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Best Hitch Lock Options

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Best Hitch Lock Options

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at hitch locks. We're going to go over the different types and combos available, to help you determine which is going to suit your needs the best.Hitch locks are designed to replace a standard pin and clip. What these allow us to do is secure whatever item that we have in our hitch to the receiver tube opening, so we won't have to worry about anything coming up missing. We're seeing a higher and higher demand for hitch locks.Used to it was just like a ball and a ball mount on the back of your truck, wasn't a big investment, but with the newer BMW, your Weigh Safe, your Gen-Y ball mounts, it's really a big investment and you like to have it secure. Also weight distribution systems, they can be expensive and very easy to secure with pretty inexpensive locks.We're also seeing a bigger demand for generators and things. Typically, those are going to be on a cargo carrier or in the back of the truck, so using different types of systems with incorporated cables can really do a good job of getting those secure, really protecting whatever our investment is that we have in the back of our vehicle.A hitch lock's going to work simply by replacing the hitch pin and clip that you already have.

You can see that would be an example of one replacement. Typically you're going to have the exact same diameter pin that you already have. This one happens to be from Bulldog.This is from Deadbolt. It's one of the, really by far, one of the most popular ones we have. It's going to come in a stainless steel variety or a chrome variety.

This one's going to work just by pulling the cap off the end there. All of them will come with a key with the exception of the bolt, which we'll take a look at that here in a minute. It's just quick and simple to remove and reinstall. Doesn't take really too much longer than just a pin and a clip, but it's going to keep everything in place. You won't have to worry about it coming up missing.Another example here is the bolt.

Some of these will look like a more traditional pin. They'll have the little hook side here. Then like we said, the bolt's not going to come with a key. It's really a very unique lock. It's going to work with the ignition key of your vehicle.

Now of course you have to pick the right type to match your key, but then you can just simply place that in, turn it, and that's going to remove it. That opens up a lot of options for companies that have trucks that pull trailers with different locks on them. Not only do they have hitch locks, but you're going to have cable locks, padlocks, many different types that can all be keyed the same, so that's kind of cool.Then for anti-rattle type setups, you're also going to have locking options there that eliminates any movement or play that you typically get in a ball mount when it's secured with just a regular pin like we have here. Can get noisy sometimes. If you want to eliminate that, anti-rattle's going to be a good option.Now for use with flat tow setups, a lot of times you're going to have a high low adaptor, which is going to create two pinholes. We do have these available in qualities of two. That way you can get both of those covered, and again still have that same key, so you're not searching for multiple different keys.Now also available are going to be combo kits. This is going to be for the person that's going to have more than one hitch size they need to accommodate. We've got the smaller, half inch diameter pin, for use with the inch and a quarter hitches; the larger 5/8ths diameter pin here, this is going to be for your two inch hitches. This one also has a coupler lock. So instead of buying it individually, you can get a keyed alike lock that will work on your coupler and your ball mount.Now like we talked about before, we do have options to secure gear. Typically these are going to have, this one's an eight foot long cable, but they're going to have a cable that comes down and creates a connection point down here on the hitch lock, keeping everything nice and secure, allowing us to hold all of our items in place. Even though they are kind of out and exposed, we won't have to worry about them disappearing.Now one thing we want to be really clear about is, when you're securing an item just like this generator with a cable, you still need to use straps. You need to strap it down as normal. This is meant to keep it from disappearing, not necessarily holding it on the carrier itself.So to kind of wrap up everything, for just the basic needs, securing the item, making sure it doesn't disappear, I think one of the basics styles is going to be right up your alley. Now if you want to eliminate that noise as well and any movement, then choosing a device with anti-rattle, it's going to improve your experience with it. You're going to like that more. If you have a trailer that you also need to secure, and you only want to deal with one key, one of the combo sets is really going to be a nice option there. It eliminates the chances that you could potentially lose a key. If the extra gear is something you need to get with you and keep secure, one of the hitch locks providing one of the cables is a great way to go.That's going to complete our look at the different types of hitch locks. We hope it's helpful to you deciding which one's going to be the right one for you.



One model of hitch lock has the lock modeled to your truck key. So the truck key is also the lock key. There aren’t a huge number of key options for this type of lock. They created locks based on a major truck keys characteristics. All a thief has to do is buy or copy someone’s Chevy Colorado key. You then have the key to just about all of this type of hitch locks for the Chevy Colorado.

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I mean if that is the case then I think I'd be more concerned with someone driving off with my vehicle rather than removing my locking hitch pin to be honest. Something to keep in mind with locks in general is that they are really meant just to keep people honest. Given enough time, talent, energy, and resources any lock can be beat no matter how good it is.