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Bulldog Winch Heavy Duty Portable Air Compressor - 125 psi - 14 cfm Maximum Air Flow

Bulldog Winch Heavy Duty Portable Air Compressor - 125 psi - 14 cfm Maximum Air Flow

Item # BDW36TJ
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Tire Inflator
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BDW36TJ - Analog Pressure Gauge Bulldog Winch Tire Inflator
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Portable compressor mounts on your Jeep, truck, or RV so you can pressurize air and quickly fill your tank. Perfect for inflating tires 40" and larger. Great Prices for the best tire inflator from Bulldog Winch. Bulldog Winch Heavy Duty Portable Air Compressor - 125 psi - 14 cfm Maximum Air Flow part number BDW36TJ can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Bulldog Winch Tire Inflator - BDW36TJ

  • Tire Inflator
  • Bulldog Winch
  • Portable
  • 125 psi
  • Analog Pressure Gauge

Portable compressor mounts on your Jeep, truck, or RV so you can pressurize air and quickly fill your tank. Perfect for inflating tires 40" and larger.


  • Portable compressor pressurizes air on your Jeep, truck, or RV
    • Perfect for inflating tires 40" or larger
  • Dual fan motor provides a longer duty cycle
  • Air hose carries air from the compressor to the object you're filling
  • Inflator gun makes it easy to fill tires and other items with air
    • Analog gauge measures psi up to 150
    • Deflator button lets you release air
  • Power wire with clamps connects compressor to a battery
  • Control panel with LEDs makes it easy to operate the compressor
  • Inflation adapters work with a variety of outlets
  • Thermal overload protector, circuit breaker, and pressure relief valve help prevent over inflation
  • Carry case with handle lets you easily tote and store compressor


  • Compressor air flow:
    • Single outlet: 14.1 CFM
    • Dual outlet: 7 CFM each
  • Air hose: 29-1/2' long
  • Power wire: 13' long
  • 1-Year limited warranty

41010 Bulldog Winch Heavy Duty Compressor - 125 psi - 14 cfm

Video of Bulldog Winch Heavy Duty Portable Air Compressor - 125 psi - 14 cfm Maximum Air Flow

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Video Transcript for Bulldog Winch Heavy Duty Portable Air Compressor Review

What's going on everybody Adam here with etrailer. Today, we're taking a look at the Bulldog Winch heavy duty portable air compressors. So this is gonna be a great way to be able to hook up to your battery to get air in your tires or anything else that needs air, on your camper, your RV, your truck, or your Jeep. So let's get to it. So first things first, we wanna set it up. So basically all you gotta do, this is our buttons gonna just go from PSI to BAR.

So you get to pick whichever you wanna go with. I liked the PSI and then the lower button right here, this is gonna set the lower bound, so from 60 to 90 PSI. This is gonna just let the compressor know when to turn on. So I'm gonna keep it at 80. So if it drops below 80, it's gonna kick on.

And then with the up arrow is gonna set our PSI. So as you can see, it's at 100, so anywhere from a hundred, all the way up to 125 PSI, and then whenever we're ready and everything's set up, we can just press power. There we go, awesome. So there isn't really an inbound tank. So as I start to let that air out and it jumps below 80 PSI.

It's gonna kick back on. So I really liked that. Another thing I really like about this is how long the cables are. So we have a 13 foot long power cord, and then we're gonna have a 29-1/2 foot long air compressor cable. So if I just keep this in front of the car, obviously I can get to the front tires.

I can get to the front tires on both sides, but if I come all the way over here, just with it right next to my battery, you should be able to get there, which we can. So even just on a basic classy, it's easy work, just to be able to go ahead and fill up all of our tires with air. And the cool thing is it does come with this, so we can check our tire pressure too. So typically we wanna be around 65 PSI. One thing I did notice is we are gonna have to bend this stem back a little bit to get this on there. Now that it's on, we have about, we have a lot of PSI, so we can actually take some out just by pressing this little knob right here. That'll help deflate go down. It go down, it does take a little bit of time, but then I can press this little handle. And I don't know if you could hear it, but the compressor just kicked on and it's filling up pretty quick. Perfect. As you can see, that was extremely easy. And it pumped up pretty quickly, which I like this is a very extremely heavy duty portable air compressor. So if you're looking for something to get you out of that sticky situation, so you don't have to find an air compressor, find shore power, or even just go to a gas station. If you're out in the boonies, odds are, you're gonna have a battery on you, whether you drove down there or whatever, this thing stays with your car, your batteries on your car. So you're gonna be able to power and pump up any type of flat tire. Anything that really needs air. I just love that. And another thing I really like is the carrying case. One comes with the hard bottom, which is cool. So they don't fill up these pockets for you. So you can have a bunch of your different like tools and stuff like that. You've got three in the front, one on the side and nothing. We do actually have something in the back. And then on the inside, we're gonna have a bunch of different compartments as well. And it fits in there quite nicely, even with all the air hoses. So let me take this off and then I'll take these off just to show you that it does go back into case quite nicely, drop it on in there, just like that. And of course I can make this a little neater, but all in all, it's just super nice to have a case for it, even though it does have a nice handle, but this is a little bit easier to carry down if you are a little bit farther away from your rig or whatever needs help, you would have just a shoulder strap or handle strap. But this is really nice, and it is kind of heavy 'cause it's heavy duty. We don't have a huge RV here, but it's gonna work. Even if you hook it up to the battery farthest away from the back tires, it's gonna work. So it'll work on all your Class C's It'll work on all of your class A's , Class B's. And now for the campers, so typically we see batteries in the front here at etrailer, so let's just run through the situation. I got a flat tire. I bring this out from storage in my camper or wherever, go ahead and take everything out. Just like this. Let's connect up, positive and negative. Swap this around. The clamps are pretty good too and they're coated, so that's kinda nice, protect your hands. And they open up wide enough to even get on some terminals that are a little hectic. So it's like one side, put that up, take the other side. And we have two different ports to choose from. And both are gonna put out about 7 CFM and 14 total. So you can either have two different tools on there if you want to or if you really wanted to bridge these two together, you can for a little bit quicker job. Once that's done, we're pretty much good to go. One thing I did notice is it does reset every single time. You take it on and off the battery. So if you really needed to go up, you just need to adjust it every single time you connect it. But we're good. So again, plenty of length to go all the way around to all our tires and air them up. So that's really how easy it is. It's so much easier than trying to find a normal compressor or go to the gas station or something. You can check tire pressure, take it out, add it in. It's just all in all the best portable air compressor. So we've seen it in action, let's just go over some specs. One, we are gonna have a max PSI rating for the pump about 125 PSI. The air chuck that comes with it, it goes all the way up to 150. So you can test for that, which is good. And one thing I do like about this is, it's not just for the heavy duty jobs. It gives you these smaller little bits. So for, let's say some toys by the lake, or maybe a soccer ball, if you guys are playing that, we do have all these that come with it, which is nice. So you don't really have to grab it out of your garage. It comes with everything you need, which is good. Another thing that's good is maintenance. So literally, we don't have to do anything. We don't have to oil this thing up. The only thing we wanna check periodically on both sides is gonna be this little cap we remove and then this is a little tiny air filter. So that's all we really need to do. And that really doesn't need to be addressed until you really use this thing for a long time. So that's always nice. It's going to be one on this side and then one on the other side as well. All in all, I'm such a fan of this, it looks cool. It comes to the bag. I love that. And it comes with everything that's the long enough to be able to cover all your bases. But one thing I'm curious about is to see how fast it's going to fill up 10 PSI. So I'm gonna go over to the tires over here. Typically, whenever a tire drops about 10 PSI, if you have a TPMS system on your camper or you're using a Class C or A, RV or motor home, it'll send a signal saying that the tire pressure's low. So let's go ahead and take this down, 10 PSI and see how quickly it inflates 10 PSI. That's a good mark, we're at 60 right now. I'm gonna go all the way down to 50. All right, so we're about a 50 PSI. So let's see how quick it takes to get up to 60 again. There we go, about 16 seconds for 10 PSI. I think that's really, really good. We've had some, here at etrailer, that are lighter duty and it takes so much time to fill up your tire. So if it's nasty outside or you're just in a hurry, this is gonna be a quick way to do it. Now that we looked at the air compressor, we showed you it in action and then we went over some specs. Now I want to compare the two. So these two are in the same boat. You have the heavy duty compressor and then you have the one that just has the onboard air tank. So we wanted to see if they're gonna really run tools the way I would want them in my shop. And what we've found is they really don't. So the better of the two is gonna be the onboard compressor, the onboard tank compressor. And just even with taking up lug nuts or something like that, super not enough air, it really doesn't work. So if I come all the way over here, it's not even gonna get the lug nuts off. It's not even going to move them at all. So it's not like, oh, just wait for the compressor to kick back up. Well, it's just not gonna do it. So not really enough to take off lug nuts, which I wasn't really expecting it to, but this is the more extreme case. So then that brings me to some of my other tools that take a little bit less air to move. So basically the lowest of them all is just my little buffer. So for your wheels and stuff, if you ever wanted to use some of the cutting cream from Griot's Garage to clean them up. It will work, but once the PSI goes down, it's not really gonna do the job. It's the same deal with this heavy duty compressor. The only difference between the two is just, this one's just gonna run a little bit more than this one will, just because it's just actually pumping and putting out the air, but it really doesn't have a whole lot of amp to keep this rolling. So I probably won't even be able to use this. They're both pretty loud, so there's no real difference there, but a good way to give you an idea of how quick we're gonna go through this air is using this. So I was trying to cut this little board, this is made from metal, but as you can hear it, once it starts to kinda go down on the PSI, it just starts to not really work that well. So moral of the story is you're not really gonna be able to use many air tools if any, but this would be great just for using the air for your airbags on your truck, inflating and deflating your tires. And then of course, just those air lockers for your Jeep guys out there. It will be enough air to lock your differential into place. But between the two, I think they do the same thing. This one's not gonna hold air, so you're always gonna need to have it connected to the battery, but with the other one on this side, I can let it run for a little bit and once it pumps up to where I want it, I can turn it off, disconnect everything, and then I can just simply close this and keep it in the back of my vehicle for whenever I really needed it. We went ahead and tested the onboard tank version of the air pump and it went from 50 PSI to 60 PSI in the tire at 16 seconds, just like the other one. So our heavy duty one's gonna have a CFM of seven on each of the outputs. This one's going to have one output. It's gonna have 4.2 CFM, but you would think you would see a difference between the two when they're inflating. But I think just because of us having this one gallon to go off of, the 4.2 CFM that's getting pumped into this tank is keeping up with it. So they're pretty even there. Another thing I noticed is one, the air hose is the same length for both of them. Both are gonna be about 29-1/2 foot long. And then this one's just gonna have an accordion style, so it's gonna be a little bit cleaner and a little bit easier to wind up than just the straight pipe right here. But another thing that is important for me is the cables. So the cables on the heavy duty one are a couple of feet longer than the onboard tank. That's just because you just hook this one up, get the air in there and then you close it up and then bring it on your way. So both have the cables if you need them. But mainly this one over here, the heavy duty, this is gonna be for your RV guys where you're always by your vehicle when you need the air. But if you're an Overlander or if you're a Jeep guy, this is what you really want 'cause you're gonna have enough air in your tank to activate your lockers and your diff. So whenever you need to do that, you can, and you guys, you have those beadlock tires and are going up and down the rocks. A lot of the times I adjust my PSI as I'm going on different terrains. So you're gonna have enough to be able to put a couple, maybe about two, three, maybe even four PSI in each of your tires, if you really need an air them up. So Off-road, Overlanding, Jeep guy right here, and then you just have any type of camper and RV for this one. Well, that's about it for a look at the Bulldog Winch heavy duty portable air compressor..

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Bulldog Winch Heavy Duty Portable Air Compressor - 125 psi - 14 cfm Maximum Air Flow - BDW36TJ

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Portable compressor mounts on your Jeep, truck, or RV so you can pressurize air and quickly fill your tank. Perfect for inflating tires 40" and larger.


Received item in good condition and works great would recommend to all


Great product.



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