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Mercury Mariner Vehicle Tow Bar Wiring

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TrailerMate Tail Light Wiring Kit for Towed Vehicles Installation - 2011 Mercury Mariner

Today on our 2011 Mercury Mariner, we'll be installing the TrailerMate Custom Taillight Wiring Kit for Towed Vehicles, part number TM782055. To begin our installation, we'll need to open the rear tailgate and, using a Phillips screwdriver, we'll remove the screws holding the taillights on the driver's side as well as the passenger's side. There are 2 on either side. We'll then pull the taillights backwards, away from the vehicle, to disconnect them from the vehicle itself. These clips do hold on tight, so it may be necessary to use a little bit of force, but do be careful as you can break the taillight assembly. Starting here on the driver's side, we'll take the connector containing the yellow wire and plug it into our driver's side taillight wiring.

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