Timbren Suspension Enhancement Systems

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Demonstration of How Timbren Decreases Vehicle Sag

Timbren Suspension Enhancement Systems (SES) are easy-install kits created to provide additional support for your vehicle's suspension. These kits are designed to enhance the suspension, handling and safety of your vehicle, and also to reduce sag from heavy loads by becoming stronger and more resistant as the weight of the load increases.


Depiction of Vehicle Role


Depiction of Trailer Sway

Use Rear Application Kits For:

Vehicle with Snowplow

Use Front Application Kits For:

Not Applicable:

How Does It Work?

The smoothness of the ride results from the rubber construction of the springs.

Compression and Expansion of Timbren's Aeon Spring


Diagram of a Loaded and Unloaded Convoluted Spring

Progressive Support Comes from the Convoluted Springs


Timbren SES kits can be installed in only a few simple steps.

Installation Time

Tools Required

Typical Parts Included in a Timbren SES Kit

Timbren SES Kit Parts

Kit comes with parts needed for installation on one axle.

Installation Steps

Drawing of Typical ClearanceDrawing of Typical Clearance in a Heavy-Duty Application

Recommended Clearance

Additional Clearance Information

If your spring does not have the recommended clearance, yet the ride of your vehicle is satisfactory, then ensuring the recommended clearance is not necessary.

If you do not have the recommended amount of clearance or your ride is not satisfactory, you can take a few steps to resolve the problem.


Timbren SES kits have a limited lifetime warranty.

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