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Towing Recommendations for a 2015 Honda Odyssey


I have a 2015 Honda odyssey and want to pull a3100 lbs rv . So I need a hitch wiring harness and brake controller and possibly a sway bar attachment . Could u send me your recommend and part # of why I need ? Thanks

Expert Reply:

First lets start with a hitch for your vehicle. I recommend the Draw-Tite # 75270 because it has a high towing capacity compared to the Curt Hitch.

Next the wiring harness that is custom fit for your 2015 Honda Odyssey is # 118521 this will provide you with a 4-pole connector at the back of your tow vehicle.

Don't worry that your vehicle isn't already prewired for a brake controller, I have a solution for that too. Our # ETBC7 kit includes everything you need to install an electric trailer brake controller and 7-way connector. This will connect to the 4-pole harness # 118521, I previously recommended to get your complete system tow ready. I've attached a video of the # ETBC7 being installed on a similar model to your 2015 Honda Odyssey for your convenience.

As far as Brake Controller recommendations I really like the # 90195. This brake controller is a proportional controller, which means whatever pressure you press the tow vehicles brakes it will apply the same pressure and intensity to the trailers brakes. It also has a customizable full display screen which provides you with a full error messages instead of codes that need to be deciphered.

The next step I would recommend would be to determine if you are in need of a weight distribution system or if what you are towing could be handled without it. Your Honda Odyssey already sits very low to the ground so I would recommend, with that heavy of a trailer, that you consider using a weight distribution system to distribute the weight and prevent the tow vehicle from squatting too close to the ground.

When choosing the right weight distribution system you need to first determine GTW (Gross Trailer Weight) for your trailer. This is the total weight of your trailer plus the weight of the cargo that sits behind the rear axle of your vehicle. If your Fully Loaded GTW is 3100 lbs. then 310-465 lbs is your TW (Tongue Weight for your weight distribution range) because typically it is 10-15% of your TW.

Keeping in mind that your Honda Odyssey already sits so low to the ground I recommend a weight distribution system like the Reese Steadi-Flex # RP66558 with Trunnion bars over the standard round bar system, because Trunnion style bars are lower profile than the Round bar and we want to give you all the ground clearance you can get. This system does not come with a hitch ball but we offer two of the common sizes needed a 2 inch # 63845 and a 2-5/16 inch # 63847.

I've linked a Help article about weight distribution and used this equation: Tongue Weight (for weight distribution) = trailer tongue weight + vehicle cargo load behind rear axle

Without knowing what your Fully Loaded TW is, it might be possible to use a like drawbar # 40346 and hitch ball # A-90 to tow your trailer using Sway-Control Bracket # RP26003 and Sway-Control Bar # 83660, but I really think you will like the safety and ride of the weight distribution better.

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Jackie C

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