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Viair Automatic RV Portable Air Compressor for Class C RVs - 150 psi - 2.30 cfm

Viair Automatic RV Portable Air Compressor for Class C RVs - 150 psi - 2.30 cfm

Item # VA87WR
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Tire Inflator
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Inflate your Class C RV tires with this portable air compressor that runs off your vehicle's battery. Don't waste time finding the nearest gas station, instead keep this compact air compressor on hand. Great Prices for the best tire inflator from Viair. Viair Automatic RV Portable Air Compressor for Class C RVs - 150 psi - 2.30 cfm part number VA87WR can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Viair Tire Inflator - VA87WR

  • Tire Inflator
  • Viair
  • Portable
  • 12V
  • 150 psi
  • Analog Pressure Gauge
  • Automatic Shut Off

Inflate your Class C RV tires with this portable air compressor that runs off your vehicle's battery. Don't waste time finding the nearest gas station, instead keep this compact air compressor on hand.


  • 150 psi Portable air compressor fills up your RV tires
    • Perfect for most Class C RV tires
  • Thermal overload protector automatically shuts down unit if it overheats
  • (2) 30' Braided coil hose makes it easy to reach all of your tires
  • Gas station style inflation gun with 160 psi gauge lets you monitor your tire pressure
  • 45 Degree extended dually chuck for hard to reach valve stems
  • 90 Degree, 40" twist-on air hose chuck allows you extra reach
  • Automatic off switch turns compressor off when not in use
    • When moving from tire to tire you will not have to turn compressor back on and off
  • Battery clamp attaches directly to your vehicle's 12V battery
  • Vibration-resistant diamond-plate sand tray helps keep your compressor in place
  • Rugged carry bag for easy transport
  • Accessory tips keep your toys and mattresses aired up on your trip


  • Maximum air pressure: 150 psi
  • Maximum airflow: 2.30 cfm
  • Duty cycle: 33% at 100 psi
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Maximum amp draw: 30 amps
  • IP rating: IP54
  • Power cord length: 8'
  • Air hose length: 60'
    • (2) 30' hoses with quick connect and stud
  • Dimensions: 10-7/8" wide x 5-7/8" long x 7-1/2" tall
  • Weight: 10.75 lbs
  • 1-Year warranty

40044 Viair 400P-RVS Automatic Tire Inflator for Class C and Smaller RVs - Portable Air Compressor

Installation Details VA87WR Installation instructions

Video of Viair Automatic RV Portable Air Compressor for Class C RVs - 150 psi - 2.30 cfm

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Video Transcript for Viair Automatic RV Portable Air Compressor Review

What's up everybody It's AJ with Today we've been checking out the VIAIR Portable Automatic Compressor. This is gonna be great for Class C RVs or even a vehicle you might tow behind it. Let's check it out. With the compressorhooked up to your battery, you have enough cord to goall the way to the ground so you don't have to balance that up there in the engine bay. It sits nicely on the ground and then it gives you enoughair hose to reach all the way to the back of your rig and further back.

I'm gonna show you that. You're gonna have two 30-foot lengths that connect here in the center, giving enough room to get tothe back tire on your rig, to the flat tow vehiclefront tire and back tire. So, that's gonna giveyou plenty to work with on this side to air it up. 'Cause if you're go ahead andcheck the tires on your rig you might as well do it onthe flat tow vehicle as well. Now we're gonna set up ourcompressor so we can use it.

So, what we're gonna do is putour quick connectors in place and it's gonna be all theconnections you can make with these air hose. Just push down the plastic piece. It's gonna allow you to push this over the valve all the way. You let go, and it snaps into place. You see I can't pull it right back out.

Really easy to connect or disconnect. So, you're gonna need todo that to attach both of the 30-foot hoses together. Then comes the end hereto attach our airgun. It's gonna have the same fitting. Push down, put the valve in there, let go.

And then even our inflater hose. Really easy to set up. Now we're gonna connect to the battery. We have 8 feet of power cord. So, we're gonna have the two clamps, we're gonna go positive first. The only thing that Iwould say about the clamps: it would be nice if theyopened up a little bit more. It's not gonna fit aroundthese terminals here at the at the battery but I can pickthe spots that will attach to. So, it looks like that'sgonna get a grip on that one and maybe on the side of our negative. There we go. That should be fine. Now we fire up the vehicle. (engine rumbling)(car beeping) Now it's time to turn on the compressor. When I turn it on, it'll fire up, fill up that tank and then shutdown when the tank is full. So, it's not gonna be constantly running unless you're constantlyusing the air from there. So, let's turn on. (compressor buzzing)See it's not that loud. I like that part. And the rubber at the bottomhelps it not bounce around or rattle or make any more noise. It stays put. Now that tank is full until I use the air. I'll hit the trigger here. (air whizzing)(compressor buzzing) See, it kicks on and replacethat air in the tank. That's just a nice thing, so it's not gonna be constantly running. We're here on the driver's side back tire, we're gonna thread on our air hose. Threads on really easily. I like that it threads on, it's not one of thosevalves you have to throw it. It might take a little bit more time, but at least you know it'sconnected and on there. Once you start throwing it on there, you'll see that the gauge it can tell you howmuch is in these tires. So, looks like we're about at 70, so we could easily inflate more. Wanna go to 75, just pulling the trigger. Monitor the gauge and see where it's at. It doesn't take that long to do. And then if you decidethat's a little too high, you can use the bleedervalve here on the side. This button's gonna let the air out. (air whizzing) I'm gonna drop it to 60and take it back to 7 to see how long it takes us. Alright, now we're at 60. We're gonna hold the trigger down and see how long it takes us to get to 70. 65. (compressor buzzing) Alright, back to where we were. So, it could change on howlong you hold the trigger on the gun, but it didn't takethat long to jump up 10 PSI. Also gonna get another attachment that's gonna help you whenyou have the dual tire set up. So, sometimes the valve'sgonna be back in the tire, and that air hose is gonnabe a pan to get your hand in there and try and get the fit. This will make it far easier because once you have it attached, you can either use thefront side or the backside. So, if the valve's right here, you can just bring it up,bring it back to attach to it or if it's all the way over there, you can reach it withthis attachment as well. While we're checking tires, I wanna go ahead andcheck the vehicle tire. This one's a little bit low,so we're gonna get it up to 35. We're at 25 right now. (air whizzing) We got it right where we need it. With all our tires filled up, we can come back andtalk about the compressor a little bit more. Just some stats that come with it: you're gonna be a maximumpressure of 150 PSI. Then it's also gonna have a workflow rate of 2.30 CFM. If that doesn't mean muchto you, it's alright. We already showed you that it works with the Class C motor home, those tires. And then it's gonna be just fine for your normal everydayvehicle tires as well. As we're unhooking everything, just wanna point out therubber outside to the gauge. That way if it is dropped,it's not a big deal. It's not gonna crack thisso you can't read it. Looking at the bottom, I know I mentioned the rubber spots that help make it not just be sitting on the ground making even more noise. They absorb a lot of that shake here, and that's why it doesn't transfer. I have an older one,it's made out a plastic, a compressor that I use for my car tires, and it kind of bounces around everywhere when you're going to use it. And that's just loud and youhave to keep track of it. This is far nicer because it just staysin its place as you saw, moves back and forth, andmakes very little noise. Another nice featureis gonna be the handle. It's got the foam outside cover,and it's good to hold onto. It feels heavy duty, so Ican lift the whole thing up. It is only about 10 pounds, but still, I like havingthat handle I can rely on. It's not some thin piece ofplastic that's gonna break when I use it a couple times. Also, I have a replaceablefilter on the side. You just unscrew it, then takethe cap off and swap 'em out. That way you can maintain this, and keep it running nice likeit did when you first got it. Also included with thecompressor is a bag. That way you can keep everything together when you're not using it. I really like that part. I had one that came in just a box, and that got ripped the shreds right away. Plus, it didn't evenreally hold all the things that came with it. This one's got a bunchof pockets and pouches for everything. Let's just go ahead andput everything away. So, the coils, air hoses are gonna go in the longer pouches up front and back. And we go up front next. Center section's gonna be big enough for the compressor itself. You can roll up the alligator clips and cables that go to your battery. And room's on the side for the airgun and air hose. Inflater hose. And we have our second attachment. Our other inflater fits in there as well. Actually, zip up the center portion. Throw the cover on. Got clips up front to keep that flap down. We got two pockets on the side and keep the spare filters in there. And then our other attachmentsfor other inflatables. Overall, I really likethis automatic compressor. I was impressed with it beingable to reach all the way to the flat tow vehicle. That way I don't have to moveit around with each stop. Plus, it doesn't constantly run either. I don't have to worryabout it making a bunch of noise while I do it. It fills up the tankas much as it needs to. Then I work on the tires, gives it a break as Imove from tire to tire. And the fact that it all fits in this case is really awesome too. So, I don't have all theseaccessories different spots or taking up a bunch ofspace in the basement door. It's all contained here,exactly when I need it. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging outand I hope this helped. .


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  • Explaining Duty Cycle of Viair Automatic Portable Air Compressor for Class C RVs
    Duty cycle for a compressor is how long it can run compared to the time needed to cool down. So basically just think of it in increments of an hour - a 33 percent duty cycle over an hour is 20 minutes. And 33 percent at 100 psi is the duty cycle of the Viair Automatic RV Portable Air Compressor for Class C RVs # VA87WR. So the # VA87WR can run for 20 minutes before needing a cool down, and since it will fill a standard Class C tire in between 45 seconds to a minute, there won't be any...
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  • Recommended Air Compressor for Truck and Trailer
    The Viair Automatic RV Portable Air Compressor part # VA87WR would be an excellent option for filing up the tire on both the vehicle and trailer. The 150 psi rating will be suitable for the vehicle and more than enough for the trailer. The extra long hose should also allow you to fill the trailer tires while still hooked up to the vehicle without any extra maneuvering. It comes with accessory tips so you can fill up other smaller items and it comes with a carry bag so you can keep everything...
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  • Recommended Portable Compressor for 35" Truck Tires
    The Viair Portable RV Air Compressor Kit for 5th Wheels and Travel Trailers part # VA39WR is a bit too small for 35" tires. Instead, you'd need to bump this up to the next size which is the Viair Automatic RV Portable Air Compressor for Class C RVs part # VA87WR. This compressor can run continuously for approximately 20 minutes at 100 PSI before needing to rest.
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  • Compatibility of Viair RV Winterizing Kit # VA27WR With Viair Compressor Systems
    Per Viair their RV Winterizing Kit # VA27WR can only be used with the following compressor systems. Viair Automatic RV Portable Air Compressor for Class C RVs - 150 psi - 2.30 cfm # VA87WR Viair Automatic RV Portable Air Compressor for Class A RVs - 150 psi - 1.80 cfm # VA59WR Viair BaseCamp Heavy Duty OnBoard Air Compressor with 2 Gallon Tank - 150 psi - 2.62 cfm # VA26WR Viair Interstate Constant Duty Onboard Air Compressor with 1.5 Gallon Tank - 200 psi - 1.86 cfm # VA58WR Viair does...
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