # 87479 you will want to use the 5/8 inch pin hole which is the one closest to the crosstube. The pin hole closest to the trailer, a 1/2 inch pin hole, is not for towing. It is only for use with the J-Pin Stabilization Pin and Barrel Lockset # 63201. Based on my measurements you will need an extender that is at least 6-1/2 inches from the pin hole to the back of the receiver. Unfortunately we do...
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  • Ball Mount Makes a Lot of Noise in Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch for a 2014 Toyota Highlander
  • The noise you are hearing happens, with any trailer hitch, because the accessory being used in the hitch has to be slightly smaller than the opening. Otherwise you would have to fight with accessories all the time to get them in and out of the receiver. Hidden Hitch is just the brand name but it is confusing. A lot of people think it means that the hitch is actually hidden which is rarely the case. A cushioned ball mount would provide support as the trailer pushes towards the vehicle...
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  • Anti-Rattle Device for a Draw-Tite Class III Trailer Hitch and 2015 Nissan Murano
  • Yes, for the Draw-Tite trailer hitch # 75952 for your 2015 Nissan Murano you can use the J-Pin anti-rattle and lock # 63201. Draw-Tite and Hidden Hitch 2 inch trailer hitches are the only models that can use this anti-rattle device and lock! I have linked a video showing how it works.
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  • Locking Hitch Pin for Hidden Hitch Class III Trailer Hitch 87625
  • Hidden Hitch trailer hitch # 87625 is a Class III hitch with a 2 inch receiver which means it has a 5/8 inch pin hole diameter. We have numerous hitch locks that will fit but the most popular is DeadBolt lock # 7683. If you are looking for an anti-rattle style lock this hitch is set up for the J-pin lock and anti-rattle device # 63201.
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