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Review of Kwikee RV and Camper Steps - Replacement Step Motor Switch - LC3722617

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Kwikee RV and Camper Steps - Replacement Step Motor Switch - LC3722617 Review

Ellen: Hey everybody, I'm Ellen here at, and we're going to take a quick look at the replacement step, motor, and switch for your 32 Series Kwikee Step. So if your old step isn't really working right, maybe it's gotten rusted shut, it's bent, damaged, something's wrong with it, you need a new one. This should be the right one for you. I'll give you some measurements towards the end of the video to make sure that it is the right fit. The easiest way to figure out what series number you have if you do have a Kwikee Step is to look at the manufacturer sticker. A lot of times you can find this underneath the mounting plate.

Usually it's on this portion somewhere in here, it can also be on the side plates as well. So you can find that sticker, should say right on there what series it is. If that sticker is not there, maybe it fell off at some point, those measurements should get you at least to know what size you need and to make sure that this fits with yours.So let's take a look at what actually comes with this kit. So it is going to have the stair frame, and it does have the motor mounted. Now this is the manually operated version.

It's an electric step, but it is manually operated, so that means you just have to use the switch to actually run this in and out. It comes with the wiring to make that connection for power and ground. So you'll have the two prong wiring that goes into the motor here, and then you also get a replacement switch to replace what you already had in your RV, if maybe that switch went bad as well.Now if you're wanting to get this same step, but with the automatic open and close, or the automatic function where it comes out when you open your door and closes, or it comes back in when you close your door, that is available, you can find that using a different part number. It is listed on the product page here at, and it is LC372261. So if that's something you want to get, maybe upgrade to that next level for your step, that is an option.

But as far as just getting you back to what you already had with that manual electric step, this is the fit.So measurements, in case you can't find that sticker. Extended height, that is going from the top of this mounting plate to the bottom of the step, and that is 14 and 1/8 inch. Whenever it's all folded up and compact, going from those same spots, top of the bracket to the bottom of the step, it is 7 and 3/4 quarters. The overall width, we take that from the widest point, or the furthest out point on the step, which is this hinge with this turning pin here, same spot on the other side, and that is 25 and 1/2 inches. The bolt pattern on this top plate, the main pattern is 22 inches by 8 inches.

There are a couple other holes, maybe there might be some variations that don't use the same holes, but the main bolt pattern is that 22 by 8 here. So that's the furthest forward hole to the second to the back hole, and then the furthest ones out to the side.As far as the step size itself, 24 inches wide by 11 and 1/8 inch deep. We do have some other measurements listed on the product page, so if you want that complete list and all the specs, you can find that there. This does not come with any mounting hardware, so that is something you'd either need to reuse from your old step or purchase new.So between all those numbers, I hope I've given you the information you need to make sure that this is the right step for you. Again, if you can find that sticker, that's the easiest way to check on what you have, but if not, those measurements that should get you there. But again, I'm Ellen here at, thanks for watching.

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