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5th Wheel Hitch with Installation Kit for Nissan Titan

Nissan Titan fifth wheel hitches from Reese, B&W, Draw-Tite, Husky and Curt are available with custom installation kits to make your install as easy as possible. We offer standard 5th wheel hitches and slider systems custom designed for your Nissan Titan.

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I just wanted to say, you guys are awesome. I ordered a 5th wheel hitch. Received it, but was missing the hardware. I contacted you about it, and you sent me replacement hardware immediately. Thanks for all you've done Bruce


San Antonio, TX

Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitches

We offer many styles of top quality fifth wheel trailer hitches, hitch installation kits, tailgates, adapters, and accessories. They come from the best manufacturers like Draw-Tite, Reese, Hidden Hitch, Husky, Curt, Convert-A-Ball, and Colibert. There is also a how-to section of frequently asked questions, fifth-wheel hitch information, and installation tipsmore information.

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Nissan Titan Fifth Wheel Questions and Answers

  • Is Grease Needed on the Reese R20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch with Built-In Lube Plate
  • The Reese R20 5th wheel trailer hitch, # RP30867, does come with a lube plate. It is designed to provide a smooth surface to help the trailer king pin slide smoothly into the hitch during hookup. It does have grease pockets on top to easily maintain the effectiveness of the lube plate. You do not have to use grease as well but you can if you want to.
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  • Parts Needed to Tow a Fifth Wheel Trailer with a 2012 Nissan Titan 5-1/2 foot Bed
  • With a 5-1/2 foot bed like you have in your 2012 Nissan Titan the only way you would have enough clearance to make tight turns is with a Sidewinder. Slider hitches do not offer enough clearance when the truck bed is shorter than 6 feet. You will need to remove the pin box of the trailer and replace it with a Sidewinder pin box. Sidewinders are pin box specific so you will first need to know what pin box you have now in order to pick out the correct one. There should be a sticker or...
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  • Is the Reese Revolution Pin Box Compatible with the Reese R16 Hitch
  • I did some checking and the universal wedge that is included with the Reese Revolution Pin Box is compatible with the Reese R16 Hitch # RP30866 that you referenced. According to my contact at Reese there are not issues with the clearance either. The Reese Revolution boxes are compatible with the Reese R16 Hitch
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  • Fifth Wheel Hitch & Base Rail Kit Recommendation for 2009 Nissan Titan with a 5-1/2 ft Bed
  • The 2015 Rockwood Signature Ultra Light fifth wheel model 8289WS has a dry weight of only about 8100-lbs, quite low for a 31-foot trailer. This means that even a modestly-rated 16K hitch will have the capacity you need plus give you an excellent safety margin. I am suggesting a 16K hitch since at this capacity additional features become available that are not offered in lower-rated 15K units. There are a few 5th wheel hitches that are not compatible with a Revolution (or Sidewinder)...
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  • What Parts Are Needed or Recommended for Putting a Fifth Wheel Hitch on a 2008 Nissan Titan 8FT Bed
  • For your 2008 Nissan Titan, I would suggest the Reese Semi-Custom Install kit, part # RP30035-405. This kit has all the hardware you will need to get the truck set up for a traditional bed rail fifth wheel hitch. I have added links to the instructions as well. Reese 16K Fifth Wheel, part # RP30051 is a fifth wheel equipped with a slider, which you will not need since you have a full 8 foot bed. Instead I would recommend Reese part # RP30047. It is the same as 30051 but without the sliders....
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  • 5th Wheel Hitch and Sidewinder Pin Box for 2006 Nissan Titan Towing a 25 Foot Coachman 5th Wheel
  • In order to safely to a fifth wheel trailer with your Titan with the 5-1/2 foot bed, you'll need to install a stationary fifth wheel hitch, and replace the existing pin box on your Coachman 5th wheel with a Reese Sidewinder. Using a sliding hitch like the # RP30869 you referenced won't provide enough clearance between the front of the 5th wheel and the rear of the truck cab. During turns, the 5th wheel's loft would hit the corner of the truck cab, damaging both. A Sidewinder relocates...
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  • Why Can't a Slider 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch be Slid Back When Using a Sidewinder Pin Box
  • There are a couple of reasons why you cannot slide a slider hitch back when using a Sidewinder. First, if you were to do so, you would have to remove the tailgate on the truck because there is no room otherwise. There may not even be enough room with the just a slider and not using a Sidewinder at all. The second issue is stress. The hitch is set up to have the center of the trailer king pin, or the Sidewinder king pin, over the center or slightly forward of the rear truck axle. Using...
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