Lockrack Watersport Carrier - Kayak, Canoe, or 2 SUPs - Side Loading - Universal Mount

Lockrack Watersport Carrier - Kayak, Canoe, or 2 SUPs - Side Loading - Universal Mount


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Lockrack Saddle-Style Watersport Carriers - 339LRUNISETA
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In Use/Installed

  • Kayak
  • Canoe
  • Paddle Board
  • Roof Mount Carrier
  • Lockrack
  • Saddle-Style
  • Aero Bars
  • Factory Bars
  • Round Bars
  • Square Bars
  • Elliptical Bars
  • Bars with T-Slots
  • Side Loading
  • Clamp On - Standard
  • Track Mount
  • No Load Assist
  • Locks Included
Watersport carrier holds gear with rubber-coated, ratcheting arms - no need for load straps. Integrated locks secure your watercraft to the carrier. Includes clamp-on and channel mounting hardware. Lowest Prices for the best watersport carriers from Lockrack. Lockrack Watersport Carrier - Kayak, Canoe, or 2 SUPs - Side Loading - Universal Mount part number 339LRUNISETA can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

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Lockrack Watersport Carriers - 339LRUNISETA

Watersport carrier holds gear with rubber-coated, ratcheting arms - no need for load straps. Integrated locks secure your watercraft to the carrier. Includes clamp-on and channel mounting hardware.


  • Watersport carrier lets you transport 1 kayak or canoe or 2 SUPs on your roof rack without straps
  • Integrated locking system secures your gear to the carrier - includes 4 keys
  • Rubber-coated, ratcheting arms hold your gear securely at 4 touch points
    • Eliminate the need for load straps
    • Protect gear from scuffs and scratches during transport
  • Removable arms allow kayak, canoe, or SUPs to be easily loaded from the side of the vehicle
    • Set boat on base, then slide outer arms into the carrier and ratchet them tight against the hull
    • Flat position provides overhead clearance when not in use - reduces height to under 2"
  • Rubberized strip on top of base provides cushioning and slip resistance for your watercraft
  • Easy installation with included hardware and tools
    • Brackets and hardware included for clamp-on installation
    • T-bolt hardware included for crossbars with top channels
  • Lightweight aluminum construction is corrosion resistant


  • Application: round, square, aero, elliptical, and most factory crossbars
  • Carrying capacity: 1 boat or 2 boards
  • Weight Capacity: 175 lbs
  • Dimensions:
    • Minimum: 27-1/2" long x 9-11/16" tall x 5-1/2" deep
    • Maximum: 41" long x 9-11/16" tall x 5-1/2" deep
  • Weight: 17 lbs
  • 1-Year limited warranty



Note: When transporting longer gear and when going on longer trips, we recommend using bow/stern tie-down straps. Because the carrier holds your gear in the center, the bow and stern can be subjected to damage caused by high winds. The bow/stern tie-downs provide additional support to help protect against this type of damage.

LRUNISETA Lock Rack Universal Water Craft Carrier with Universal Mounting Hardware

Video of Lockrack Watersport Carrier - Kayak, Canoe, or 2 SUPs - Side Loading - Universal Mount

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Lockrack Kayak Canoe or 2 SUPs Watersport Carrier Review

Speaker 1: Today we're gonna be taking a look at the Lockrack watersport carrier for kayaks, canoes, or two stand up paddle boards, part number 339LRUNISETA. The Lockrack watersport carrier is a versatile carrier that can carry up to one kayak, canoe, or up to two stand up paddle boards, and it has the added bonus of not requiring any tie-downs once it's installed. To hold the kayaks or stand up paddle boards in place, we have these easy to use ratcheting arms, and they have a rubber coating on them to help protect the hulls of both your paddle boards and your kayaks as well.This'll have four points of contact with your kayak, with two arms on each side, and it's also have these nice grips on them to ensure that the kayak doesn't shift back and forth while traveling as well. In some cases, you may have to remove the antenna, like here, because it may make contact with the kayak once it's installed. While this may work different for different vehicles, unfortunately in this case, we can't open the rear hatch because it will make contact with the kayak before it's fully opened.Once everything is installed and tightened down, you notice that you can't pull the arms back out. To do that, it does come with a set of four keys, like you see here, which inserts on the inside like so, and then you turn it, and that's what releases the arm.

These keys come in a quantity of four and also have an end point here where you can attach it to your key chain. With this system, since it's side-loading, you can actually place it more towards the passenger or driver side, depending on the orientation you want. Also, depending on the bar length, once this is installed, you might be able to still install other accessories such as bike racks.We've gone ahead and removed the kayak to show off some additional features here, and one of them being, is when this is just traveling with nothing on it, this does fold flat by flipping your arms off to the side to where you see this entry point here, and just pushes into place and locks in like so, and you can do this with the rest of the arms as well. One final feature about this rack is that it is a universal mount, meaning it can work with the channels, like you see here, or if you have square, round, or factory bars, it comes with these clamps to wrap around those as well. Or, if you just wanna get the channel mount style, we do sell that on etrailer.com as part number 339LR65LASET.With the arms completely folded out and in their regular position, it's gonna be 16 and 3/16" tall by 34 inches wide.

As far as the adjustability of the arms back and forth, at the base it's gonna be 27 1/2 - 41" and at the top, it's gonna be 16-29 1/2". This does have a carrying capacity of 175 pounds, but you're always gonna double check with your vehicle's manual to make sure your roof can take those weights, and the carrier itself weighs 17 pounds, so it's nice and lightweight to put up on your vehicle.When comparing this with other kayak carriers, one that comes up is gonna be the Yakima Showdown kayak or stand up paddle board carrier with lift assist, part number Y04081. Both of these have a few similarities, but we're gonna be focusing in on the differences. The first big difference is gonna be with the Yakama, it does have a load assist to either put your kayak or two stand up paddle boards into place. However, with the Lockrack, this doesn't require any tie-downs at all once it's installed.

You get all the arms pushed in place, and it's ready to go. With the Yakama, you do have the tie-downs, as well as the bow and stern tie-downs to make sure everything stays in place while you travel.The Yakama does have a carrying capacity of 80 pounds, while the Lockrack has a carrying capacity of 175 pounds. So there is quite a bit of difference there. Now that we've gone over some of the features, let's go ahead and show you how it installs. We're gonna show you both styles of how to install this on your vehicle, and we'll start with the channel mount style.

First, we're gonna grab the channel mounts here. We'll go to our roof rack and start installing those bits.So take the square end on the bottom here, we'll slide it in to our t-track, here . Just push that into place, repeat this for our second nut. Remove the two nuts at the top here. Once we have our bar in our hand here, we'll make sure we'll line up the holes with our mounts. Gotta spread this out a little bit more. Now we wanna make sure it's even with our front bar. That looks to be pretty close there. Now we can tighten it down. Next we'll lift up the padding here, or remove it completely, depending on what you wanna do. We'll take our nut, we'll reinstall it, and then we'll take our included tool and tighten it down. We'll do this one this on the other side as well.Once everything is tightened down, we can take our padding and put it back underneath our catches, here, and push it back down in place. Next, we'll take our arm and slide it into our base, just until it's burst point, and then we can grab our kayak, and load it up as well. Once everything is tightened down, we can put our pad back into place. It just kinda pushes in, like so. Slip this on the pads, you're gonna put it upside down, and that also goes for stand up paddle boards as well, with the fins facing forward. We'll make sure it's even.Next we'll install our arms on the passenger side. You wanna push them in just until they make contact with the hull of your kayak or stand up paddle board. They ratchet in, then give them one final push. Then give it a shake test to make sure everything is secure, and now we're ready to hit the road.Now that we've shown you how to install this into your channel mounts. Let's go ahead and show you how it installs on square round bars or factory bars. We have the clamp style already installed in the front. We'll show you the installation process on our second bar. We have our base partially disassembled here, so our next step is we're gonna take our mount here, and the original channel mount and do a couple modifications. We'll first take our allen tool here, which is included, and we'll loosen it up. Just loosely on one side and then completely take the screw out on the other side.We'll take the top portion with the hole here, take off the pad, and take our previous channel mount, take off the plastic spacer at the top, and this slides into the bottom portion there. We'll replace the padding, and our spacer goes on the top. Now feed that into our base, like so. Reinsert that top screw, and take our included tightening tool, and tighten that down as well.Now we're ready to set this onto our square bars. Sit it down like so, making sure it's even with the front bar. Take our screw to be removed, put it back through, install our nut underneath, and start tightening it down. Then we'll go back to the other side and start tightening it down as well, so it tightens down evenly around the bar. Then we'll repeat this process on the other side as well. Now with it tightened down, we'll put our pad back into place, and put our arms back in, and there you have it for the Lockrack water sport carrier for kayaks, canoes, or two stand up paddle boards. Part number 339LRUNISETA.


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