Printable Trailer Bolt Hole Pattern Template

Make sure you print at 100% on A4 8x11" paper.
etrailer Trailer Wheel Bolt Pattern Template

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My most common size 15 x 6.5 rims is pattern 5 x 3.96 (5 x 100). Any chance you could add it to your template? 81646

Matt J.

To verify that the pattern is 100% when printed, it would be highly advantageous for the pattern to include a linear line with a measurement,i.e - [this line should measure 6" to verify pattern is printed at full scale] 79273


I buy 15x6.5JJ rims what is the bolt pattern of this rims? Thanks 77717

Reply from Chris R.

The most common bolt pattern for a 15" wheel is a 5 on 4-1/2", but it still doesn't hurt to verify this. I've linked another article below that also helps with determining your bolt pattern. 63191

Decent A.

Very informative 77617

Reply from Chris R.

Glad we could help! 63190



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