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  1. Trailer Dolly
  2. Trailer Valet
  3. 9000 lbs Capacity
  4. Remote Controlled Dolly
  5. 2 Inch Ball
  6. 2-5/16 Inch Ball
Trailer Valet RVR9 Remote-Controlled Trailer Dolly - Wireless Remote - 9,000 lbs

Trailer Valet RVR9 Remote-Controlled Trailer Dolly - Wireless Remote - 9,000 lbs

Item # TVRVR9
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Trailer Dolly
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Remote-controlled, self-motorized trailer dolly lets you effortlessly move your trailer into the garage or other tight spaces. Wireless remote helps you maneuver your trailer 360 degrees with no spotter. 2" and 2-5/16" hitch balls included. Great Prices for the best trailer dolly from Trailer Valet. Trailer Valet RVR9 Remote-Controlled Trailer Dolly - Wireless Remote - 9,000 lbs part number TVRVR9 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Trailer Valet Trailer Dolly - TVRVR9

  • 9000 lbs Capacity
  • Remote Controlled Dolly
  • Trailer Valet
  • 2 Inch Ball
  • 2-5/16 Inch Ball
  • 18 Inch Tall
  • Aluminum
  • Silver

Remote-controlled, self-motorized trailer dolly lets you effortlessly move your trailer into the garage or other tight spaces. Wireless remote helps you maneuver your trailer 360 degrees with no spotter. 2" and 2-5/16" hitch balls included.


  • Remote-controlled trailer mover makes moving your RV, boat trailer, or heavy cargo trailer a simple, 1-person job
    • Move your trailer into your garage or another tight spot without breaking a sweat
  • Wireless remote control can be used at any angle from up to 40 feet away
    • Ability to freely walk around while moving your RV eliminates the need for a spotter
    • Simple forward/back and right/left button layout makes maneuvering the RVR easy
  • 4 High-torque motors move both single- and tandem-axle trailers
    • Independently operated motors provide 360 degrees of rotation
    • Full range of motion lets you easily move your trailer around corners and into tight spaces
  • Heavy-duty caterpillar treads easily maneuver over different surfaces - rating is based on level ground
    • 2" Wide rubber treads can handle asphalt, grass, and dirt surfaces
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 30 minutes of runtime
    • Easy-to-read battery indicator on remote alerts you when the RVR needs to be recharged
  • 2" And 2-5/16" hitch balls included for trailer hookup
  • Aluminum construction is corrosion resistant


  • Hitch ball diameter: 2" and 2-5/16"
  • Weight capacity: 9,000 lbs
  • Tongue weight capacity: 900 lbs
    • Minimum tongue weight required: 165 lbs
  • Voltage: 14.8 V
  • Dimensions without ball tower: 21" long x 19" wide x 9" tall
  • Dimensions with ball tower: 21" long x 19" wide x 18" tall
  • Weight: 75 lbs
  • Speed when unloaded: 29-1/2 feet per minute
  • Speed when loaded: 23 feet per minute
  • 1-Year limited warranty

Trailer Valet RVR9 Electric Trailer Mover

Moving your RV, boat trailer, or cargo trailer can be an arduous task. Manual trailer movers and dollies require you to bend over and move the trailer either by hand or by turning a manual hand crank. Electric trailer movers remove the physical exertion, but they still require you to manually steer your trailer with a handle, which requires strength and a second person to be a spotter.

The remote-controlled RVR robot removes those hassles and frustrations. With the RVR9, you can move your trailer with the push of a button. No physical exertion is required. Thanks to the wireless, handheld remote controller, moving your trailer is now a 1-person job. The remote control's 40' range lets you freely walk around your trailer while relocating it, ensuring that you have the best viewing angle as you go around corners and maneuver your trailer into tight spaces.

Operation with the Wireless Remote Controller

Trailer Valet RVR5 Wireless Remote Controller

The RVR's wireless remote controller has a simple layout featuring forward/back and right/left buttons. Once your trailer's coupler is secured on the RVR's hitch ball, hold down the "up" arrow button to move forward, and hold down the "down" arrow to move backward. To turn the RVR, hold down the "up" or "down" button while also pressing either the "left" or "right" arrow button, depending on the direction you want to move your trailer.

The RVR can be used to move your trailer up slopes or inclines of no more than 5 degrees. When using the RVR robot to move your trailer up an incline, the RVR must push the trailer up the slope. When going down an incline, the RVR must lead, or pull, the trailer down the slope.

 RVR9 Remote Battery Indicator

With a full charge, the RVR has a runtime of approximately 30 minutes, which allows for plenty of time to relocate your trailer. The remote control includes a battery indicator that will let you know when the RVR's battery is running low and needs to be recharged. To conserve the battery, the unit automatically shuts itself off after being idle for 3 minutes. The charger is included and connects to standard 2-prong outlets. The unit takes 5 to 6 hours to fully recharge.

360 Degrees of Motion

Trailer Valet RVR9 Motorized Trailer Mover

The RVR9 is built with 4 planetary gear motors that can move both single- and tandem-axle trailers. The independently operated motors allow for 360 degrees of motion, providing you with complete control and maneuverability when moving your trailer.

Heavy-Duty Rubber Treads

Trailer Valet RVR9 Rubber Treads

The heavy-duty caterpillar treads allow the RVR to handle a variety of terrain, including asphalt, grass, and dirt. The 2" wide rubber treads enable the RVR to move easily from one type of surface to another.

Hooking Your Trailer up to the RVR

Trailer Valet RVR9 Install

With the included base tower and interchangeable 2" and 2-5/16" hitch balls, it's easy to hook your trailer up to the RVR9. Just connect your coupler to the RVR's hitch ball, and then use the included spanner wrench to tighten the locking nut and secure it against the coupler. This will ensure that the ball doesn't slip out of the coupler during operation. Then you're ready to go.

TVRVR9 TrailerValet RVR9 - Remote Control Trailer Mover - 9,000 Pound Tow Capacity

Installation Details TVRVR9 Installation instructions

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Customer Reviews

Trailer Valet RVR9 Remote-Controlled Trailer Dolly - Wireless Remote - 9,000 lbs - TVRVR9

Average Customer Rating:  4.1 out of 5 stars   (44 Customer Reviews)

Remote-controlled, self-motorized trailer dolly lets you effortlessly move your trailer into the garage or other tight spaces. Wireless remote helps you maneuver your trailer 360 degrees with no spotter. 2" and 2-5/16" hitch balls included.


works great! I have a 20' aluminum boat with a double axle trailer it moves with ease!!

I would recommend this to anyone who has a tight area.

Tony L.


This is a must have for moving trailers in tight areas at an angle your truck cant make. I have a 20 heavy boat i move uphill with it.

Etrailer Expert

Mike L.


@TonyL We're glad your # TVRVR9 Trailer Valet trailer mover is working well for you!


Works great on flat ground. I back my trailer into my rv parking next to my house then use the dolly to position it so I can open the side door and extend the steps. The angle of my driveway prevents me from using my truck to get the trailer in the correct spot.



Still completely happy with the dolly. Use it March through October at least once a month. Still going strong


It's okay but not really worth the price. For how much this thing cost I though it would be a little more of a dream come true.
It's quite heavy and difficult to move around so you end up driving it around from garage to trailer, move trailer, unhook and drive it back. Couple big problems with that. It only has one speed, super slow. So driving it out of my garage, all the way out to my street to back my trailer into a very tight spot, is very flustering amount of time. Then the worse part is the thing overheats after driving it about 50ft in the summer. Trailer Valet told me that is normal and just how it works. It has an internal temp sensor that shuts it down when hot, then it has to sit for 10-15min to cool down enough to drive again.


We got this for our 27’ Airstream which was within the specs for the RVR9. It took about 6 hours for a full charge after delivery. The instruction manual was sparse and should be improved. It worked like a charm to push our Airstream up a slight grade into a narrow spot (too tight for us to back it in), and then again to pull it out and ready for departure in the opposite direction. It is an asphalt surface but some dirt resulted in slippage of the tread, but some change of direction regained traction easily. The picture shows that I had to go over both patio stones and asphalt. It used about a third of the charge to come out of the garage to the trailer, move it, then return to the garage. Due to some back surgery it’s too heavy for me to lift alone. I’m not sure whether I can leave it plugged in while we’re away (the manual seems to indicate it shouldn’t be left plugged in), so again some clarity with the manual is needed. All in all, exactly what we needed and easy to use. We would have been up the proverbial creek without a paddle without the Trailer Valet.

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


I did reach out to Trailer Valet and confirmed that once the battery is fully charged, it is not recommended to leave it plugged in.


I use this trailer dolly to move my bass boat and my trailer in and out of my 60 ft. RV area. My RV pad is between my house and my fence and it was extremely difficult not to hit the eaves of my house with my trailer or the fence with my truck. Using the Trailer Dolly, I can walk around the trailer and see all hazards while the Trailer Dolly is remotely pulling my trailer in or out of my RV pad. No more blind spots or wedging my truck against the fence trying to line the trailer up. With the superb maneuverability the Trailer Dolly has, I can also park my bass boat next to my trailer. This was impossible to do without the Trailer Dolly.
At first, I was a little concerned moving my 8,000 lb. trailer because the Trailer Dolly seemed a bit unstable pulling the trailer. I kept thinking it was going to tip over (which it never has). After experimenting with the direction, the dolly faces while pushing or pulling, I have had no problem moving my trailer upwards of 60 feet to my driveway without any tipping. Since the Trailer dolly will rotate on its axis, I can maneuver my trailer and boat into tight spaces.
I have owned this Trailer Dolly for a year now and I am 100% pleased with it.
I have 2 different size balls for my boat and trailer and I found it time consuming switching out the balls for each trailer. I solved this by purchasing a 2nd post. Now I have a post with my 2 in. ball for my boat and one with the 2 5/16 in ball for my trailer. Switching out the posts is much easier then switching out the balls each time I move both my toys.
Bottom Line:
Although this Trailer Dolly was a little expensive, it was worth it. It has saved me a lot of stress and quite possibly my marriage by not having my wife guide me in and out of my tight RV area with the truck hooked up to the trailer.


Works great pulling my 3500 lb boat out of the garage but it can’t push it back in over the 3/4 inch riser even with a ramp.


It works great, after I figured out what the four extra screws were for.No explination in manual. No information on the boxes that it came in to confirm that it was the right one, it uses Newton weights on the unit. I had to use Google for information. A bit of a learning curve moving the trailer on gravel but no complaints it did what it was supposed to do I'm very pleased

Howard 9.


Very good


moves my 34' travel trailer well. I have about 8'8" of space and I can maneuver it into this space perfectly with this robot. I know it is expensive but its way less than paying storage for the RV if I didn't have it to tuck it into my tight space.


Excellent! Expensive though, but when i look at all of the applications i use this Trailer Valet for, it's worth it. A mishap or two with fences, tights squeezes between vehicles, etc. and it would have paid for itself. It struggles a bit with my heavy trailer when using it on an incline, but it hasn't failed me (in the beginning the struggles could have been user error). The one thing I'll knock this item for is the quality of the remote. I use it often, but the buttons on the remote are coming off. I'm not sure if this can be replaced and re-paired with the unit. But one of the direction arrows has to now be pushed down hard while rubbing it or moving your thumb to get the connection. Tires the thumb pretty quickly as these units don't crawl too fast!


Based on my town I have quite a tight space to get my camper in, my driveway is also on a pretty large slope ~4-7 degrees depending on where you stand. It moved the trailer without an issue, and took a three person job that took about 2 hrs down to a 1 person job about 15 min. I was very skeptical at first but I love the product. It did have some issues on the rocks as I had to change directions slightly so it dug in, I will probably ged pavers or something for the front. All in all it worked great, and removed all stress for me!!!


worth every penny! easy to use remote control and hold a charge for a long time.


It is extremely handy, but it is not as good on slight inclines as advertised and can have definite problems on very hard packed gravel surfaces. My boat, when put away, is about 8000 pounds. Flat concrete is not a problem, but very smooth concrete, the tracks can just spin on the surface. There are times on very slight inclines that it seems to struggle. When I bought it I questioned if I had the right model, the one for 9000 pounds. There are absolutely not markings on the unit so it is impossible to tell what size it is. When I called up to question this, the folks on the other end of the line, somewhat annoyed, said you can't tell, you just have to believe we sent you the right one.

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


I reached out to the manufacturer and on the RVR unit itself, there is a silver sticker on the top of the unit that would have the product information you are looking for. The model number or part number on it should say TVRVR9.


Great trailer dolly / and customer serv ice


Pushes my 5,000 lbs fishing boat just find on uphill grade on crushed asphalt only issue is the small lip to get into my garage, the RVR will not push it over the 1.5” lip. Had to buy small ramps to make a gradual climb.


This dolly works perfectly for the job it was built for but it’s not built for off asphalt conditions. I have my trailer parked in the back yard under the trailer carport. Due to the tight space between my house and garage, this dolly must travel over grass and gravel. The first time I used my dolly, the plastic end caps sheared off at the screw holes on the bottom while trying to maneuver over the gravel. I quickly learned to keep moving in a straight direction when moving over gravel. Life is much easier when moving my trailer since I started using my dolly and it’s well worth the money except for the plastic end caps.


Wow what a back saver , I am expressed ,kinda pricey but worth it to save my back, I am only getting older



Awesome, no more pulling and pushing just hook up and go, I am glad I got the 9000lb to pull my 4500 lb trailer, works like butter


Wonderful product. Let me preface this review by saying that I’ve used the XL Pro but at my age “old” it was a lot of work. However the TVRVR9 is a breeze to hookup and use. The photo shows that I moved my 33’ trailer on rather course gravel with absolutely no issues. I’m a very pleased owner of the TVRVR9. Most reviewers post Pros and Cons at this point I’ve no cons to post.


No pt good for anything but a very lite fishing boat, had to return as it did not pull my 14’ enclosed trailer (empty) without loosing traction or trying to tip itself over. Needs to be wider and more centered on the device for stability

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


This part is designed to work on a multitude of surfaces like asphalt, gravel, dirt, and grass. I recommend viewing our video demonstration in the link below.


Worked great. Took a few minutes to get used to controlling it but once I figured it out everything was ok. the trailer I was pushing up an incline was a 5200 pound tandem axle trailer and went up the incline fairly easy. I have it setting right where I want it. It was pretty pricey but if you figure the monthly cost of a storage space it will be paid for in less than 2 years! I would highly recommend it for some one who has a tight space to park in and can aford it.


This is exactly what is needed to get my trailer in the tight place i store it


Waiting to hear back about returning this product. The rubber tracks are propelled by plastic sprockets. Mine didn’t even last through a test drive with a 14’ unloaded 1,500 tilt trailer. I had to drop the trailer jack and jockey a truck in to complete my move.

Etrailer Expert

Brooke M.


Thank you for the review! Our customer service team should be reaching out to you in the near future.


battery charge lasts very short time. There's no time to move your trailer around.
Way...too expensive for what this product is worth.

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


I reached out to the manufacturer and the time that the charge will hold is 30 minutes.


I haven't taken Out of the Box yet



Not so good


We purchased the RVR9 to help us move our 20 ft. travel trailer into and out of our storage unit. This is a full enclosed storage unit and is impossible to park our trailer without a spotter. The RVR9 allows us to easily maneuver and get our trailer parked safely and confidently with only 1 person. That being said (and as I've seen other reviews comment) it's a bit sluggish reacting to control input. Would be nice if the start & stop were more precise. But once you get used to it it's not that bad. Otherwise it's a great little buddy for our trailer!


I have yet to try it in the first in the field however and it brought a smile to my face. It's a little loud and you ain't gonna win any trailer races with but I'll be damnedvif it did perform as promised. I'm considering fabricating a seat for it when it's not being used for my trailer so I can look like Johnny 5 going to the liquor store!

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