8-5/8" L x 4-5/8" W x 2-1/16" D; Corrosion resistant; replaceable lens and bulb; surface mount on 7" centers; 3-wire; 1-bulb incandescent. Lowest Prices for the best Trailer Lights from Optronics. Optronics Camping Travel Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light part number RVST50 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Optronics Camping Travel Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light

Optronics Trailer Lights

(272 reviews)

Code:   RVST50


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Optronics Trailer Lights - RVST50

8-5/8" L x 4-5/8" W x 2-1/16" D; Corrosion resistant; replaceable lens and bulb; surface mount on 7" centers; 3-wire; 1-bulb incandescent.


  • Red, rectangular light functions as combination stop, turn, and tail light
  • Light is mounted on a white molded plastic bracket (sold separately)
  • Weather and corrosion resistant
  • Replaceable lens and bulb
  • Wiring design contains lead wires and a ground wire to mount to all surfaces
    • White wire: ground
    • Green wire: taillight
    • Black wire: stop and turn light
  • Uses bulb number 2057


  • Bracket surface mounts on 7" centers
  • Dimensions: 8-5/8" L x 4-5/8" W x 2-1/16" D

This is a multifunction stop, turn, and tail light on a white bracket. This red light measures 8-5/8" long x 4-5/8" wide x 2-1/16" deep. The molded plastic housing and durable lens provide all-weather protection against corrosion. The light features a replaceable, snap-on lens and an easy-to-replace bulb. The white bracket mounts on 7" centers. The wiring design includes the lead wires for power and a ground wire for mounting to any surface.

Manufacturer Cross Reference
Light will work as an exact replacement for:
Wesbar # 3621
Peterson # 2533W

dimensions of light
Light with RV50BK bracket attached (Bracket sold separately)
Light with RV50BK bracket attached (Bracket sold separately)

Light with RV50BK bracket attached (Bracket sold separately)

RV-ST50 Optronics Camping Travel Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light

Video of Optronics Camping Travel Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Optronics Trailer Lights RVST50 Review

Today we are going to review Part Number RVST50. This is the Optronics Camping Travel Trailer Stop Turn and Tail Light. This is a multi-function stop turn and tail light on a white mounting bracket. This is a molded plastic housing with a durable lens which will provide all weather protection against corrosion. This light does feature a replaceable snap on lens and an easy to replace bulb. The Bulb Number would be a 2057.

The mounting surface or the mounting bracket on the back has four mounting holes, one in each corner and the distance between those holes is seven inches and this way would be 3 1/8 inches. It does have a three-wire design which is the one wide wire for the ground and then the two power lead wires for the tail lights and the other one is for the stop and turn signal. This tail light is weather and corrosion resistant. I am going to give you a few measurements on this light; the overall length of the light will be 8 5/8 inches. The width will be 4 5/8 and the depth of the light will be 2 1/16 inches.

Now, what Im going to do is hook up a power supply to the light to give you an idea of the brightness of the light. That would be the tail light. That would be the stop and turn brightness. Now what I am going to do is turn out the overhead light to give you an idea what the brightness of the light would be in the dark. So again, this is the brightness of the tail light and then when we apply the stop or the turn signal that would be the brightness there.

That should do it for Part Number RVST50.

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Customer Reviews

Optronics Camping Travel Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light - RVST50

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (272 Customer Reviews)

8-5/8" L x 4-5/8" W x 2-1/16" D; Corrosion resistant; replaceable lens and bulb; surface mount on 7" centers; 3-wire; 1-bulb incandescent.

- RVST50

by: Robert H.07/25/2014

Right product, right price. Easy install, perfect fit. I got both left snd right tail lights, including shipping for less than a single light at Camper's Inn. The only suggestion I can make is they should include some form of soft gasket material to prevent water from getting behind the and possibly entering the hole in the trailer where the wires come through. I used a general purpose weather stripping putty for this purpose but a form fitting gasket would be a nice improvement. etrailer.com, I'll be Baaack. 142945


Hunky dory.

Robert H - 07/28/2015


- RVST50

by: Greg O.06/30/2014

Great service. Installed the new lamps in a couple of hours with few issues. Only concern I have is with what appear to be rather fragile looking "clips" that hold the red lens cap onto the white body. My previous experience with this design (different product) has resulted in broken clips, so I filed the tabs on the "clips" down a bit to hopefully make the removal of the lens easier. 138429


Lights are working perfectly. I just know that I will have to be very careful when I remove a lens cover so as to not break off a plastic tab. But, all in all, Im very pleased.

Greg O - 07/01/2015


- RVST50

by: Larry G.07/30/2013

This is an exact replacement for the tail lights on my 6X12 enclosed trailer. I always research pricing and quality before I purchase and this was the best buy I found. The delivery was quick - @ 3 business days from order - and the quality meets my expectations. I will definitely bookmark this site for future purchases. 92382


No problems whatsoever! Lights still working like new with no corrosion or other issues. Thanks for the follow-up. You guys are awesome!

Larry G - 01/28/2015


- RVST50

by: Cory G.11/17/2013

The product was great looked great and should be a direct replacement for what was on the trailer originally. One word of caution don't cheap out on the shipping. I got the cheapest shipping and the way it worked is UPS would deliver it to the closest USPS post office then USPS would take over and deliver to my house. Well I have a small rural post office that's only open 4 hours a day and UPS tried to get it to my post office twice but on both occasions my post office was closed, I call UPS and was told if the third attempt failed that I would have to drive to the nearest UPS distribution center an hour away to pick up my package or it would be sent back. Well the 3rd attempt UPS managed to get to my post office before they closed, but just barely. Everything about the product I got from etrailer was excellent. The Shipping companies seem to have had a steady decline in their customer service. 107615

- RVST50

by: Peter H.04/30/2014

These trailer lights are of very good quality, I like the socket the bulb fits into and were an excellent price. They were shipped to me super, super fast. I can not install them as yet because we are still in winter here. I have ordered from here before and I am a very happy customer. Thank You. 128270



Peter H - 04/30/2015


- RVST50

by: Stephen L08/09/2014

I have heard and read a lot about etrailer.com and did not believe that they were that good. I order this product for my camper and did the ground shipping, it said 4 or 5 day delivery time, and I actually got it a day early. I installed it the next day in 5 minutes, the item looks just like the other one I order last year from another company, the only different was that etrailer product had the same color wiring as my camper was. and the other company product was WAY off which made installing it a BIG pain in the butt. Also etrailer email me to see if I was happy with their product and the other company didn't give a dam if I was happy, they already got my money. I like this type of service and is already planning to purchase more from etrailer.com. They are that good !! Thank-you!!! 145479

- RVST50

by: Rich A05/14/2013

Exactly what we need for our 1989 Coleman Chesapeake pop-up camper. I haven't installed these yet because I received no installation instructions. Rich 80230


We used our pop-up camper to go camping in Door County.We had no problems with the rear taillights.Thanks,Rich Adamczewski

Rich A - 05/14/2014


- RVST50

by: Mike H04/29/2013

What can I say... these lights are "replacements" and not the OEM lights, but they are higher quality and better looking than the originals. Etrailer shipped them right out... they were shipped out the day I ordered them and on my doorstep 2 days later. When I took the originals off, I noticed they were in place by rivets, and I was nervous about drilling them out of my ABS trailer. However, it was no problem at all, and I'm so glad I took on this project. I replaced 11 lights and both brake lights, and it has given my 1996 trailer a much needed facelift. The old lights were tired, and the bases were black. The new lights have white bases and they they are MUCH brighter and more vibrant. The lenses fit snug. Oh, and the price was incredible. Great transaction. 78423

- RVST50

by: Roy S11/14/2013

Great looking product way below the cost elsewhere. 107397


Still working as they should. They are RV lights, Not much can go wrong other than burned out bulbs.

Roy S - 11/14/2014


- RVST50

by: Paul J08/14/2014

I was searching for some replacement tail lights for my vintage 76' Scotty Sportsman, these turned out to be a perfect fit (size) They do feel alittle fragile but they seem to be more than tough enough once installed. I will definitely be using E-Trailer again for future purchases. My next project is to replace the teardrop running lights on top. 146727

- RVST50

by: Jason S.06/13/2011

After working on the old lights on my camper numerous times just prior to leaving on a trip and while traveling, I decided it was time to replace all of the lights. I purchased two new tail/brake lights, and four new side markers. The total price including shipping was just over $28 (I should have done this a long time ago). The lights arrived within 3 days of being ordered, and I was able to install them fairly quickly. I am so happy that I now have all six lights working perfectly, and shouldn't have to worry about them for a long time. 16914

- RVST50

by: Colin04/22/2014

I ordered replacement taillights for my camper trailer after mine were smashed by careless children playing a game that involved bouncing a heavy ball off the trailer wall. This is the second time I have ordered from etrailer.com and will continue to do so for all my trailer part needs. I give customer service an A+, ease of ordering and the prices also get an A+. The package arrived safe and secure two days before I expected it. The lights I received were an exact match to the ones broken on my trailer. Way to go etrailer.com! 126456

- RVST50

by: Joel D.08/11/2012

This product is exactly as presented. I installed this product on my Flagstaff Pop-up camper and it worked perfectly. The mounting holes and wire colors were an axact patch to replace the original equipment. The price was about 50% of the originals and is a superior product in my opinion. I removed the cover lens and applied a coat of chrome metallic paint to the lamp mounting surface and this gave a reflective and produced a brighter glow. This is a small improvement to a near perfect product. 51355

- RVST50

by: ZaBigD07/11/2015

I replaced the tail lights on my travel trailer with the Optronics Trailer Lights - RVST50 & RVST51 for half the price of other name brand lights. The installation was easy and the lights worked great. They are bright and easy to see, both day and night. My only complaint is that the lens cover may be a little too tight of a fit. I was afraid I was going to crack the lens pressing it onto the base but it snapped into place without any problem. I suppose that is a good thing after all. 211030

- RVST50

by: Gunny04/26/2011

Very prompt service, excellent shipping and communication from the sales team. I ordered multiple items at once and the staff bundled them all in one shipment and had them shipped the same day I ordered. Each product was exactly what I needed and as research will show, they have the best prices on the web. Couple that with free shipping and it's impossible to not recommend this company to all. Thanks etrailer staff!! Semper Fidelis Gunnery Sergeant Scoggin United States Marine Corps 12372

- RVST50

by: Jeff in Ohio10/03/2014

My Coleman pop up is 27 years old and the old lights have been repaired with red tape more than once. The new lights arrived quickly and are as good of quality as the originals or better. The mounting holes did not line up exactly as the originals, but drilling new holes through the aluminum skin of the camper was not a problem. I used pop rivets to mount the new lights. I am very pleased with the results. $15 for two lights and shipping. Why didn't I do this years ago? 154352

- RVST50

by: E SWADLEY09/22/2013


- RVST50

by: 4campers06/20/2014

These were easy to install as replacements on my pop-up. They are much brighter than the old ones. And again the shipping from etrailer was faster than quoted, arriving one day sooner which was good because we were leaving on a trip the day they were scheduled to arrive. 136777

- RVST50

by: Bill06/22/2014

Installed today on my Jayco popup. I used the old harness instead of replacing all the wiring, then replaced the Jayco 6 prong with a four prong plug. The lights look really good, and would be hard pressed to tell they are not OEM. 137001

- RVST50

by: Allen12/28/2010

"Filled the Bill" Simple, but effective design; installed easily. This was a replacement for an earlier-design Optronics model, to cosmetically match the license plate holder version (left side) I had to replace. The only precaution I would recommend is to not be as ham-fisted as I was, and break off a plastic tab of the license plate holder version like I did on the original one, while trying to get the temporary tags off. 4694

- RVST50

by: David B07/17/2012

The items I ordered were sent the same day, and shipping cost was very reasonable. So glad I found this site, and have been telling all my friends about you and your company.Hard to believe a company is so loyal to their customers and go out of their way to help in any way possible. Keep up the good work and hope to do further business with you in the future.. Thank you so much again...Dave 48251

- RVST50

by: Brad06/02/2015

Replaced old original tail lights on 91 Dutchmen TT. Much brighter and I don't have to hit the lights before each trip to make them work. Easy to install, the only problem I had was these mounting hole didn't match up with original holes so I had to seal old holes and make new ones. Didn't come with directions so you'll need to remember or label the wires as they come off old lights. 200028

- RVST50

by: Mark C.04/10/2015

Couldn't Find these anywhere but here. Great experience from finding what I needed on their website all the way to the email saying it was successfully delivered. Can't believe how fast I received package. Now that the snow melted of course it's been raining so hopefully I can slap these on our (new to us) pop-up camper SOON !!! I will be using Etrailer again..... 184564

- RVST50

by: Tom04/15/2013

There was a question on what size these tail lights really were that was listed on the website. I had called customer services, and verifed which was the correct size, customer services was courteous, and efficient. I was really please on the prices of these tail lights, and how fast I recieved them, not to mention how easily they were to replace on my RV. 75972

- RVST50

by: susanna belcher05/25/2014

I am so very pleased with my order and the delivery time was awesome.i placed my order on a thursday evening and it was delivered monday morning.great job to u all etrailer!!!! I will definetly be ordering more stuff from you again in the near future and I will be recommending u to people also. Again great job and thanks again. 132359

- RVST50

by: outplay07/02/2014

Bought these to replace broken lights on my 95 Coleman Roanoke. Very well built, and easy to install. They are not a direct replacement, as the mounting holes did not line up. Wasn't too hard to make new holes since i had to drill out the mounting rivets anyway. Great product, and fast shipping. Will use etrailer again. 138843

- RVST50

by: RMG03/16/2015

Installed two new taillights on my pop up camper after an incident broke one and was very pleased with the fit and look of these lights. Also the installation was very easy making the whole transaction very successful. I would do a picture but camper back in the garage because winter in western NY. is not quite over. 178558

- RVST50

by: Dawn K12/27/2014

We lost the red lens on the OEM lights on our Rockwood Mini Lite and I couldn't locate a replacement lens, so I ordered these lights to completely replace the existing ones. These are a bit larger than the OEM lights, but easily installed and fit in the area of the existing lights. We are pleased with the purchase. 167061

- RVST50

by: Ron Z.05/27/2014

I bought these thinking that I would have to re-mount the entire unit to both lights on the rear of a pop-up camper. When these arrived I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were exact replacements so I'll only have to take off the lenses and pop these on and the brake/stop/turn lights will look like new! 132516

- RVST50

by: Ray T.08/10/2012

I ordred a set off tail lights for my 1984 Shasta Travel Trailer and was happy to see they replaced the original ones exactly. I am very pleased and will order again when I need a part. I was also happy to see a company that saved me money on shipping by shipping the most efficent way. Thanks etrailer.com 51225

- RVST50

by: phil S.06/02/2014

product came in and everything fit great, the tail lights look good, thanks for the help 133773

- RVST50

by: Jacob R.06/03/2014

Work great just unscrewed the old light cut the wires used three butt connectors to connect the new light. Removed the lens screwed the new light on and popped the lens back on. Same as the oem light I had. Screwdriver, wire cutters/strippers and three wire connectors is all you need. 134150

- RVST50

by: Tom10/25/2014

Be sure and check the wiring before installation. I assumed the taillight's black wire would go to the trailer's brown wire and the taillight's green wire would go to the trailer's green or yellow wire - nope, I got it backwards. Otherwise, easy to install and works fine. 157911

- RVST50

by: John g05/11/2011

The ordering process was great. I received a confirmation email every step of the order. The light cover fit my travel trailer perfect. No drilling! The lens fit the housings nice and tight. Light bulbs were included! I did not expect the bulb to there. Nice touch. 13381

- RVST50

by: Jerry03/18/2013

The purchase process went very smoothly. Received order confirmation and shipping information in a very timely manner. The trailer lights arrived exactly as pictured and described. I definitely recommend etrailer.com and plan to do business with them again in the future. 71513

- RVST50

by: krb2405/29/2015

I couldn't be more please with the new tail lights I purchased for the trailer. They are an exact match to the old ones. These are the stop, turn and tail light -RVST50. I will do business with etrailer in the future based on how well they responded to my order. 198529

- RVST50

by: E H Greist06/30/2013

Wired up quickly and well. Very firm connection between the lens and the mounting plate. I won't be worried about this one falling off on the highway! Only drawback was the lack of screws to mount to the camper, and to attach the license plate (on the other model). 86852

- RVST50

by: Sunny04/24/2014

Very happy with my purchase. The lights we got are exactly what we needed. Customer support was excellent. Sending an email when the package was shipped with tracking on it. They arrived in very good time. Got lights back up on my trailer and very happy about that. 127159

- RVST50

by: Tony P.08/01/2011

Great product, reasonable price, quick delivery. The lights were exactly as described and were the exact replacements for the original lights that were on the trailer. Perfect fit! Great transaction. I'm highly pleased and would strongly recommend etrailers. 20822

- RVST50

by: Peter W.01/16/2015

The product has replaced original equipment on my 1996 trailer. Product matches the original perfectly and fit perfectly. Service from etrailer.com is excellent. Shipped promptly and arrived safely. Couldn't be more please with the product and the service. 170182

- RVST50

by: Roy C07/10/2011

received my tail lights for my coleman pop up camper, they were better than the ones I had and hooked up perfect. I'm completely satisfied, solved all my light problems with very little money. Thank you for the great product and the great service. 19054

- RVST50

by: paul07/17/2015

The tail lights were received in the specified time, as well the lights were what I ordered. The best surprise was that the lights actually had the bulbs included. The lights seem to be of the highest quality and I am very pleased with them. 212564

- RVST50

by: Philip03/26/2013

I received the trailer lights and they look like they will be fine for my old StarCraft Meteor camper. The price was also great. I appreciate the quick delivery as well. I probably won't install them until the weather gets a bit better. 72641

- RVST50

by: Dan C08/16/2014

Thanks just what I needed 146992

- RVST50

by: James Harley05/09/2014

Haven't installed them yet.... Taking the camper out this next week for a few days of needed R&R. I will intstll at that time. Product is Great and very fast delivery! Thanks Etrailer.... I'll take pic's and do an update 129824

- RVST50

by: GARY S.06/25/2015


- RVST50

by: Rod F04/03/2015

Rear tail light for my trailer - product was exactly what I was looking for, good product at a great price, and order was filled and delivered very promptly. I'll definitely come back to etrailer for my next purchase. 182948

- RVST50

by: Sean K.04/26/2013

Once I place my order I immediately had a response saying the item was shipped and had a tracking number. The shipping speed was really fast and the item fit and worked. I would purchase items from this company again! 78003

- RVST50

by: Ken09/04/2012

good product just what i thought it should be ,simple to install ,mounting holes just enough off from the stock square ones that the screws where able to get a new bite ,and still had basically the same footprint. 53923

- RVST50

by: Cliff A.04/26/2013

Very easy to order on line. Pay Pal was a plus. The lights were exact match for my travel trailer. Excellent communication and very fast shipping. I added etrailer.com to my favorites and will shop again 77991

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  • How to Wire the Camping Travel Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light, # RVST50
  • The Camping Travel Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light, # RVST50, has a total of 3 wires. The white wire is the ground and needs to be connected to a clean and corrosion free metal surface. It sounds as if the clearance lights are using the turn signal function instead of the running light function. Usually, the running light function on a trailer is a brown wire. You can use a circuit tester, like the Quickee # 3808, to find the correct wire. This wire will split off at some point near...
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  • How to Wire the Left Rear Camper Tail Light # RVST51
  • When wiring the # RVST51 Tail light with license plate light, you should only have one wire going to the turn/stop signal connection and one wire going to the taillight connection on each side of the trailer. The Left side turn/stop wire on the trailer is yellow, Right side turn/stop wire is green, taillight wire is brown. On the left side you should connect the yellow wire from your trailer lighting to the green wire on the # RVST51 tail light, and connect the brown wire from the...
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  • How to Find a Replacement Lens for a 1990 Coleman Newport Pop Up Trailer Tail Light
  • To identify which taillight lens will match your housing you will need to look at the taillight itself and get a model number from it or look at the lens on the opposite side of the trailer to obtain a model number from it. The camper model really does not help much for the taillights. When ordering, remember that the left side may be different from the right side, as left usually has a clear bottom lens for license plate illumination. If you cannot find a lens and would like a whole...
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  • How Do Trailer Lights Ground and Wire Up
  • If the second wire is white it most likely is a ground wire and would just need to be run to a clean, metal surface. However, in some situations the light will ground through the mounting bolts of the light assembly. So if the light assembly is a stop/turn and tail assembly and there are only two wires the assembly grounds through the mounting hardware and the two wires are for the stop/turn and tail light circuits. If the light assembly only has a single intensity bulb and there...
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  • Left Turn Signal and Brake Light Do Not Work and Running Lights Blink When Right Turn Signal Is On
  • You took the exact first step I would take when trying to solve this issue by testing the trailer connector on your vehicle. That tells us that the issue is definitely on the trailer somewhere and it sounds to me like it is a bad ground. The next step that I would take is to make sure all of my ground connections are good and clean. There will be a ground connection coming from the trailer connector to somewhere on the trailer tongue and each of your trailer lights should have a ground...
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  • How to Wire Replacement Trailer Tail Light # RVST51 on 2005 Aliner Camper with 4-Wire Hookup
  • My research of Aliner campers indicates their tail light assemblies appear to be flush-mount rectangular units roughly 4-inches tall x 8-inches wide. We offer a flush-mount light from Optronics, part # RVST50, that is similar to the bracket-mount unit you referenced, part # RVST51. Both lights have a 3-wire hookup, the same dimensions at 8-5/8 long x 4-5/8 wide x 2-1/16 deep, both are weather and corrosion resistant and both have replaceable bulbs and lenses. The wiring arrangement...
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  • Need Replacement Tail Light Lens for Reflect-O-Lite 310-350 on 1968 Serro Scotty Trailer
  • 1968 Serro Scotty trailers came in various sizes and models (the Gaucho in 13- and 15-foot versions; the Highlander and the Sportsman). Based on the photos I found, both round and rectangular light assemblies were used, but since you reference the Optronics rectangular trailer lights # RVST50 and # RVST51 I take it yours are this shape. I contacted Serro Scotty to try to locate either an exact replacement lens or details about the appropriate size replacement, but they were not able...
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  • Replacement Lens for Tail Light on Palomino Yearling Pop-Up Camper
  • You will need to pull a light housing and look for any identification that will tell you the manufacturer and model number. With that information I can determine if there is a replacement that will fit. Otherwise you will have to go by the measurements. Light # RVST50, which you reference, uses # AST50B for a replacement tail light lens. This lens measures 8-5/8" L x 4-5/8" W. I have included a link to all of our red trailer tail light lenses at right. You can filter them by shape...
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  • Are the Camping Travel Trailer Lights # RVST50 Available with LED Bulbs
  • At this time we do not carry a Camping Travel Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light with led bulbs and an angle mount bracket. The bulbs in this light can be changed out to led bulbs though. You would need to use the Putco PURE Premium 1157 LED Bulbs - 360 Degree - Red, item # P231157R-360-S, to replace the bulbs in the Camping Travel Trailer Light, item # RVST50, with LED bulbs.
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  • Is there a Replacement Tail Light Lens (Right Side) for 1991 Coleman Roanoke Pop-Up Trailer
  • Since we do not have specific parts listings for your 1991 Coleman Roanoke Pop-Up Trailer, I checked several websites, including Coleman's own site, and I too did not have any success finding any listing for a replacement Right Taillight Lens for the 1991 Coleman Roanoke Pop-Up Trailer. We may be able to help you if you can provide some additional information from your trailer. Please look at the base for the right tail light, that is, the part of your trailer to which the red lens...
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  • Trailer Lights Go Out When Running Lights are On and Brakes Applied
  • The reason this is occurring at night and not during the day is because during the day you are not using the running lights. There are a couple of possibilities here. First, check the main trailer connector grounds on the vehicle and trailer and make sure they are attached to clean and corrosion free bare metal surfaces. Also do the same for the tail lights on the trailer. A bad ground can cause this issue. Ground problems show up when there is more load on a system. When the running...
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  • Running Lights Not Working But All Other Lights Are on Optronics Trailer Tail Light # RVST50
  • Since you have already looked at the ground wire for tail light # RVST50 then it is probably not an issue with this ground. The wiring on this light should be as follows: White wire: ground Green wire: tail light Black wire: stop and turn light Disconnect the trailer and use a circuit tester like # 3808 to test the 4-Way on the vehicle. If the running light circuit is working there then you know the issue is on the trailer. If it is not working, then you know there is a problem...
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  • Replacement Tail Light Assembly for 1988 Coleman Chesapeake Pop-Up
  • The Optronics # RVST55 would be a good replacement taillight, like your existing lamp it is a 4 wire/ 2 bulb taillight. If you went with a single bulb, you would lose the reverse light function. If you would prefer a lamp that only provided stop/turn/running light functions, the Optronics # RVST50 would be a good choice. The lamp uses three wires, white for ground, green for running light and black for turn/stop light. Either Optronics lamp would be a pretty close replacement for...
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  • Troubleshooting 1973 Road Ranger Travel Trailer Turn and Stop Lights Not Working with Tail Lights On
  • It sounds as if you have a ground connection issue, or a short on the tail light circuit on the trailer. Most likely it is a bad ground that will need to be found. The bad ground shows up when the tail lights are turned on because that is when the highest amount of amperage draw is placed on the wiring. I would start with the trailer connector on the truck and trailer. Open them up and make sure there is no white or green corrosion causing an issue inside the connectors. If so clean...
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  • Troubleshooting Blinker Lights on 1977 Road Ranger Camper
  • You should only have one wire going to the turn/stop signal connection and one wire going to the taillight connection on each side of the trailer. Left side turn/stop wire is yellow, Right side turn/stop wire is green, taillight wire is brown. White wires should be grounded securely to a clean metal surface. Make sure the trailer and truck grounds are good too. If the problem is still there check the connector from the vehicle. One wire broken or shorted can cause many...
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  • Replacement Tail Light for 1994 Coachman Catalina Trailer
  • I was able to find photos of the rectangular tail lights included on the 1994 Coachman Catalina but I could not confirm a manufacturer name. However, if the dimensions of the light you referenced, Optronics Trailer Light # RVST50, match yours then this 3-function light should work fine as a replacement. This item works as an exact replacement for a Wesbar 3621 and Peterson 2533W. This light measures 8-5/8 L x 4-5/8 W x 2-1/16 D and it mounts using bracket # RV50BK. The bracket mounts...
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  • Camper Has Separate Brake and Turn Signal Lights But Truck Has Combined System 4-Way Flat
  • Typical trailers have what is called a combined system. This means that the brake lights and turn signals on each side are on the same circuit and the running lights are on their own circuit. Your set up sounds like a separate system where the brakes have their own circuit, turn signals have their own circuits and the tail lights have their own circuit. Your truck has a 4-Way flat which means that it is set up for a combined system. There are 2 ways to handle this problem: 1) You...
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  • Running Lights Not Working on an H & H Trailer with 5 Wire Trailer Connector
  • First, use a circuit tester like # 3808 if needed to test the brown wire to make sure it is functioning properly at the vehicle side connector. If not then you will need to troubleshoot the vehicle. On light # RVST50 the green wire is the running light circuit and the black wire is brake light/turn signal. Make sure the main trailer connecter is grounded to a clean and corrosion free bare metal surface. Do the same for the lights. If the trailer has an aluminum frame, grounding the...
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  • How to Wire up a New Trailer Connector on a 2013 Sundance Travel Trailer
  • To eliminate all the guesswork involved in rewiring a trailer connector to your trailer I would recommend you make a jumper wire from a 12 volt battery (a vehicle battery would work great for this) and run 12 volts to each of the wires from your trailer to see for certain what circuit that wire carries. It looks like the wires from your new connector are the standard wire colors but just in case I attached a photo of how a trailer 7-way should get wired. I also attached an FAQ on...
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  • Troubleshooting Wiring Problem on 1977 Travel Trailer
  • The first thing you'll want to do is get the trailer connector on the truck operational again. The procedure for this will depend largely on the year, make and model of the truck. If the truck is newer, it would likely have a factory tow package that uses relays to control and fuses to protect the towing circuits. When you checked the function of the connector on the truck, are all the features dead (right turn/brake, left turn/brake and running light) or are some working? If some are...
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  • Why Will Fuse Blow When Brakes or Turn Signal is Applied on 2008 Ford F-250 Towing a Trailer
  • It sounds as if you have a ground connection issue, or a short on the tail light circuit on the trailer. Most likely it is a bad ground that will need to be found. The bad ground shows up when the tail lights are turned on and the brake or blinker is used because that is when the highest amount of amperage draw is placed on the wiring. I would start with the trailer connector on the truck and trailer. Open them up and make sure there is no white or green corrosion causing an issue inside...
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  • New Trailer Lights have 3 Wires but Old Trailer Lights have 4 Wires
  • You will need to determine what the functions of the wires are on the existing lights using a circuit tester like # 3808. Have the trailer connected to a vehicle and have someone run through the light functions to determine what the wire functions are. Trailer light # RVST50 has a white ground wire, green for running lights, and black for brake lights and turn signals. On your trailer wiring, the white is probably the ground if it was attached to the frame. The brown wire is most likely...
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  • Running Lights Not Working on 1964 Aloha Travel Trailer
  • You certainly should be able to access the running lamp circuit behind each of the lamps. Finding the other end to tie into the running lamp circuit from the trailer connector might be a challenge. If need be, you might just run a new running lamp circuit from the trailer connector to feed the running lamps. I have linked you to our Trailer Wiring FAQ article, which you might find helpful.
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  • Troubleshooting Right Turn and Brake Light Not Working on 1979 Prowler Camper
  • Since you recently installed the Optronics Travel Trailer Lights, # RVST50 and # RVST51, I would first recommend checking the ground and wire connections from the light to the trailer. If the ground is not connected to a clean, bare metal surface or the wire connections are loose or pinched, then you could see issues. If the light connections look fine, then I would recommend starting at the vehicle side trailer connector and working back toward the trailer. Take a look at the trailer...
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  • How Does Camping Travel Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light, # RVST51, Mount to the Trailer
  • To mount the Camping Travel Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light, # RVST51, you will need 4 screws for the mounting holes on the back of the light assembly. This light comes with a license plate bracket and light. The light for the other side of the trailer is Camping Travel Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light, # RVST50. If you can give me the serial/model number and manufacturer of your existing light assembly, I can find if there is an exact replacement.
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  • How to Properly Ground Trailer Marker and Taillights
  • Each lamp needs to be grounded either through its mounting studs being in direct contact with the trailer frame or by having a jumper wire ran from the lamp to the trailer frame. Ground the trailer connector at the front of the trailer, which will use the trailer frame as a ground wire. This method is the most simple and effective. You could run a ground loop, but if everything's properly grounded, it won't be necessary. I'll link you to our FAQ article on trailer wiring.
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  • How Does the Optronics Light # RVST50 Wire to a Trailer
  • On the Optronics Light # RVST50 that you referenced the white wire will need to be grounded, the green wire will need to be run to the running light circuit and the black wire to the stop/turn circuit. Assuming the wiring you listed for where you plan to install this light follows the standard taillight color codes the white wires would match each other, the green of the light runs to the brown of your trailer, and the black of the light would run to the green of your trailer. If...
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  • What Gauge Wire Should be Used to Wire 8 Marker Lights, Incandescent or LED
  • First, LED lights do draw a fraction of the amperage compared to incandescent lights. But going with either 16 gauge or 14 gauge wire would work. I would say if you use incandescent bulbs then 14 would be the better option and 16 gauge for LED lights.
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  • 1996 Palomino Trailer Wiring Troubleshooting
  • Make sure that the trailer side connector are clean and free of corrosion inside and out. The main connector grounds should be attached to clean and corrosion free bare metal surfaces. The light grounds should also be attached to clean and corrosion free bare metal surfaces. If there is anything between a light ground and the metal trailer frame or if the trailer has an aluminum frame, tilt bed, or folding tongue, any of these things can interrupt the ground. Running jumper wires from the...
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  • The Main Reason for Nearly All Trailer Wiring Problems
  • Rewiring a travel trailer like yours would be pretty challenging as you will need to most likely remove interior walls to access the wiring. Since it would be much easier to check the grounds first (as that is most likely the actual problem) I recommend you start there. Nearly all trailer wiring issues are ground related. Try finding a better ground for the light assemblies on your trailer to see if the issues you are having go away. Some assemblies ground through their mounting hardware....
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