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Wheel Masters 4-Hose Inflation Kit Review

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Review of the Wheel Masters 4-Hose Inflation Kit

Hi there, dually owners. Today, we're going to be taking a look at Wheel Masters tire inflation kit.These would be great for you RVs and even your larger trucks 'cause when you have dual tires, typically, your valve stems are in difficult to access locations, and, sometimes, you even have to remove the wheels just to check the pressure and inflate it.But with this kit, our valve stems are extended and brought out onto the side of our hub, making them easy to access, so we can ensure that our tires are inflated properly at all times.This way, you can ensure you and your passengers are going to be safe on your long travels without having to get out, crawl on the ground, or take the wheels off just to make a check.The hoses themselves have a stainless steel braiding, which is going to ensure they're very durable, so they'll stand up to any debris that might bounce up on them on the road. The stainless steel means that they're going to be rust-free, so you're going to have corrosion resistance. It's going to last a long time.The hub-mount design is going to be more permanent and more stable than your wheel-mounted designs. They just clip on and spring load into place. The bracket's securely mounted to the hub using rivets.

This is going to keep it nice and solid, much more than your wheel-mounted ones would be. This can be a real benefit when going to inflate your tires because the bracket's going to hold it nice in place, but you have to push kind of hard with your air chuck to get air to go in it.The kit comes with four hose extensions. You'll receive two straight and two bent, with either your 90 or 135 degrees. This combination will allow you to adapt to various wheel shapes and valve stem locations that are on your wheel. Some wheels have the outer rim, like we have here, with a valve stem that's pointed in towards one of the holes, where one of these would really be necessary in order to inflate it.Your inner tire is always going to be difficult to access on a dual rim, just because the stem is on the other side, and often you can't reach between the two tires to inflate them, so that extra length is really going to help.That completes our look at Wheel Masters 4-hose inflation kit..

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