Air Lift WirelessAIR Compressor System for Air Helper Springs - Wireless Remote Control

Air Lift WirelessAIR Compressor System for Air Helper Springs - Wireless Remote Control

Item # AL72000

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Air Suspension Compressor Kit

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Air Lift WirelessAIR Compressor System for Air Helper Springs - Wireless Remote Control Digital Display AL72000
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Put the power of your system in the palm of your hand. Adjust any brand of air springs (sold separately) from inside or outside of your cab and run diagnostics with the touch of a button. Automatically maintains pre-set pressure levels. Call 800-298-8924 to order Air Lift air suspension compressor kit part number AL72000 or order online at Free expert support on all Air Lift products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Air Lift WirelessAIR Compressor System for Air Helper Springs - Wireless Remote Control. Air Suspension Compressor Kit reviews from real customers.
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Air Lift Air Suspension Compressor Kit - AL72000

  • Air Lift
  • Dual Path
  • Wireless Control
  • Digital Display

Put the power of your system in the palm of your hand. Adjust any brand of air springs (sold separately) from inside or outside of your cab and run diagnostics with the touch of a button. Automatically maintains pre-set pressure levels.


  • Lets you adjust 2 air springs (sold separately) independently with the wireless remote control
    • Level your vehicle front to back
    • Get side-to-side leveling of off-center loads by inflating each spring with a different amount of air
  • Maintains automatically the air pressure that you set
    • Adjusts air pressure to stay within 3 psi of your pre-set level
    • Senses when air pressure falls below a safe level and instantly acts to restore pressure
  • Provides 2 programmable pressure settings for frequently hauled loads
  • Delivers advanced diagnostic reports, ensuring vehicle safety
    • Notifies you of leaks or compressor failure
  • Allows you to monitor each spring with built-in, digital air pressure gauges
  • Boasts a powerful, hand-held wireless unit the size of a garage door opener
    • Conveniently clips to your visor
  • Works with all air spring brands
  • Installs easily - no lines or wires need to be run to the cab
  • Includes everything you need for installation:
    • Weather-resistant manifold that is waterproof up to 2'
    • Wiring harness
    • Compressor
    • Wireless, hand-held digital controller


  • Compressor duty cycle: 9 percent
  • 60-Day money-back guarantee
  • 2-Year limited warranty

Oh, the power of your index finger. Air Lift's premium, wireless, onboard compressor system allows you to fill your air springs at the touch of a button. WirelessAIR also automatically maintains pre-set air pressure levels.

With a wireless controller the size of a garage door opener, you can inflate or deflate your air springs and even run advanced diagnostics without leaving the driver's seat. The system lets you know if there is a leak or if the compressor has malfunctioned. If you want to get a good look at your vehicle while adjusting your air springs, just grab your controller, hop out of your truck and make your adjustments from outside the cab.

As soon as you turn on WirelessAIR, the compressor will activate and fill your air springs to the default level of 5 psi. After that, you can reset your default pressure settings to whatever you like (between 5 and 100 psi) and WirelessAIR will maintain these levels for you, staying within 3 psi of your desired level. Built-in digital air pressure gauges allow you to monitor each spring on your vehicle. You can pre-program two pressure levels for frequently carried loads such as your boat or camper. Also, WirelessAIR senses when your air pressure falls below a safe level and restores pressure to the minimum psi, preventing wear on your air springs.

WirelessAIR has a dual-path controller that lets you adjust two air springs individually. This means that you can get front-to-back and side-to-side leveling. Alternatively, you can configure the system to adjust and monitor two pairs of air springs independently. This way you can put different amounts of air into your front pair and rear pair of springs, allowing you to level your vehicle front to back.

The system comes complete with everything needed for installation, including an air compressor; a manifold that's waterproof up to 2 feet; an easy-to-install wiring harness; and a wireless, hand-held digital controller.

WirelessAIR is compatible with any brand of air springs, and it comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

72000 Airlift Wireless Air Handheld Air Compressor System for Air Bag Suspension Support - Dual Path

AL72000 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details AL72000 Installation instructions

California residents: click here

Video of Air Lift WirelessAIR Compressor System for Air Helper Springs - Wireless Remote Control

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Air Lift WirelessAIR Compressor System Installation - 2016 Ram 2500

Today on our 2016 Ram 2500, we're going to be showing you how to install the Air Lift WirelessAIR Compressor System for Air Helper Springs. Part number is AL72000. Now, our 1 button and the 2 button here, this is going to allow us to have presets, so if we have trailers that we typically carry we want them to be set at a certain amount. You see we've got that one set to 45. You just hit the button, it's going to bring the bags down to 45 pounds. First one is set at 28. Maybe you've got a different trailer.

You just hit those buttons for a quick adjust, and then we can go through our other buttons here to adjust individually, side to side. Also, for the rough figure, which will allow us to go up or down 10. We can go up 10 psi or down psi without having to hit these buttons 10 times individually. To change your preset, you just want to go to whatever psi it is you want to be at. Say you want to be at 28 pounds, and we'll just hold that down. You can see it's going to give us an SER set.

Now, 1's going to be 28 pounds. If we wanted to set that just like the other one, you're just going to hold that down. Now, you can't really see it outside of the vehicle, but our cluster there is backlit. Even in a low light situation, we'll be able to see. It's got a mellow green color.

I think that's nice, so it's not too overbearing. The clip will allow us to easily attach that, just like a garage door opener. Maybe a little bit bigger than a standard garage door opener, but it's there. It's easy to get to. We can instantly adjust our settings any time we need to. Now, this is what our kit's going to look like when we spread it out.

The main components of the system, of course, are going to be our compressor. As you can see, it's nice quality. We've got the grommets here with the inserts to help reduce any vibration actually transferring into the vehicle. The thing I like about the kit, it all comes pre-wired. You can see we've got our fittings. Now, we might switch some of these out for heat shrink connectors or whatever we want to do to ensure that we don't have any issues a long way down the road. The kit that they provide is going to get you going and will get your compressor running. You can see, here's a relay kit. This part plugs into our manifold. This allows us to turn the compressor on and off without running all of the power through a switch. We use just a little bit of power from an ignition source here. That's going to power our relay, and then allow power to transfer through, so we're not drawing all that through our system. This is going to be our control box for it. this is going to allow us some presets, so we can preset in there a few different psi's that we want. Then, this is going to allow individual adjustability as well, so it's really nice there. This is our manifold. We've got our relays that are going to plug in here. We've got an air in. We've got a vent here. This is going to convert, what we've got here is just a standard single path compressor. This is going to allow us to run 2 separate airbags, so it still gives us that side to side adjustability, which I really prefer. You're always going to have an off-center load a little bit one way or another, so it's nice to be able to adjust those independently. Of course, we've got the air line tubing that we'll need to make our connections. We've got our instruction kit. We're going to have our hardware and everything that we'll need to install or at least help us install. Some zip ties. I tend to run out of these zip ties, so it's a good idea to have some of those on hand if you need a few extra. Now, when it comes to attaching our manifold to the frame, they're going to provide a bracket here for us. You can see we've got holes on the back side and holes on the front side. The ideal mounting situation would be for this to be mounted up against the frame. We'll get it up as high as we can. We want the arrow on our vent to face in, and we'd like that to be up and down with our plug on the top. Now, if you can't get it in that configuration, you can adjust this slightly, but this is going to be ideal. I think it is something that you can accomplish underneath the vehicle. Now, to attach our bracket, just want to use the two small bolts that are provided. You'll need an 8mm wrench or socket to tighten these down. All right, that'll be ready to mount. To mount that under the frame, we're going to use the 2 large self tapping screws that we've got there. Our compressor is going to mount with the smaller self tapping screws. If you have an open channel frame, you can use the bolts, but in this application we're dealing with a box frame, so we'll be using these self tappers. Now, I like the area that's located between the fuel tank and the DEF tank that we've got here. It's a protected little cubby area. Of course, we need to watch our brake lines. We need to watch the fuel lines that are up here. This should give us a nice area to mount. The compressor I'm going to put up here a little bit further forward, and then when it comes to the manifold, I'm going to mount that back here just a little bit. Just so it will clear my brake lines that I have up there. I know we need to go there. I'm going to mount the relay right to this outside screw or this forward screw on our manifold here. Let's go ahead and start by getting it mounted, and then we'll move on to getting our compressor mounted. now, the way all of our wiring is ran in our relay, you can see they've got it taped up a little bit. From the plug that goes in to the manifold down and from the relay down, I'm going to go ahead and get that taped off. I'm not so worried about just the red and the black wire that we're going to be running up to the battery, or the fuse box anyway. You know it would be nice to clean up the look of this. Keep our wires protected. That's what it will look like when you get done. Just going to clean up the look a little bit. We have so many different colors running underneath there. Let's go ahead and get our manifold installed, and remember we're going to mount our relay in that forward attachment point as well. Just going to use the screw to mark the location there, and then being careful of my lines up above. We'll use the self tapper to actually pre-drill the hole. All right. Once we've got that one where we want it, we'll mark the other one. I'm going to slide my relay right in behind there with those holes lined up we'll put our forward screw in. Then, just snug them down. I'm going to take care of this one just like the other one. When we get it in a good position there, I'm going to mark and start my holes one at a time here. That way we get it right in the exact position we want it. Run that in, you'll notice I put one of the black washers on from the black bolts they have provided that you would mount your compressor with if it we're a C-channel frame. You want to back off that zip tie there. I'm going to bring my ground wire up, and I'll place it right behind that bolt head. I think that will be a good location, take out some of that slack. I'm going to run my power wire up behind the compressor just to keep any wires from hanging down. I'll zip tie those off right up here. Now, we want to leave enough slack in our wires, so they're not making contact with our compressor. Take that relay wire and run it up to that bigger wire loom at the top. It'll help take out some slack. Now, this is going to be running forward, so we can lay that up that way in a minute. We want to get our compressor power wire connected to that wire coming out of our relay. Bring that down just a little bit. Clip that off. Take that off there that way it gives us a little slack. Then, we'll grab our wire strippers, and we'll strip both sides of that back. We can use the provided heat shrink butt connector. We're going to use the one for 16 to 14G wire, so it will be the blue one. Now, we'll shrink that down. I'm just going to use a lighter. Of course, if you're using an open flame, you really want to avoid your fuel lines up there. You could also use a heat gun or a little mini torch. All right. There we go. Nice sealed up connection. That's going to get a superior moisture resistance there. I'm going to bring my plug back that goes right into the top of the manifold there. Hear it click, then there's a little lock and tab that you push down there on that edge. Let's get rid of that one. Just slip that around. Then, we'll get that zip tied right to that wire loom, and we'll run forward with that wire loom up towards the front whenever we need to get to our battery and the fuse block which is over on the driver side. Now, to run our wires the rest of the way up front, I've just attached a piece of airline tubing here. You could also use a coat hanger or stiffer piece of wire just to help us get over the nooks and crannies or get through the areas we want to get through. I'm going to go from where we headed there just behind that tank. Run up over the top there, and then draw our wires through. I'm going to use plenty of zip ties to keep everything nice and secure. Now, from this point, we're ready to head right up towards that front driver's side corner of the truck. The biggest thing you want to look for is the steering shift. That's right here. It's got that boot on it. Now, that's going to turn. We certainly don't want our wiring to be in that area, so we're going to go towards that outside fender well. We'll get an anchor location there, and then we can run up and along that fender toward that battery location where the fuse block also is. We just want to make sure as we pull that up, that we pull all of the slack out of our wire. Sometimes it'll twist and it won't come up, then we'll have a loop down here that might get hung on something. You want to really be careful with that. All right. Let's pull our slack up. Then, I'm going to come right over here to that really large wire loom that runs outside from the inside of the cab there. I think that'll be a great spot to anchor out. It'll be really nice, really sturdy. Once we get up to this point with our wiring, we're going to separate the power wire, the red wire, from the ground wire, which is the black wire. That ground is going to go right here underneath this battery stud. The red wire is going to come up to this fuse panel box. Trim off more than enough here. Then, we can use our knife here, and we're going to separate the electrical tape. You want to avoid cutting into the wire. Figure out the length we'll need for our ground wire there. Snip that off leaving a little bit extra, then we'll be able to strip that back. inaudible 00:13:01 the provided ring terminal. Then, just back that nut off the stud. If I can, I like to put this underneath, so I lift that one off. We'll kind of get that sandwiched between the two of them. That should give us a really nice, secure connection. Run it off that side so we can make it look a little nicer. Then, put that nut back in place, and then tighten it down. Now, there's a small channel that runs back behind these brackets and along this edge. If we can, we can carefully run our wire along there, and that will keep it tucked back out of the way a bit for us. Now, if we push these two tabs on the front side of the fuse box, we'll be able to open that up. What we're going to do is we're going to tap in to, you can use one of the two 25 amp fuses that are going to be right up in this area. One's for the heated steering wheel. One's for the heated seats. That's an emission only source. The fuse is 25 amps, so that's plenty large enough to cover the 15 amp fuse that we're going to be putting in. I'm going to use enough of the red wire to where I can get it into the fuse panel. Strip that back. We can grab that large yellow butt connector, make it slid on there, and crimp down. Also, grab our fuse holder. Strip back both sides of it. Since these are the smaller fuses, we're going to use the smaller female spade connector. Place that down on there and get it crimped in. The other side will go into the butt connector. Get it crimped down. Get that shrinked down. I'm going to pop that cover open. We want to pull one of the two fuses that we decided on. Now, we're going to take that small fuse tab since we are using the smaller size fuse. I'm going to bring our fuse right down, and it almost clicks in there in the bottom. Now, we can slide that right back where we got it. That will give us our connection point right there. Now, I'd like to have the whole fuse holder inside of here. Something like this. That way it's protected and out of the elements, so you can kind of route it in like that. You just want to keep it down below those relays, so the cover can close. In order to do that, we're going to have to notch out the side of the box just a little bit here to allow for that to go through. Your side cutters should work out fine for that. You have to do the inside and outside lip. Use a razor knife to just score it. Then, we should be able to flex it and bend it out of there. Let's check for fit there. Yeah. That looks good. Open and close no problem. Now, we want to take at least a 30" piece of air hose, and we're going to snip it off here. We're just using a tubing cutter. This is part number AL10530. That's going to give this really nice, clean, flush cut. It's very important for these. To seal crap with it, you do it that way. Now, that 30" piece of tubing we're going to connect into the input that runs through the filter into the manifold. You'll feel an initial click, and then you'll be able to push down just a little further, and you'll feel that second click. That's going to indicate that it's fully sealed in there and should be able to pull it out, coming out. Now, I'm just going to make a coil, and we're going to be connecting this one right here. That cap will come off. Place that around our air line tubing. Loop it. Push it in. It's going to go over that little nub that's on there. That little flare. Then, we'll get that secured down. Now, we're going to use a 12mm and a 17mm. 17 we'll just hold with here. The 12 will tighten it down with. We don't want to over tighten this. Just snug it down. We'll check for leak, and if we need to we'll tighten it up a little bit more later. That will just be if we need to. Just gather our coil there and zip tie it off. Now, we're going to come out the first side, number 1. That's going to go to the left side air bag on the driver's side. Number 2 is going to go to the right side air bag that's over on the passenger side. All right. I'm going to start by doing the driver side first, so I'm going to wrap this end back towards the air bag. The large body mount here, we can get over top of that. We can come out here and run along with these parking brake cables. We're going to go right over the top of that. Put a few zip ties in locations. Now, I've just about run out of the zip ties provided with the kit. It is a good idea to have extra zip ties on hand. Now, we're going to be teeing into the air bag right here behind the tire. This is where those air lines are going to run. Again, with our tubing cutter, come in, cut that off nice and flush, side our T fitting in just like that. Now, you can see those two holes there. We'll use a zip tie through those to secure our air line, and that should keep it up and out of the way in case anything just slung up by the tire. Now, on the bed support rod here, I'm going to take that up as high as I can get it, and then cinch down that zip tie. That way it will keep it running up above the frame well there until it joins in with our parking brake cable. All right. We've got to figure out what we need. We don't want it to have too much of a sharp bend to it that can cause leakage. Trim off the little excess. Bring it around. Plug it in side number 1. All right. Coming out of here, I'm going to run my air line up over these supports. You want to keep it up out of the way of the exhaust here. As you can see, we have an exhaust here, and above it's a heat shield, so we can kind of take advantage of that. I think with this we can run it right on the back side of this bed mount and use a zip tie up there to get it secured in place. Just like when you did your air bags. You just want to avoid any sharp edges or any significant sources of heat. Anything that might cause damage to the air line, any pinch points. I'm not going to tighten that down fully yet to give me some room to go back and forth if we need be. Do the same thing on our other one right here. Now, from that point I'm going to go right up behind, if you've got it the factory 5th wheel, mounting location on this back side. You've got the puck system, or whatever they call it. If now, then you'll just run up over that cross member, and then zip tie it out to these two holes with a long zip tie going through them. This one I'm going to do right around here. I'm going to keep that air line pulled down and away, so if they do install something there it won't offer any interference. Then, it's pretty tight around the top of that air bag, so you might not have a really good opportunity there for your T fitting. I don't think we will, so I'm going to go right up over top of that spring perch, and we'll connect back further where we've got the air line running down the frame. Bring it on back. Come right over top of the frame rail there. With that routed where we want it, I'm going to make my connection into the manifold first this time. I'm going to pull through all this slack. That's going to maximize the amount of air line tubing I've got leftover for my vent when we run that. Once the slacks pulled through, we'll tighten those zip ties and trim them off. Now, we can trim the line going to our air bag there. Get our T put in place. Now, we're going to pull the small cap out of the end of the compressor there. We can get rid of it. It's time to thread in our push to connect fitting. We want to thread this in, of course, until that thread sealant really engages fully into our compressor. It's not like it's going to be pressurized or anything, but we still want a good seal. Now, to get our air line ran up to where we want to go, I'm using extra tubing. This is part number F9151. It's going to be an 18 ft. extension. Then, we're just going to push that right in. You should be able to pull without it coming out. It kind of gives you two clicks. You'll have the first initial click, and then one a little bit harder. Now, I'm going to route this back kind of the same way I did with the air line going to the air bag, itself, but we're going to stop about halfway there and run it up along side of the bed. If you are using this as a replacement hose, what you can do is just push in on the hose that your push to connect fitting, push in on that ring, then you'll be able to slide that out. This is going to be a really good replacement just to have on hand, in case you are hauling and maybe one of your air lines blows out or something from the road comes up and knicks it. You'll have that in your box and very easily replace that section and fill them back up and get right back down the road. Now, I'm going to be zip tying my filter off way up here by the fuel filter area. We just want to make sure we've got enough air line for that. We'll trim it off here. Now, we can grab our filter. You can see it's got the little barbed fitting on there and that will slide in to the end. It's not a bad idea to either stick that in some hot water. Once we've got that heated up a little bit, that should slide in just fine. This isn't going to be pressurized, so as long as you get a little bit past that barb you should be fine. We come up there, we get our zip tie started. Place our filter in. Then, just cinch it down. We'll have a good source of fresh air to go into our compressor, and we won't have to worry about a bunch of moisture, dirt, or debris. All right. Let's pop that cover off. We'll place in our fuse. We'll test out the system. Now, to test out the system, we just want to turn the key in to the on position. Give it just a second, and we should hear the compressor starting to fill up the air bags. It's going to get it back to that minimum of 5psi. You see it's giving a readout currently. It shows both rear air bags are at 5psi. All right. Now, both our bags are set up to the 35psi. We'll go ahead spray them down, check them, and make sure it's not leaking. We could also watch these gauges to see if they started to slowly come down. In a slow leak situation, that might take awhile, so we'll just go spray them down and make sure everything is sealed up properly. What we're looking for are new bubbles to be forming or to be coming out. Not only are we going to spray the fittings that are up by that compressor and by that manifold, we also want to spray our T fittings where they engage our air lines. Now, with no leaks detected, that completes our installation of our Air Lift WirelessAIR Compressor System. Part number AL72000 on our 2016 Ram 2500.

Customer Reviews

Air Lift WirelessAIR Compressor System for Air Helper Springs - Wireless Remote Control - AL72000

Average Customer Rating:  4.3 out of 5 stars   (13 Customer Reviews)

Put the power of your system in the palm of your hand. Adjust any brand of air springs (sold separately) from inside or outside of your cab and run diagnostics with the touch of a button. Automatically maintains pre-set pressure levels.

- AL72000

Compressor kit works amazing and i am completely happy with the product. Katrina B. went above and beyond to match another competitor. She also was very prompt and available to answer all questions. Seamless process from beginning to end. Thanks for all your help Katrina! 477533

- AL72000

Install was easy, finding a place to mount the pump was the hardest part. Once that was complete, it took less than 2 hours. I ended up putting mine inside the spare, I have a 2016 Ram 2500 Crew Cab 6'4" bed. 469527

- AL72000

Instructions were spot on, took about 4 hours to install (without a lift) including the airbags. Have yet to tow with it but the system seems to work very well. 413858

- AL72000

Perfect solution to balance weight of fifth wheel camper on my F250 diesel. Trailer is around 14000 lbs and have short box with crew cab. Remote is a very simple to use and the whole process is seamless. Was a good move to make traveling with and pulling the camper almost effortless. 287124

- AL72000

Disappointed. The installation instructions are incomplete; they do not even mention connecting the intake air filter or tubing. The manifold is designed for independent left and right side operation, yet the kit contains enough tubing to run a line to one side of the vehicle only. After running tubing to the right side air bag, I only had 2-1/2 feet left over - not nearly enough to run from the manifold to the left side air bag. A 50 foot roll of tubing would have been sufficient. Twenty feet is definitely not even close. The unit is designed to have supplemental Schrader valves for use in case of emergency, yet contains none. This is not consistent with what I have come to expect from etrailer. 557568


The AirLift WirelessAir Compressor kit is intended for use on vehicles that have an existing air spring system. If the output hose is ran from the compressor, there is plenty of hose to Tee into the existing air tubing. The schrader valves you speak of would have been included with the original air spring kit.

-- Mike L - 08/30/2018


- AL72000

I had the air bags and controls installed on aThursday morning, hooked up my fifth wheel Camper after lunch and left for a eleven hundred mile trip, the air bags worked wonderfully, made the ride alot smoother, I even got a liitle better fuel mileage. I had installed the wireless controls so it made it easy to adjust the ride and level of my truck during travel and hooking and un-hooking my 40' fifth wheel, great product 435168

- AL72000

Was disappointed with the degree of difficulty getting the components to communicate and did not expect the compressor to come often when one encountered uneven roads. Was happy with e-trailer but not the product, would not purchase again. 479496

- AL72000

I recently purchased this compressor kit along with the AirLift Loadlifter 7500 XL air springs for my 2015 Silverado 3500. Installation for both is pretty straight forward but it did take me longer than I expected (about 8 hours total). They definitely help keep the ride height at factory designed levels & the auto leveling feature with the air compressor is excellent. I definitely recommend the wireless remote for the do-it-yourselfers as install doesn't require piercing the firewall to run wires for a switch. The wireless remote gives a digital easy to read screen that you can adjust while driving even. Overall I give this product a 5 star rating. 711789

- AL72000

Dad's Quick Lube in Lorena Texas wanted to thank etrailer for helping us pick out the best components for the customers needs, was missing one part from package due to transport neglect, Called etrailer and was fixed up right away with no hassle, thank you again etrailer 714675

- AL72000

Great kit and easy install. Definitely better than manual inflation. I am glad Olivia suggested this kit for my 7500 XL air bags. Installed great on a 2013 Chevy 3500 with no problems. 694271

- AL72000

Worked as is should and still performing as it should. 588706

- AL72000

Needs more air hose to do all the runs like they show in the install video. 585543

- AL72000

Good product, very convenient when installed the only issue I ran into was premature pump failure 277876


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  • Best Air Suspension System for Level Towing a 5th Wheel Trailer with a 2016 Ram 2500 4X4
  • We do have a selection of rear air bag suspension enhancement for your 2016 Ram 2500 4X4. I recommend going with a Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Spring system. For your 4WD Ram you will to go with the part # F2598, unless you have the RED label. If that is the case you will want to go with the part # F2706 instead. Both are confirmed to fit with an in-bed hitch installed on your truck. The part # F2580 has a 5,000 lb capacity while the part # F2706 has a 7,500 lbs capacity. Neither...
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  • Recommended Airbag Suspension for 5th Wheel on 2015 F150 XLT Supercab with 6.5 Foot Bed
  • For your 2015 Ford F-150 XLT Supercab, the Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Air Helper Springs - Rear Axle # AL57284 or the Airlift LoadLifter 5000 with Internal Jounce Bumpers # AL88385 for increased safety are a great option that will work with your truck and trailer combination. Both of these options will adjust from 5 psi to 100 psi to remove sag and level your truck. All air spring kits come with the manual inflation valves to allow you to use an air compressor to level your springs....
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  • Is the Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate # AL89399 Compatible with a 2017 F-250 4WD w/ Prep Package
  • The Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate # AL89399 that you referenced is confirmed to fit your 2017 Ford F-250 4WD with the 5th wheel prep package. I have confirmed this with my contact at Air Lift. I also recommend installing a compressor system with your air bags. This allows you to increase the psi of your air bags wherever you are. No need to hunt down an air compressor because you are loading up some equipment. We have the Air Lift Load Controller II # AL25592 which is an analog...
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  • Is Compressor System Required for LoadLifter 5000 Springs on a 2017 Ram 2500 w/ Bilstein Shocks
  • While a compressor system like the Air Lift WirelessAIR # AL72000 isn't mandatory for the Air Lift LoadLifter 5,000 Air Helper Springs # AL57289 on your 2017 Ram 2500 with Bilstein Shocks, it is definitely something that we highly recommend. Reasons being that a compressor system keeps you from having to hunt down a compressor when you need to inflate your air bags and also provides an active monitor that gives you advanced diagnostic reports so you know if you have a leak or a compression...
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  • Air Bag Suspension Needed for 5th Wheel Towing with a 2016 Ford F-250 Platinum 4x4
  • If you have 5th wheel base rails, like the Reese Custom Quick-Install # RP50026-58, installed on your 2016 Ford F-250 Platinum 4x4 then you will want to use the Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs # F2597. These have a 5,000 lb weight capacity and have been confirmed to fit with 5th wheel base rails and can be used to level out your 5th wheel towing setup. If you have a short bed diesel then you will need the Relocation Bracket # F5722 for the install. Please note that these air springs...
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  • Will the Air Lift 7500 Air Bags Fit a 2019 Ford F-350 DRW with Pucks
  • I checked with Air Lift and can confirm the LoadLifter 7500 XL Air Helper Springs part # AL57577 will fit your 2019 Ford F-350 DRW with the factory puck system. This kit is a direct bolt-on option so no drilling will be required and it is also made right here in the USA. In order to complete your setup I highly recommend an air compressor system because this allows you to adjust the air pressure at will, as needed for different loads. The best option for this is the Air Lift WirelessAIR...
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  • Are Ride-Rite Air Bags and WirelessAIR Compressor a Good Choice for 2019 Ford F-150 That Tows Often
  • You have chosen well because the Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs # F2582 and Air Lift WirelessAIR Compressor System # AL72000 are exactly what I would have recommended for your 2019 Ford F-150 if you had written in and asked what the best option would be for your situation. The Ride-Rite are the highest-quality air bags on the market due to their construction; they have layered reinforced rubber which is extremely durable compared to other air bags and even have a lifetime warranty....
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  • Can Air Lift WirelessONE Compressor Inflate Air Springs on 2007 Toyota Tundra with Truck Camper
  • The Air Lift WirelessONE Compressor System for Air Helper Springs # AL25870 is absolutely going to be strong enough to inflate the air springs on your 2007 Toyota Tundra that you are putting a truck camper on. That said, for a truck camper, where weight can be unevenly distributed, I strongly recommend going with a dual-path compressor, the Air Lift WirelessAIR Compressor System for Air Helper Springs # AL72000 because it will inflate each spring independently to a different psi to...
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  • Will Air Lift Air Springs Work on 2013 Ford F-150 With 2 Inch Lift and Fifth Wheel Hitch
  • The Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus Air Springs # AL89200 are a fit for a 4 wheel drive 2013 Ford F-150 and will likely be compatible with a fifth-wheel hitch because they mount mostly to the bottom of the frame rails, wrapping slightly around the outside. So long as the brackets of your fifth wheel do not interfere with that area these springs will work, but you will need to check under your 2013 F-150 to verify. In terms of your rear 2 inch lift it is likely that you will need...
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  • Digital Air Pressure Gauge of Wireless Air Spring Compressor Systems
  • The Air Lift WirelessAIR Compressor System for Air Helper Springs - Wireless Remote Control # AL72000 displays the digital air pressure gauge to allow you to monitor each spring. This is the real time psi you asked about. The Air Command F3 Compressor System w/ Wireless Remote and Standard Duty Compressor # F2589 or heavy duty compressor # F2590 will also give you the digital gauge in your remote to monitor the actual air pressure in your system. I've attached videos of the systems...
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  • Recommended Air Springs for 2017 Ford F-250 to Help with Towing 5th Wheel Trailer
  • For your 2017 Ford F-250 I recommend the Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Air Helper Springs # AL57399 as long as you have the 4WD model. The air springs on this system feature a 5,000 pound capacity and will do a great job of keeping your truck level and improving your overall ride quality. The mounting brackets are compatible with an in-bed hitch. You can then add the Air Lift Load Controller Compressor System # AL25856 so you can monitor and adjust the bags from the comfort of the cab. This...
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  • Will Air Bags Fit 2007 Chevy Silverado 2500HD With Fifth Wheel Hitch
  • Yes, the Air Lift LoadLifter 7500 XL Air Helper Springs # AL57575 will fit your 2007 Chevy Silverado 2500HD with a fifth wheel hitch installed and be the perfect way to help keep you level and improve the ride of your truck while you are towing. I also strongly recommend installing the Air Lift WirelessAIR Compressor System # AL72000 with the helper springs because it has a wireless remote control which allows you to adjust the air pressure in each bag from the comfort of your truck's...
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  • Parts Needed to Add Tank to Air Lift Suspension Enhancement Compressor Kit
  • Air Lift has a 2 gallon air tank part # AL10980 that can be used with your Air Lift WirelessAIR Compressor System # AL72000. A 2 gallon tank like this is a great size as you have plenty of capacity for most uses and it's not so large that it's hard to find a place to mount. To connect the air tube of your kit to the tank you'll need two of the fittings # AL21837. To add the coiled cable and fittings for inflating tires you'd then also need the # BTAASET and you'd be set! I attached...
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  • Most Heavy Duty, Adjustable Suspension Helper for a 2019 Ram 2500 Power Wagon
  • The most heavy duty suspension enhancement system for your 2019 Ram 2500 is the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System part # TDR2500D which is rated for up to 8,600 lbs. However, these are not adjustable therefore the next best heavy duty option for you is the Air Lift LoadLifter 7500 XL Air Helper Springs part # AL57589 which is rated for up to 7,500 lbs and is adjustable from in the cab if you were to add an air compressor kit. I recommend the Air Lift WirelessAIR Compressor System...
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  • Are Air Bags Spacers Needed for the Air Lift Kit on a 2019 Ram 2500 Power Wagon
  • The Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus Air Springs part # AL89289 is a direct bolt-on fit for your 2019 Ram 2500 Power Wagon and there will not be any additional spacers needed for installation. I confirmed this with my contact at Air Lift for you as well just to be sure. Although not a requirement, an air compressor kit will be a great idea as it allows for pressure adjustments on the fly. I recommend the Air Lift WirelessAIR Compressor System part # AL72000 for this because it...
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  • Supersprings Suspension Stabilizer Compatibility with Air Lift Load Lifter Air Springs on 2014 Ram
  • The Air Lift LoadLifter 7500 XL Air Helper Springs - Rear Axle # AL57595 is a confirmed fit for your 2014 Ram 3500 and will fit with the SuperSprings Suspension Stabilizer and Sway Control Kit - OEM Leaf Springs Above Axle # SSA15MTKT in place because they mount is different locations. The Air Lift springs are adjustable from 5 psi to 100 psi and will help level the load. This kit comes with manual inflation valves that you can mount wherever is convenient. You may also be interested...
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  • What Air Bags Will Work with a 5th Wheel Hitch on a 2019 Ford F-250
  • I am glad you came to us for help as the problem you anticipated is valid and an issue on some airbags kits. For an airbag kit that will fit your 2019 Ford F-250 4x4 and will allow you to install a 5th wheel or gooseneck hitch in the future without any issues, I recommend the Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Air Helper Springs part # AL57399. This kit installs under the frame rail so there will not be any issue with a 5th wheel or gooseneck hitch whatsoever. In fact, we actually installed these...
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  • Troubleshooting AirLift Compressor AL72000
  • You never mentioned the error code you were getting but if your Air Lift WirelessAIR Compressor System for Air Helper Springs # AL72000 is not working due to the compressor not coming on there are two likely reasons. The first is that there is an issue with the wiring that needs to be addressed; there could be faulty or loose wiring that is hampering the ability of the compressor to turn on. Take a close look at the grounds as well to ensure they are good. The other issue could be...
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  • Replacement Remote for Air Lift Compressor System
  • There is no remote control that comes with the Air Lift LoadLifter 7500 # AL57595, the remote comes with the compressor system. There are two possibilities for replacement remote controls so you will need to know the compressor system you have; if you have the Air Lift WirelessAIR Compressor System # AL72000 then the correct replacement remote is # AL73002. Should you have the Air Lift WirelessONE Compressor System # AL25870 then the correct replacement remote is # AL72704.
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  • Best Airbags, Spacer Kit, and Air Compressor for a 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4
  • I have listed the correct parts you will need to install a set of airbags and add an air compressor on your 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 below. I recommend going with a Firestone airbag system and an AirLift air compressor system because Firestone has the best airbags due to their crimp rolled design as opposed to a band clamp and AirLift has the best air compressors as they are made by Viair who is an industry leader in this category. Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs part # F2609 Lift...
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  • Recommended Air Spring Suspension Enhancement for 2019 Ford F-350 Dually 4x4
  • The Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs - Double Convoluted - Rear Axle # F2604 are not the style with the integrated jounce springs but they do install in the same location as the factory jounce. The # F2600 will fit a 2019 F-350 but only the 2WD version. The # F2604 is made only for 4x4 options that are dual rear wheel so it is the correct fit for your truck. Unfortunately we don't have a video of this installation but it is similar to many others that install in the same location....
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  • Will the Air Lift LoadLifter 5,000 Air Helper Springs Fit on a 2017 Ram 2500 with Bilstein Shocks
  • My contact at Air Lift said that you will have no problem installing the Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Springs # AL57289 on the rear axle of your 2017 Ram 2500 with the off road package with Bilstein Shocks. Please note that a compression system is the best way to help you inflate and manage your air bags. I recommend using the Air Lift WirelessAIR Compressor System for Air Helper Springs # AL72000. This system will allow you to monitor your Air Lift system while inside your truck using the...
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  • Best Suspension Enhancement for 2019 Ram 3500 Dually With Truck Camper
  • The best suspension enhancement for your 2019 Ram 3500 dually with a truck camper is the Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Air Helper Springs # AL88295 because the air bags can be adjusted individually from between 5 and 100 psi to help compensate for the sag and slight lean your camper is causing the truck. These air bags are also going to improve your '19 Ram's overall handling and reduce tire wear by helping keep its front tires on the ground; please keep in mind they are designed...
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  • Recommended Air Bags for a 2014 Ford F-450
  • Yes, the Air Lift LoadLifter 7500 XL Air Helper Springs part # AL57596 are a good fit for your 2014 Ford F-450 and are actually the air bags I recommend for you. The reason for this is because they offer the highest capacity available for your truck, 7,500 lbs and they are compatible with most in-bed 5th wheel and gooseneck trailer hitches. This kit in particular is also drill-free which means you don't have to drill any holes into your truck's frame. If you are going to be hauling...
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  • Recommended Best/Better Air Spring Suspension Enhancement for 2012 Ford F-350 Dually 4x4
  • With your 2012 Ford F-350 Dually 4x4 you are most likely towing some big loads. My recommendation is to use the Air Lift LoadLifter 7500 XL Air Helper Springs - Rear Axle # AL57596 for the greatest load leveling support or the Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus Air Springs w/ Internal Bumpers # AL89396 which have the extra security of the jounce spring inside. Either of these options are custom fit for your vehicle and are compatible with in-bed hitches in case you will be using them...
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  • Firestone Ride Rite Air Bags Installation With Single or Dual Path Compressor
  • The Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs - Double Convoluted - Rear Axle # F2410 is designed to flex from side to side when you use a single path compressor and T-valve. In talking with Firestone they have only every confirmed using the dual path compressor to eliminate this issue and do not have a specific check valve for that application. The reason is that you need to be able to release the air pressure as well so the check valve is only in the compressor like # F9399-1. For...
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  • Can the AirLift Compressor Kits be Used on the Firestone Airbags
  • I believe you are referring to a digital gauge display like the ones used on the Air Lift WirelessAIR Compressor System for Air Helper Springs part # AL72000 and the Air Command F3 Compressor System w/ Wireless Remote and Light Duty Compressor part # F2581. The air compressor kits are more or less universal meaning that an AirLift compressor kit will work with Firestone airbags and vice versa. The AirLift WirelessAIR has a digital gauge display, wireless remote, air compressor, and all...
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