Adapters for Towing a 5th Wheel Trailer with a Gooseneck Hitch

If you would like to tow a fifth-wheel trailer but you have gooseneck trailer hitch in your truck, you can choose from among several kinds of adapters that may help you. Some of these adapters attach to your gooseneck ball or use the ball hole of your gooseneck hitch, allowing you to hook up your fifth-wheel trailer without having to modify it. Other adapters mount to the trailer, allowing you to attach it directly to the gooseneck ball in your truck. Which option you choose depends on your particular circumstances.

Image of Reese trailer coupler

You can choose from among these four types of adapters:

  • The safest and most secure option is a 5th-wheel adapter that replaces the trailer pin box
    • Doesn't cause any additional stress in either the trailer frame or hitch
    • Creates more of a permanent solution
    • Leaves your truck bed open for other uses
    • Made to fit specific pin boxes

  • The last option is a 5th-wheel adapter that bolts to the king pin plate
    • Works well as a temporary solution
    • Can cause stress in the trailer frame and hitch
    • Some manufacturers recommend that their adapters not be used with pin boxes over a certain length
      • Always check for maximum recommended pin box length

Adapters that Replace 5th Wheel Trailer Pin Box

This type of gooseneck adapter replaces the trailer's pin box. The Reese Goose Box, a popular adapter of this type, is designed to fit the most common fifth-wheel trailer pin boxes on the market. Since Goose Boxes are made to fit specific pin boxes, you'll have to check the plate or sticker on yours to determine the make and model. Goose Boxes are available for the following pin boxes:

The Goose Box features an adjustable air bag and dual shock absorbers to create a smooth, cushioned ride and to reduce stress on the trailer frame. Because this adapter replaces the king pin on your trailer, you won't need to measure for height. The Goose Box is approved by Lippert, a popular trailer frame and pin box manufacturer, and will not void their trailer warranties.

Adapters that Fit into a Gooseneck Hitch Ball Hole on the Truck

gooseneck ball hole in truck bed Draw-Tite gooseneck hitch to 5th wheel adapter installed

Some fifth-wheel trailer hitch adapters mount into a gooseneck ball hole. The Hi-Rise fifth-wheel trailer hitch lets you keep your Draw-Tite, Bulldog or B&W underbed gooseneck hitch for towing a gooseneck trailer, yet it lets you tow a fifth-wheel trailer when you need to. The Curt X-5 Gooseneck-to-5th-Wheel Hitch Adapter Plate connects to Curt Double-lock, Flip and Store gooseneck hitches, adding a set of fifth-wheel rails that accept standard fifth-wheel hitches, such as those made by Curt, Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch, Reese, Valley and Husky.

Draw-Tite gooseneck hitch to 5th wheel adapter Image of Curt C16210 Adapter Plate B&W 5th wheel adapter for B&W gooseneck hitch

Adapters that Attach to a Gooseneck Ball in the Truck Bed

This adapter mounts to the gooseneck ball in your truck bed The higher attachment point between the trailer and the hitch relieves stress on the trailer's frame and pin box.

Gooseneck hitch to fifth-wheel trailer adapter - Demco

Adapters that Attach to the Fifth-Wheel Trailer

This type of fifth-wheel-to-gooseneck adapter is a tube that mounts around the fifth-wheel trailer king pin at one end and attaches to the gooseneck ball in the back of the truck at the other.

Gooseneck ball to 5th-wheel king pin adapter installed

Offset Adapters for Increased Clearance

Offset adapter Convert-a-ball offset adapter

An adapter with an offset can give you a little extra clearance between the fifth-wheel-trailer overhang and the back of the truck cab. It can also create more clearance between the trailer and the back of the truck. Although the offset adapters will provide additional clearance, a sliding fifth wheel hitch or a fixed fifth wheel hitch and a sidewinder pin box will be required to safely execute a 90 degree turn on short bed trucks.

Cushioned Adapters by Convert-A-Ball

Cushioned adapter Cushioned adapter, cutaway view, closeup

A cushioned adapter features polyurethane cushioning that absorbs the movement and jarring of the trailer, reducing bouncing and vibrations to give you a safer, smoother, and quieter ride.

Determining the Correct Height for Your Adapter

Adapters that fit around the king pin and attach to the king pin plate have to be the correct height so that you can tow the trailer level. Getting an adapter of the correct height is important for safe towing. Some adapters are height adjustable and others have a fixed height. The shortest available adapter is the Ranch Hitch adapter at 11-3/4 inches. The tallest is the cushioned gooseneck adapter at 16 inches. There is an easy way to determine what height you need for your truck-and-trailer combination.

Measuring diagram for gooseneck to 5th-wheel adapter

Measuring Your Truck and Trailer

Also, five or six inches of clearance between the overhang of the trailer and side rails of your truck is necessary for safe operation.

Updated by: Raymond P.

Last updated: 10/29/18

Questions and Comments about this Article

Mike L.

I'm looking at buying either a Supercab F-150 with a 5.5 ft bed and Ecoboost or a Supercrew F-150 with a 6.5 ft bed and 5.0 V8. Both have the upgraded towing packages. Which would have a better towing capacity if I decided to buy a smaller 5th wheel camper? 102147

Reply from Jon G.

What years are you looking at for those pickups? I like to reference the Ford Towing Guide ( when it comes to finding specific towing capacities for their trucks. 75280

Reply from Mike L.

@JonG both are 2011 75285

Reply from Jon G.

@MikeL From what I was seeing in the towing guide it looks like their weight capacities are fairly identical and that it really boils down to what axle ratio you end up getting. The larger the axle ratio the larger the towing capacity. 75286

Vincent R.

I just purchased a F-350 2016 dually, I took the rails off my f250 thinking I could use them and the Reese hitch 16k in my F-350. The F-350 has a curt gooseneck that came in truck. I need the correct solution for my 5th wheel. Do I have to remove the curt gooseneck from the under the bed that’s bolted to the frame? What system is the best ? The Reese 5th wheel gooseneck 16k looks like the solution. 98733

Reply from Jon G.

To install any kind of 5th wheel bracket system you would need to remove your Curt gooseneck hitch. There are some adapters available to make it so that a standard 5th wheel hitch is compatible with a gooseneck hitch but I'd need to know what Curt gooseneck hitch is installed on your F-350 to confirm this. 73512

Reply from Vincent R.

@JonG Thank you, I found a curt 16210 that will work on the curt gooseneck I have. My Reese 5th wheel receiver will fit the 16210. 73528

Reply from Jon G.

@VincentR Happy to hear that the Curt X5 Adapter # C16210 will work! 73594

Ryan S.

I have a 2004 Chevy 2500 with B&W goose neck installed. I just purchased a 27ft. 5th wheel with pin box RBW 7027 on it. I want to keep the bed clean and don't want to have to pull out a heavy 5th wheel setup every time I use it. What options do I have for adapters that mount to the RBW 7027? Thanks. 98219

Reply from Jon G.

You'll need to use an adapter that installs on the king pin to accomplish this as there aren't any pin box replacements that will work for the RBW 7027. For this I recommend using a Convert-A-Ball adapter. You'll need part # CAB-C5G for a long bed or part # CAB-C5G X1216 for a short bed. 73132

Gene F.

I have a 2007 fifth wheel that has the gooseneck welded to the kingpin I took it out last week and it bounced so bad that are broke stuff inside RV. I have a hideaway trailer ball in the back of my truck where do previous owner toad horse trailers. I need to find a solution before I pull this RV again please help me. 94816

Reply from Chris R.

You could potentially add suspension enhancement to the trailer to help smooth out the ride. I've linked our full selection below. 70188

Daniel V.

I just bought a 2019 f450 with the puck system....I have a 5th wheel toy hauler and a reese 20k pro series hitch would it be better to use the rails adapter that works with the puck system or to turn my 5th wheel into a gooseneck? 84815

Reply from Chris R.

That's a good question. If having a clean bed is a high priority, going the gooseneck route is the best option here. After the initial installation, it'll also be easier too hook up each time. A Reese Goose Box is my specific recommendation - if you can tell me what model pin box the trailer is equipped with I will be happy to verify the right model. 67922

Bill J.

Does Reese make a goose box for 25k+ gvw? 81099

Reply from Chris R.

The highest rated Goose Box available is a 20K model like part # RP94720 . 66749

Eli J.

Howdy, I just purchased an rv with a 5th wheel hitch on it, and it comes with a Curt q25 5th wheel hitch assembly. I'll primarily be pulling the rv with 2 different trucks that have a B&W turnover ball in them. What kind of adapters do I need? 80386

Reply from Chris R.

The perfect solution may be with Curt X5 Adapter # 16310 , which is designed to attach to the B&W Turnoverball hitch ball hole to provide industry standard rails to which the Curt Q25 will mount. The only reason I say "may" is because there are certain truck models it won't work with. Take a look at the product description to make sure your trucks aren't mentioned. Just let me know if they are! 66248


I have a 2017 f250 crew cab standard bed. I just bought a fifth wheel trailer. The current owner has a Chevy 2500 standard bed. He currently has an eaz-lift gooseneck adapter 48501. His current truck has a BW GNXA4685 4” offset gooseneck ball in his truck. The previous owner says he has never had any issues with clearance. But I’m concerned of the clearance and want to ensure I get the most clearance I can. I want to go the gooseneck route to keep my bed clear of a sliding hitch. What would you suggest? 79239

Reply from Chris R.

I really like the Convert-A-Ball Cushioned Adapter # CAB-C5GX1216 , which offers a smooth ride while also featuring a 7-1/2" offset for cab clearance. This is your best option without having to mount a 5th wheel hitch in the bed of your F-250. For the gooseneck hitch itself I recommend the B&W # BWGNRK1116 . 64049

Pehgi S.

We have a 2012 dodge 3500hd longhorn edition with a gooseneck hitch installed and a 2006 holiday rambler fifth wheel. We want to buy a convert a ball gooseneck adapter to use with the 5th wheel but are not sure if we should get the adjustable or a fixed. The ball is about 3-4 inches above the bed floor and out 5th wheel is on 17” tires. I would like to know how to figure out which height I need. 76128

Reply from Chris R.

Both the Convert-A-Ball 5th Wheel Adapters we have available actually have an adjustable height (12 to 16") - the two models differ with regards the offset (or lack thereof). The 7-1/2" offset on the # CAB-C5G X1216 provides more cab clearance if you have a short bed 3500. If you have the long (8 foot) bed you can go with the fixed # CAB-C5G . Determining the right height is just a matter of taking those measurements outlined in the article above. I wish I could find this number for you but it just depends on the height of both your truck and trailer. 62185


I have a f250 with no hitch in bed yet. Im buying a fifth wheel rv. Should I get a gooseneck hitch and mod the trailer pin to fit the gooseneck or just get a fifth wheel hitch. I like to use the truck bed for other uses and the fifth wheel hitch takes a lot of space. The Reese goose box looks good but I maybe missing something. Tanks 75425

Reply from Chris R.

If maintaining a clean bed is a priority (without having to remove a heavy 5th wheel hitch) then going the gooseneck route is a really good idea. The Reese Goose Box is a great solution and you won't lose any ride quality like you might with some other adapters. It's important though to check the pin box model on the trailer you're looking to purchase to make sure there's a Reese Box compatible with it. If you can let me know what model year your F-250 is I would be happy to make a gooseneck recommendation. 61581



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