1. Fifth Wheel
  2. Curt
  3. 20000 lbs GTW
  4. Sliding Fifth Wheel
  5. Hitch Only
  6. Standard - Double Jaw
Curt Q20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch w/ R20 Slider - Dual Jaw - 20,000 lbs

Curt Q20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch w/ R20 Slider - Dual Jaw - 20,000 lbs

Item # C16536
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Fifth Wheel
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Fifth Wheel C16536 - Standard - Double Jaw - Curt
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Heavy-duty 5th-wheel trailer hitch has a dual jaw, pivoting head and color-coded lock indicator for superb safety and security. Non-binding slider ensures proper clearance during slow turns. Rails and universal installation kit sold separately. Call 800-298-8924 to order Curt fifth wheel part number C16536 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Curt products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Curt Q20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch w/ R20 Slider - Dual Jaw - 20,000 lbs. Fifth Wheel reviews from real customers.
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Curt Fifth Wheel - C16536

  • Curt
  • 20000 lbs GTW
  • Sliding Fifth Wheel
  • Hitch Only
  • Standard - Double Jaw
  • 17-1/2 - 21-1/2 Inch Tall
  • Cushioned 360-Degree
  • 5000 lbs TW
  • 12 Inch Fore/Aft Travel

Heavy-duty 5th-wheel trailer hitch has a dual jaw, pivoting head and color-coded lock indicator for superb safety and security. Non-binding slider ensures proper clearance during slow turns. Rails and universal installation kit sold separately.


  • 5th-Wheel hitch mounts in your truck bed so you can tow your 5th-wheel trailer
  • 2-Jaw locking system provides 360-degree jaw-to-king-pin contact
    • Less rattle and more security than slide-bar models
  • 3-Point indicator system - color coding tells you if hitch is ready to uncouple, couple or tow
    • Lock indicators visible from cab
  • Unique spherical axial bearing allows easy pivoting of hitch head
    • Smooth, 360-degree movement - not just front-to-back and side-to-side tilting
    • Built-in cushioning absorbs road shock
  • Non-binding slider provides clearance required for short-bed pickup to turn safely at slow speeds
    • Prevents trailer from hitting the cab of your pickup during sharp, slow-speed turns
    • Slides smoothly on rounded, non-binding rods
    • Designed for use on trucks with beds shorter than 8'
      • Not recommended for use on truck beds shorter than 6'
  • Lockable handle lets you easily secure trailer to hitch with padlock (sold separately)
    • Short-throw, single-handle operation
  • Self-aligning head pivots for simple hookup
  • 3 Lube points with easy-to-access grease fittings
  • 2-Pin head removal makes it easy for one person to remove hitch
  • Included plastic lube plate lets king pin glide smoothly into hitch during hookup
  • 4" Height adjustment
  • Simple installation with base rails and installation kit (sold separately)
    • Compatible with B&W, Curt, Demco, Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch, Husky, Reese, and Valley above-bed base rails
  • Sturdy steel construction with durable, carbide powder coat finish


  • Gross towing weight: 20,000 lbs
  • Vertical load limit: 5,000 lbs
  • Slider travel: 12" front to back
  • Hitch height: 17-1/2" - 21-1/2"
  • 10-Year limited warranty

Secure, Two-Piece Jaw

Q20 Two-Piece Jaw

Unlike slide-bar models, the rounded, two-piece jaw on this fifth-wheel trailer hitch inhibits rattle and movement by securely wrapping around your trailer's king pin, resulting in easier hookup and a safer, quieter ride.

Three-Point Indicator System

Get peace of mind with Curt's color-coded lock indicator. Just look at the indicator - either the one on the handle or the one on the hitch itself - to determine whether the jaw is in the correct position to uncouple (red), couple (yellow) or tow (green).

Q20 Color Indicator System

360-Degree Pivot

Curt's unique spherical axial bearing provides a durable pivot point that allows easy, 360-degree movement of the hitch head. This ball joint is designed for smooth, quiet operation with less clunking and chucking.

R20 Slider

Most often used on trucks with 6' and 6-1/2' beds, this roller helps to eliminate clearance problems during slow-speed turns. When you are towing a fifth-wheel trailer, your hitch must be situated on the cab side of your truck's rear axle. However, at slow speeds you can use a roller to slide the fifth-wheel hitch (and the trailer) toward your truck's tailgate and past the rear axle, creating enough space between the cab of your truck and the trailer to permit less-restricted turning.

Non-Binding Design

The round-tube design of this slider allows for relatively uninhibited movement of your fifth-wheel hitch. Because your hitch can glide smoothly and easily along the rods, there is less chance of binding.

With straight, flat contact points, as found with square-tube sliders, tension can build between the slider and the hitch when your truck and trailer are somewhat out of line or are on uneven ground. As a result, it can be difficult to properly activate the slider when your truck and trailer are not in a straight line.

With a round-tube slider, there is more give between the contacting surfaces, allowing better mobility of the hitch system. Fewer corners means less tension buildup. Activating a round-tube slider is easier, and operation as a whole is smoother.

16536 Curt Q20 Fifth-Wheel Trailer Hitch with R20 Roller

16530 Curt Q20 Fifth-Wheel Trailer Hitch Head Unit

16550 Curt R20 Fifth-Wheel Roller - 20,000 lbs

Installation Details C16536 Installation instructionsAlternate Instructions C16536 Installation instructions

Video of Curt Q20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch w/ R20 Slider - Dual Jaw - 20,000 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Curt Fifth Wheel - Sliding Fifth Wheel - C16536 Review

Today we're going to review part number C16536. This is the Curt Q20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch with the Curt R20 Slider. This is a Dual Jaw design hitch and has a 20,000 lbs weight capacity. Now, for demonstration purposes, I have this mounted on some base rails just to give you an idea of how this would install on your truck bed. Now, this is a 2-Jaw locking system right up there which will provide 360-degrees jaw-to-king-pin contact. That will give you less rattle, more security than some of the slide-bar models. The head on this is a unique spherical axial bearing which allows easy pivoting of the hitch head.

Gives you a smooth, 360-degree movement, not just front-to-back and side-to-side tilting. It does have some built-in cushioning absorbs road shock. Now there's also 3 Lube points on this hitch head. On each side there's a grease zerk fitting. Right in the middle there's a grease zerk fitting so you can actually lubricate the points on your hitch head that move to help give it longevity. Now, this is on a non-binding slider which will provide clearance that's required for short-bed pickups to turn safely at slow speeds.

That'll prevent the trailer from hitting the cab of your pickup during sharp, slow-speed turns like when you're maneuvering in your camp site. It does slides smoothly right here on this rounded, non-binding rods. Now, the sliders is designed for use on trucks with beds shorter than 8'. Then it is not recommended for use on truck beds that are shorter than 6'. The handle right here, you can see, has a lockable handle right here, lets you easily secure your trailer to the hitch once your kingpins in. Has a pinning clip that's included.

That you can just pop the pin and clip off. Lets open this latch and then you can open the handle. It's also big enough, the holes are, that if you put this across you can actually use a padlock in there. A lot of people might, for additional security. Run a padlock through there, now the padlock is sold separately on our website. This is a short-throw, single-handle operation.

Basically, if you just take the pin and clip off, leave the latch down. I'm going to show you, I got an example of a kingpin here, but if you just push, pull this handle, it's, there you go. Pull it all the way out, you can see it'll lock into the uncoupled position. Got the kingpin out of there. Now, it's uncoupled, ready to be coupled. What you got to do is just lift up on this latch. When you do that it'll drop down to the couple position. Now it's ready for the kingpin to slide in there. Once it slides in there, given example, this is an example of a kingpin. Now, it's set up to when it's slides in, it'll push back on those jaws. When it does that it'll drop the handle into the lock position. Then you can put your pin and clip or padlock if you decide to use it. Right back into place. This is a self-aligning head which will pivot for simple hookup. Now, it does come with this plastic lube plate that you can put on your kingpin. What that will allow you to do is once it's on your kingpin on your pin box, helps slide on to their and gives you some lubrication between the hitch head and the kingpin. It also come with sound dampeners that, those have already installed, basically it's a square rubber piece with a hole on the middle. That you would put those between the rails and these legs of the slider. You put those on the tabs that dropped into the rails. What that'll do is to give you a rubber cushion between the rails and the legs of the sliders so that'll give you less rattle. Now, also this center cross member, on the ends here, there's actually three rows of holes. You can see there's two bolts on each sides. Depending on, if you raise that cross member into whichever the level of holes you want. You can actually get a 4" range of height adjustment. That's for your hitch height which means the measure in from your truck bed to the top of your hitch. You want to try and get that as close to perfect as possible. You'd, by changing the cross member on those three rows of holes, the range will be anywhere from 17 1/2" to 21 1/2". Now, I do want to swing this around to the back. Just to show you a few features on the back here of the hitch. With this all the way turned around, you can see there's actually 2 pins and clips right there. Basically, that lets you and allows you to remove the head. Makes it easy for one person to remove the hitch. If you're done towing and you want to take this out of your truck bed, if you try to take the whole unit out it's pretty heavy. Even it's heavy for two people. The cut down on that, what you can do is you pull these two pins and clips out on one side, the same on this side. It'll allow this head to come out of the cross member so it lightens it up for one person to do it. Go ahead and put that back in. Now, there's also back here right on the handle, you'll see some colors. That's actually a three point indicator system. The color coding on this makes it tells you if your hitch is ready to uncouple, couple, or tow and these colors, these indicators are visible from the cab so when you're in the cab, you'll be able to see when you hook up if it's ready to couple or if it's locked in to the two position. Just to show you that again, we'll take the pin and clip out. Again, right now, you see the king pins installed and it's showing green, so that means it's locked, ready to be towed. The green would indicate tow position. If we just slide this, again, if I just pull this out all the way, king pin comes out. You can see now it's showing red. Red means that it's in the uncoupled position, the haws are open and it's uncoupled. If you drop this, if you just lift up on this, that drops it to yellow. You'll see the yellow in the window there, that means it's coupled. Now, it's available to where the jars are ready when the king pin drops in there, it would wrap around the king pin. Just to show you that, like we did earlier, if you watch that color right now it showing and if you're in the cab of the truck, you'll be able to see when you're backing on the king pin, it's yellow, which means it's able to couple. Once the king pin comes in, you can see the jaws wrap around it, locks in the position, and shows green, green means you're ready to tow. All you have to do is put your pin and clip, and position, locks the tab in, locks the handle, the king pin's all locked up, ready to go. There are also, when I spin this around, I'm going to show you how the slider works. There's a color line on this slider handle over here and one over here. The green is over here and red is over there. That also indicate if the slider is locked in position or not locked. I'll show you that in a minute here. Let's swing this back around. I had mentioned, for demonstrations in this video, I got it mounted on some rails. Now, the rails, the base rails and the installation kits, which are the mounting brackets that go to the frame of your vehicle on the side here. These are all sold separately. We recommend just go to our website, put in your year and model vehicle and it'll show you the choices you have. This hitch will work with industry standard rails made by Curt, Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch, Pro Series, Reese, and Valley. I do recommend that if you go to look up your base rails and installation kit, that if there is a vehicle specific bracket kit available for your application, we highly recommend to do that because it will simplify the installation probably about half the time as a universal kit. Now, it's not available for all applications but the popular ones that is available so far, we do highly recommend that. The hitch is made of a sturdy steel construction. Has a nice durable carbide powder coat finish. Gross towing weight capacity on this is 20,000 pounds. Vertical load limit or pin weight capacity is 4,000 pounds. I did mention the height adjustment you can set is anywhere from 17 1/2" up to 21 1/2". The slider has 12" of movement, front to back. Just to show you how the slider works, if you pull this handle right now, it's in the locked towing position. Let's turn it just a little bit so you could see. There's a green here, that's the locked towing position, which you want to do, is when you go to, if you want to go to maneuvering position or where you'd get to your campground, you want to maneuver in the sharp, sharp turns in a small area. You want the maneuvering position, you wanted to go back further to the tailgate. What you'd do is pull out on this handle, just like this, and then you'll turn it counter-clockwise, push the handle towards the cab of the vehicle or counter-clockwise. Now, that will allow this to unlock and you could see the red showing right now, that means it's unlocked. So if you go, this will slide to the maneuvering position. You see there's a little cut out here, when it hits that area, which is 12", the handle will automatically slide over and lock and it's no longer showing red. But over here, it will show green. On the pin, green is sticking out so you'll be able to see that. Now, you're locked in a maneuver position, you can maneuver your trailer into a campground where you need. Now, if you're all done camping and you're ready to go, what you can do is unlock it from the maneuvering. Now, when you do the unlocking from maneuvering, what you got to do is pull it and go clockwise. If you're going to go to maneuvering, it's counter-clockwise, if you're going to go to towing, you put the handle clock, or clockwise. What it'll allow you to do, is this will slide all the way back towards the cab in the towing position. Same way when it hit that slots in there, that groove. Handles slides in, red is no longer showing. If I turn this you'll probably able to see the green. There's the green ring showing on the pin right over here, it means it's in the lock position so you're good to go. That should do it for the review on part number C16536. The Curt Q20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch with the Curt R20 Slider, the Dual Jaw Design and the 20,000 Weight Capacity. .

Customer Reviews

Curt Q20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch w/ R20 Slider - Dual Jaw - 20,000 lbs - C16536

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (273 Customer Reviews)

Heavy-duty 5th-wheel trailer hitch has a dual jaw, pivoting head and color-coded lock indicator for superb safety and security. Non-binding slider ensures proper clearance during slow turns. Rails and universal installation kit sold separately.

- C16536

Thank-you etrailer for the fast free shipping! Ordered on Sunday evening and received hitch, mounting kit, and wiring package on Friday!!!! 5 boxes in delivery and all were received at the same time, great job. already tow 5th wheel with this hitch and it is great. Better than my old reese. Hook-up is easy and positve. Will say it does take all evening to install and measurements are extremly important to a good installation. Measured and checked square several times prior to any drilling and the mounting brackets are perfect. Thanks again for the fast, complete, and quality shipment. The only comment regarding shipment is that the hitch box had some damage when received and 5th wheel had a couple of same scratches, no big deal!!! The shipping box is not very durable based on product weight! 192850

Have pulled my 38 foot toy hauler on 9 different trips now with absolutely no problems. Great fifth wheel. previously had a Reese and this on is a just as good if not better.
Mark S - 06/19/2016


- C16536

I bought the 5th wheel to haul trailers and, it's been a great hitch and has been maintained but it's starting to breakdown, parts are failing , but if used for a personal trailer, it will be a great hitch 264239

- C16536

Shipping was little quirky the factory shipped it via freight and i had to go pick it up from the freight company about 30 minutes away. Once i got it home it was packaged well, installed was very strait forward, it is heavy though so make sure you have two people to lift it into the truck. Have yet to pull a trailer with it so we will see how that goes. Overall assembly height is when installed onto the ram oem rail system adapter is fairly high roughly 57" in the back of 2016 ram 2500. seems like a great product, time will tell. 339057

- C16536

Received product from ETrailer in a very timely manner. All went well with no hitch, play on words, that is what I purchased. Sandy was helpful beyond belief and answered all my questions. Some speak of the damaged boxes when these Curt Hitches arrive. Mine too were damaged but the product was unscathed. Shipping the 100 lbs products I didn't expect the boxes to last. ETrailer did a great job stuffing the shipping boxes all was well. I would recommend ETrailer just on how professional the employees are. I will being purchasing other items again. Thanks again Sandy! 328914

- C16536

The Curt Q20 with R20 slider hitch arrived just as promised in 3 days after placing the order. The Q20 head box was totally destroyed. The manufacture packaging was not made to ship individually using small package carrier such as UPS. Upon inspection I discovered that the bolts and washers were missing. I contacted Bill at E-trailer and told him. He explained that the replacements would have to come from the manufacturer and would take several days. I told him that I already scheduled an install and really needed those bolts and washers. He was able to round some up for me and shipped them out next day and they arrived on Monday just as promised. I also spoke with Bill about not being able to remove the head unit for the hitch. It needed to be removed to be able to install it on the slider. It seemed to be stuck and I could not budge it. I assumed that it may have been damaged in shipping, especially after receiving it in a demolished box. He explained to me that since it was new its tolerances were tight and I might try taking a pry bar to it. Well that did not make me feel real good. He was totally correct. Just a little more effort with a pry bar moved it just enough for the bushing to squeak loose and the head came right out. I am disappointed in the jaws on this unit. They look like they were forged by a 3rd grader. Not smooth and somewhat pitted. They are not machined jaws for sure. Had it all installed using the new Reese rail brackets for the 2017 F250. Everything went smooth. An added plus is the quiet ride when not connect to trailer. Can’t even notice the hitch is back there. My other hitch rattled and clanked all the time and was so annoying. I just hooked my 38ft 5th wheel for the first time. It was smoother and easier than any other hitch I have ever used. I bought the sider unit which is recommended by all for the short bed. However I cannot use the slider as the king pin box slides too close to the tall tail gate. The new 2017 F250 is taller and the bed is deeper so I needed a hitch that would go up to 19 ½ inches. I will update after a my first run with trailer later this month. Everyone at E-trailer was outstanding. 5 Star. I will keep using them in the future. 303415

- c16536

The slide portion of this hitch works very well with very little effort from truck. I have hooked and unhooked several times at our permanent campground lot and have not had any problem with the jaws locking or releasing . We have not taken the 5th wheel camper down the road for any distance, so I cannot comment on hitch rattle or ride. The only issue I have had and it is negligible. It was hard for me to insert and remove the rail pins to remove the hitch from the truck because the rear pins are under the hitch frame.( and yes I mounted the rails perfectly square). If you're not going to remove the hitch often than its a non issue. The rubber dampeners just make the pins tight. I would recommend this hitch for sure just can't give it an excellent if we haven't taken it down the road for a distance. 383206

We have taken our Fifth wheel to Arizona and back and the hitch performed perfectly. I make sure to keep the hitch lubricated properly. It is definitely quieter and less jerky. I would give the hitch a 5 star as I have not had a problem with this hitch.
Scott M - 05/22/2018


- C16536

I purchased the Curt Q20 5th wheel hitch with R20 slider. Quality and Workmanship are excellent. Etrailer folks best price around, and fast free shipping. Thanks Gil B 236427

- C16536

After the delivery truck driver just basically threw the hitch, sliders and adapter rails off the truck and dragged them through the door of our offices. (Even though we have a warehouse and a forklift). I got the forklift and a co-worker and we picked the destroyed boxes and parts up and put them up in the back of my truck. The entire hitch package weights around 280 lbs, be sure to have help to move and install it. etrailer and Curt replaced the stickers that were scraped off the hitch by the hard landing and after some re-painting of the black parts it looks alright and works great. We have around 7,200 miles towing with it so far and it's just starting to get broken in. Great product, very strong (but heavy) 628568

- C16536

Because of personal medical issues, I had the hitch installed professionally. I pull a 38' fifth wheel behind a Duramax powered Chevy. The hitch has served it's purpose well and looking forward to using it for many more years!! I purchased the slider version, but have found that I would NOT have had to purchase a slider because of the design of the front of my fifth wheel, as seen in the pic's. I am able to do 90 degree turns without any problems (without moving the hitch rearward). 302964

- C16536

Great customer service... I keep coming back because of there customer service. I can find it cheaper on [online store] but the customer service is above and beyond. Just picked up new hubs and wheel and tire assemblies for my double ski trailer...Again great service and free shipping.... Hally and Lindy were both very friendly and went above and beyond. That kind of customer service is rare in todays market...Thanks again... 714984

- C16536

No problems with hook ups or disconnects. Very well built and looks good too! 642005

- C16536

This hitch has performed well. My 2 complaints are the handle sits a little high preventing a hard bed cover to slide over it. Secondly, it is very picky when trying to unhook. Almost need two people, one to try to release the handle (and trailer height) while the other moves the truck back and forth to get it to pop loose. I have read of other users with this issue. I haven't needed to use the slider due to getting a long bed after I purchased this. Not sure if I can remove the slider and have the hitch mount to the floor mount without additional parts. ??? I would consider buying again but would shop around for one that will accommodate the use of the bed cover. 610786

- C16536

Great product I love it. 610361

- C16536

Working great. Well constructed. No issues. I'm quite pleased with Curt products. (Important tip: don't forget to slide the hitch back before making a sharp turn, such as at a gas station. The RV WILL break your back window if you forget.) 602588

- C16536

This is a wonderful hitch. Very rugged but easy to use. I would recommend this for any fifth wheel owner. 602451

- C16536

Excellent product. etailer has been great. Purchased bed rail system for my 5th wheel hitch for two trucks, airbags and electrical . Shipped fast and they were great to work with. I chose etrailer for their reputation. Outstanding. 583096

- C16536

Works great, operations is smooth and dependable, only had one issue: a bolt fell out that holds a roller in place. 572892

- C16536

slide works great. very nice product. 570222

- C16536

Hard to get rubber shims installed. Pins don't fit to mount hitch to ram 2500 factory holes in bed. Hitch kinda clunky without rubber shims. 543952

- C16536

Took a little getting used to but this hitch is easier to use than our previous Reese hitch. It is significantly heavier so getting in and out of the truck bed is a little more work. 529009

- C16536

This was exactly what I was looking for, works great. 527734

- C16536

Other than being a little finicky to release occasionally, it’s been great. I remove it every fall and that’s a two person job. Etrailer was prompt and offered a good price. 524585

- C16536

The hitch is sturdy and seems safe while towing. I've had some issues with getting the hitch to lock down and release but keeping the thing greased seems to be the key to consistent performance. 521699

- C16536

Has worked great .only problem I forgot to slide in downtown chaggonoga and busted rear window in my short bed truck. 513086

- C16536

I ordered my Curt hitch/adapter rails from etrailer and received a great price and prompt delivery. Everything arrived in good shape and has worked to perfection. Thank you etrailer. 496875

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Ask the Experts about this Curt Fifth Wheel

  • Differences Between Curt A20 and Q20 Fifth Wheel Hitches
    The two largest differences are the limited warranty on the Q20 # C16536 is 10 years for the hitch and lifetime for the legs while the A20 # C16541 is a limited lifetime warranty. Also, the Q20 features the 360-degree movement with the spherical axial bearing to improve the pivoting of the hitch head. This feature however, is why the Q20 is not compatible with a Sidewinder or Revolution pin box which the A20 is.
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  • Is Curt Q20 Sliding 5th Wheel Hitch Compatible With 8 Foot Truck Bed?
    The Curt Q20 sliding 5th Wheel Hitch # C16536 can absolutely be used in your long bed Ram. The sliding base isn't needed for a long bed, so it is a little heavier to install but will have no other issues. If you want new base legs for an easier installation you can use the Replacement Base Legs for Curt Q20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch # C16904. This swap out will make a 93 lb difference as well as give you a more solid hitch because there won't be as many moving parts. You may also want...
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  • Slider Handle on Curt Q20 5th Wheel Hitch # C16536 is Difficult to Pull Out
    If the rails that Curt trailer hitch # C16536 is sitting in are not square that could be causing some issues but it probably would not have much affect on the slider handle. If the rails aren't square then the hitch would not easily slide. If it does slide just fine then squareness would not be the issue. We have one of these set up in our show room so I went to see how it functioned. Pulling the handle out does take a bit of force but nothing that should give you a hernia! The handle...
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  • What is the Difference Between the Curt Q20 and A20 5th Wheel Hitches for a 2017 GMC Sierra 3500
    First off the Q20 # C16536 has a 10-year limited warranty as opposed to the A20 # C16541 which has a limited lifetime warranty for the hitch and a 10 year limited for the roller. Since the Q20 has a spherical axial bearing that allows it to move 360 degrees; not just side to side. This makes it easier to attach to your trailer and allows for a smooth ride. Even though the A20 has great comfort as well, the Q20 has an edge. Please note that the Q20 is not compatible with a Revolution...
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  • What is Lowest Height Setting of Curt Q20 5th Wheel Hitch When Used as Slider
    I spoke with my contact at Curt and he said the lowest height possible of the Curt Q20 5th Wheel Hitch, # C16536, when used as a slider is 17-1/2 inches, and that the adjustment increments are 2 inches. I have included a video review of this 5th Wheel Hitch for you to check out.
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  • Recommended Lower Profile Sliding 5th Wheel Hitch
    Your existing Curt Q20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch w/ Slider # C16536 features a hitch height of 17-1/2 inches to 21-1/2 inches. There is nothing you can really do to allow this model hitch to sit lower than the lowest 17-1/2 inch setting. If you are having trouble getting your trailer level when hooking up, you may also be able to adjust the height setting of the pin box on the trailer. Otherwise, there are lower profile options available for a sliding fifth-wheel hitch that you can look...
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  • What is Weight of Curt R20 Slider Base
    The weight of the Curt R20 Round Slider part # C16550 is 140 lbs.
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  • Weight of 5th Wheel Hitches Not Including the Packing/Shipping Materials
    We do not list a net weight in the specs for every single item we ship but we do indicate a shipping weight for all products. This shipping weight will appear on each individual hitch page, below the price field. For instance, the linked page displays all sliding 5th wheel hitches that are suitable for your 2013 Silverado 2500 with 6-1/2-foot bed. The first hitch listed, the Curt Q20 # C16536, has a shipping weight of 248-lbs without the base rail installation kit # C16411-204 which...
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  • Recommended Maintenance Schedule for the Curt Q20 Slider Hitch
    I spoke to my contact and you will need to lubricate before each individual use and every 1,000 miles thereafter; this will include greasing this the first time out of the box. The Curt Q20 5th wheel hitches # C16536 have grease fittings on them on the underside of the head, left and right side and a grease fitting down between the jaws. I included a picture showing the locations for you. to access the one between the jaws you will need to have the jaws closed. Black graphite grease...
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  • Finding Replacement Parts For a Curt 5th Wheel
    Good news, I can help you find the replacement parts for your Curt 5th Wheel. As long as Curt sells a particular part as a replacement we should be able to get you the part for your Curt Slider # C16536. We have several replacement parts already listed for the Curt Q20 # C16130 and will continue to grow as demand and availability of the item is requested. The Curt Q20 you purchased has a warranty, but we know that it doesn't cover normal wear and tear. We try to connect the...
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  • Curt Q20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Jaws Will Not Open to Uncouple Trailer
    It sounds like there may be something mechanically wrong with the Curt hitch # C16536. If the trailer king pin ever rested on top of the jaws or it was locked and the king pin ran into them it could have damaged something and now it is behaving in this manner. Or if this is a new problem it could just be that the hitch needs to be lubricated. Follow the maintenance instructions for the areas that require lubrication. You do not want to just use any grease because some greases are not...
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  • Proper Lubrication of Curt Q20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch
    For the Curt Q20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch # C16536, Curt does recommend that black graphite grease be used for the jaw before each individual use and every 1,000 miles thereafter. Black graphite grease can usually be obtained at a local auto parts or hardware store and will probably just be labeled as "graphite grease". If you do not already have a manual grease gun, you can use # L30200. You can use the grease fitting that is centered in the cast base plate to grease the lower bearing...
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  • Will a B&W Patriot or Curt 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Fit a Chevy Silverado 2500
    The B&W Patriot 5th wheel trailer hitches, # BWRVK3255 for long beds and # BWRVK3270 for short beds, fit in industry standard above the bed rails. If you have industry standard rails in your truck bed then you can use the Patriot hitch. If you do not have an installation kit with above the bed rails I would just need to know the year of your Silverado 2500 to recommend one. If you have the Patriot now and want to switch to the Curt hitch # C16536 the Curt hitch will fit in the same rails...
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  • How to Install Curt Q20 Sliding 5th Wheel Hitch on 2014 Ford F-350 with Factory Rail Kit
    In order to install your existing Curt Q20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch w/ Slider # C16536 on your 2014 Ford F-350 with the factory rail kit, you will just need the Reese Rail Adapter # RP30156. This adapter will mount to the factory pucks on your truck bed and provide industry-standard rails that will work perfectly with your Curt hitch. I have attached a short video demonstration on this adapter that you can also check out.
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  • Recommended Installation Kit for Curt Q20 w/R20 Slider # C16536 on 2016 Chevy Silverado 3500 6.6 Bed
    To install the Curt Q20 with R20 slider rails # C16536 into your 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 6.6 foot bed without factory bed rails you will want the custom installation kit # C16411-204. This kits visible rails have the carbide finish to match your Curt Q20 fifth wheel hitch. We usually recommend sticking with the same manufacturer rail kit as hitch that you plan on using. The reason for this is that the manufacturers test their fifth wheel hitches on their rails. For a great...
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  • Will a Curt Q20 Slider Hitch Fit the Same Rails as a Reese 16k Stationary Hitch
    Stationary fifth wheel hitches and slider hitches are both designed to fit the same industry standard fifth wheel rail kits. If you have a Reese 16k fifth wheel hitch installed in your truck bed now the Curt Slider Hitch part # C16536 would also fit those exact same rails without modification.
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  • Recommended Sliding 5th Wheel Hitch for 2013 Ram 2500 Short Bed
    Either the Curt # C16536 Q20 Fifth Wheel Hitch w/ Slider with its 20K capacity or the 20K Capacity B&W BWRVK3270 Patriot Sliding Fifth wheel hitch would be a great choice. Both hitches are high quality, and would offer you a secure, relatively smooth ride. For the Curt hitch, use the # C16426-204 rail kit or for the B&W Patriot, use # BWRVK2605. My only issue with bed rail mounted hitches is the fact that the rails remain in the bed when you're not using the hitch. If you don't use...
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  • Recommended Curt Q20 Sliding 5th Wheel Hitch in 2017 GMC 3500 with 6-1/2 Foot Bed
    I spoke with my contact at Curt and he said the lowest height possible of the Curt Q20 5th Wheel Hitch w/ R20 Slider, # C16536, when used as a slider is 17-1/2 inches. The hitch will not be able to slide properly if you tried to use it in the lowest position which is intended for using this hitch without the slider in a long bed truck. The adjustment increments are 2 inches so you will still have 3 height options. This is a very nice hitch and a good option for your 2017 GMC Sierra 3500...
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  • Comparing the Curt Q20 Slider to the B&W Patriot for towing a 2015 Voltage 3305 on a 2015 Ram 2500
    I can help you figure out which 5th wheel hitch will fit your needs. Based on the specs of your gorgeous Voltage 3305 5th wheel either 5th wheel unit would be a great choice for your setup. I have personally put together both of these hitches and it was a tough decision, but if it were me, I would go with the Curt Q20 because it would be easier to break down and remove from the vehicle when it wasn't needed. The bar that connects the two slider legs can be removed and then each leg...
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  • Fifth Wheel Hitch For 2014 Dodge Ram 2500 Mega Cab Pickup Truck With Rambox
    I just spoke with my contact at Curt and they told me that the Rambox does pose a big problem with your 2014 Dodge Ram 2500 and towing with a fifth wheel hitch. With the small area in the bed of the truck, it does not allow enough room to operate the handle of a slider fifth wheel hitch, and if a stationary hitch is installed, clearance is an issue. The type trailer you are towing is a big factor as well. If it is an older style trailer with the front corners at 90 degrees, they pose a...
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  • Can I Use Mopar M20 With A Sidewinder Pin Box
    The Mopar M20 hitch is the same as hitch as the Curt Q20 part # C16130 which features a spherical axial bearing to improve the pivoting of the hitch head. The 360-degree pivot is why its not compatible with a pivoting pin box such a sidewinder or revolution. It is not possible to lock out the head so there would be two pivot points in the towing setup which would not work. If you have industry standard base rails in the truck, you can use the Curt A20 fifth wheel hitch part # C16140...
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  • Fifth Wheel Recommendation For 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD
    The Curt Fifth Wheel, part # C16536, should work well for your 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500. This slider hitch features 12 inches of travel front to back and a height adjustment from 17-1/2 to 21-12.2 inches, and has a gross towing weight capacity of 20,000 lbs. I also recommend the Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Installation Kit, part # C16411-204. Since this is a custom fit kit it cuts the installation time in half compared with a universal system. I have attached a link to an installation...
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  • Sliding Fifth Wheel Hitch and Installation Kit for 2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty
    For your 2017 Ford F-250 the fifth wheel hitch I recommend checking out is the Curt Q20 # C16536, which has a 20,000 lb capacity. Removing the vast majority of fifth wheel hitches for bed access will be difficult because even though the head and base units can be separated, most head units are quite heavy; the Q20's is 108 lbs, for example. To install this hitch in your F-250 you need the Curt Custom 5th Wheel Installation Kit # C16428-204. If your F-250 was an 8 foot bed and you did...
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  • Curt Q20 5th Wheel Hitch Jaws Do Not Operate and Close Correctly
    It sounds to me like the Curt Q20 hitch # C16536 may need to be lubricated. You might also have a spring or some other internal component that is about to fail. Lubricate before each individual use and every 1,000 miles thereafter. Black graphite grease is recommended for the jaw, pins and the lower bearing assembly jaw. High-pressure wheel bearing grease is preferred for the skid plate. NOTE: In severe cold temperatures a lighter grease, such as white lithium, may be substituted for...
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  • Comparison of Curt Q20 and A20 Sliding Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitches on 2015 Ram 2500
    There are differences between the Curt A20 # C16541 and Curt Q20 # C16536. The two largest differences is the limited warranty on the Q20 is 10 years while the A20 is a 10 year warranty for the roller and a limited lifetime warranty for the hitch. Also, the Q20 features the 360-degree movement with the spherical axial bearing to improve the pivoting of the hitch head. This feature however, is why the Q20 is not compatible with a Sidewinder or Revolution pin box which the A20 is. Both...
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  • 5th Wheel Hitch Recommendation for 2011 GMC 2500 HD with 6-1/2 Ft Bed
    I personally recommend going with the Curt A20 slider, part # C16541, and Custom Base Rails, # RP56001-53. The A20 has a gross towing weight capacity of 20,000 pounds. The Quick Install Custom Base Rails, # RP56001-53, include brackets that mount to existing holes in truck frame, minimizing drilling and measuring. Installing the rails yourself should not be an issue, especially when using the custom mounting brackets. I have attached an installation video for these rails on a...
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  • Troubleshooting Curt Fifth Wheel Hitch Where the Sound Dampeners fit Very Tight
    You will want to put the rubber spacers on the mounting tabs of the Curt Hitch part # C16536 before you drop the hitch into the rails that are installed in your bed. The first few times you install the hitch the cushions will make the pin pretty tight, but after a few times they will install a bit easier. Some people like to replace these every year, for that you would want part # 16900.
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  • Does the B&W Patriot 18K # BWRVK3270 Fit on the 2016-2017 Ford F-250
    The B&W Patriot # BWRVK3270 that you referenced in your question will fit the Reese bed rails that you have in your 2003 Ford F-250. It will also fit with both the 2016 and the 2017 versions of the Ford F-250. If the truck that you end up purchasing has the factory prep package, then you will need to get some above bed rails that fit the factory tow package. Otherwise you will need to buy and install bed rails. Not all rails install the exact same way, but all industry standard rails...
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  • Curt 5th Wheel Hitch Head & Wedge for Q20 Used with Reese Revolution Pin Box
    The Curt Q20 Sliding 5th wheel hitch # C16536 will accept the E16 head assembly # C16515 and will require wedge # C16991. I confirmed compatibility with my contact at Curt. You will want to keep the slider locked in the forward position at all times when using a Revolution/Sidewinder pivoting pin box.
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