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Square BT8 Spindle for 2,000-lb Trailer Axles - 1-1/2" Wide

Square BT8 Spindle for 2,000-lb Trailer Axles - 1-1/2" Wide

Item # TRU97FR
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Replacement BT8 spindle welds onto your 2,000-lb trailer axle. Works with L44643 inner and outer bearings. Castle nut, washer, and cotter pin included. Great Prices for the best trailer spindles from TruRyde. Square BT8 Spindle for 2,000-lb Trailer Axles - 1-1/2" Wide part number TRU97FR can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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TruRyde Trailer Spindles - TRU97FR

  • For 2000 lb Axle
  • Standard Spindle
  • 1-1/2 Inch Diameter
  • Square
  • TruRyde

Replacement BT8 spindle welds onto your 2,000-lb trailer axle. Works with L44643 inner and outer bearings. Castle nut, washer, and cotter pin included.


  • Straight spindle replaces a worn or damaged BT8 spindle on your trailer
    • Can also be used to build a custom axle
  • Weld-on installation
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Castle nut, washer, and cotter pin included


  • Application: 2,000-lb trailer axles
    • Spindle capacity: 1,000 lbs
  • Stub dimensions: 1-1/2" wide x 3-1/2" long
  • Overall spindle length: 8-3/8"

Bearing, Race, and Seal Information

  • Bearings (sold separately):
    • Inner bearing: L44643 (1.00" inner diameter)
    • Outer bearing: L44643 (1.00" inner diameter)
  • Races (sold separately):
    • Inner race: L44610
    • Outer race: L44610
  • Grease seal (sold separately): 34823
    • Inner diameter: 1.25"
    • Outer diameter: 1.983"

spindle diagram

Part NumberCapacityABCDEFRound/Square
TRU97FR1,000 lbs1.50"1.25"1.00"1.00"1.00"3.50"Square

SP-150BT8-SQNWC TruRyde (TRP) Replacement BT8 Square Spindle for 2K Axles - 1.625" Wide x 8.375" OAL

Replaces SP204BT8

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Customer Reviews

Square BT8 Spindle for 2,000-lb Trailer Axles - 1-1/2" Wide - TRU97FR

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (17 Customer Reviews)

Replacement BT8 spindle welds onto your 2,000-lb trailer axle. Works with L44643 inner and outer bearings. Castle nut, washer, and cotter pin included.


Great products at great prices and they've always been easy to work with!


Will work great for the application!


This was the ONLY place I could find this spindle, and even with shipping to Canada it was a good price. It was backordered but came earlier than expected. Welded it into my axle-less trailer and I'm good to go!


Helpful sales associate and speedy deli very


Great prices, inventory. On time delivery. Thank you














See what our Experts say about this TruRyde Trailer Spindles

  • How to Choose the Correct Spindle When Building a Trailer
    You will want to go by the capacity of the axle/trailer and get spindles that will match. So for example if the trailer/axle is rated up to 2,000 pounds using the TruRyde spindle # TRU97FR that you were looking at would work. You will also want to look at the bearings each requires (related parts on each spindle page, see link) and avoid an agricultural spindle because it can be difficult to get replacement parts for those. Then you will look at the hubs associated with the bearings the...
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  • How to Check for a Bent Trailer Axle Spindle
    Assuming your tires are in good shape without any bulges the easiest way to determine if you have a bent spindle is to take a straight edge that is longer than the tire and lay it across the tire parallel with your trailer frame and then measure the distance from the frame to the straight edge in front and back of the tire. If the distance is the same then the spindle isn't bent. Beyond that your best option would be to take the trailer to someone qualified in trailer repair to have them...
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  • Do Trailer Bearings Fit Tight To the Spindle they Install On
    Bearings fit pretty tight onto spindles. There basically should be no play at all between the inner portion of the bearing and the spindle. They don't fit so tight that they would have to be pressed on, but they sometimes can be tight enough that they require a bit of effort to get them totally slid on. Check out the install video I attached for more info on how bearings install.
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  • How to Determine what Replacement Hub and Bearing Kit
    Thanks for sending a couple pictures! An agricultural spindle is mainly used in agricultural settings and best at low speeds. The best way to determine the correct parts for your homemade trailer, is to remove the hub from the trailer and either get part numbers from the inner and outer bearings and races, and grease seal or measure the spindle in 3 places and the hub in two places. I have included a photo showing the places to look for part numbers and places to measure. If the part...
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for Image 2 for
  • How to Find Which Replacement Axle, Slipper Springs and Hubs are Needed for Small Boat Trailer
    We do indeed offer some off the shelf replacement trailer axles in common lengths. In order to see if what we carry would work for your needs, I'll need some information from you. I'll need to know: Axle capacity- there might be a tag somewhere on the axle or the trailer that lists this. If not, we can make an educated guess based on the wheel bolt pattern and the reference numbers from the inner and outer wheel bearings. If the reference numbers aren't readable, you can use a digital...
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    Image 1 for Image 2 for
  • Can Damaged Axle on 1999 Shorelander Boat Trailer Be Sanded Smooth
    In all honesty, you're almost certainly going to be best off by replacing the axle. The spindles are likely gouged in the locations where the bearings ride. The act of sanding out the damaged area of the spindle has likely removed some material to the point where the spindle is no longer within its diameter specifications. This means the bearing won't fit well on the spindle, and might spin against the spindle which can cause it to heat up to the point where it could be damaged. We offer...
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  • Can a Trailer Spindle with Grooves Still be Used if Bearing Fits
    You will have to replace the spindle. Grooves that can't be taken out with emory cloth will eventually cause new bearings to fail which will leave you stranded with a locked up wheel most likely. To replace a spindle, the old one would need to be cut off, and the new one welded into place. This is NOT a job for the do-it-yourselfer. The new spindle must be absolutely square with the axle in order to prevent premature tire wear and wheel tracking problems. I would recommend finding a welder...
    view full answer...
  • Troubleshooting Tire Wear On Outside of Front Trailer Tire
    Typically, when the outside edges of a tire are showing wear its because the tires are under-inflated. The solution is to inflate the tires to the maximum pressure listed on the sidewall in this situation. Check the suspension for worn out components or holes that are egg-shaped instead of round where the suspension components come together. Rusty components won't necessarily hurt the way the tires wear, but you should still check them.
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  • Trailer Spindle Got a Nick In it from a Grinder Should the Axle be Replaced
    How deep is it? It is hard to tell from the picture. You may be able to use some emery cloth and take care of it unless it is too deep. Then you would want to go ahead and replace the axle. Even though spindles are available by themselves you would need special equipment and experience to weld on a new one so that it is straight. Replacing the axle is the safe bet. I have included a link to the axles we carry to the right.
    view full answer...
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  • Most Accurate Way to Measure the Length of Axle
    When it comes to the bearing that rides on the spindle, there really is nothing to keep it from rotating other than the compression from tightening the spindle nut. The most accurate way to determine the length of your axle is to measure the distance from hub face to hub face (A) and spring center to spring center (B). I have attached a picture to illustrate this measurement. With only one hub on the trailer, to obtain measurement A you would need to double measurement C and add it to...
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  • Why Are There Both Round and Square Trailer Axles Used on RVs
    Most of the OEM axles installed in RVs and most of the replacement axles we offer are indeed round in cross section. We do offer some square stub spindles for use on square axles, such as # TRU97FR, but these are usually limited to lower capacities like utility trailer applications. We do not have the ability to ship high-capacity axles due to their weight.
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  • Process for Changing a Damaged Spindle on a Trailer Axle
    Replacement of a spindle on a trailer axle is best left to a professional installer. This is not a do-it-yourself type of project. We urge you to use a professional welder experienced in axle fabrication. Proper alignment and welding are critical to safe operation of the trailer. Depending on the condition of the axle you may be better served by replacing the entire axle/spindle assembly. Although the axle adds to the parts cost, you will save on the labor side. A new axle with spindles...
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  • Could a Hub Get Replaced on the Side of the Highway
    Spindles get welded to axles so there really is not an easy way to replace one on the side of a highway. The best advice I could give to you would be to periodically check the condition of the bearings on your trailer and be sure to grease them regularly and you should have a pretty reliable trailer setup. If you had a replacement hub in your vehicle you could pretty easily swap one if needed. Check out the video I attached on bearing inspection for you.
    view full answer...
  • Picking Out Trailer Hub for Trailer
    In order to pick out the correct hub assembly for a trailer you are going to need know a few key pieces of information. The first thing you will need to know is the bolt pattern of your hubs. This is so you get a hub that is compatible with your wheels. I attached an FAQ article on determining bolt pattern for you to check out. Next thing you will need to know is what spindle you have on your trailer. In order to do that you can either get the inner and outer bearing numbers from a hub...
    view full answer...
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  • Can 1,500 lb Trailer Axle be Swapped for 3,500 lb Axle
    What you are looking to do is very possible. It would just be a matter of picking out the 3,500 lb capacity trailer axle that matches the dimensions your trailer needs. Also, the welder you spoke with is spot-on with recommending buying an axle with the flange already installed as they are actually harder than you'd think to weld on since it requires special jigs so that the alignment is right. So to pick out an axle the two important dimensions you need is the distance from hub face to...
    view full answer...
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  • Torque Spec for Square BT8 Spindle for 2,000-lb Trailer Axles
    If you're referring to the spindle nut on the Square BT8 Spindle for 2,000-lb Trailer Axles part # TRU97FR. there is no torque spec. There is no torque spec for any spindle nut. I usually will tighten the nut down snug and then a few turns with pliers to seat the grease seal. Then, back the nut off, tighten down till snug and back off 1/4 turn until the retainer or cotter pin slot lines up.
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  • Is It Possible to Just Replace Trailer Axle Spindle if Axle is Still Good
    If your axles are fine you can replace just the spindle and be totally fine. This is a common enough situation which is why we offer just replacement spindles like the part # TRU97FR that you were looking at. Trailer spindles must be installed by a qualified professional welder. Spindles must be welded on perfectly concentric or you will have tracking problems. A trailer shop will have the right jigs to allow the spindle to be welded on correctly.
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  • What Might Cause Tire Inner Sidewall Rubbing on Trailer Frame
    Sounds like your trailer axles are a bit too short if the inner sidewall is rubbing on the frame of the trailer. Did you recently change to a wider tire? That could be the cause too. Your equalizer being angled shouldn't cause the issue you described but it might be an indicator that parts are worn out or the hangers are at the wrong distance between each other.
    view full answer...
  • Picking Out Axle for 1970 Dilly Boat Trailer
    You are going to need to measure your current axles in a few places to get the correct one as we don't have access to what your numbers reference. You will need to measure from hub face to hub face and then from the spring seat centers. You will also need to know what bolt pattern you have on your current hubs. I attached a help article on how to determine this as well. I also attached a link to a page with all of the axles we carry.
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • What Size Square Stock Should be Used with BT8 Spindle to Make an Axle
    The bar stock you use should be at least the size of the square part of spindle # TRU97FR which is 1-1/2 inches. Square axles are normally found in 1-1/2 inch and 2 inch sizes and there are suspension u-bolt kits for these sizes so I would not recommend using a different size because it might become difficult to source parts.
    view full answer...
  • Do Trailer Spindles Just Weld to End of Axle
    So the install of a spindle like the # TRU97FR really needs to be done by a welder who has done the job before and has the special jigs for the job. It's a precision job and we can't recommend a method for it aside from taking it to someone who is equipped for it. Otherwise your alignment will be off.
    view full answer...
  • Availability of 1 Inch Diameter Trailer Spindle To Fit on 1.25 Square Axle
    The two spindles that I have to fit a square axle are designed with a square stub diameter of 1.50 inches. The TruRyde BT8 Spindle 1-1/2" Square # TRU97FR, you have referenced is for 2,000-lb axles and the TruRyde Spindle, part # TRU47FR, is for 3,500-lb axles. They use different bearings and seals. I am including a link to a product page that will list the dimensions on the trailer spindles we have available. Square axles can be tough to determine capacity. Often times the same spindle...
    view full answer...
  • Is a Damaged Spindle Safe to Use If Hub Fits It
    It might seem that the spindle being slightly bent isn't a big deal but it can definitely lead to another blowout so you'll want to replace that spindle with a new one. It looks like you have a straight spindle like the standard BT8 found as part # TRU94FR for a circular end or part # TRU97FR for a square end. A damaged spindle will cause more friction which, in turn, increases the amount of heat produced which can lead to your bearings failing or a tire blowout. So any time a spindle...
    view full answer...
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  • Replacement Trailer Spindle that Takes L44643 Bearings
    If both the inner and outer bearings are L44643 then you have a BT8 spindle. You can use # R104BT8, # TRU97FR, or # TRU59FR. All three of these spindles are rated for 1,000 pounds by themselves so they would be on a 2,000 pound axle. I have linked videos for all 3 spindles for you. Please note that installation of a spindle is a precision job that requires someone with experience in welding on spindles. If the spindle is welded on a little off then it can cause tire wear, suspension, and...
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