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Dexter DX Series Electric Over Hydraulic Brake Actuator for Disc Brakes - 1,600 psi

Dexter DX Series Electric Over Hydraulic Brake Actuator for Disc Brakes - 1,600 psi

Item # K71-651
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Brake Actuator
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K71-651 - 1600 psi Dexter Axle Electric-Hydraulic Brake Actuator
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Electric-hydraulic brake actuator works with your brake controller (sold separately) to activate your trailer's disc brakes. Vented housing releases heat and moisture. Enhanced wiring protection safeguards internal electronics. Call 800-298-8924 to order Dexter Axle brake actuator part number K71-651 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Dexter Axle products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Dexter DX Series Electric Over Hydraulic Brake Actuator for Disc Brakes - 1,600 psi. Brake Actuator reviews from real customers.
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Dexter Axle Brake Actuator - K71-651

  • Electric-Hydraulic Brake Actuator
  • Disc Brakes
  • Dexter Axle
  • 1600 psi

Electric-hydraulic brake actuator works with your brake controller (sold separately) to activate your trailer's disc brakes. Vented housing releases heat and moisture. Enhanced wiring protection safeguards internal electronics.


  • Electric-over-hydraulic brake actuator activates your trailer's hydraulic brakes when you apply the brakes in your vehicle
    • Brake controller (sold separately) is required to send signal from tow vehicle to actuator when brakes are applied
    • 7-Way trailer connector (sold separately) is needed to transmit signal from brake controller
  • Improved functionality when compared with surge brake couplers
    • Faster response time - activates when you apply brakes in tow vehicle, as opposed to when trailer pushes against hitch ball
    • No need to manually lock out brakes when you back up
    • Trailer brakes can be intentionally activated when you reverse
    • Manual override on brake controller can be activated so you can engage the trailer brakes without having to apply your vehicle brakes
  • Vented design releases pressure, moisture, and heat to protect the internal components
    • Allows actuator to be mounted in places where most actuators would overheat
  • Electronic, proportional pressure valve ensures smooth, even braking
  • Self-priming pump reduces time needed for brake bleeding
  • Enhanced wiring detects dangerous current levels and shuts down actuator electronics in the event of a surge
  • Durable aluminum housing and stainless steel fasteners resist corrosion
  • Goretite seals protect the circuit board from the elements
  • Compatible with most 9-amp-hour-battery breakaway kits (sold separately)
  • DOT compliant
  • Unit installs on trailer frame and connects to trailer's wiring and hydraulic brake lines (sold separately)
  • Made in the USA


  • Application: single-, tandem-, and triple-axle trailers with disc brakes
  • Maximum output pressure: 1,600 psi
  • Dimensions: 11" long x 6" wide x 7" tall
  • Distance between mounting holes (center to center):
    • 2-1/2" Between holes on same side of bracket
    • 9-13/16" Between holes on opposite sides of bracket
  • Mounting hole diameter: 1/4"
  • Hydraulic port size: 3/16"
  • Power: 12V DC
  • Wire configuration:
    • Black: 12-volt power
    • Blue: brake controller
    • Yellow: breakaway
    • White: ground
  • 2-Year limited warranty

Dexter DX Series Actuator

The Dexter DX Series electric-over-hydraulic actuator is a dependable choice for your trailer braking needs. It is capable of up to 1,600 psi of pressure output to provide strong stopping power for your disc brakes. The lightweight, corrosion-resistant housing has fins and vents built in to shed excess heat. Inside the housing, the unit features enhanced wiring protection, allowing it to detect dangerous current levels to prevent damage from surges or improper wiring. Another internal highlight is the solid-state electronics, which regulate the actuator's electrical components to ensure consistent performance. All of this is cleanly secured within the aluminum housing by stainless steel fasteners, while Goretite seals protect the internal electronics from exposure to water and other elements. The DX series also remains compatible with most aftermarket and OEM-integrated electric brake controllers on the market.

Electric-Over-Hydraulic Actuator vs. Standard Surge Brake Actuator

With the DX series electric-over-hydraulic actuator, you can get all the benefits of towing with an electric brake controller while using hydraulic brakes. Because this actuator will activate according to the setting you have chosen for your brake controller (sold separately), you will have more control over when and how your trailer brakes engage. Depending on the features of your brake controller, you may be able to control both the rate and intensity with which your trailer's brakes activate. If you have a proportional brake controller, your brakes will be activated with an intensity that matches the braking speed and power of your tow vehicle.

This gives you multiple benefits over a standard surge-type actuator. Your trailer's braking will be tied to the braking activity of your vehicle instead of the momentum of your trailer. This will help to limit stress on the tow vehicle, and it will give you the ability to reverse without the trailer's brakes kicking in.

You can also activate the manual override on your brake controller to send out full braking power to the actuator. This will activate your trailer's brakes with full intensity. This is especially useful when traveling down steep hills with a fully loaded trailer. In instances like this, the trailer may require maximum braking power to avoid a jackknife situation.

Large Brake Fluid Reservoir and Self-Priming Pump

The large brake fluid reservoir in this actuator ensures that there'll be enough hydraulic fluid to handle a single-, tandem-, or triple-axle trailer regardless of its size. A self-priming pump reduces the time needed for bleeding the brakes and prevents the brake fluid from emptying back into the reservoir when the actuator is not in use.

Dexter DX Series Actuator Installation

Before installing this actuator, be sure that you have an electric brake controller with an output capacity of at least 5 amps.

You will also need enough 3/16" diameter automotive brake line (sold separately) to connect the unit to your brakes.

Mount the actuator level and upright in a dry area on your trailer. It is recommended that you mount the actuator near the front of your trailer. Do not mount it near the trailer axles or at the rear of the trailer.

The Dexter DX Series actuator splices into your trailer's wiring. Follow the diagram below when connecting the wires. 12-Gauge wire is required, but 10-gauge wire is recommended to ensure the best performance.

Wiring Diagram

K71-651-00 Dexter Axle DX Series ElectroHydraulic Brake Actuator - Disc Brakes - 1,600 psi

Video of Dexter DX Series Electric Over Hydraulic Brake Actuator for Disc Brakes - 1,600 psi

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Dexter Axle Brake Actuator - Electric-Hydraulic Brake Actuator - K71-651 Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Dexter electric over hydraulic brake actuator, it has a 1600 psi rating. The electric over hydraulic brake actuator will activate your trailer's hydraulic brakes when you apply the brakes in your tow vehicle. It does require a brake controller to send the signal from the tow vehicle to the actuator, when the brakes are applied. It is compatible with most electronic brake controllers that have the electric over hydraulic brake function. Time based brake controllers are not recommend. The other thing it does require is a 7 way brake connector, that's needed to transmit a signal from the brake controller. The 1600 psi rating is suitable for disc brake applications. As you can see, it has a very large reservoir capacity.

Does use solid state electronics. Does require a 4 wire hookup, and you can see the 4 wires right here. Basically the wire connections are, if you take the yellow wire that connect to the cold side of the brake-away switch, that's the wire that goes hot when a brake occurs. The black wire, that goes to the positive connection on the brake-away switch, that's the wire that charges the brake away battery. The blue wire, that'll go to the output from the in-cab controller, that's the wire that provides power form your brake controller.

The last one is the white one, that's a ground wire. This does require a minimum 9-amp hour brake-away kit. This part will meet or exceed all department of transportation regulations and federal braking requirements. The last thing I want to do is give you some measurements on this. The overall length, pretty much from this end sticking out to this end sticking out is going to be right at about 11 inches. The height on it, from the very bottom to the tallest point, which would be this cap here, probably about 7 inches tall.

The overall width on it, is going to be about 6 inches wide. That should do it for the review on the Dexter electric over hydraulic brake actuator, with the 1600 psi rating.

Customer Reviews

Dexter DX Series Electric Over Hydraulic Brake Actuator for Disc Brakes - 1,600 psi - K71-651

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (18 Customer Reviews)

Electric-hydraulic brake actuator works with your brake controller (sold separately) to activate your trailer's disc brakes. Vented housing releases heat and moisture. Enhanced wiring protection safeguards internal electronics.

- K71-651

Installation was easy. Pump works better the original on my airstream trailer.. 492087

Works better then the original
George - 04/03/2019


- K71-651

Pleased with the pump. It was used as a replacement on an enclosed trailer with electric over hydraulic brakes. Worked well. 633792

- K71-651

these were installed on my Landmark fifth wheel. you have to know what you are doing to install the hydraulic brake actuator and hydraulic lines. But WOW what a difference. I think that my Landmark has more braking power than my pickup truck now. thanks 251011

- K71-651

Picture of the hydralic actuator instal led. 97528

- K71-651

This actuator does exactly what it's designed for. The wiring is very heavy duty and the instructions for connections are printed right on top. The cast aluminum end plates make mounting very easy and the self-priming pump made bleeding the whole system about a 3 minute project. The large reservoir holds plenty of spare fluid and the pump modulates the braking performance in perfect sync with the signal coming from the pump. My Prodigy P3 controller has a setting specifically for hydraulic pump control and it works very will with this pump. 619500

- K71-651

When the OEM steel brake lines wore out on my boat trailer I decided to upgrade the surge brakes to electric over hydraulic (EOH). I replaced the damaged lines and wired up this Demco actuator and now I can stop my trailer on a dime -- should have done this 10 years ago. The actuator works flawlessly with my 2017 GMC's built in controller -- nothing else was needed! Please note though that the GM controller does not apply the brakes when depressing the pedal if the vehicle is not moving (duh). So don't be surprised if you try to test it sitting in your driveway and think that it's not working -- it's designed that way to save wear on the pump if you're not moving. Pressing the manual control does apply the brakes though. (The brakes also apply if you're on an incline). I fabricated a mounting plate out of 3/8 aluminum since the trailer tongue was not wide enough and attached the pump using 4 countersunk 1/4" stainless bolts and then used two 1/2" square u-bolts to affix it to the trailer. If I set the gain on the truck to max, I can actually lock the trailer's wheels, something that surge brakes can't do on their best day! Back in 2010 I upgraded my disc brakes to Kodiak all stainless steel rotors, mounting plates and calipers -- 8 years old and they were still like new -- also well worth the money! 546209

Every trailer should be set up like this! Imagine power disc brakes on the trailer, just like your car. Theres a reason that drum brakes arent used anymore. Trailer manufacturers are just too cheap to build then right. Heres your opportunity to fix that!
Doctor P - 07/26/2019


- K71-651

I installed this system on my 18,000 lb tri-axle boat trailer. Installation went very well and everything seems to be a great fit. I will not hook the truck to it until spring but I am very anxious to see the improvement over surge brakes. I was able to make a neat clean install and wiring directions were great. 231861

- K71-651

Together, I couldn't be happier with my setup. The Dexter K71-651 provides more than enough power to stop my little single axle boat trailer and when the emergency break-away is activated, I can't roll the tires by pulling forward, they lock solid. I love the combination of this unit with the Redarc TowPro Elite, and these two have completely changed the way my trailer handles. If I was starting over, I would buy exactly this setup again. Thank you to ETrailer.com for excellent customer service and quick shipping. I received my unit in 2 days, and my entire order was exactly as purchased. They even emailed me on the day it was delivered to ensure I received it! 617921

- K71-651

Used this product to replace a failed ActiBrake sytem. Worked perfectly. Dimensions were almost exact, wiring very simple and thread size was the same. Performance of this product was just as expected. Thank You, etrailer for prompt and precise service and great pricing. 575048

- K71-651

Easier install than the Titan controller that went bad on me. The videos show one person for the bleed of lines. It really needs two. One to operate the pump and one to bleed. I tried myself, but after bleeding 2 lines the pump started to make noises. Hurried to shut off before it ran too long. It works fine after the whole installation was done. 735692

- K71-651

I used this model to replace an older version that ended up failing on our trailer. This version seems to be much stronger than the old. I’m not running the truck controller as high as I use to and I am getting the same breaking power. 616722

- K71-651

Direct fit exactly what I needed 554452

- K71-651

Great product . Fast delivery. Good pri ce 544083

- K71-651

Excellent quality. 384380

- K71-651

Excellent 281545

- K71-651

Item was very easy to install and seems to be working well. I was surprised at how loud the unit is under full activation (e.x. pulling the breakaway switch). Also I found out the hard way that I needed a heavier high temp breakaway switch, as mine started smoking and the wires started to melt when I puled the breakaway during a test. I ordered the Dexter K71-691-00 switch to hopefully resolve the issue. 198524

Unit works well, Im very pleased with it.
Art - 05/28/2016


- K71-651

1600 PSI electric over hydraulic brake actuator -- very easy installation. Brake Fluid reservoir holds quite a bit and made bleeding the brakes an easier task. Kudos go to eTrailer.com for their quick delivery of the brake actuator - Juanita T was especially helpful in both the selection and follow-up on the product. Special thanks go to her. 139047

- K71-651

I should have had this on my trailer when it was new in '08. The Carlisle one failed after 3 years proving again that I shouldn't buy from them. 93348


Ask the Experts about this Dexter Axle Brake Actuator

  • Brake Controller Solution for 2017 Chevy Silverado that Doesn't Like Electric Over Hydraulic Brakes
    Factory integrated brake controllers in newer trucks are not always reliable with electric over hydraulic actuators. The newer trucks mostly all say their integrated controllers work with the EOH setups but we've found that it isn't always the case. What you described happening is an example of an integrated controller not working right with the actuator so an aftermarket controller will be your best option. The Prodigy P3 part # 90195 will be your best option. This is our most reliable...
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  • Dexter EOH Disc Brake Actuator Response Time with GM Factory Brake Controller
    EOH actuators do differ in their response time. From the moment you press the brake pedal the time needed for the pump in the EOH actuator to build hydraulic pressure and push that through your brake lines, through the T fittings, and to your disc brakes can easily be as much as 2 seconds. Longer trailer brake lines and more axles with brakes both can mean the time can be slightly longer for pressure to reach all of the calipers and for you to feel the trailer slowing down. The Dexter...
    view full answer...
  • Parts Needed to Convert Trailer with 8k Electric Brakes to 8k Electric Over Hydraulic Brakes
    Converting from electric drum brakes to electric over hydraulic drum is pretty straight-forward. Basically you swap out the electric brake assemblies for hydaulic ones, you run hydraulic lines and then install an actuator and you'd be all set. For hydraulic brake assemblies you'd want the Dexter Hydraulic Drum Brake Set part # 23-410-411 which is a set that includes one passenger side assembly and one driver side. The actuator kit then to go with is the Hydrastar kit part # HBA-12...
    view full answer...
  • Troubleshooting Dexter Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator that Wont Activate via Brake Pedal
    The Dexter DX Series Electric Over Hydraulic Brake Actuator for Disc Brakes # K71-651 is confirmed to be compatible with all factory integrated brake controllers from Ford, so it should work just fine with yours. That being said, if your factory controller is a proportional one, like most factory controllers, you must be moving for the Dexter actuator to come on via the brake pedal, so if you're testing it while the vehicle is parked, this is why the brakes aren't activating. When testing,...
    view full answer...
  • Will Dexter Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator Work with Factory Brake Controller in 2016 Ford F-350
    Dexter does state that the electric over hydraulic actuator # K71-651 is compatible will all Ford factory brake controllers so that would include the one in your 2016 Ford F-350. I checked the owner's manual for your truck and it does state that the controller works with some electric over hydraulic systems but doesn't name any specific models.
    view full answer...
  • Does Breakaway Battery of a Dexter Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator Have to Be Charged to Function
    With the use of the Dexter Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator part # K71-651 the breakaway battery has to be charged otherwise it won't work. With standard electric drum brakes the brake controller would still control the brakes of your trailer like normal with a dead breakaway battery. This setup is very different that with and electric over hydraulic setup but that may be where the confusion is. When wired up properly (see diagram), the tow vehicle will put a maintenance charge on...
    view full answer...
  • Will the Dexter Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator Work with Ford Truck Factory Brake Controllers
    We recently investigated the electric over hydraulic actuators to determine which ones can be used with factory integrated brake controllers. All of them have issues with electric over hydraulic actuators so you are left with 2 options. First, you can use the Titan EHB, # T4813100 (for disc brakes), and use the adapter, # T4846000, so that the unit will work with the factory integrated controllers. The second option would be to replace the brake controllers with models that are compatible...
    view full answer...
  • Electric Over Hydraulic Brake Actuator Not Applying Trailer Brakes Using Brake Controller
    Electric over hydraulic brake actuators like # K71-651 only work with certain brake controllers. The brake controller will have to have an electric over hydraulic mode to be compatible. I recommend using the P2 # 90885 or P3 # 90195. Make sure that you have the unit properly grounded to the negative terminal on the trailer battery and to the ground wire on the trailer connector. Check the other wiring connections and make sure they are not corroded.
    view full answer...
  • Is a Dexter Elec./Hydraulic Brake Actuator Damaged if it was Ran Dry
    I spoke with my contact at Dexter and when I explained to him your situation he said you are totally fine. He said that the actuators will be totally fine if they were temporarily ran dry.
    view full answer...
  • Dexter Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator Runs Constantly and Goes Through Brake Fluid Fast
    That fluid has to be going somewhere! What you can do is have someone activate the manual override on the brake controller in the vehicle cab while checking for leaks. Make sure the reservoir is full though. If it is not leaking at a line or connection somewhere then check the wheels cylinders at the brake assemblies. You might also notice brake fluid on the backs of the wheels or in that general area. You want the brakes to be applied full so make sure the controller is set to the...
    view full answer...
  • Will Dexter Electric Over Hydraulic Brake Actuator # K71-651 work W Ram Integrated Brake Controller
    We have found that the Dexter electric over hydraulic actuators like the # K71-651 that you referenced just don't work well with the factory integrated brake controllers like what you have in your 2013 Ram 1500. Sometimes they'll work decently, but for the most part it's pretty inconsistent so we don't recommend this actuator unless the vehicle has a brake controller specifically designed to work with EOH actuators like the P2 part # 90885. Instead of all of that I would recommend you...
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  • Why do Trailer Electric Over Hydraulic Brakes only Operate if Break-Away Battery is Fully Charged
    Your Dexter Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator # K71-651 will need your breakaway battery to be fully charged to operate as you've figured out I'm sure. It sounds like the problem is that your 12 volt power circuit on your 7-way is no longer functioning and its not charging the battery so its dying. Most likely there is a blown fuse on your 12 volt trailer circuit and because of that the breakaway battery is dead and your electric over hydraulic actuator is no longer working. The amperage...
    view full answer...
  • Troubleshooting Electric Over Hydraulic Brake Controller That Keeps Running
    Since you came from a Dexter Actuator I can help you troubleshoot the problem. If you do not have a Dexter unit let me know and I will be glad to see if I can help you out. Most issues are related to wiring or ground problems. Since it sounds like this is not a new installation I don't think it is an issue with the incorrect brake controller in your vehicle. You do want to make sure you are using a brake controller like part # 90885 that is designed for electric over hydraulic systems. Here...
    view full answer...
  • Troubleshooting Electric Over Hydraulic Brakes On 40 Ft Trailer With Dexter Actuator
    The first thing I recommend is to check the brakes you have on your rear axle. It sounds like they are possibly reversed left to right hand. That would cause the problem you are having with them locking when in reverse and not forward. It sounds like the front brakes are acting correctly since they are designed to allow you to back up without locking up as you mentioned. Next, I recommend testing the breakaway switch. With the breakaway battery fully charged and the trailer plug disconnected,...
    view full answer...
  • Dexter Electric Over Hydraulic Trailer Brake Actuator Will Not Work
    The click you are hearing is likely not an indication of a problem. With electric over hydraulic actuators you have to use a brake controller that is compatible with and EOH system such as the P2, # 90885 or the P3, # 90195. Otherwise the actuator will not work. Just in case, here are the troubleshooting tips from Dexter: Unit will not run or brakes are slow to respond. To determine if the unit is functioning properly, perform the checks outlined below. 1. Verify that the trailer...
    view full answer...
  • Electric Over Hydraulic Brakes Don't Work w/Brake Pedal on Newer GM Trucks w/OEM Brake Controller
    Like you said, many factory integrated brake controllers will not work well with electric over hydraulic trailer braking systems. Some of the newer versions of these controllers now have an electric over hydraulic mode. Check to see if any of your trucks have this mode and, if they do, if the braking starts working with the pedal. Otherwise there are a couple of solutions to solve this issue. First, there may be an adapter that will allow the factory controllers to work but it depends...
    view full answer...
  • Weak and Delayed Trailer Brakes with Dexter Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator
    First, there are only certain brake controllers that are compatible with electric over hydraulic brakes. None of the Draw-Tite models are compatible. I recommend going with the P2 # 90885 which does have an electric over hydraulic mode. After you switch to a compatible controller the problems you are having should go away. On the off chance that they only improve a little then the delay issue could be a result of the distance between the actuator and the trailer brakes. The fix for this...
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  • Recommended Parts To Convert Surge Brakes To Electric-Over-Hydraulic Brakes On Tandem Boat Trailer
    Since you have hydraulic brakes on your trailer, there are only a couple things you will need. The first thing I recommend is the Electric Over Hydraulic Brake Actuator, # K71-651. You will want to make sure you mount this unit as far forward on the trailer tongue to avoid getting it submerged. You will need a brake controller for electric-over-hydraulic systems like part # 90195. This is one of our best brake controllers because it is easy to install and operate. The breakaway...
    view full answer...
  • How To Check If Dexter Electric Over Hydraulic Brake Actuator Needs To Be Replaced
    I have attached a diagram that shows how the Dexter Electric Over Hydraulic Brake Actuator, part # K71-651 needs to be wired. You may want to check the wiring to make sure it is wired correctly and none of the wires show any signs of damage. Make sure any of the connections are not corroded or damaged and repair as needed. There are 2 tests you can run to make sure you know if it is a bad unit or not. First, connect the white wire to the negative post of the battery. Then connect...
    view full answer...
  • Will Ford F-150 Factory Integrated Brake Controller Operate Electric-Over-Hydraulic Disc Brake
    The factory-installed integrated brake controllers supplied in Ford trucks like your F-150 are sometimes not compatible with anything other than electric trailer brakes. If your F-150 is a 2009 or 2010 model year its integrated controller will not work with an electric-over-hydraulic actuator like the Dexter # K71-651 you referenced. The linked article explains in further detail. Many of the better aftermarket brake controllers like the popular and reliable Tekonsha Prodigy P3 # 90195...
    view full answer...
  • Electric Over Hydraulic Brake Actuator for Triple Axle Trailer with 7K Axles
    For your triple axle trailer with 7K axles I recommend the Titan BrakeRite II SD, # T4835700. the SD stands for severe duty! With this system I also recommend breakaway kit # T4822100 which was designed for the SD system. If you have a Ford or GM truck with a factory integrated brake controller you will also need adapter # T4845900 so it will work with this electric over hydraulic braking system. If you are using an aftermarket controller make sure that it has an electric over hydraulic...
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  • Troubleshooting Leaking After Dexter EOH Actuator for Disc Brakes 1600 PSI Installation
    Troubleshooting the Dexter DX Series Electric Over Hydraulic Brake Actuator for Disc Brakes - 1,600 psi # K71-651 has a self priming pump to help with bleeding the brakes. It prevents the brake fluid from emptying back into the reservoir when the actuator is not in use. If the actuator itself is leaking brake fluid or oil, then there is a problem with the seal and should be replaced. If there is a leak further down the line, then that is not an issue with the actuator, but rather a brake...
    view full answer...
  • Will Dexter Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator part # K71-651 Work With Integrated Brake Controller
    The information we have that states that the Dexter Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator part # K71-651 will work with the 2015 GMC Sierra integrated brake controller came straight from Dexter so we know it will fit and work well.
    view full answer...
  • Troubleshooting Dexter Brake Actuator
    I spoke with my contact at Dexter and there is a way to troubleshoot your actuator. If you use a 12 volt battery and connect just the white wire from the actuator to the negative post and then connect the black wire to the positive side of the battery, you could possibly hear a click sound but the actuator should not turn on. If it does turn on and run, the unit is defective and needs to be replaced. This would be done without having the blue wire connected. If you have disc brakes on...
    view full answer...
  • Dodge Factory Brake Controller Does Not Work with Electric Over Hydraulic Brakes
    It could be as simple as a loose connection or dirty/corroded connector or even a problem with the brake magnets. There are a few quick tests you can do to determine where the problem is. Start by first disconnecting the trailer. Then move on to the truck side trailer connector. Many times, dirt or corrosion can cause a short in a trailer connector. Make sure the truck and the trailer side connectors are clean and free of corrosion inside and out. You can test the brake output pin with...
    view full answer...
  • Wiring for Dexter Electric Over Hydraulic Brake Actuator # K71-651
    When it comes to the wiring for the Dexter Electric Over Hydraulic Brake Actuator, # K71-651: 1. The black wire will connect to the 12V circuit coming from the vehicle's trailer wiring that is always hot. 2. White is the ground. 3. The yellow wire will only supply power when the brake-away pin is pulled. 4. The blue wire carries voltage from the brake controller to the actuator. The difference in voltage affects the amount of braking force that the actuator pump will produce....
    view full answer...
  • Dexter Electric Over Hydraulic Brake Actuator on Gatormade Gooseneck Trailer Not Working
    I spoke with Gatormade and they informed me that you have a Dexter DX Series Electric Over Hydraulic Brake Actuator part # K71-651. If this actuator is not functioning properly then you will first need to inspect the wiring. This unit receives power from the 12 volt circuit on the trailer connector. I recommend using a multimeter and testing the black wire just before it enters the actuator. If you do not get 12 volts then you would first want to check the "Trailer Battery Charge" fuse...
    view full answer...
  • P2 Brake Controller Electric Over Hydraulic Mode Not Working with Electric over Hydraulic Brakes
    For electric over hydraulic braking systems you will need a controller that is compatible with that type of system. The P2 # 90885 is compatible with electric over hydraulic brakes when it is put in that mode. It sounds like you are in the mode since you have the capital C and not the lower case c. But to make sure here are the steps to get to EOH mode. To enter EOH mode first enter Reverse Mode by pressing the Boost Button for 5 seconds while the brake pedal is pressed until [ .r ]...
    view full answer...
  • Troubleshooting a Trailer Brake Actuator
    The Dexter E/H 1000 you referenced like # K71-650 could certainly be worn out. 10 years is a good lifespan. I would check the fluid levels and ensure there isn't any cut or frayed wires. Also, you will want to ensure the 12 volt battery the actuator is attached to should be fully charged. A depleted trailer battery could cause the unit to stop working. And lastly, there could be an internal short within the actuator. These reasons could be the cause of the intermittent working and not working. If...
    view full answer...

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