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Yakima QuickBack 2 Bike Rack Review - 2011 Ford Crown Victoria

Today on this 2011 Ford Crown Victoria were going to do a test fit of a Yakima Quickpack II trunk mounted rack, part number Y02621. This bicycle rack has an integrated knob that adjusts to a telescoping base to make for the best fit on your vehicle. Theres also a side knob that repositions the angles of the arms to give you more adjustment. All the attachment points that touch the car are tri-padded and have padded buckles to protect the vehicle paint. Well go ahead and get started. Well start off by putting the bicycle rack on the trunk and taking the security strap and pushing it between the trunk lid and back glass so it goes to the inside.

Yakima KingJoe 2 Bike Rack Review - 2011 Ford Crown Victoria

Today on our 2011 Ford Crown Victoria, we will be test fitting the Yakima King Joe 2 bike rack. Before beginning it is a good idea to apply a thick coat of wax to the surface of the trunk, to prevent scratches or minor blemishes in the pain. Included in the instructions that are given to you with the purchase of the bike rack will be a fit instruction. We have already predetermined the positioning of this bike rack to the trunk lid of this Crown Victoria, to do that just refer to the instructions that come with the bike rack. Okay what were going to do first is to sit the bike rack up on the front and secure the front to our top straps to the top of the deck lid. We will secure the side strap near the taillight; we will secure the lower strap on the medal lid on the inside of the trunk lid.

Thule Gateway 2 Bike Carrier Review - 2011 Ford Crown Victoria

All right. On its 2011 Ford Crown Victoria, we're going to do a test of part number TH9006 from Thule. This is our Gateway 2 Rear Mounted Bike Rack. We're going to start off with bicycle rack already adjusted according to manufacturer's instructions for this particular car. Before we start our test, we want to make sure that we put a coat of wax over the paint so it helps protect the car. We'll set our bike rack into place.

Thule Archway 2 Bike Carrier Review - 2011 Ford Crown Victoria

Today, on a 2011 Ford Crown Victoria we're going to do a test fit of the Thule Bike Rack, product number TH9009. This is their Archway Bicycle Rack. This bike rack will fit a variety of vehicles. We already have it configured to the manufacturer's instructions for our Crown Victoria. Alright, before we put our bicycle rack on the car, it's a good idea to clean up the car first, maybe a coat of wax to help protect the finish when we put the bike rack on. We'll go ahead and put the bike rack on to the trunk.