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Yakima JayLow Kayak Roof Rack w/ Tie-Downs - J-Style - Folding - Clamp On

Code: Y04073

131 reviews

Our Price: $238.95


Product Specs:

Watersport Carriers

Fishing Kayak

Roof Mount Carrier

No Load Assist

Clamp On

Side Loading



Aero Bars
Factory Bars
Round Bars
Square Bars
Elliptical Bars


These J-style cradles let you transport 1 or 2 kayaks on your roof rack. Integrated ramps help you to load a kayak from the side of your vehicle. Padded arms fold down when not in use. Clamp to most crossbars without tools. 4 Tie-downs included.

Video of Yakima JayLow Kayak Roof Rack w/ Tie-Downs - J-Style - Folding - Clamp On

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Customer Reviews

Yakima JayLow Kayak Roof Rack w/ Tie-Downs - J-Style - Folding - Clamp On - Y04073

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (131 Customer Reviews)

These J-style cradles let you transport 1 or 2 kayaks on your roof rack. Integrated ramps help you to load a kayak from the side of your vehicle. Padded arms fold down when not in use. Clamp to most crossbars without tools. 4 Tie-downs included.

by: Mitch04/27/2022

The product seems great but I have not figured out how to get it safely attached to my bars. I have an Agricover Adarac on the bed of my truck and the crossbars are 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 inches square. I thought this would work well since it's for up to 3-1/2 x 1-11/16" crossbars, but it isn't secure on these. I'm going to try and figure out an alternate method for attachment though. Thule Hull-a-port Pro's are the perfect (mounting) solution but don't seem to be made any longer.

The Thule Hull-a-port item # TH849000
Thule Hull-A-Port Aero Kayak Roof Rack w/ Tie-Downs - J-Style - Folding - Channel Mount
is recommended with Adarac racks. Or you can get tie downs like item # A4000882
Aluminum Tie-Downs for Adarac Aluminum and Aluminum Pro Series Ladder Rack Utility Rails - Qty 4
and load stops, item # A4000880
Load Stops for Adarac Truck Bed Ladder Rack Crossbars with Mounting Channels- Qty 2
, and use ratchet straps like item # EM34416
Erickson Re-Tractable Ratchet Straps w/ Push Button Releases - 2" x 10' - 1,100 lbs - Qty 2
. If you have a rack like the Adarac Aluminum Series Custom Truck Bed Ladder Rack item # A4001234
Adarac Aluminum Series Custom Truck Bed Ladder Rack - 500 lbs
then you can use item # RRS520
Rhino-Rack Nautic Stack Kayak Roof Rack w/ Tie-Downs - Post Style - Folding - Universal Mount
with the channel.
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 05/03/2022

by: Michael V.04/19/2021

The Yakima JayLows are ready to go out the box and very easy to set up. They attached to our vehicle’s factory crossbars with ease and seemed secure on the road with little to no movement with kayaks attached. We haven’t tested them on the highway yet, but I’m confident that they’ll be fine as long as you strap the kayaks correctly and use tie downs. I’m extremely happy with the JayLows and I’m considering purchasing another set if we get a third kayak. I HIGHLY recommend that you watch the videos on setting up and securing kayaks on the racks prior to first use.

by: Robert07/13/2021

The Yakima products are doing great. Just got home yesterday from a 18 day trip using them in Michigan's upper peninsula. Love them. Great products. Thanks again.

by: Timothy04/05/2022

Easy to install. On my first trip, they fell open instead of remaining upright in carrier position, it might have been an operator error. I like the idea of being able to use them for two kayaks, however, I have determined that this would be too much weight on one side of my factory roof crossbars. I do like they are sturdy and look better than standard J hooks. A bit on the pricey side unless you only have to buy one for the job of carrying more than 1 kayak. Easy to Secure to cross bars, nice that they fold down.

by: Gary F08/05/2016

I really like these kayak racks. They come fully assembled, and they installed easily on the aero crossbars of the factory roof rack on my 2015 Toyota Tacoma. The "ramps" on the front really do help in loading the kayaks, because you don't have to lift the kayak up as high. I opted to get two sets for our two kayaks, rather than try to transport two with one set of racks, because it seemed like it would be much easier to load. I agree with some other reviewers that the directions are a little cryptic, but the installation process is pretty self-evident. I also agree that the provided S hooks are a bit small (I'm going to replace them with carabiners), but these are minor issues. Overall, the racks are very sturdy, and I like the fold down feature. I also got the locks (not available for many of the Thule racks) because it seems like a small investment to protect the larger investment. My wife and I took our kayaks to a lake today using the new racks, and had no problems loading, unloading, or tying them down. Loading is a two-person job, however, at least for us and our 12-foot boats on a pick-up truck. We carry a folding two-step stepladder to make the reach easier. These racks are well worth the cost, and I would certainly recommend them to my fellow kayakers. And great service from etrailer, as always.

by: Andrew 09/25/2022

The carriers are very versatile. We often use them to transport two kayaks. It's great that they fold down because that allows us to go in and out of our garage without removing the carriers.

by: SJHughes12/23/2017

These work great. I went ahead and picked two sets for our two kayaks rather than try to wrestle two kayaks down to a single set. Comes with all needed straps, hooks, etc. Makes loading and unloading so simple. Being able to fold down the uprights when not in use is nice to reduce the clearance height of the overall vehicle for entering / exiting garages etc. The are a bit noisy with whistling sounds due to wind when in the empty and folded down position between 40 and 60 mph. This is well documented in other forums and reviews also. Not a deal killer, but loud enough to want to leave the sunroof closed.
Note that the deflector shield does not help with this on my vehicle application.

by: Dan 09/18/2022

Have used these primarily with one kayak on several occasions, though have used it for two once. Works well in both modes. Very solid product and secures your boat tightly with no movement. I feel confident at freeway speeds. High quality straps as well.

by: Paul06/29/2018

These work great. Easy to install and the hold the kayak nicely.
Very happy with eTrailer service!

Careful if it is windy - We took our Kayaks up the 395 from Los Angeles to Lake Tahoe and back. On the way back we hit wind gusts from the side and it ripped the factory Jeep rails right out of the roof. Because of the straps provided from the boats to the front and rear bumper they did not blow off the car entirely. It seems like the boats on their edge just catches too much wind if it comes from the side. From now on we just put the boats basically flat on the Yakima racks and that seems to work well. You have to be careful when you tie them down but I think it would have saved a $3000 repair bill to fix our roof.
Paul - 06/29/2019

by: Amanda05/05/2021

These make it easier for one person to load a kayak up on the roof by themselves. We have used them for a whole year and they are holding up well so far.

by: Dale06/21/2020

Easy to use. Does as expected. I use it to hold 4 ~ 10' Pelican kayaks on the ARE truck cap Yakima rack. Installation took less that 30 min.

by: Jeff 09/09/2022

The kayak carriers worked very well.

by: Gary07/20/2020

Highly recommend This is the second time I have used them for a product either for towing or roof racks and there service is excellent. Also they are always on the mark with regards to fit for the vehicle. The staff is very knowledgable and friendly. Would highly recommend them.

I like the Yakima product I ordered and I think it looks great on the 4Runner. It was easy to install with the exception of one confusing piece of the instruction. It was not clear in the fit kit instruction manual what was being referred to adjust the spacing of the foot piece now attached to the bar (in Step 2 of installation). In addition to this etrailer video, this etrailer video shows it better at about minute 1:50 That screw needs to be loosened and THEN the foot will slide easily in and out when it is pushed upon. I am pointing to it with a pen in the picture in my review. Hope that helps others avoid some frustration I had.

I would definitely recommend.

by: David04/17/2020

The bars along with the kayak carriers (Y04073) worked perfectly. Easy to install. The lock system (Y07208) keeps the carriers and the bars secure. The kayak carriers are easy to take off to reduce noise. The bars stay on all the time and are not noticeable noise-wise. We've taken several trips of 1000 miles or more and many local trips without any issues.

by: David04/17/2020

The bars along with the kayak carriers (Y04073) worked perfectly. Easy to install. The lock system (Y07208) keeps the carriers and the bars secure. The kayak carriers are easy to take off to reduce noise. The bars stay on all the time and are not noticeable noise-wise. We've taken several trips of 1000 miles or more and many local trips without any issues.

by: Marvin 07/09/2022

Great for one Kayak not good for a second kayak cross bars they are mounted on can dent a kayak. That’s why I bought this second one to protect my kayak.

by: Paula06/18/2020

Easy to install. Cradles my kayaks securely. Superb value with timely shipping and delivery. My CRV is now ready for summer and transporting two kayaks!!

by: Chris G08/09/2016

I'm very impressed, but not surprised, at the quality of another Yakima product.
I've somewhat placed the cart before the horse as I've not yet received the kayak I recently ordered, however, by then I will have my JayLow installed on my existing Yakima cross bars & be good-to-go.
I purchased this particular kayak carrier due to the side loading feature as well as the ability to fold it down, thus I can keep it installed while parking in my garage. That of course as long as the kayak is not on top as well!

Tie-down straps permanently attached to the rounded top of the rack sure would be convenient.
Chris G - 08/09/2017

by: Joseph08/17/2022

They broke after one use. Made poorly. We had a great experience with our first set of these but during the pandemic we have found that there was a drop off in quality

The Yakima brand is one of the higher quality options we carry so I am surprised to hear this. If you can let me know specifically what broke on these carrier I am happy to assist you. They do have a limited lifetime warranty.
-- Etrailer Expert Heather A - 08/25/2022

by: Tracy 08/13/2022

Fantastic service and quick shipping. Etrailer never disappoints.

by: Peter11/30/2022

Great Product!!

by: David04/19/2019

Fantastic addition for the kayak lover.
easy to install and looks slick too ??

by: David04/10/2022

I am using these for two kayaks. They were easy to mount and easily hold the kayaks as I had hoped.

by: Paul R.04/17/2019

It whistles.
I would absolutely love
this carrier if it didn't.
I have two of these each on my 2009 and 2013 Subaru Outbacks.
These carriers whistle like a bastard from 30 miles an hour up to 50 or 60, and loudly.
I regret buying them for that reason. I have had other carriers that don't whistle. When the boats are on they don't whistle, and I think I've gotten used to the sound whether in the lowered position or the up doesn't matter. The whistling honestly ruins my review. Other than that fact, I love the carriers. They are durable, cushioned for my carbon boats, the non skid rubber keeps them from moving around, the plastic angled slide makes it easy to slide the boats up into the cradle, the super simple fold down makes it easy to go through the car wash, and I bought the Yakima lock system which gives me peace of mind on my roof racks.
I am getting used to the sound and it doesn't register much any more, but I would choose something else next time, though these will probably last a long time for me.

by: William05/22/2019

the product was great but the roof rack, unfortunately, slid around due to the friction-only mounting on my Honda Fit. We almost lost our kayak due to that. But there was no problem with the yy04073

I actually bought a new car, so this rack does not fit it. Im thinking of purchasing a suction cup type rack to avoid the difficulties with the friction type racks that kept sliding around.
William - 05/23/2020

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Thule Hull-A-Port Kayak Roof Rack w/ Tie-Downs - J-Style - Fixed - Clamp On

Code: TH834

85 reviews

Our Price: $229.95


Product Specs:

Watersport Carriers


Roof Mount Carrier

No Load Assist

Clamp On

Side Loading



Aero Bars
Factory Bars
Round Bars
Square Bars
Elliptical Bars


These J-style cradles let you transport 1 kayak on its side on your roof-rack crossbars. Compact and easy to install, the design won't take up too much space on your roof. And tie-down straps are included to secure the kayak to your crossbars.

Video of Thule Hull-A-Port Kayak Roof Rack w/ Tie-Downs - J-Style - Fixed - Clamp On

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Thule Hull-A-Port Kayak Roof Rack w/ Tie-Downs - J-Style - Fixed - Clamp On - TH834

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (85 Customer Reviews)

These J-style cradles let you transport 1 kayak on its side on your roof-rack crossbars. Compact and easy to install, the design won't take up too much space on your roof. And tie-down straps are included to secure the kayak to your crossbars.

by: Keith Reding09/14/2016

This product is excellent. I have transported my kayak on these J Hooks several times going 70+ mph down the highway. It never moves. The bolts that come with it are short. If you have a thick roof rack, you will need longer stainless steel bolts. Make sure you you orient the blue straps with the buckle on top so you can pull down to tighten it up.

by: Susan B 06/10/2018

I think the Thule Hulaport kayak racks are the best, most secure way to transport your kayaks. I had these on my Xterra and hauled two kayaks up to Cape Bretton park in Nova Scotia, Canada from Connecticut, USA no problem. We were even able to store gear in the kayaks for the trip. I’m so excited to have them for my Crosstrek. Highly recommend these!

by: Timothy07/03/2021

I recently made a 4 hour trip home after picking up a new kayak while using the following equipment for the first time: Thule Xsporter Pro Truck Bed Ladder Rack, Thule Hull-A-Port Kayak Carrier w/Tie-Downs - J-Style, Thule Watersports Adapter for Aeroblade/Aeroblade Edge Bars and Thule Bow/Stern Tie-Downs. I'm impressed with the performance of all of those components.

by: Dallas 07/14/2022

Good quality. Sturdy. Kayaks fit well. While installing I had difficulty cinching the brackets down to my Thule WingBar Evo Crossbars, they were too thick for the bolts that were shipped with the J Style Hull-A-Port. Quick trip to the hardware store for replacement stainless steel bolts and all is well.

by: Matt K - Employee03/23/2015

This product was perfect for what I needed. I used this carrier along with the Thule Glide and Set to carry two kayaks and enjoyed using this system way more. What I liked most was how easy it was to load and unload the kayak from the side of my jeep. It was also a bit easier to install too because there was only two pieces, where as the Glide and Set took a couple times to get it adjusted to fit the hull of the kayak correctly. I also liked the way the straps tied around the kayak. The only thing I wish this system would have came with is the ratcheting pulleys like with the Thule Glide and Set.

by: Kevin B - employee08/23/2013

The J-Style kayak carrier worked well for my 4Runner. I was easy to put on with the simple knob and I felt like it held securely to the aeroblade bars. I was concerned about how securely it gripped since it was on the outside of my bars, but it was solid and I felt good about it. The J shape, as opposed to carrying the kayak flat, frees up some roof space. Putting it on the outside gave me room to get the paddleboard and paddles on the roof also. No water toy left behind for the river trip. It rode well. I checked it about 100 miles into the trip and everything was still tight. I really liked the ratcheting bow and stern hooks. They were quick to put on and gave me a bit of extra warm and fuzzy, nothing is going to end up on the highway, feeling.

by: Jeff05/29/2017

My wife & I have always used Thule products & have always been satisfied. She loves these carriers, easy for her to load & unload the kayak. Gonna purchase another real soon.

by: Bruce09/29/2015

Arrived quickly and was very easy to assemble and attach to the roof of my Jeep. Now that I have the initial setup complete with the proper placement of the entire system, attaching and removing the kayaks will be a breeze. Will definitely make hauling our kayaks much easier and safer.

what size yak?
-- comment by: Max - 02/26/2016
I have Emotion Comets, they are approximately 8 feet 2 inches long, and about 2 feet 7 inches wide. They fit very well in the carriers, and have traveled many, many miles without any problems and without coming loose. Since these Yaks are not all that long I have not used a bow and stern tie down,,, again I have not experienced any looseness or movement of the two Yaks foregoing the extra bow and stern tie downs.
-- comment by: Bruce - 02/29/2016

by: Roberto03/25/2022

these kayak racks work great and comes with all the needs and just bought my first kayak

by: Kevin07/10/2022

The plugs on the bottom end keep coming out when loading or unloading Kayak. I did try to glue them but not much better

I contacted the manufacturer and they will reach out to assist you.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 07/18/2022

by: Clay V.06/03/2016

These kayak saddles worked great with the Thule roof rack I also purchased from etrailer. I needed it in a hurry and got it ordered over the phone and delivered on time with Rose's help. Fantastic customer service. Would definitely buy from this site again!

by: Colby07/21/2016

Very sturdy, easy to take off and on for storage firmly holds my 12 foot fishing kayak with no problems. Held it on my car very well in the high winds yesterday. Very satisfied with this product would reccomend to a friend. The straps it comes with hold it very nicely.

by: Duane05/05/2021

These are good racks, only its not really easy or friendly to install on the wingbar evo, although it was indicated that it was compatible. I think the screws provided with the adapter kit are a little too short and because of that, the j rack doesn't fit well in the T slot. Too much of a chore for the average person.

Thank you for your review. Our installers have noticed if you press the rubber strip is pressed down firmly inside the slot to avoid any bunching making it difficult to install the adapter. The other trick is to the t-bolts first and then install the adapter part # THXADAPT11
Watersports Adapter for Aeroblade/Aeroblade Edge Bars
-- Etrailer Expert Heather A - 05/06/2021

by: Mike06/02/2018

This fits 2018 Outback with no issues at all. Comes with all straps and extra for front and back tie down. First time putting them on took about 30min. Every time after about 10-15min. Have a 10 and 11ft kayak and they work perfectly. Etrailer was quick on responses, better priced, and shipped quickly. Will use them again.

by: Mike D.08/02/2017

I purchased two sets of Thule Hull-A- Port Carrier with Tie-Downs (J-Style, fixed side - loading) last year. They have been installed on our Subaru Outback all of this summer. I like that they are easy to install, easy to use, well built, and that Outback fits under a standard garage door with them installed. Its a snap to pop the kayaks on and go!
If you paddle longer boats (my kayaks are 14, 14.5 and 15 feet long) I recommend getting the Thule Bow/Stern Tie Downs (TH530) for convenient temporary bow & stern tie down points, without crawling under the vehicle to attach to the frame.

by: Katherine12/31/2019

While the quality & construction of the Thule Hull-a-port 834 kayak racks are excellent, I did have some issues with the method recommended for attaching them to my Thule Wingbar Evo bars. Although I was told the components were compatible, I was not told that an adapter kit was required which involved attaching each section with 36 small parts (bolts, nuts, washers, etc). Nothing rapid about this. The good news was, etrailer's customer service was excellent, and they arranged for me to return the kayak rack & purchase the Hull-a-port XT 848 instead.

by: Lizzy O03/10/2017

Great kayak carriers! We use 2 sets on our 2012 Subaru Outback for 2, 10 ft kayaks. Super lightweight, easy to install. I like that it came with straps and step by step instructions. The kayaks definitely feel secure when they are on. We used these several times this last year and have never had an issues.
If I had to pick out a couple of things to say on the downside, it's be that sometimes it does take some tweaking to get it on straight and you have to have a good eye to ensure they are aligned. But, it isn't hard at all, just took some practice, like anything else. The ropes that go from the front of the kayak to the front of the car are too short for my "long-nosed" Outback.
Overall, awesome!!

by: William07/24/2018

I purchased the Thule Hull-A-Port Kayak Carrier a year ago and have used it to transport my kayak. It attaches easily to a the rail frame of most vehicles. I've found the product to be well designed to hold the kayak firmly and safely at highway speeds. I would recommend this product to anyone who has a cargo frame rail on their vehicle and needs to transport a kayak.

by: Jeff H07/05/2017

These racks fit my 2012 Subaru Outback factory crossbars and securely carried two 12-foot kayaks on a long interstate road trip. I had struggled in the past with a different brand of J-style kayak carrier on these racks that didn't quite get as tight as you'd like and thus moved a little bit on the racks in strong crosswinds. Install is straightforward and involves good old fashioned knuckle-busting to turn screw-grips by hand to tighten them down enough, but they got the job done well for me.

by: Mike S.01/27/2017

Installed these on top of the Yakima BedRock rails. Works just fine. The instructions that come with the kayak carriers are terrible. I don't know why they bother. I basically had to figure out the installation on my own. Yes, the installation is not complicated by any means but the instructions are so bad that they actually sent me down the wrong path trying to interpret them. Ironically, I would have given these a higher rating if Thule had supplied no instructions.

by: Steven 08/14/2022

Perfect for the kayaks

by: Bill 08/27/2022

As advertised.

by: Kelly07/03/2017

Neither of the products worked as the salesperson said they would. The 2 sets of boat racks that I bought did not hold stand up paddle boards, and the bike racks did not work with my Thule roof rack. Over a thousand dollars worth of stuff gathering dust in my garage.

by: James W.05/07/2018

I received these items along with another order in a large box which protected the items nicely. I am impressed how easy these go onto my Aero blades by Thule. They make caring my Kayaks much safer than the after market brand I had before. The straps that come with them are very sturdy and provide extra hold for my kayaks. I traveled on a highway at speeds reaching 70 and my kayaks didn't budge! Felt very solid.

by: Del. P09/15/2014

These work great. Bought two sets of them to haul two 13ft kayaks on my Honda Ridgeline. Installed them on a set of Thule Aeroblades. Easy to put on, though slightly longer bolts would have made it easier. The carriers' hold the boats securely in place. Easy to load and tie down.

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