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Installing Electric Brake Controls on 24 Volt Vehicles

Technical Bulletin SUBJECT/Summary: Installing an electric brake contoller on any vehicle that uses a 24 volt electrical system.PROBLEM: The maximum input voltage for most brake controls is 12 volts for battery supply and brake signal.SOLUTION: When installing an electric brake control onto a vehicle that has a 24 volt electrical system, follow the wiring instructions below. Because the stop lights are operating on 24 volts you will need to obtain (locally) a 24 volt relay for the stop light signal and install per instructions and wiring diagram below.Connect the white (ground) wire to the negative terminal of the first battery. Connect the black (power) wire between the positive terminal of the first battery and the negative terminal of the second battery. Run the blue (electric brake) wire to the trailer connector. The red (stop light signal) wire will connect to the load terminal of the relay. Please refer to the wiring diagram below.NOTE: The trailer brakes will operate on 12 volts. The trailer lighting will remain at 24 volts.
Brake Controller Wiring Diagram
Manufacturer: TekonshaBulletin Date: 2-30-2009Bulletin Number: TB0022Updated by: Raymond P.Last updated: 7/3/18



Hello Would it be easier to tell us the pin layout as you did the wiring diagram? Thanks

David B.


Pin layouts, especially for adapters can change so the easiest way is going to be to just test the pins with a circuit tester to find out the functions.



Hi I have 2 questions 1 will this work with any brake controller. 2 with the 24v relay can you please tell me what number the pin layout go to for all 5 pins Thank kevin

Les D.


@Kevin per the drawing the brake controller connects to the 12-volt leg of the battery bank, so any typical 12-volt brake controller could work in that scheme. Regarding the relay, the customer supplies this part, so you will have to follow the pin out for your product.



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