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Replacement Solenoid Valve for Titan Brake Actuators with Reverse Lockouts

Item # T4748800

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titan accessories and parts brake actuator solenoid
titan accessories and parts brake actuator solenoid valve replacement for actuators with reverse lockouts
titan accessories and parts solenoid valve t4748800
titan accessories and parts solenoid valve t4748800
titan accessories and parts brake actuator solenoid valve t4748800
titan accessories and parts brake actuator
titan accessories and parts brake actuator solenoid

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Backup valve installs in trailer brake actuators with high psi ratings and wires into your tow vehicle so that the trailer brakes do not activate when you shift your tow vehicle into reverse. Call 800-298-8924 to order Titan accessories and parts part number T4748800 or order online at Free expert support on all Titan products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Replacement Solenoid Valve for Titan Brake Actuators with Reverse Lockouts. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.

Titan Accessories and Parts - T4748800

Backup valve installs in trailer brake actuators with high psi ratings and wires into your tow vehicle so that the trailer brakes do not activate when you shift your tow vehicle into reverse.


  • Installs in trailer brake actuator to prevent trailer brakes from locking when in reverse
  • Designed for use with Titan Model 6, Model 60, Aero 7500, and newer Model 10 and Model 20 actuators
    • For 2000 and older Model 10 actuators, an adapter (T4750200 - sold separately) may be necessary for installation
  • Also fits Dico Models 10, 20 and 60 actuators

4748800 Titan Solenoid Valve

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Video of Replacement Solenoid Valve for Titan Brake Actuators with Reverse Lockouts

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Titan Accessories and Parts T4748800 Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Titan Replacement Solenoid Valve for Titan Brake Acuaters with Reverse Lockout. Now this backup solenoid value will install at the back of your acuator into the brake line connection and wires into your tow vehicle so that the trailer brakes do not activate when you shift your tow vehicle into reverse. Now to use this feature, you must have a 5-full flat, 6-way round or 7-pole wiring harness on your vehicle. It is designed for use with the Titan model 6, the model 60, the Arrow model 7500 and newer model 10 and model 20 acuators. On the 2000 and older model 10 actuators, an adapter might be needed and we do sell that separately because the threads are different. It's part number T4750200 and it is listed on our website as a related product. Now this solenoid will also fit the Dico model 10, 20 and 60 acuators. The pressure rating on this is 800 psi.

The orifice size inside the solenoid is 1/32nds of an inch. I'll give you a few sizes on the wrenches you might want to use when you connect this to the actuator. The large size uses a 15/16ths or 24 millimeter size wrench. When you connect your brake line to the smaller size brass fitting, it's either 9/16ths or 14 millimeter size wrench. Now the silenoid does, as you notice, have two wires. They will need to be connected.

One will be grounded. The other will connect to the reverse light circuit. They're both black wire so either wire will work for either function. What I want to show you here is we happen to have a model 60 acuator to show you the back of it. That's how it will come when it doesn't have the solenoid valve. What you want to do, this is where your brake line will connect.

We'll go ahead and pull that plug out. Then what you want to do is remove the nipple that's already in there. Use a 12 millimeter wrench and you can just unscrew the complete nipple out of the back of it. Then you'll take your solenoid and take this in and put it right in there. Then just tighten that up.

Then, using a wrench on the large size, like I said either 15/16th or 24 millimeter, just tighten that up. Then run your brake line right into here and the wrench for this size, again, is the 9/16ths or 14 millimeter. That's how you would install it. Then you have your two wires that you just have to connect. Now one other thing I would also recommend to purchase . You can see there's a cover right here, but because you have added the silenoid, it's sticking out, you don't want anybody stepping on it or breaking it off. What I would recommend is to remove this part and then purchase this extra piece. This is the solenoid cover. It's designed to protect this. You would remove this one, bolt this in its place and you can see, with that, it will protect anything from damaging that solenoid. I'll go ahead and remove it. That should do it for the review on the Titan Replacement Solenoid valve for Titan Acuators with reverse Lockouts.

Customer Reviews

Replacement Solenoid Valve for Titan Brake Actuators with Reverse Lockouts - T4748800

Average Customer Rating:  4.4 out of 5 stars   (94 Customer Reviews)

Backup valve installs in trailer brake actuators with high psi ratings and wires into your tow vehicle so that the trailer brakes do not activate when you shift your tow vehicle into reverse.

- T4748800

by: D Hunt05/04/2011

This review is not intended to persuade you to buy or not buy this solenoid. If you need one, you have to have it. But I will caution you based on my experience to be careful with it. The device has 1" wrench flats to secure it, but only an 1/8" pipe threaded nipple that is unreinforced, soft brass going into the master cylinder. My coupler has guide pins out the rear that prevent a 1" wrench from fitting around the solenoid properly. So I tried to tighten the thing at an angle and of course accomplished little other than to prove how fragile the thing is and break it right off. I'm not impressed with the design, but that's how they made it. My solution is to extend a short pipe out of the master cylinder to clear the pins and be much more careful assembling it next time. It isn't for heavy hands. 12856


I couldnt agree more. The 18 nipple is practically designed to fail. The first broke upon installation so I had to immediately order a replacement. The 2nd one survived for close to a year but just snapped off at the same point. There also appears to be slight corrosion where it broke off. I have the weather protector cover which seems to imply the solinoid itself isnt weather-rated but it is ineffective against road spray or stormy weather. Unfortunately, the solenoid is a required part for my installation but Id sure avoid this part if I could. I just ordered my 3rd one.

-- comment by: AP - 02/28/2016


- T4748800

by: Chuck09/19/2014

Fit perfectly and works great. Type of delivery method needs to be more clear. UPS w/USPS is different from UPS. We had to fight with the post office to get because we have no mail delivery at our house but we do get UPS FEDEX. The Post Office said they should be sending it back because we are not allowed to intercept mail. But we talked them into giving it to us, Thank heavens for the tracking number. 152194


The valve is working just fine. But we still have problems with shippers sending our purchase with the upsusps final delivery method since we have no mail delivery. But we do have direct ups delivery or Fedex delivery. You should differentiate these in the shipping choices. We will order things again.

Chuck - 09/19/2015


- T4748800

by: Charles10/27/2017

This isn't necessarily a product review. It's a simple switch and it solved my problem. But I would rather comment about customer satisfaction. Website was easy to navigate but more so than that was calling the the company. Calls were promptly answered, no question was to stupid and they emailed the answer about the product information in case you didn't make decision right at that point. I have purchased a couple of items from e-trailer and have been very satisfied. If you have a trailer, or any of the many other products they offer, I think you will be happy with choosing this company. I don't usually write reviews, but this few minutes to comment doesn't compare to the time they spent with me to work out a small hiccup I had on my job. Regards, Charlie L. 446665

- T4748800

by: jeffN10/21/2016

Products were great. I have one suggestion to the shipping dept. at trailer: DON'T put small items in the same craft paper that is used to fill voids in the shipping box. When I opened my box I pulled out the big bunch of craft paper and set it aside to pitch. I pulled out the bigger brake parts and then realized that i was missing two smaller items. At first I thought maybe they were back ordered. I checked the shipping paper and they were to be in this box. After going thru the craft paper I was going to pitch I found them inside. Close Call!!! Put the small items in a small box or envelope. Thanks. 309406


I’m completely satisfied. Will use etrailer next time I need parts.

jeffN - 10/23/2017


- T4748800

by: Ian03/03/2013

Great product exactly as described and reasonably priced 68514


works fine, happy with the transaction.

Ian - 09/04/2014


- T4748800

by: D Owens06/05/2015

Great product and easy to install. 200754


A year later and still working well!

D O - 06/06/2016


- T4748800

by: Matt W.04/21/2014

fast delivery and exactly as ordered 126330


still working like new

Matt W - 04/21/2015


- T4748800

by: Chas F08/24/2017

I had to have the master cylinder on my boat trailer's surge brakes replaced and the service station's supplier said that he did not have the needed reverse lockout solenoid valve in stock and couldn't get one for the near future. I looked on the internet and found what was needed at etrailer. It was available and I ordered it. I received it in a few days and took it to the repair shop. The tech who installed it was pleased to get it quickly and also stated it was less than half what his supplier's price was. 424795

- T4748800

by: George, FL03/03/2016

I bought 2 of these and they did not last a year. not sure why , but after some time they close shut and disable your brakes on the trailer (with no power to it). I am assuming that the brake fluid destroy the moving parts inside, all though it is very funny as the solenoid should be "Fail Open", meaning that it should remain open when no electricity is applied or it breaks. I'm looking for some sort of a manual replacement that I can close only for backing up manually. Very disappointed. 239362

- T4748800

by: Replacement Solenoid Valve for Titan Brake Actuato09/30/2015

The item I ordered and paid for was not in stock. I was given notice a few days after ordering that they did not have in stock and shipping would be delayed a few weeks. When the item did arrive, it was not the one that was in the picture when I ordered it. The one I ordered was blue, this one was black. Same specs, just a different item than pictured. The best part of the experience was that I was kept informed with several emails as to the whereabouts my order stood the whole time. 228466

- T4748800

by: Clint J12/03/2016

I have purchased items previously from E trailer and all have worked well. This was the exception. It lasted less than 1 year. used trailer at the most 6 times. The solenoid "clicks" as it should but doesn't stop the fluid. the brakes lock up when backing. I called E trailer to check on the warranty. He informed me that it was for only 30 days and asked me if I would like to purchase another. I declined. I'll have to get a better one from somewhere else. Disappointed. 321908

- T4748800

by: joseph04/08/2017

I ordered the reverse valve and upgraded my trailer hitch so that when reversing up a grade i din't have to get out to insert a pin to keep the hitch from applying the breaks. The part fit the master cylinder and the brake line fit the other end. There was no problems with the order and part was exactly what was described. great job by etrailer because i had tried to find this part before i had found etrailer. i recommend etrailer for all you trailer parts. 364494

- T4748800

by: Ed K.06/07/2014

This was the only item that I bought from you that didn't meet expectations. I was in the process of installing it by hand onto the master cylinder when the front brass fitting broke off. I never even got to tighten it by wrench. I don't know if it was cracked from the start or just poor quality brass, in wither case, it was unusable. The master cylinder and cover are just fine and work perfectly. 134646

- T4748800

by: John M.08/15/2014

eTrailer delivered the correct part, on time and at a good price. The solenoid valve itself has a small 1/8" NPT male thread with large 7/8"(?) wrench flats. Be careful tightening... Also, the solenoid wires are both black. It doesn't matter which one is ground and which is powered. (It took me a few minutes to figure that out.) 146925

- T4748800

by: alan04/20/2015

The support was great. The only issue I had was more towards the manufacturer of my trailer. This valve was listed as a replacement for the original that came with the trailer, when in fact, the original orifice was 1/4 inch and this one has one is 1/32. I was assured by Master Trailer Mfg. that it would work without issues. 186407

- T4748800

by: Randy M.04/07/2014

Simple and straight forward. Not often do you get a PO acknowledge and ASN for such a small order as a random customer. Would buy again from based on experience. Only wish - Have freight collect on account as an option for UPS and/or FedEx services. 123988

- T4748800

by: Doug D.01/24/2017

Product arrived as ordered, prompt service by this company. Would buy from them again. They included installation instructions in an e-mail at time of order ---GREAT ADDITION to the order. This company cares about customers. 335101

- T4748800

by: Mark12/20/2016

The service is 5 stars but the product is a 2 star. This is the 2nd time I'm buying it. The first time the threaded end broke in half after minimal tightening. It appears this is a common problem others experienced. 326881

- T4748800

by: Blake A.05/17/2014

Replaced the exact OEM solenoid from my Titan model 10. Have it installed but not wired into the system, so functional check will come later. Thank you for the great price and quick shipping. 131080

- T4748800

by: Mr Edward L Jarrett11/13/2014

these work very well and are very easy to install. But they are very fragile, Something saying to view the available video or a note mentioning the fragility would be an excellent idea. 160731

- T4748800

by: Alan05/26/2016

This replaced the original solenoid. Because it's part of the trailer brakes, I had the local brake shop do the installation. Very happy with the product and it works as designed. 251745

- T4748800

by: Steven04/12/2015

As others mentioned the brass is very flaky. Nipple broke inside and it took a lot of time to remove and re-thread. The guys at E-trailer are a class act. Always. Two thumbs up. 184805

- T4748800

by: Herb D06/13/2017

Good addition to trailer brake master cylinder--insures you can back up without the brakes being applied.Simple installation--just wire into tow vehicle back up light wiring. 392575

- T4748800

by: Randy E.05/18/2013

Works perfectly, If you have a trailer with surge/disk brakes this is a must. Easy to install. The optional shield (Part # T4835800183) Gives much needed & added protection. 80840

- T4748800

by: Mark M07/22/2016

Exactly what I needed at the cheapest price I found on the web. Definitely order anything I need for my trailer from! Thanks for the great service! 275197

- T4748800

by: Daved09/16/2017

Excellent fit and finish. Haven't wired it up yet but electronics should be fine. The small male threaded nipple is what usually breaks on these so do not over torque 433223

- T4748800

by: Shawn Arbogast06/19/2014

the products arrived earlier than were expected which was nice.I had a question about one of my products and the staff was very helpful getting me on track. Thank You 136635

- T4748800

by: Don B08/09/2013

Works fantastic. My wife loves it - she can now back the trailer up without having to manually lock the surge brake every time... The old one never worked.Thank you! 94171

- T4748800

by: James H05/27/2015

Customer service was very helpful in getting me the correct product for my trailer brakes. I would recommend this company and their products. Thanks very much. 198135

- T4748800

by: Chip W06/29/2015

The product was shipped very quickly and arrived two days before tracking said it would. Have ordered before from etrailer and will continue to do so. 208104

- T4748800

by: Ron S07/01/2015

service and shipping were excellent I have not installed the solenoid as of today so I can't comment on its operation on the surface it looks good 208607

- T4748800

by: B Virg07/22/2016

Product worked perfect as a replacement just wish the wire leads were a bit longer. Great price and quick order processing. Why ship anywhere else? 275096

- T4748800

by: Tim T08/02/2016

This had a 1/32" orifice but the original was 1/16". After reading up it says it still works. Time will tell. Easy to fit and appears good quality 278698

- T4748800

by: T Wolf06/20/2016

Product arrived and was packaged securely. etrailer kept me informed of status of my order. Everything was exactly as advertised. 262770

- T4748800

by: Brian D08/15/2017

So far so good. This is the 3rd solenoid valve I've had on the trailer in 3 years. I hope it lasts longer than the other 2. 420536

- T4748800

by: Jason Stiger, John Huff, George J07/18/2017

The company has a great support staff. They are very helpful and gave me the right information to get what I needed done. 407705

- T4748800

by: tom d10/02/2016

bolted right on good product,,,wish it dident take 2 days to ship but it is what it is ,,and i received a timely manner 302562

- T4748800

by: Graham S06/23/2016

Great product it has save me from getting out and locking out the brakes when backing up.Great seller and fast shipping 263957

- T4748800

by: Rey08/21/2017

Product as describe came quick. Just need to install but In need of elbow or relocate the hole where line cones out. 423347

- T4748800

by: mark s01/02/2016

This will fit the bill. I'm using the part for a drag racing line lock launch control. Received quickly. Thank you!! 234654

- T4748800

by: Mark S.09/17/2013

Worked like a champ, and was delivered on the third day after ordering. High quality product and prompt service. 100287

- T4748800

by: David D03/29/2016

Product failed to release after 6 months, burned up brake and drum. I removed and went to free backing plates. 242329

- T4748800

by: Owen Ridgeley04/10/2016

Delivered as specified........Item was "as advertised"....connected easily. Very satisfied with the product. 243640

- T4748800

by: George L.10/03/2016

Excellent Price and Delivery ... Hard to find Parts .. I will be buying many more times from E-trailer ... 302836

- T4748800

by: tim l08/13/2014

adaptor that screws into master cylinder should be made from steel and not brass first one broke off to easy 146587

- T4748800

by: Bill C01/03/2017

etrailer has the best prices and fastest delivery service I ever dealt with. Bill C Garnerville NY 329613

- T4748800

by: Burizoon02/07/2014

Works as expected. Installed on car hauler with Hydraulic Disc Brakes. No problems. quick shipping. 116010

- T4748800

by: Jeff A09/16/2011

The service was amazingly fast and accurate. The item I ordered was exactly what I needed. Thanks! 24056

- T4748800

by: Doug O05/04/2017

This replacement solenoid worked very well. The staff were very helpful with filling my order. 376267

- T4748800

by: James K06/29/2015

Arrived in excellent packaging! Will definitely look for more items in the future! Thanks 208095

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  • It sounds like you have a factory 7-Way connector on your 2012 Toyota Tacoma and that you also have the dealer supplied electric brake controller wiring harness for wiring an electric brake controller in the cab of your vehicle. Since your boat trailer is equipped with surge brakes, you will not need to install an electric brake controller in the cab of your Tacoma. The first thing you should do is check the center pole, see photo, in the 7-Way connector on your vehicle with a circuit...
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  • Backing Up Trailer When Using Titan Model 60 Hydraulic Surge Disc Brake Actuator # T4819900
  • The Titan Model 60 Hydraulic Surge Disc Brake Actuator, part # T4819900, does not include a lockout function for backing up the trailer. Couplers are available with either electric or manual lockout, or no lockout. This particular Titan coupler does not offer this function. If you wish you can install additional components to provide this function in your coupler. You will need Titan Solenoid Valve, part # T4748800, and Titan Solenoid Shield, part # T4835800183. The fitting that...
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  • How To Stop Trailer Brakes For Activating When In Reverse On Incline
  • I can understand the frustration you are having and it is experienced by others who use a manual reverse lockout. What you will need to do is install, Replacement Solenoid Valve for Titan Brake Actuators, part # T4748800. This will not allow the brakes to activate at all when the vehicle is in reverse and you will never have to get out of your vehicle to switch it back and forth. To install, one end will connect the master cylinder, the other end will connect to the brake line. You will...
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  • Normally Open Reverse Lockout Solenoid for Disc Trailer Brakes
  • The normally open style like # T4748800, will only prevent fluid from going back to trailer brakes when you put the vehicle in reverse. Once the vehicle is in reverse, the normally open solenoid will close and allow you to back up without the brakes engaging. On a normally open system, you will need to be careful when backing up because if you hit a curb or another object it could add even more pressure to the master cylinder and could possibly damage it. A normally closed system...
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  • Installing a Surge Brake Actuator on a Truck Bed Trailer Axle with Factory Drum Brakes
  • Yes, you can use a hydraulic surge brake actuator on a 3/4 ton pickup bed with factory hydraulic drum brakes. I produced a short video showing the actuator I recommend and explaining the application. You would want to use a drum brake actuator for OEM drum brakes. You will also need an electric lockout solenoid to lockout the brakes when backing because automotive brakes will apply in reverse. I recommend the Titan Zinc-Plated Brake Actuator, # T4339720, for drum brakes which includes...
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  • Hydraulic Trailer Coupler is Locking Trailer Brakes When Trailer is in Reverse
  • Without any background information, it will be hard to say what you have going on. Have you recently replaced the coupler or master cylinder? Did the brakes previously function correctly, but are recently locking up when the vehicle is placed in reverse? Given the information available, my best guess is that either your reverse lock-out solenoid is faulty, one of its wires has become disconnected, or the signal from the reverse light circuit on the vehicle is not reaching the solenoid...
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  • Parts Needed to Backup Without Putting on the Surge Brakes When Parking or Launching a Boat Trailer
  • Yes, there is a way to back up your boat trailer and keep the surge brake actuator, # T4332900, from applying pressure to the trailer brakes. You will need an electric lockout solenoid, # T4748800, which will close when you shift the vehicle into reverse, allowing the trailer to be backed. Along with the solenoid, you will need a solenoid cover, # T4835800183, if your actuator is the model 60 actuator that you referenced. The cover will keep the solenoid from getting stepped on and damaged...
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  • Repairing or Replacing Hydraulic Drum Brake Components on 14 Year Old Boat Trailer
  • Although it would be a bit more expensive, I would recommend replacing the entire brake assembly on each side, not just the wheel cylinders. This will provide all new parts, and you will know that it will be quite some time before the brake shoes, adjusters or springs will need replacement. The Demco # 40715 and 40716 you referenced would be an acceptable replacement. In my experience, there is not perceptible difference in quality between Demco and Dexter brake assemblies. This being...
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  • How Does a Reverse Lockout for Surge Brakes Wire to a Trailer
  • The wiring of the Replacement Solenoid Valve # T4748800 is ran to the reverse light circuit of the trailer's wiring connector. Basically one wire will get run to the reverse light circuit and the other wire will get grounded on the trailer frame. Doesn't matter which wire. If your trailer only has a 4-way you will need a # 20036 to convert it to a 5-way so that you can tap into your vehicle's reverse light circuit. Check out the video I attached to the right for more info.
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  • Brakes Lock Up After Installing Reverse Lockout Solenoid Valve # T4748800
  • I would recommend bleeding your brakes after installing a new Solenoid Valve, # T4748800. The main brake line must be disconnected from the actuator to install this item and anytime the brake lines are disconnected, there is a chance for air or some type of debris to enter the brake lines. The electric lockout solenoid should not cause your brakes to lock up after you come to a complete stop. The solenoid has two wires, one should be connected to the reverse light circuit coming from...
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  • How Does the Atwood Reverse Lock Out Solenoid Install on an Atwood Actuator
  • I can tell you how the Solenoid Kit part # T4748800 intalls, and it comes with an instruction manual, but I could not get a copy to show you. One of the two black wires (doesn't matter which one) will run to the reverse light circuit of your tow vehicle. The other will get grounded to your trailer. The male fitting of the solenoid will thread onto the back of the master cylinder. The female side will thread to the brake line that runs to your trailer brakes. The rubber line of the...
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  • How Does Titan Disc Brake Surge Actuator # T4750800 Allow Backing Up a Trailer
  • The Titan Model 10 Disc Brake Surge Actuator # T4750800 that you referenced does not have a reverse lockout. It is possible to back up a trailer with this coupler by reversing very slowly, slowly enough to avoid compressing the coupler and engaging the hydraulic actuator. My contact at Titan confirms that it is possible to add a reverse lockout solenoid valve, part # T4748800, to this actuator. We recommend using a solenoid shield, part # T4836100183, to provide protection to the valve...
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  • Drum to Disc Brake Conversion For Actuator
  • The Titan Trailer Coupler, part # T4079200, is for use with hydraulic drum brakes, and does not have the reverse lockout feature, or the solenoid installed. If you have changed the system from drum to disc, you need to be aware that the disc brake system has a higher pressure requirement. The actuator should be compatible with a disc brake system. Disc brake systems require 1500 psi, where drum brake systems require 1000 psi. I have attached an FAQ article explaining the parts needed to...
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  • How to Prevent the Brakes of a Surge Brake Trailer with Titan Actuator from Activating In Reverse
  • Since you have surge brakes on your trailer there are a couple recommended options for allowing it to back up. You can install free-backing brake assemblies (probably not what you would want), install a reverse solenoid like part # T4748800, or you can lock out the actuator by welding or bolting the inner and outer pieces together. I would recommend you go with the electric lockout since that will allow you to back up and still allow the trailer to stop when towing.
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  • Troubleshooting Surge Brakes Locking up When in Reverse
  • With surge brakes, you have a brake actuator applying the needed pressure to the brakes but to be able to back up you will need to have a manual lockout or an electric lockout solenoid, like # T4748800, which will close when you shift the vehicle into reverse, allowing the trailer to be backed up. You may also need a solenoid cover like the Titan # T4835800183, depending on what brake actuator you currently have. Typically surge brakes are found on boat trailers, and commonly the...
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  • Does the Titan Model 60 Trailer Brake Actuator have a Reverse Solenoid with Brake Fluid Return Line
  • The actuator that you have referenced, # T47154007K, does not have a reverse lockout. However, if you were to add one using # T4748800, it works by blocking the flow of fluid back to the brakes when the tow vehicle is placed in reverse. There is no return line for the fluid. The master cylinder in this actuator is # T4820000.
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  • Replacement Master Cylinder and Reverse Lock Out Solenoid, Titan Model 10 Trailer Brake Actuators
  • As far as a master cylinder, you will need the Master Cylinder for Titan Actuators, # T4747100, which is designed for Model 10 or 20 Titan actuators and is designed for 1-1/4 inch bore disc brakes. For a reverse lock out solenoid, you will need the Solenoid Valve with Fittings for Reverse Lockout - Normally Open, # T4748800. This solenoid comes with the necessary fittings and installs in-line with the system. Finally, to protect the solenoid, you will need Replacement Back Up Valve...
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  • Do I Need To Install A Brake Controller To Activate Or Deactivate Surge Trailer Brakes In Reverse?
  • Great question. Let me cover brake activation first. If you wish to have active braking on a hydraulic system when backing up, you would need to have Electric over Hydraulic brakes and not a surge brake coupler. Surge brake couplers do not allow active braking when in reverse. To add the electric over hydraulic system, it will require a brake controller like # 39523 and an electric over hydraulic brake actuator like the HydraStar Vented Marine Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator for Disc...
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  • How to Install the Backup Solenoid on Titan Disc Brake Actuators
  • The Fitting in the back of your actuator, # T4750820, will need to be removed to install the Solenoid Valve for Titan Brake Actuators, # T4748800. I have posted a photo showing this fitting. Once the fitting is removed you will install the solenoid valve directly into the back of the master cylinder, see second photo, then attach the brake line from the trailer directly to the solenoid. The fitting that was removed will not be needed.
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  • Parts to Replace Hydraulic Brake System on a 2004 Magic Tilt Trailer
  • We can definitely get you started with parts for your Magic Tilt Trailer, but we will need some additional information to complete your parts list. We can start with a coupler. Since your boat trailer will not exceed 10,260 lbs, I recommend looking at a coupler like the Titan Zinc-Plated Brake Actuator for Disc Brakes, # T4750610. This coupler has a 3 inch drop like the coupler you referenced, but it has a 12,500 lb weight capacity which is closer to the weight of your trailer. Using...
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  • How to Backing up with a No Lockout Titan Brake Actuator # T43397007K
  • Don't worry, I can help explain further. There are 2 types of lockouts (electric & manual) and then the no lockout couplers. The Titan # T43397007K, you are looking at is a no lockout coupler, with this style of coupler you will need to have free-backing brakes on your trailer to back up while using this drum brake coupler. Or you can install an electric lockout solenoid # T4748800. This will work with the model 60 Titan # T43397007K you were looking at. For a similar multi-ball...
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  • Electric Reverse Lockout is Not Working on a Boat Trailer
  • First, make sure that your trailer has an electric reverse lockout and that the 5th wire is connected to it and not something else. Then, on the vehicle side, check that the center pin wire is connected to a reverse light circuit behind one of the tail lights on the vehicle. You can use a circuit tester like # 3808 if needed to make sure the center pin provides power when the vehicle is put in reverse. Then plug in the adpater you have and make sure that the pin that corresponds to the...
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  • How to Wire an Electric Reverse Lockout on a Trailer to Work with a Vehicle that has a 4-Way Flat
  • Since you have a 4-Way flat trailer connector, you will need to add a 5-Way flat adapter, # 20036, to the vehicle and a 5-Way flat, # HM47910, on the trailer if you want the electric reverse lockout to work. On the vehicle side, the extra wire will connect to a reverse light wire. On the trailer side, the extra wire will attach to one of the wires on the solenoid. The other solenoid wire will need to be grounded to the trailer frame. I have included a link to a video showing a typical...
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  • Troubleshooting Trailer Reverse Lock Out Solenoid that Doesn't Work
  • If the solenoid is getting a full 12 volts and is grounding properly it should be shutting all the way. Since you said it is clicking that makes it sound like it's getting power. You could try improving the ground circuit but most likely that's not it. Is it possible the brakes are also activating while moving forward and the solenoid isn't at fault? Typically if a reverse lockout solenoid is getting power and grounding properly and it still isn't working it needs to be replaced....
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  • How to Wire Titan # T4748800 Reverse Lock-Out Solenoid Valve
  • The Titan Replacement Reverse Lockout Solenoid you mentioned is extremely easy to wire. The solenoid has two wires exiting it. One wire grounds to the trailer tongue, the other would connect to the reverse light circuit on the tow vehicle. Once wired, the solenoid will close when the tow vehicle is shifted into reverse, preventing the trailer brakes from applying when the trailer is backed. Since it sounds like both your vehicle and trailer have a 4-pole connector, you'll need to install...
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  • Replacement Reverse Lockout Solenoid for Titan Model 10 Brake Actuating Trailer Coupler
  • I believe you meant Titan Model 10, is that correct? If so, the Titan # T4748800 Replacement Solenoid Valve you've looked at would be compatible with your coupler. The solenoid would mount between the master cylinder outlet at the rear of your actuating coupler between the outlet and the brake line. The solenoid has two wire leads. One wire would ground to the trailer, the other would connect to the center pin of the trailer connector. Keep in mind, that the center pin of the connector...
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  • Troubleshooting Trailer Ball Fit and Backing up with the Titan Model 60 for Disc Brakes # T4332900
  • The Titan Zinc-Plated Lever Lock Actuator # T4332900 that you referenced is adjustable and will fit trailer balls that are 1-7/8 inches, 2 inches, and 50 mm. In order to fit the coupler to the specific size of trailer ball that you have, some small adjustments can be made to optimize the fit. If you are using the Titan Level Lock Brake Actuator # T4332900, with different size trailer balls to tow your trailer adjustments will have to be made each time a different size trailer ball...
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  • Replacement Master Cylinder for Boat Trailer with Disc Brakes and Electric Lockout
  • The solenoid on your boat trailer surge coupler is indeed there to allow you to back up the trailer without engaging the trailer brakes. The solenoid installs in-line between the master cylinder and the trailer's disc brake lines and closes when 12V power is applied, typically by tapping into the tow vehicle reverse light circuit, to allow for reversing the trailer without the disc brakes engaging. In order to find a suitable replacement master cylinder for your trailer you will need...
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