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Andersen Camper Wheel Chock and Leveler

Item # AM3604

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andersen wheel chocks trailer chock am3604
andersen wheel chocks trailer chock
andersen wheel chocks chock stabilizer
andersen wheel chocks trailer chock am3604
andersen wheel chocks chock stabilizer camper and leveler

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wheel chocks andersen chock stabilizer am3604
wheel chocks andersen chock stabilizer camper and leveler
wheel chocks andersen trailer chock am3604
wheel chocks andersen trailer chock in use
wheel chocks andersen chock stabilizer in use
wheel chocks andersen trailer chock am3604
wheel chocks andersen am3604
wheel chocks andersen chock stabilizer camper and leveler
wheel chocks andersen chock stabilizer trailer in use

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andersen wheel chocks chock stabilizer am3604


  • Trailer Wheel Chock
  • Wheel Chock
  • Wheel Stabilizer
  • Andersen
Lowest Prices for the best wheel chocks from Andersen. Andersen Camper Wheel Chock and Leveler part number AM3604 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

Andersen Wheel Chocks - AM3604


  • Provides leveling at any increment from 1/2" to 4"
  • Works great on trailers up to 30,000 lbs with up to 32" diameter tires
  • Includes 1 leveler and 1 chock
  • Overall length: 15"
  • Width: 6"
  • Made in the USA
  • 3-Year warranty

3604 Andersen Camper Wheel Chock and Leveler

Value - This item

Andersen Camper Wheel Chock and Leveler

Andersen Camper Wheel Chock and Leveler
Andersen Wheel Chocks

327 reviews

Code: AM3604

In Stock

Our Price: $39.99

  • Wheel Chocks
  • Wheel Chock
  • Wheel Stabilizer
  • Trailer Wheel Chock
  • Andersen
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Video of Andersen Camper Wheel Chock and Leveler

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Andersen Tools AM3604 Review

Today we'll be reviewing part number AM3604. This is the Andersen camper leveler. One leveler is included, along with one chock. This is going to provide leveling at any increment, from a half-inch, to four inches. At its lowest point, we have a measurement of a half-inch. Then at its highest point, we have a measurement of right at four inches.

This is going to work great on trailers up to 30,000 pounds. The way this works is, you would place the wedge in front of, or behind, the tire of your trailer. That way you can actually drive on to these, or you can back on to them. Your tire is going to come on, here. It's going to level itself out with the leveling system.

Once you have that correct increment that you're looking for, between a half-inch to four inches of needing to be level, then what you can do is, you can take your chock, and place it under your leveler. You can see how the chock is cut to match any position that the leveler is positioned at. Another great feature about this system is, once you're ready to move your trailer off of the levelers, you don't have to get in there and struggle to really pull this out from your tire. You can simply just remove the chock, and drive your trailer off the front. This is going to flip up behind your wheel, and then you're good to go. Just grab your two pieces and put them into your storage compartment or under your vehicle, and you're ready to get on your way.

Another great feature about this is that it is just two pieces. There's no assembly required. A lot of leveling systems out there, you have to build or place together. In some cases, a lot of people that don't want to use chocks, will wedge a rock underneath their leveler. This is a really sturdy and stable unit.

It's going to work great for your application. A few dimensions that I would like to go over is, we have an overall length of right at 15 inches. Again, the height is four inches, and this provides a width of right at six inches. That's going to complete today's review of the Andersen camper leveler, part number AM3604.

Customer Reviews

Andersen Camper Wheel Chock and Leveler - AM3604

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (327 Customer Reviews)

- AM3604

by: Roger D.06/10/2015

My first purchase with Etrailer. I ordered my Andersen Levelers on May 23 late in the evening and they were were delivered on May 28 (Canada standard shipping) which is very good ! I used my Andersen Levelers twice (two camping trips) on my dual axle travel trailer. It is so easy to set up and get the required leveling almost instantly. Amazing ! I backed up on the levelers to set them up. When we left the campground, I backed up slightly beyond level, so it was easy to remove the chocks, then drove forward just enough to get the wheels off the levelers. Removing the front leveler now lying between the wheels was easy. I don't think I will ever pull forward and drive all the way over the levelers. The leveler itself looks heavy-duty but the chock seems to be the weak part of this 2 pieces system. However, it would be easy and not expensive to replace the chock, should it break. It's definitely worth its price and I'm really happy with these Andersen Levelers. 202372


Just got back home after a 10 week trip throughout North America Canada

Roger D - 08/20/2016


Im back home after a 72 days trip across North America, Canada and USA. 33 different campgrounds or RV Parks. My Andersen Levelers made my 33 setups so quick and easy ! They are the best accessories I bought for my travel trailer in the past 7 years. So useful !

Roger D - 08/21/2016


- AM3604

by: Linda M05/28/2015

I do NOT understand why everyone doesn't have these!! We finally had an opportunity to use these levelers this past week and are amazed at ease of use! First use was in our driveway which is too slanted for our refrigerator to work. In order to get our Bounder 33c motor home level we have been using blocks, boards and bricks to get 4 tires on back up 4"!! It has been a struggle, to say thee least. I saw these online, but initially thought they were a bit pricey:-( They are worth EVERY penny!! This week, as we were getting ready to pack for a 3 month trip, I pit one under each back wheel ... partner drove up ... I placed wedges in ... we were exactly where we needed to be! Getting off was just as easy ... pulled up a bit ... pulled out wedges ... back out of driveway with not problems. These store nicely in basement box ... all 4 sets don't take up as much room as my 2 bags of "lego" blocks, chocks, and boards. So we are on road ... first site is just not a level as we needed. So, put down 2 sets (two back wheels) on left side. Drove on ... partner says level is good .. put in wedges and we are good to go!! No guess work ... no experimenting with # of boards or blocks ... no up and down on hands and knees to get things set. My 60+ year old body thanks you!! 198392


We still LOVE these wheel chocks. They have made leveling our motorhome apiece of cake! I am really surprised I do not see more of these, as we travel! GREAT product!

Linda M - 06/17/2016


- AM3604

by: john lawrence05/12/2017

2 products....Anderson camper wheel chock / levellers for my trailer, and Topline 2 bike carrier for my truck bed. Both products are superb.....the camper leveller is so easy and quick to use, it can be easily done by one person....Arrive at your the forward, check the the chocks...that easy...great product. Topline 2 bike carrier.....again, very easily get your bike/s locked in standing, so no issues with being scratched or confidence once the bikes were on to go on down any road...the bikes barely moved....great product. The price on both of these items, the delivery and service from Etrailer is hard to beat.....Always give a look at what products they have on offer, very competitive and quick delivery. I first bought tire chains, needed a quick delivery, and got a little concerned that I was not going to have them on time, so I contacted Etrailer for an ETA.....they upgraded my shipment at no extra charge....the chains arrived well before my trip.. That was the clincher for me.....Service, price, follow up...don't need more... 380552

- AM3604

by: Dave S06/17/2015

Received the Andersen Camper Leveler yesterday. Very smooth purchase, would not hesitate to buy from etrailer again in the future. I purchased a pair for my jayco ultralite camper. One needed to be cut down in order to fit between the two wheels. I have not had a chance to try them out yet, but i am heading to the black hills for 7 days. We will be moving the camper multiple times. I am hoping these will make the setup go smoother than the lego blocks i have been using. I will update this review once i get back. 204034


I like the product a lot. Super easy to use, way better than blocks.

Dave S - 07/08/2016


- AM3604

by: Don03/16/2015

I had to cut one of the levelers to fit between the tires on my dual axle travel trailer. The instructions clearly showed how much you can cut off and my electric miter saw had no problem cutting the plastic. Driving up on the leveler was easy, just go slightly beyond level because the trailer will back up slightly to compress the wedge into the ground when unhooked. Driving off the levelers caused the one that started between the wheels to get stuck. Pulling forward all the way off both levelers solved the problem. Good Product. 178596


Don, Do i need too buy two sets for a 2 axle travel trailer?

-- comment by: Kennedy - 05/28/2015


Hi. Question on cutting. How did you know you had to cut. On my trailer I can fit in between the the leveller will touch the other tire. I dont think I have to cut but not sure.

-- comment by: Dean - 06/11/2015


It would be best to buy two sets, if you buy one, the leveler will only lift one of the two tires and the other tire will stay on the ground. You would only get half as much leveling lift.

-- comment by: Don - 06/11/2015


- AM3604

by: Donna11/13/2016

We were very excited about these levels. We measured the distance between the tires on our double axle trailer and had enough space to order.. They arrived (shipping was upgraded so they arrived before expected ) and we tried them just with our truck so see how they worked. When we backed off they shot out---good thing no one was standing there. We knew why some people on you tube put the sandpaper tape on them. So off to lowes to get that. When we went to the trailer and there was no way the level was going to fit between the tires ??. The instructions told us how to cut them off to fit so we did. Of course this makes them unreturnable! We went camping and was hopeful they would work as easily as described. Not so.... the space we were in did not need much leveling so didn't have to back up much. We could actually remove them after trailer was completely set up. Will try again in a spot that needs more leveling... 316215

- AM3604

by: David10/13/2015

This is by far the smallest fastest easiest leveling device for my RV 229851


Wow its been a year and my wife and I use our trailer at least once a month either traveling to festivals or to visit family and friends. Each time we go out, we use the leveler! Its quick easy and doesnt take up any space. I would recommend everyone through away or burn all the 2x4 or 2x6 boards and get this Anderson Camper Leveler!!!!

David - 10/12/2016


- AM3604

by: Buckeye Bob08/19/2015

The product was excellent and easier to use than I ever imagined. The service was excellent and Caleb could not have been more knowledgeable and helpful. Overall, a great experience and etrailer has now taken the place of Camping World as my go-to online store! 220218


The same as it did from day 1 - Perfect!

Buckeye B - 08/18/2016


- AM3604

by: Brian K03/23/2016

This is an excellent product for leveling a trailer or an RV. They are a very solid construction, I use these on my 34 foot, 7500 lb travel trailer and they hold up very well. Just place them in front of the wheels and drive forwards until the trailer is level. It might be easier with a helper watching to make sure you don't drive off of them and checking the level, but I do it by myself by watching my rear view mirror for level and moving forward a little at a time and getting out and checking. Once the trailer is level, place the supplied chocks under the leveler and lower the trailer jacks for additional support. This is much easier than using the leveling blocks because it raises the trailer gradually until it is level, you don't have to keep adding blocks and trying again. 241418

- AM3604

by: Daniel05/31/2016

My wife and I purchase our first RV 5th wheel and was concerned about being able to properly level the 5th wheel. After reading reviews for the Anderson Camper wheel chalk and leveler I decided to purchase two sets for the tandem wheels. On the first time out my wife was required to set up the campsite and 5th wheel by herself due to my work schedule which would put me at the site later in the day. She stated that she had the trailer disconnected and leveled in record time. Upon returning home I utilized the levelers to level and disconnect the 5th wheel in approx. 1 minute. Wife placed one in front of each tire on driver side and I just pulled forward until the trailer was level. This was one of the best purchases I have made for the new 5th wheel and highly recommend the leveler. 254860

- AM3604

by: keith09/30/2015

ordered in the morning and got next day. used these on our last camping trip and they worked great. was able to level the camper quick and easy. best way to level a camper. 228597


We use these on just about every camping trip. Easy to use and we have our RV level from side to side in no time.

keith - 01/29/2017


- AM3604

by: Steve R.01/22/2014

I'm reviewing the Anderson trailer levelors: I purchased two of them to use in leveling my off road trailer. Used them this past weekend in Joshua Tree and they worked as advertised (and as I saw on the you tube videos). Easy to use, and I like the way the included tire chalk works in tandem with the product. Once level, the tire is securely held in place. My prior levelors made for lousy chalking since the levelors were plastic and my chalks (also plastic) would just lie on top of them...didn't provide a solid hold so I would use many chalks and sometimes rocks as well to securely hold the trailer in place. With the Anderson levelors and provided chalk in place, I didn't feel the need to do anything else to hold the trailer in place. Great product!! 114510

- AM3604

by: Bruce J.04/20/2017

This is the best product I have bought in some time. I like everything about them. Light weight, durable, good width, and easy to use. I cannot imagine why anyone with a trailer would not use these. Leveling is so simple and quick, and when chocked, the tire is supported along its diameter, so flat spots are prevented. I have showed these to everyone that I have had near my trailer, and have shown the videos on You Tube as well. I find that one foot on gas, one foot on brake allows the best position control. I enjoy these every time I get to park the trailer. My axle spread is wide for load equalization, so there is plenty of room for insertion and removal. I prefer to always enter and exit these on the short end, but can go either way. 370054

- AM3604

by: rwduke10/10/2014

These were very easy to use, even with no one there to help me level my camper. They worked great. The only issue I had was I used one on each tandem wheel on one side of my trailer, which I saw suggested on YouTube. That was fine setting up, but when I was taking them I out pulled only slightly to far forward and the chock on the forward wheel got stuck between the two wheels. I could not get it loose without some maneuvering back and forth, and some help from another guy camping next to me who saw my dilemma. If you intend to use these on two wheels on one side be careful driving off of them. Other than that they were very easy to use and got quite a few "those are nice" comments from other campers in the campground. 155519

- AM3604

by: Kurt D.04/30/2015

Sibling rivalry can occasionally be advantageous, under the right circumstances. The first camping trip of the season with my younger brother and our wives was done out here in the Great Basin. While doing our set-up I used a shovel on the hardpan; he used wooden blocks. Next time I had plastic pads, and he showed up with these crazy levelers...they're amazing. Infinitely adjustable to height,incredibly easy to use and cut our set-up time by 10-14 minutes allowing for the cold beverages to be opened sooner! Sometimes we can learn from a good rivalry. PS Not to be outdone, the next time we all went out, we had a toy hauler 5th wheel. He's still mad at me about that 'cause now his wife wants a bigger trailer. 189015

- AM3604

by: Ol Soldier03/09/2015

I have ordered products from other vendors and when the items arrive, one sees cracks and holes in the boxes and wonders whether the product is still there with all its bits and pieces. With etrailer, such is NEVER the case. Regardless of the product weight, the packaging and boxes are always intact as is the products inside the box. Weather has precluded us from taking our maiden voyage in our travel trailer; however, we not only look forward to that event this month, but are sure that the Anderson Levelers will live up to their reviews. Just wish that etrailer could be our exclusive sourcing for all things tow vehicle and trailer related. As always, great performance and follow through...... 177614

- AM3604

by: Gary S.10/11/2017

I give this rating only to meet this request for a product review received just 2 hours ago. Look at the product and it's purpose idiots? Even this manufacturer gave notice I may have to cut the end off of one of the levelers just to get it to fit it between my duel axle tires. Pity they didn't tell me what kind of Saw or Blade would be best to cut it with. I think the product will probably get and excellent rating from me as soon as I do all the work to try them out for what I bought them for. But this dealer wants feedback to quickly and its important for this review. Not what would be best for the manufacturer to understand why I bought them & think they will work to best solve an issue. 441688

- AM3604

by: Lloyd H.08/10/2015

Great service! The time from ordering to receiving along with the tracking system provided were extraordinary!! 218285


I like the leveler very much! In fact, I want to buy a couple more of them.

Lloyd H - 08/18/2016


- AM3604

by: Bob06/15/2015

These levelers work great, only a couple of minutes to level our trailer. Wood blocks, never again. 203611


These are one of the must haves. People are amazed at the ease of use.

Bob - 06/14/2016


- AM3604

by: Ted C.08/17/2017

I bought the Anderson Trailer Leveler and the Anderson Trailer Jack at the same time. I wanted another black rubber pad that is also on Anderson's site and has an Anderson part #. I like the products I got very much, really heavy, solidly made.. But etrailer refused to go to the trouble of ordering me the extra rubber pad I wanted. They said it's not a normal stock item and would have to be special ordered. They would not special order it.. I was quite surprised.. What's the big deal ? I wasn't in a rush to receive the order at all.. I didn't get it.. But no matter, I still like the products very much and received them all in one package no problem at all.. 421329

- AM3604

by: Lou S.08/28/2014

Seems to be made of high quality. Plan on using them this weekend. Etrailer was great doing business with. Delivery was quicker than expected. 149108


I still do like both.

Lou S - 08/31/2015


- AM3604

by: BC06/01/2015

The Andersen camper levelers worked exactly like they do on the video!! Etrailer shipped them fast and free !! Thanks !! 199678


Great Product !!!! Fast and Easy to use !!!!

BC - 05/31/2016


- AM3604

by: Jay05/21/2014

Have only used once but two thumbs up so far! 131645


Easy and fast way to level a camper We have friend who have purchased these after seeing ours.

Jay - 05/24/2015


- AM3604

by: Chris G08/18/2015

WOW super fast delivery good packaging item as shown in the add. 220011


Great everyone should have these. So easy to use

Chris G - 10/12/2016


- AM3604

by: Wes03/26/2016

I use these levelers on my class c motorhome. Have used the "lego" style plastic blocks for years and they also work except for some times on a slippery surface when my tires would just push the blocks ahead instead of driving up on to them. The very thin starting edge allows the tire to immediately run up the leveler for as much lift as you need to its limit. Remember if you have dually rears and need to raise one whole side, you will need three of these. I still carry the yellow interlocking blocks with me and the combination of the two will take care of almost any leveling problem. Recommended**** 241854

- AM3604

by: Larry M.09/30/2015

Haven't used yet, but appear to be much better than those plastic squares. 228567


Very easy to use. Glad I bought.

Larry M - 09/29/2016


- AM3604

by: Gordon K.06/18/2016

We love this product. My son has a double axle trailer, he just had a flat tire and we drove the good tire up on the Anderson wheel chock and changed the flat. Very easy! I have a single axle hybrid trailer and use it to level the trailer when ever we go camping. It is easy to use, easy to store, light weight and very safe. My son-in-law has some units that have to be driven on and then cranked up to level the trailer. They are a heavy, take up a lot of space and are difficult to use. The Anderson is a great product. It wouldn't hurt if the high side was about 2" higher. 262484

- AM3604

by: Larry H.05/23/2017

Thank you for a great product. We use them each time we set up at a campsite or when we get back to home base. Leveling is a breeze with the rolling leveler. Just stop when you reach perfect level. Blocking the wheel is easy with the wheel chock: push it under the wheel and snug it in place with your toe...........Simplicity at it's finest! Oh, and don't forget how light it is. The lightweight materials do not add a lot of tonnage to our travel trailer, and they are light enough the wife can help me place them during setup. That's a bonus! Good Job, Great Product! 383940

- AM3604

by: Chuck R.08/19/2016

Love , love, love them. I've purchased 2 more sets for my friends and they feel the same way. As a rule, I have to set up camp by myself. These levelers make it a breeze. Since I mounted a level on the front of my 32 foot travel trailer, I get it right the first time every time. In a recent fit of stupidity, I ran over the wedge portion of the chock. It explode in a grand fashion. I contacted customer service and had 2 replacements on the way in less than 24 hours. Now I have a spare just in case. In 20 years when these are worn out I'll be buying another set. 285689

- AM3604

by: Ron10/22/2014

Easy and fast way to level a camper 157481


They work great. Makes leveling a snap.

Ron - 10/23/2015


- AM3604

by: Steve S.10/07/2014

I have used the orange Lynx blocks for several years and they do a great job; however, they take some time to set up and requires some time on your knees getting them just right. I then purchased the yellow three-tiered blocks and, while they were less time-consuming, I never liked the fact that my tires overlapped the "steps" too much and only partially supported the load. When I saw the Anderson levelers, I thought, that's it. I tried them this past weekend and they were simple to use and fully supports the tire. (I have a Class C). Great buy! 154935

- AM3604

by: Larry Q10/23/2014

Needed a new leveling system for a trip with my travel trailer. Ordered the Andersen Camper Leveler with two day shipping. The levelers arrived on the second day as promised. I used the levelers for the first time the afternoon before I was leaving. THEY WORK GREAT! Used them the next evening when I arrived at the camp site. The Andersen Camper Levelers are the easiest levelers that I have ever used. Highly recommended! Also did great on this order. I have ordered from them twice and would not hesitate to order from them again. 157650

- AM3604

by: Lee & Charlotte08/21/2016

We've been traveling around 6 weeks every fall for over 15 years and have tried every wheel chock leveler system on the market, plus a few we've built ourselves. This is, bar none, the BEST system ever. We can level our trailer in no time at all, with no second and third tries. We love this system and highly recommend it to any RV user. we also purchased the Anderson hitch, which we love. it's much easier to hook up and unhook than the Blue Ox we had before and does a much better job. Both are great products and well worth the money. 286107

- AM3604

by: Ron P06/26/2016

So far so good. 1st time using them made set up within seconds. Was pleasantly surprised when I received the order by the quality and sturdiness of the leveler. Thought it was going to be a light weight chock. It's made from one piece and appears to be milled/CNCed into its current shape. Put level on side of camper had my 7 year old back me on and done!! That easy, amazing. If needed for extra height I cut into strips rubber barn stall matting I can put under them that gives me an extra 2" s. Anymore than 6" lift and I will find another site. 265142

- AM3604

by: Jack H04/09/2016

First, I have to say doing business with e Trailer is one of the easiest websites to navigate and buying this product was very simple. The shipping was even FASTER than anticipated. I can't wait to use these on my camper. I have been so frustrated with the yellow two tiered levelers I bought because I have to back onto them and it usually takes about 3 or 4 tries before I get them where I need them. Since one of these will fit between my wheels this will make setting up my camper a much better experience. Thank you so much. 243511

- AM3604

by: Kirk C.09/23/2016

Hopkins Level fluid lost its color after about 6 months but it still works great and I can still see it just fine. I would buy one again. Anderson Camper wheel chocks work great and make it easier to level, Have used them 10 times this year. One of the chocks has cracked up the back side but I do not believe it affects how it works, more time will tell. Still happy with them at this time and they do have a lifetime warranty so I can always have it replaced if needed. I would recommend this product. 33Ft Bumper pull. 300178

- AM3604

by: Randy03/15/2017

As always shipping was quick, I read many reviews on this product and just had to have them. With these leveling blocks you pull into your camping spot plunk down these blocks drive up to where you want and your done .the farther you drive up the more trailer rises . There is no more backing up and trying figure out how many blocks into make it level. The o nly problem I have with these sometimes on wet grass is that they slide somethimes . I have no problem recommending these leveling blocks 352878

- AM3604

by: Ken W09/16/2017

Great leveler. In almost all conditions this works great. It's most frustrating weakness is sand. It acts like a ski in sand and just slides. Asphalt, rock, dirt, grass, all fine. I was ready to look for a replacement after fighting with it in the Florida sun trying to get it to lift the camper. Might have been better off jacking the trailer up and setting it on the leveler. I highly recommend this leveler if you don't do alot of coastal/beach camping. 433007

- AM3604

by: Anthony B.12/04/2014

Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful. this is the greatest thing for camping since they put wheels on a tent. No need to get on the ground on your knees to put leveling blocks down. I wish they made a 5" lift version. I was so impressed I bought 3 more sets for my family as Christmas presents. The folks at eTrailer helped me out tremendously. There customer service was exceptional. Rebecca was great. they need more stars to rate them. ********** 163353

- AM3604

by: Basil O.03/27/2017

I have to only rate them as a 3 out of 5. I have used them twice. The first time, they worked great. The camper was level in no time at all. The second time, I was trying to level the camper on a loose gravel surface and the chock just slid backwards as I backed the camper up. I ended up using a bottle jack to raise the wheel enough to slide the chock under it. The bottom surface is just too smooth to use on a loose surface. 359131

- AM3604

by: Walter P01/27/2017

Finally used these levelers last week. Work great on my tandem axle 31 Ft Airstream travel trailer. I will be getting rid of a pile of 2X8 s that I have carried in my truck for the past 5 years !!! Might keep one piece of wood to place under these levelers when setting up on soft terrain, or when you need more than the 4 inches these can provide. I like them so well that I ordered another set for a gift to my Brother in Law !!! 336054

- AM3604

by: James07/17/2014

Haven't had a chance to use these yet but they look well built and look like they will do the job and do it well , cant wait to use these and try them out no more backing on to blocks only to find out you have to pull off and add more ! Ordered on Sun and delivered to my door by Wednesday afternoon all the way to Ontario talk about speedy delivery !! thanks again :) 141784


had a chance to use these a few times now ! 1 word AWESOME !

-- comment by: james - 06/02/2015


- AM3604

by: Bob E.02/26/2015

The product looks like it will definitely do the job. Have not had a chance to use the product as the temperature here was 25 below zero this morning and not real conducive to camping. The service and communication from E-Trailer has proved to be exceptional. The other item I ordered with this order is on back order, Tamara has done an outstanding job of keeping me informed on the status of that backorder. 176163

- AM3604

by: Ed A.08/15/2017

These things are GREAT! I've tossed all my pieces of lumber that I used to use to level the trailer, plus using them is fast. In my situation, the axles on my trailer are farther apart than on many trailers - there is enough distance between front and rear tires that the chocks fit. On trailers where the tires are closer together you may have to cut the length of the chock down so that it fits. 420654

- AM3604

by: Bill P.02/18/2016

package arrived right on time. I haven't had the opportunity to use mine yet but I borrowed a set from a friend last fall. That's when I was convinced I really don't need to carry around a bunch of 5 foot long 2x10 boards any longer. And I can back my trailer up on to them watching the level in my rear view mirror. Let's just say that prevents a lot of arguments ok? These are awesome! 238152


I love this rig! We go to a lot of NASCAR races and most of the campgrounds cannot spell level when it comes to campsites. For less than 4 of adjustment, these work perfectly by themselves. No more guessing how many 2x10 boards to stack up and whether or not I need 1x boards to completely level the rig. You drive on the Camper Leveler just like it shows in the video.After watching me drive up and level my trailer I have an Accu-Level on the front of my hitch so I can see it in the rear view mirror in a matter of seconds, several of my friends have ordered them for their own use. I dont know if they ordered from e-trailer or somewhere else, but they were all impressed enough to get a set for themselves. I did recommend you guys.*

Bill P - 03/12/2017


- AM3604

by: Rich03/11/2015

Just received the Anderson Camper levelers. Ordered on Tuesday late afternoon and was delivered on Wednesday. The customer service and knowledge of their product line is amazing. You have a question and they have a solution. Sales staff was super friendly. These levelers look very nice and will be easier to set up camper than the wood we used. They are heavy and should last for years. 177929

- AM3604

by: John D.11/12/2014

We haven't used the Andersen levelers yet, but have used my homemade version of them long before these hit the market. I'm confident they will do exactly what we need. We've owned all types of rigs, and owned 3 different hydraulic auto level systems, and I still prefer manually leveling, with a product such as Andersen. These DO NOT require recalibration and never need hot batteries. 160567

- AM3604

by: Britt H10/04/2017

Thanks for the followup. Love the levellers except for a an issue we had at an RV park where the rv pads were a really smooth cement . The levellers kept slipping before we could get the wheels on. Maybe something to mention to Anderson . Including a piece of heavy rubber would probably solve that issue. We were caught out and then had to beg borrow and steal to get the trailer level. 439376

- AM3604

by: Jasper08/27/2016

Saw these on a video feed that I found on line. I dread leveling an RV. These things look like a lifesaver. Can't wait to try them. They look well built. The service and customer support from etrailer is outstanding. Site is very customer friendly, you can find what they have and they tell you what it does. They even answer questions. Really, they answer your questions. 288425


Great product! Have used it to level my trailer several times with ease. Wish that it was a bit wider. Well worth the money.

Jasper - 08/27/2017


- AM3604

by: Mike H08/23/2017

Amazing how easy I'm able to level up side-to-side. Wish I had these years ago. I did need to trim a small portion off the thin end so the leveler would fit between the tandem tires. Set one under each tire on the low side of the trailer and slowly back until level, chock with the included chock. Unhitch, level front to back with the tongue jack. Done. That simple. 424045

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